tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Lieutenant

The Lieutenant


The Lieutenant: A Shaggy Sahlet Story

"Engineering to Lt. Tilley! Respond!"

Tilley listened to the page for the third time. She wasn't avoiding the Chief Engineer, she just loved hearing her new rank again. She decided to answer lest she lose that new title. She keyed the communicator button.

"Engineering? Tilley here."

"Commander Watt here. Meet me in the main transporter room in five. Watt out."

Tilley made it in four minutes but the Commander was already there. Jane Watt, Chief Engineer leaned on the transporter console, arms folded across her smallish, pert breasts. About forty, trim, tall and perpetually in a foul mood. Some said her mood was because of one too many jokes about a steam-powered starship. Some said it was because she was a bisexual and hated indecision. Some said it was a love gone wrong with a University of Edinburgh classmate now on a more prestigious ship. The Hood wasn't exactly the Enterprise or even Discovery, but she ran. Watt even had her over Warp 8 chasing a Romulan ship recently. Damn Romulans and their cloaking device!

"Tilley! About time! Here." Watt handed Tilley a communicator, a tricorder and a small briefcase. "Sorry, no weapons on the planet. At least for us. Captain Dodge is in the Meeting Hall, with the Andorian Ambassador. He needs the case. Give it to him only. Then you have a couple of hours to kill. You will stay on the planet as the Captain's backup. There's a bar. Real alcohol from across the Federation. Order a drink, sit in a dark corner and relax. Stay sober, keep an eye out for trouble. This is an Orion Outpost, and they'll trade with anyone. Klingons, Romulans, Saurians, Tellarites, I even saw a Gorn! You name them! Keep an open channel on your communicator in case the Captain needs you."

"Understood Commander."

"By the way, why are you wearing a blue uniform. You're assigned to Engineering now. Where is your red shirt?"

"I don't like wearing red on an away mission. Besides, I figured blue would blend in more." Tilley had heard the rumors that wearing a red shirt on a mission was bad luck for a new crew member.

Watt sighed. "Be careful Tilley. You're annoying but I've grown accustomed to you." Watt smoothed a strand of Tilley's kinky red hair and caressed her face. Tilley leaned into the touch.

"This will be just like the Klingon homeworld. I was there with Michael-"

"Stop chattering Tilley! Klingon homeworld! Just beam down."

"Yes Commander." Tilley turned and stepped on the platform.

"Energizing." Said Watt. In a few seconds Tilley was gone.

Tilley materialized on a transporter pad on the perimeter of a busy public space. Dozens of races from across the quadrant milled about. Green Orion "Slavegirls" and their male servants were everywhere. She spotted Captain Dodge across the hall about fifty meters away, standing next to a tall blue skinned Andorian and two Vulcans. She stepped off the pad and strode purposefully towards the group.

"Hey! Federation! You with the orange hair and big tits!"

Tilley turned to see the biggest Klingon she'd ever seen pointing at her.

"I saw you on Q'onos! Your hair is different. So what's in the box little big tits?"

"Hey! Cut that out! The box is sealed and it's none of your business! Now leave me alone!"

He reached for his d'k tagh "I will open the box then I think I will open you! Ha! Ugnh."

The Klingon crumpled and fell to the floor in the middle of his threat. Behind him was a tall, burley bearded human with a crooked grin. Tilley recognized him immediately.

"Harry M-"

"Shush! Not so loud. That Klingon was looking for me. Always glad to help the Federation. Tell your Captain. Au revoir Cadet!"

"Lieutenant!" She corrected, but he was gone. Tilley straightened her uniform and approached the Captain.

"Captain Dodge? Commander Watt sent this for you. Wow this is an exciting place! Almost too exciting! There was this Klingon, and he wanted-"

"Ok Tilley, thank you. Go entertain yourself for, uh, let's say two hours or so. There's plenty to do. Don't stray too far from that transporter pad. Keep an open channel and be ready to go on fifteen minutes notice. Now, run along."

"Yes sir."

Tilley found her way to the bar that Watt had mentioned. Leave it to a Scot to know where to get a drink. The Orion serving wench (the way she was dressed she could not be described otherwise) suggested Saurian Brandy, and discretely mentioned that Romulan Ale could be had for a price. Tilley opted for beer from Earth. She sipped it slowly and watched the crowd.

Outside, she saw the big Klingon had recovered. He was trying to explain to two of his shipmates how a little Earth girl had knocked him out without even touching him. The smaller Klingons hit him with their pain sticks until he passed out again. They transported out.

