The Lies We Tell Ourselves: Deana’s


His free hands began to cup and massage my breast. Damn it felt sooo good. It felt like my entire pussy was liquefying. I unconsciously thrust my chest to meet his touch no longer straining against the hand that held mine. Then he stopped and I looked back at him with pleading eyes. In return, he gave me a stern stare and instructed me to take off my bra. I am not sure what my face looked like from his point of view but it must have been something all long the lines of "you must be crazy". I may have lost my ability to speak but the feisty woman that lives within me was still there. There was a long pause with him looking at me with that stern stare of his. Then the next thing I know he is bending me over the chaise lounge.

He slaps my ass a good 5 or 6 times saying, "Honey pot I told you to take off the bra. I want to see those glorious boobs of yours and I want you to show them to me. Now if you don't listen I will double the spankings."

If his tone wasn't so serious I would have thought he was joking. I weighed my options. If I refused and he spanked me again I ran the risk of letting him discover how turned on I was by it. I was not about to let him see that side of me. So the bra had to go. Standing up I took my shirt the rest of the way off and reached back to remove my bra. He grabbed my shoulders turning me around and gave me the most soul-wrenching stare.

"You are so fucking gorgeous," he said with a groan.

I don't know if my nipples were already hard or if they became hard under his stare but I suddenly became aware of how my nipples were starting to resemble Hershey kisses. Without warning, he lunged forward devouring my left breast as if he were starving. His tongue lapped over my nipple manipulating it into temporary shapes. Then he switched to my right breast and gave it the same treatment.

I am not sure who unbuttoned my pants but before I knew it they were sliding off my body. When he saw my purple lace panties, he let out a lustful groan.

"Do you always wear such sluty underwear under your clothes? I don't think I will ever be able to look at you the same with your work clothes on with out fantasizing about the sexy underwear beneath."

I wanted to tell him that I don't normally dress like this, to make a snappy comment about buying these with Alba but once again, I was at a loss for words.

Harvey had somehow managed to get me lying down on the chaise and was peeling off the last of his clothes when I suddenly became aware of where I was. I was AT WORK in my BOSS'S bathroom. I started to squirm from under him trying to find a way out of this.

Feeling me squirming away, he looked down at me, "Its ok we're alone. Everyone is gone and the morning cleaning crew won't be here for hours. The boss will never know. Its ok."

I continued to squirm his words, while sweet, were not enough to ease my mind.

"Honey Pot I told you it was ok. Now if you don't sit back and let your self enjoy this I will use those hand cuffs of yours to restrain you," he said giving me another one of his stern looks although this time it seemed alittle more playful and flirtatious.

Harvey dipped his hand into my honey pot (You don't think that is why he calls me that do you? No it cant be. Could it?) and I thoroughly soaked his hand. I was already on the edge from the spanking earlier and I had a small orgasm just from his touch.

"See I knew you wanted this Honey Pot just let me have it" he said in a much more pleading tone then he had been using this entire time. The orgasm temporality took my mind off the situation but it didn't take long for the panic to settle back in. I tried to squirm away again. Suddenly I felt his weight pressing against me harder. He was reaching underneath the lounge to get my handcuffs. Before I could do or say anything, he swept my hands up and handcuffed both my hands around the bar on the top of the chaise. My mouth gapped open in shock.

"I told you if you didn't behave I would cuff you. I am a lot of thing but I am not a liar. Everything I say to you will always be the truth."

An honest man? I found that very hard to believe. I racked my brain trying to think of a time he lied in the 5 months that I worked there but I couldn't. I saw Harvey in a completely new way that night. Ummm I don't mean that as suggestively as it sounds.

He pressed the head of this dick against my opening but then suddenly stopped. I couldn't read the expression on his face. It was something like seriousness, lust, concern, pain and desire all wrapped in one. He began to spank my clit with his dick.

"I am not going to take this from you Honey pot. You have to give it to me. You have to ask me for it".

