tagNovels and NovellasThe Library Ch. 24

The Library Ch. 24


Chapter Twenty-Four

Amanda, still dressed in what she wore to work, and what she was sent home for wearing arrived at the Driftwood Mall and found a very good parking space. She had a little extra spring in her step, and even though she was one of those girls who's face always seemed to be smiling, was obviously grinning as she saw her friend, Sylvia sitting patiently, waiting for her.

"My, aren't we shits and grins," Sylvia mentioned as her friend came over and gave her a hug.

"Mark's alive!"

Her friends eyes shot wide open and a surprised look spread upon her face upon the immediate news. "Oh my gosh! That is so great to hear!" Sylvia hugged her friend back and said, "Rumor's around work weren't that! They said you'd inherited a fortune from him!"

Amanda beckoned her friend to sit down so she could go over everything since she last saw her. The two deaf guys, the lawyer, the conversation with her boss and lastly the library.

"Girl! Do you remember our conversation on the phone when I told you I thought you were nuts, consider that doubled! Okay?"

"Sylvia, I have the physical evidence! I still have the splotches on my ass from the paddling I got! The tie! I still have the tie! It's out in the car!"

"Girl, I think you knocked your head on something! What you're talking about isn't real! It can't be! You've obviously been in a ton of drama lately and those marks on your ass are from something else! And you admitted yourself that you'd been in Mark's closet! You probably grabbed the tie then!"

Amanda shook her head and said, "If you don't believe me, come back with me and see for yourself! Maybe you can go somewhere, or at least watch me as I go somewhere! But this is real! Too freakin' real! I can't make something like this up! It'd be too easy to prove me wrong!"

Sylvia nodded her head in agreement with the point Amanda had made. "Let's do this, let me get my nails done, and girl . . . Go buy some underwear! I can see your kitty and it's turning me on!"

Amanda turned beet red and made an effort to cover herself with her short dress for what seemed the umpteenth time that day.

"That's better. Let me guess, you haven't been home since you left work?" Sylvia asked.

"That's right."

"Okay, let me get my nails done, go buy some panties, we'll get your thumb rings, and then we'll go eat. After that, we can go to your new house."

Amanda stood up and pulled her short dress down again, then gave Sylvia a hug and watched Sylvia go into the toxic fume chamber of the nail salon. Her grin was nonetheless wide as it was when she walked into the mall. At the end of the alcove in the mall that the nail salon was located on, she walked the second floor until she found the escalator that would lower her down to the ground floor. From the landing of the escalator, she turned right and found her way to her favorite lingerie store and found a g-string to match her dress and paid the $12.00 for it. She declined the bag and asked for a dressing room. She was pointed in the right direction and after removing the tags, slipped it on underneath her tight dress and exited the store.

She went back the way she came and stopped to look at jewelry stores along the way. She wasn't really sure what she'd call a proper thumb ring, but she found some that she liked and would bring Sylvia back to make sure her selection was right.

She finally made her way back to the alcove the nail salon was at and found her friend with her hands and feet under drying lights. Amanda had spent hours there herself just watching people walk by. It was boring really, but some things are made to be endured. She stood on the other side of the window in front of Sylvia and after looking both ways in the alcove's hallway, Amanda lifted her dress to show her new panties. She only offered a brief glimpse, but it made her blush and giggle anyway.

Sylvia rolled her eyes and laughed a little at her friend's bravado.

Amanda walked in and sat next to her friend. "Almost done?"

"I actually just got over here."

"Okay, so we have about fifteen to twenty minutes. So tell me more about this thumb ring business."

"It's called a smoke signal."

Amanda said, "Yeah, okay. Keep going!"

"Did you ever here about way back when, around the time that guys started piercing their ears, that 'left was right, and right was wrong'?"

Amanda cocked her head to the side and said, "No, I don't think so."

"Okay, back when our parents were dating, if a guy had his right ear pierced, that meant he was gay. Girls weren't supposed to hit on him or something like that. But if his left ear was pierced, he was a player!"

"I've never heard of anything like that!"

"Really? Even girls not too long ago used to get a tattoo across the small of their back to mean that they were players too!" Sylvia offered.

Amanda, still shaking her head and said, "I had no idea!"

Sylvia rolled her head and her eyes and said, "Where have you been?"

"During that time, probably in love with Mark!"

"Oh yeah, him. Let's not go there again yet, okay?" Sylvia sarcastically said.

"Deal. So tell me about the 'Smoke Signal's'!"

"Okay, so if you're wearing a thumb ring, all it means is that you like it in the ass. That's all. For those who know about it, you have sent your message. For those who don't, they think it's a fashion statement!" Sylvia said.

Another girl approached the table and placed her coffee cup near herself as she placed her hands under the nail drying lights. They all said hello to each other.

The blonde Amanda looked at her dark haired friend and said, "Where do you come up with this stuff?"

"Girl, I just have to wonder where your head's been to not know about this 'stuff!' "

"Anyway, okay, I like it in the ass, so I'll wear a thumb ring! I can take it off when I don't want to let everyone know, right?"

The new girls eyebrows reached high on her forehead as the conversation began again between the two friends. A conversation no one would be ready to hear, no less start listening to right in the middle of it!

"Girl, you get to wear two, one on each thumb!"

"Okay, why's that?" Amanda asked.

"Let me get this straight, you lost your anal virginity Saturday night?"

More eyebrows and a sharp twist of the head toward the conversing girls.

"Yes," she was blushing again.

"And you lost your double penetration cherry, last night, right?"

All Amanda did was quickly shake her head up and down without saying a thing. The other girl sat in mouth opened, disbelief.

"Girl, you're insatiable!"

"And getting sore too, but loving the attention!" Amanda confessed.

"You've been initiated! You get to wear them both!"

"Oh God Sylvia! Don't use that word again!"

"Which word?"

"'Initiated'! That's what they called me in the dungeon! My butts still sore!"

"It was that real for you huh?" Sylvia asked.

"I even went back in a second time!"

By this time the new girl was thinking they were practicing for a play or something!

"You mentioned that."

"I really don't know how it works! But the second time, there was this gizmowatchee just starting to go into my ass! It was just . . . There!"

Sylvia looked at her friend with concern and over to the other girl as well. Amanda had taken the loss of Mark like a champ, but now that he's legally gone, she can't deal with it! "Tell you what, let's get out of here, my nails are dry enough and we'll head to Mark's and you can show me what this thing is all about. We'll catch dinner afterward, okay?"

"I like it!"

"Oh no fair! You can't leave me without telling me how the story ends!" the new girl protested.

Both Sylvia and Amanda looked at each other and back to the other girl. "What story?" Amanda asked.

"The play you're practicing for!"

"Nope, not a play, and I'm wondering how this ends too. Thanks for caring!"

Sylvia retrieved her shoes and put the tan, hi-heeled sandals, on over her newly pedicured toes. She kept the French tip look for both her hands and her feet. She had already paid the bill and dropped a tip for the nail technician in her jar and left the salon and the other girl at the drying table to her imagination as they both headed for their cars. "See you there!"

"You know the way?" Amanda asked.

"Yup, I've been there with you once or twice."

"You're right, I forgot." Amanda beeped her alarm and unlocked her car doors with her remote. She slipped the seat belt on and started her car and left the Driftwood Mall's parking lot.

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