"May I join you Lieutenant?" A handsome Vulcan in traditional dress stood before her. His voice was soft and comforting.

"Sure! Hi! I'm Lt. Tilley from the Starship Hood. Are you with the Vulcan delegation? I just love Vulcan culture. I know, you don't get love, but I certainly appreciate it! My roommate on the Discovery was raised on Vulcan. Do you know her? Michael Bur-"

"My, you talk a great deal. I am, uh S'kok. I was with the Vulcan delegation. But I have been excused because I am suffering from the Pon Farr. Are you familiar with that, lover of Vulcan culture?"

"Yes, sure: Vulcan mating imperative. It takes over, right? I've never experienced that myself. Well how could I? But I know Vulcans. Of course they don't like to talk about it. Is it causing trouble for you?"

"Yes. I am unable to concentrate. Unfortunately, the medication I take to mitigate it is failing. I have important information for the delegation, but I can't focus long enough to express it. The future of your, I mean our Federation depends on this."

"And, what can I do?"

"If you are willing to help, for the good of the Federation you understand, the act of physical love will relieve the tension. There are no suitable Vulcan females and l know few people here. I could hire an Orion prostitute, but that often ends in violence. As an officer of the fleet, can you help?"

Watt's touch earlier had left her anxious, ready for sex. Tilley enjoyed both sexes, and this Vulcan in need was very good looking. And his voice made her wet. Besides, it was for the Federation!

"Do you have a place?"

"My lodgings are very near. So, will you help me, I mean the Federation?"

"Yes. Let's go!"

S'kok smiled and grabbed Tilley's hand.

The Vulcan's room was small, but it had a large bed. S'kok locked the door. He lead her to the bed, and she was on him as if she were the one suffering Pon Farr. They tore at each other's clothes until they were both naked. Tilly placed her communicator within reach. The Vulcan was lean and muscular with a long slender cock that was already hard. Tilley's red tresses fell over her ample breasts, partially covering them, teasing their heft. Her slightly round belly covered tight abs, hard won in hours in the ship's gym. Her belly gave way to a curly red pelt above her wet slit. She turned, revealing a firm, round ass. She turned back, fell to her knees and took his length in her mouth. She licked the length of his shaft and sucked gently on his balls. She ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, and took the head in her mouth, greedily working his shaft until it nearly touched her throat. She bobbed her head up and down forcefully, shaking her full tits in the process. The Vulcan held Tilley's head with both hands, at first pushing her deeper, then holding her back.

"Slower Lieutenant. You will finish me before I start!"

She abruptly stopped sucking his cock, looked up at him, smiling and turned and knelt on the bed.

"Sorry. I love sucking cock. Sometimes, I get carried away. I'll stop. You can fuck me from behind. Start in my pussy, than you can take my ass. But hurry, I can hardly stand the wait! On Earth we call this doggy style. We keep dogs as pet, like your Sehlats, but not as viscous. I'm a cat person myself. Do you know cats? They are very sensual creatures. Oh! Yes!"

The Vulcan obliged sinking his cock in one motion, and vigorously ploughing her, hoping it would shut her up. Tilley moaned deep in her throat. S'kok slapped her ass, eliciting a yelp, and a guttural growl.

"Yes, slap my ass! Harder! Oh! Ah that's great. I'm going to rub my clit." She said, reaching a hand to her flaming bush. "Do Vulcan women have an exposed clitoris? Lots of races do. Andorians have a huge one. I've heard Klingons have two! Ah, yes fuck me harder!"

Again the Vulcan did as he was asked.

"Yes! That's it! Pound me! I love it when a cock pounds my pussy! I love all the words for vagina! Quim! Slit! Cunt! Twat! Minge! Snatch! That's just English! How many words are there in your language for the external female genetalia? Ooo! That's good. Keep your cock pumping me! Cock us a really great word. Fuck me hard in the cunt with your cock! Doesn't that sound hot? Cunt is my favorite word for the female organ! It just sounds so fucking dirty! So please fuck my cunt harder! Oh, ah! That's good! Grab my tits and squeeze the nipples! I have very sensitive nipples. Oh yes! That's it! More! Oh this is so good! You need to fuck my ass now! Would you like to fuck my ass?"

Silently, he withdrew from her pussy, wet with her juices, and pressed on the entrance to her back passage and pushed until he felt her ass yield once, then again. He resumed his fast pace. As his long cock slid in and out of her tight anus, Tilley growled again. She slipped two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, groping deep, feeling the Vulcan's cock with her finger tips.