Every slap of his dick against my clit sent electricity through my body. I shivered. I have never wanted anyone so much in my life. I wish I could describe his penis to you in perfect detail but sadly, I can't find the right words. All I can say was it was very large, but not intimidatingly large. It was just large enough to make you drool. Then there was the interesting contrast of his milky skin against my cinnamon colored body. For some reason it did not turn me off like I expected it to, instead, it had the opposite effect.

Still, I couldn't bring myself to ask for it. Up until this point, I could chalk this whole experience up to some weird mind power he had over me. Asking for it would mean I had to admit to myself that I wanted this and I just couldn't do it.

"Hhhoney Pot you don't wan this? You are honestly going to deny me this?" he said trying to fake the dominating tone he used before.

I remained silent.

"You stubborn little slut. You will give it to me I am not walking away from this with blue balls."

He stopped slapping my clit with his member and moved down my body. When he was face to face with my pussy he dove in, lapping up all the honey that was inside. He did marvelous things with his tongue that I can't explain. Within minutes, I was about to cum. Somehow he knew and stopped. I whimpered.

"No orgasm until you ask for it," he said lifting this face from my puss.

I shot back a look of refusal. He sighed indifferently and his mouth went back to work on my pussy. This time bringing me to the edge even faster by giving my clit more attention, sucking on it with is tongue and lapping across it

"I can do this all day. I love to eat pussy. I know this body and I will not let it cum unless it is on my cock".

I couldn't take it anymore. There was something about the way the words pussy and cock rolled off his tongue with a hint of a New England accent. It pushed me over the edge and I lost all will power.

"Alright, alright FUCK ME!" I blurted out.

"What?" he said, lightly nibbling on my clit.

"Ahhh please fuck me fuck me fuck me please. I want it. I wanna cum on your big cock"

Just as the "ck" sound left my mouth, he shoved his milk colored dick into my honey pot. I felt completely filled. It was an amazing sensation and one that I had never experience before. It was like his penis hit every millimeter of my pussy walls. Mmmmmmmmmm sensational. While I was enjoying the feeling, I suddenly began to panic. I didn't see him put a condom on. I wanted to shoot myself. I let this lothario stick me unprotected after he's been with who knows how many women. What was I thinking? He must have noticed my expression change from bliss to panic and knew what was wrong (I still have no idea how this man can read me so well).

"Its ok I put a condom on," he said as he pulled out allowing me to see it and kissing me lightly on the forehead.

How and when I do not know. I did not have much time to contemplate it because he thrust his dick back inside hitting me in a way that made my breath catch in my throat and pushed all thoughts from my head except how amazing his dick felt. I closed my eyes, enjoying the pace that he set. He used short strokes. Each time his dick slid across my pussy walls it made me shiver. Initially I sat back and enjoyed the ride, hehehe. However, I suddenly got the urge to reciprocate the pleasure I was feeling. I swiveled my hips under him. Using my internal muscles to grip his dick and rotate around it. I was a little out of practice so it took me a while to catch his pace but when I did, I heard a noise that sounded like a cross between a grunt and a moan escape his lips. I smiled satisfied that I had gotten a reaction out of him. This gave me a reason to step my game up. This time I used a mixture of grinding and snaking my hips. His eyes grew wide and his body stiffened up. I am not sure but it think he was about to cum. He stopped moving pulling out of me so only the tip was left inside.

"Damn honey pot, if I had known you were going to be this good I would have never been able to wait this long. I guess the rumor that black women are great in bed is true. Da da damn," he said stumbling over his words a little and breathing hard. To be honest I didn't care what he had to say I just wanted his dick back inside me.

"Mmmm and I guess the rumor that white boys aren't packing isn't true" I said coyly, wrapping my hand around the girth of his cock.

He squirmed when my hand squeezed his cock and it twitched in my hand. "I love the way my cinnamon skin melts into your milky skin. Please make me cum with your big white cock." I said blinking innocently.

A muffled "Mmmmmm Honey poot," was all I could make out before he plowed into me. His thrusts were fast and urgent. They sent shock waves through my body. His balls slapped the skin between my asshole and my pussy reigniting the love of spanking within me. I rocked my hips to meet his thrusts, trying to increase the intensity that his balls slapped against me. Within minutes, I felt myself Cumming. Obscenities spewed from my mouth as my pussy clapped down on his cock and released it. My words turned into moans as he pounded through me in quick short burst prolonging my orgasm. My eyes stopped working for a moment. It was insane how good that felt. I never wanted it to end.

