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The Library


I had emailed Sir earlier that day that I would be going to the library to return some movies that I had checked out, and to pick up some more books to read. I've got my iPod in and I walk absentmindedly to the library and hand my movies to the tired looking, but kind girl behind the counter and head up to the science fiction section. After I pull a few books, and lose myself in finding new stories to explore, I don't notice a presence getting closer and closer to me. I've got several books balanced precariously in my arms, and another in my hands with my face deep in it. I hear "River" whispered softly over my shoulder and into my ear. I squeak rather loudly, whip around and drop all of my books, and manage to knock a couple off the shelves as well, causing me to fall flat on my butt. My heart feels like it's going to explode, and I'm breathing heavily.

I look up from under the book that has landed open on my head to see Sir standing in front of my with his hands in his pockets and a humorous smile on his face.

"Oh River." Sir leans down to gently take my wrists and helps me stand up. My cheeks are flushed red with embarrassment which just makes Sir smile more. I just kind of stand there, looking down at my feet, fingers fidgeting, surprised by Sir's sudden appearance, and not totally sure what to do. "Is my River not happy to see me?" Sir asks.

"Oh no!"

Sir raises an eyebrow. "I mean no, I am very happy to see Sir! River was just surprised," I say after I manage to unscramble my thoughts.

"I can see that." I blush even more and look back down at my toes. "Is River going to leave her mess for someone else to clean up?" I look up at Sir questioningly until I realize Sir means all the books on the floor.

"Oh!" I bend down to pick them up when I feel Sir pressed up against my back. I freeze, feeling Sir's closeness.

"Did Sir tell River to clean up her mess?"

"No Sir."

"No he did not. River seems to be both clumsy and disobedient today." I feel Sir's large hands grab my backside and run his hands firmly down my thighs until he gets about half way to my knees before he swiftly spreads my legs apart. Sir then places his hands on my waist, giving me a little squeeze and then leaving them there, putting enough pressure on me so that I know I will not move. "Now, River. You may pick up your books." I bend over, but with my feet spread apart, and Sir's hands keeping my hips up, I can just barely reach the books on the floor, but it causes my rear end to stick up quite a bit. I know that Sir is getting a full view of my backside, and the thought sends a little shiver through me. I lean back up and slowly place the book back where it belongs on the shelf. Sir hasn't moved and I know that I'm to continue. I bend down again and this time Sir puts one of his hands on my back, keeping me bent over. I can feel my heart race again. I feel Sir squeeze my cheek below my waist and then start to rub up my lower back. I feel so exposed, and I know that I should be fearful of someone walking around the corner and seeing me, but all I can feel is Sir's overwhelming presence and control. "River?"

"Yes Sir?" Sir continues to rub my tense muscles.

"Whose back is this?"

"Your back Sir."

"And whose waist is this?"

"Your waist Sir."

"And whose butt is this?" when Sir asks he grabs my cheeks firmly making me gasp. "Y-yours Sir."

"Good girl River." Sir's praise makes me grin from ear to ear. "You may finish cleaning up now River." Sir's grip loosens but leaves his hands on my waist. I finish putting all the books up except for the ones I had planned to check out. "Good girl River. Now turn around." I turn to face Sir and keep my eyes focused on Sir's belt. I can't help but think of how it would feel on my bare skin. "River look at me." I raise my head up to meet Sir's powerful gaze. Sir places his hand gently on my cheek. I exhale and completely let go. "And whose River is this?"

"Your River Sir."

"Good girl River."

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