"That's it. Fuck my ass hard! Ahh! YES! FUCK ME!" S'kok grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him on each stroke, fucking her hard, eliciting moans and growls and a fresh stream of dirty thoughts from Tilley.

"Oh yeah, I love being fucked in the ass. It used to be taboo some places on Earth. Ah yes! That's good, fuck my ass harder! I wouldn't like not being able to get fucked in the ass once in a while. Oh, fuck yes. There's nothing as good as a nice hard cock fucking me in the ass. Squeeze my tits again. Pinch my nipples. That's it! Ah yes, keep going. Harder! Smack my ass again! Oh! Fuck yes! I'm going to cum! Not every human can orgasm anally, but I can oh yes, finish me off, fill me with your spunk! Give it to me! Ah!" The first orgasm took her breath away, and took the words right out of her mouth.

The Vulcan grunted and picked up the pace. He was listening to her hum, which he preferred to her incessant chatter. His focus was interrupted by a hailing whistle and the crackle of static on Tilley's communicator, followed by:

"Dodge to Tilley! Change of plans. Meet at the transporter platform in fifteen minutes. Do you copy Tilley?"

Tilley grabbed her communicator from the pillow and flipped it open. "Coming sir!" And she did. She closed the communicator just as the Vulcan shot his load into her.

"I have to go. Federation business." Tilley panted.

"I as well. Tell your crew that you provided a great service to S'kok of Vulcan, and the greater good of the Federation. Live long and profit, er prosper." He said, flashing a peace sign.

Tilley dressed in a flash and was out the door, hoping that the Vulcan's cum wasn't leaking noticeably. She arrived at the transporter pad just as the Captain and his party hustled into view. An angry looking group of Orion women were in pursuit armed with everything from Klingon disruptors to hockey sticks.

"Get us out of here Tilley!"

"Tilly to Hood. Lock on the Captain and me, plus two Vulcans and an Andorian within five meters of me. Five to beam up. Now!"

They materialized aboard the Hood. The Captain and his party we're moving when they transported, and they fell in a heap on the transporter pad. The Captain jumped to his feet.

"Watt! Good one. You too Tilley. Now we've got a problem. The Orions think the Vulcans are Romulans. The Romulan cruiser that appeared in orbit doesn't help. Their cloaking device must have failed. The Orions don't like Romulans. They think they're spying. They probably are. I bet half the Vulcans on Orion are actually Romulans. There's going to be a fight, and I don't want to take part. We're still beat up from Rigel VII." Dodge keyed a com control. "Bridge, this is Dodge. Get us out of here. Set course for Starbase twelve, Warp factor six. Dodge out. Gents, please follow me. Tilley, get some rest, you're relieved. You too Watt."

Dodge and his party disappeared down the hallway.

"So Tilley, did you have any fun down there?"

Tilley started her story at full warp speed. "A giant Klingon threatened me, and I was saved by a wanted criminal who once tried to kill me and the whole crew of Discovery. And there was this gorgeous Vulcan named S'kok who was going through Pon Farr and there was no female and he had to concentrate and the Federation depended on it, and he had such a nice smile, and I went to his room and I uh, relieved his tension."

"You had sex with him?"

"Yes, three ways. I felt it was my duty."

"You had oral, anal and vaginal sex with this smiling Vulcan? Named S'kok? Suck cock?"

"Oral, vaginal then anal. He came in my ass. Yeah, his name does sound like 'suck cock'. And I did. Funny right? Kind of a Vulcan pun. Of course they don't make jokes. Well, they're clever enough to, but they don't seem to get them. I'd hate that-"

"Focus Tilley. A smiling Vulcan?! Vulcans. Don't. Smile. You just fucked a Romulan."

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by Anonymous

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by Crusader23502/26/19


Earth Girls r Easy! Hot, Hard & Fast!

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by Anonymous07/09/18

"The first orgasm took her breath away, and took the words right out of her mouth."

I see what you did there. ;)

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by Anonymous06/05/18

Just one criticism:There are quite a few errors of punctuation, nothing major, except when they change the meaning of the sentence. " a tall, burley bearded human with a crooked grin." Without a commamore...

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by Alice_Rosaleen06/04/18

Live Long and Profit!

I thought "S'kok" seemed a little tame for someone with Blood Fever. Probably a good thing for Tilley that he was just Romu-lyin'...

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by LoquiSordidaAdMe05/31/18

She can'nae take much more o' this, Cap'n!

I like a fast paced story, but wow! That was frantic. In this setting, this context, it worked. And the pacing of the plot felt organic with the rapid-fire dialouge of your heroine. I enjoyed it, but Imore...

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