When I finally came down and regained my eyes sight, I looked into his eyes. They were squinted tightly, his mouth was twisted and his brows were cast low in concentration. I licked his ear lobe savoring the salty taste of the sweat dripping off him. Then I relaxed beneath him savoring the slow pace he developed and enjoying the feeling of being refilled over and over again. My pussy was still tender from the orgasm so the slow pace kept me enjoying myself without over stimulating me. Each stroke was long and soothing. I rocked my hips slowly moaning softly in pleasure.

I lost track of time as I enjoyed my slow fucking. I was in a daze until suddenly he picked up the pace, slamming into me hard and fast. The first fast stroke caught me off guard and I squealed. I had never heard that noise come from me before. As he shot in and out of me I could feel his dick filling up with cum. Although I was enjoying myself I was worried about how much time passed. So I whispered into his ear something I never thought I would say.

"Are you going to cum for me Harvey. Go on green eyes shoot your load all over your black slut."

With that, he pistoned in and out of me about 4 times before pulling out ripping off the condom and shooting his load all over me. I looked down and saw all his white cum splattered all over my brown body, like foam on a beach.

I heard a thump. I looked down and saw his body laid out on the floor. I nudged him with my foot. He wouldn't wake up. I leaned my ear as close to his face as I could with my arms still bound. He was still breathing so I assumed he passed out. His light brown hair was askew and his arms and legs were limp. Wow I must be really good, I thought to myself and laughed. I was exhausted to, but I was more worried about getting out of there before the morning crew came. I nudged him again and whispered for him to wake up. But once again, he did not respond. I searched the room for the keys to the cuffs. They were on the floor beside him. As I stretched my foot out to reach them, I scratched his side with my toe. With a groan, he turned and woke up.

I smiled, "Hey, you gotta uncuff me."

With a grunt and a nod, he groggily got up to uncuff me. As he leaned over my naked body fiddling with the keys, I studied the curve of his lips. They called for me to kiss them. So as soon as my hands were free I grabbed his face pulling him down and licking across his lips. I recoiled slightly realizing that my pussy juice was still on them. His eyes popped open in surprise then he smiled hazily. Caught in his hypnotic gaze I couldn't bring myself to stop licking and kissing his lips. As long as he looked at me like that, I didn't mind tasting myself.

It wasn't until he blinked that I regained enough control to stop. I whispered that we needed to go. My voice cracked with lust and confusion. We had just finished and I still wanted him. Nevertheless, I went to the sink and cleaned myself up. He did the same and we silently searched for our clothes. They were scattered about the bathroom. When I put the top of the uniform back on I realized it was still torn. I hung my head in frustration but he held out his arm handing me his shirt. I slowly put it on. He watched me as if he was sad to see me get dressed again. Once I was fully dressed, I paused for a moment, marveling at how sexy he was. His chest was bare except for the suspenders of his costume. It was slick with sweat and I couldn't resist the urge to caress it. However, the caress wasn't enough. I began to kiss his chest and my hands followed the path of his chest hair to the top of his pants. He groaned sadly, stopping my hands from going any further. I shook my head trying to snap out of it. I knew we had to get out of there before it got too late.

We walked out to the parking lot together. It was empty except for one car. Then it hit me that I had started taking the bus to work to save money on gas.

He also noticed that the only car in the lot was his. He asked where my car was and I explained about the bus. It was far too late to catch the bus so he offered to give me a ride home. We were silent the entire ride. I didn't want to speak for fear of what I might say. The reason for his silence I am not sure about however.

When we got to my house, he walked me to my door. Our eyes met for a moment and I smiled. His green eyes seemed to flash. I had a strong desire to kiss him goodnight. But it seemed like an appropriate way to end a date and I wasn't sure if he thought of our evening that way. So I did nothing.

"See you Monday," he said his voice croaking as he walked back to his car.

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