tagNovels and NovellasThe Library Ch. 03-04

The Library Ch. 03-04


Authors Note: If you're going to, or have, read the story I've written posted at http://www.literotica.com/s/breakdown-in-redlands, you'll find the anal sex scene depicted in that story is very similar to the one depicted below. Truth be told, I lifted the scene from "Amanda and Kyle," gave it some slight modifications and pasted it into the "Valerie and Brian" story. Again, I apologize for my laziness, but this is the last time. . . Really!


Chapter Three

Amanda woke a little while later and had to pause for a moment to remember where she was. As she looked at the alarm clock on the night stand which said 4:15 am she noticed the dark haired man nestled behind her was the one she had met in the country bar late last night and given her the fucking of her life.

As she settle back into his arms it caused him to stir as well and she felt his warm cock awaken and swell which caused her pussy to lubricate and she was ready for another round of steaming hot sex!

She turned towards him while her ass brushed against his warm tool as she licked and nibbled his ear causing his slightly swollen cock to enlarge even more. It made her excited and her pussy wetter remembering what had happened the hours before. She was looking forward to what he had promised her when they awoke. As she settle back under the covers she nestled his cock between her ass cheeks again and she was feverish in anticipation of what would happen soon.

Chapter Four

A few hours later they awoke to the sound of Kyle's phone blaring out an old country western song. Kyle recognized the ring tone as a friend of his from work. Since he didn't want to awaken Amanda he set it to leave a message to be retrieved later. Couldn't be too important. It was 7 o'clock Sunday morning!

It was too late Amanda was already awake and in the shower when he got himself out of the bed to put his phone on silent so it wouldn't disturb them. Kyle wandered into the bathroom and heard the shower running. "Mind if I join you? I'd like to freshen up too, besides its always more fun showering with a beautiful lady than all by myself."

Before she could say anything he slid open the curtain and climbed in. The water was a little cool for his tastes, but he figured it would be getting warmer in there soon so he didn't complain. He grabbed a bar of soap and lathered it on her back making sure he didn't miss anywhere.

The touch of his masculine hands made her quiver. As she spun around to give him a kiss she started to slip and fall but he caught her in his arms. "You got me. Now what are ya gonna do with me?", Amanda smiled playfully as he helped her steady herself.

Kyle gave her a coy grin and said, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Amanda gave him a peck on the lips and turned around and moved her long wet hair off of her back. "You may continue," she said.

As he lathered the soap back up he rubbed it over her shoulders and down the middle of her back and then lower toward her ass and soaped it up nice and sudsy and rubbed up next to her as he felt his cock growing hard. "Looks like we've got some company. It wants to play too." Kyle motioned to her as she turned, he looked down at his midsection making puppy dog eyes at her.

Amanda grinned and took the soap from him and lathered him up. "Looks like you've been a dirty boy. I'd better clean it off for you." He could feel it growing to its fullest with the touch of her small hands and the soap she was lathering him up with. The motion of her sliding her manicured hands up and down his pole along with the impeccable view she provided made him say, "You'd better watch out or it might spit at you", he cautioned as she smiled up at him stroking it even faster.

She was enjoying teasing him. As they lathered each other up by rubbing their soap covered bodies against each other. Amanda noticed that her clit was hardening as well and that she was wet now also and it wasn't just from the shower. She wanted to feel him throbbing inside her again and wondered what it would feel like having a massive cock stuffed inside her ass. By the time they were done showering they were both so excited they were barely dried off before heading to the bedroom again.

Kyle had tried anal once a long time ago with a past girlfriend and loved how it felt and was eager to try it again. He figured his size is what scared most girls from asking for it when he played with them. So he learned to live with without it.

With Amanda being an "anal virgin" who wanted to try it, he too was very excited, but he worried he would shoot his load too soon. She had a perfect ass for fucking. It was small and bubble shaped. Just the right size for his hands to fit onto. The bed sheets were crumpled from the hours of sleep they both had and as they approached, he grabbed her from behind and stood behind her and felt her body with both his hands as he ran his tongue from her neck to her earlobe and to her waiting mouth. A half minute of that and he almost pushed her onto the bed front first. As she lie against the crumpled sheets she lifted her ass slightly so he could slide behind her face first and lick her pussy in a doggy position.

He slid his tongue slightly inside her pussy hole and pressed his nose to her rosebud. The scent of it made him want her to feel his cock deep inside of her with his once again raging hard on. She pressed back onto his face and made a small yelp in response to his tongue hitting a good spot.

The surprise of his tongue on her lips excited her. He licked her opening, then gently and slowly worked his way up towards her asshole. That excited her even more. As he ran his tongue and lips over and around her hole she begged him to fuck her ass. "I know it's going to feel so tight and even better than your fucking my pussy did if that's even possible! But please, go slow, okay?", Amanda pleaded.

Kyle grabbed hold of her hips helping her to get to a good level in the doggy style position. He asked her to reach over to the night stand and pull a bottle of lube he had stuck in the drawer. She got it for him and went back into the position she was at before. Kyle lubricated his fingers and slowly inserted them into her ass. She would tell him to slow down when the pressure was too much and would rock her hips backward to allow her ass to accept more of his finger. Then he would withdraw his finger and slide in two, and she would respond the same way. The third finger went in, stretching her virgin ass cautiously so it could accept his nine inches of manhood soon. After withdrawing the three fingers he completely lubed his cock and slowly rubbed it over the opening to her ass. He could tell it would be a tight fit when he put his fingers inside it previously, she was a small and petite girl with an awesome rack and ass!

She was so wet that the juices from her pussy were dripping down on her fingers as she rubbed her clit in anticipation to her ass being penetrated. Finally she felt ready, still a bit nervous, and he slid the head in gently and she moaned from the pleasure of it all.

Kyle gently nudged himself inside her just past the large mushroom shape of his cock head and waited for Amanda to glide herself back onto him. Since it was her first time with a cock in her ass he wanted her to be in control of the insertion just in case it was to sore for her, like he had when he was putting his fingers in her ass. As lubed as she was, she slid backwards onto his now very erect cock and rocked her hips back and forth in slow movements, almost only a centimeter at a time. He was hoping she was enjoying it as much as he because she wasn't really making any noises except sharp gasps of breath occasionally. Amanda went back and forth over his stiff cock, taking more of it each time until he couldn't fit inside her any further.

The cautious and petite ass virgin she wasn't any more. She took in as much of him as was possible and commenced longer more ball slapping strokes of his cock in her ass. After just a few minutes of her grinding over his swollen cock and her hips thrusting along with his into her tight anal cavity, his cock could take no more. He was going to explode soon. He could tell that she was enjoying it as well by the feel of her ass clenching as he slammed deep inside her sensuous and dark hole. She arched her back and could feel him going in just a tiny bit farther and that set her off cumming like she had never felt it before.

She even felt chills run over her body as Kyle fucked her ass with such force that she could tell he was going to cum soon and it was going to be an exceptional one for them both. Amanda felt his cock throbbing as he shot his load deep inside her body and that set her off again squirting her juices all over him and the new sheets from the night before, like she hadn't done since before Mark left.

"Oh my God! I love that cock in my ass!" she said with him still deeply impaled inside her. She moved up from the doggy position and into a kneeling position. His hands never left her hips and she turned slightly and kissed him from the side. The mischievous grin returned and asked, "You didn't happen to bring a towel in with you, did you", she beamed as she looked back at him.

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