tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Life and CFNM Times of Herbert Smith Ch. 02

The Life and CFNM Times of Herbert Smith Ch. 02


Constance wasted no time explaining what she expected of the three boys in her new CFNM-run household. To Herbert it seemed as if he was entering into a kind of twilight zone world, but without all the attendant horrors that were sometimes a part of that often malignant universe.

As he watched his stepmother proceed through a laundry list of items she had carefully written down on a piece of college-ruled notebook paper, he thought of a woman who would brook no disobedience to her commands, but whose personality was also going to make the adventure fun. He was particularly interested in the parties that were going to take place at the estate. The thought that there were going to be lots of women attending these parties—some as young as Amy—made him very happy. Now that the young girl had helped him overcome his inherent shyness around the opposite sex, the idea of showing off his mammoth cock to a roomful of women filled him with great anticipation.

"And from time to time I may ask you boys to serve our guests," Constance said, looking up for a moment from her notes to cast a supervisory eye over her naked stepchildren. "You will, of course, perform these duties in the nude."

"But what if we happen to get…you know…an erection?" William asked her. "What do we do?"

Constance and the girls laughed. "You carry on with your duties of course, unless one of the guests wants to use your penis for her own use. In that case, you defer to her judgment. If she asks you to do something you personally find objectionable, you come and see me."

Herbert thought that was a fair arrangement. "So we're not like slaves or anything, right? I mean…we can refuse to do something we don't like."

"Of course, Herbert," she replied. "Believe me, after a few drinks some of these women do get a bit wild. They'll ask you to do all kinds of things. But you have the right to say no at all times."

"So we're not talking 'valley of the dominatrix' here are we?" Frederick asked with his usual candor.

"No. Although you will find a professional dominatrix or two, you absolutely do not have to submit to them. But you must behave with respect and courtesy to every woman or girl. I will not tolerate anything less from any of you—and that includes you, too, Michael."

Herbert's father rebuffed the implication. "Me? Oh, come on, Constance. I worship the ground you walk on."

"Yeah," Amy noted. "Is that why you keep her feet so clean?"

The sisters couldn't help stifle a giggle.

"Your stepfather has a foot fetish, so what?" Constance said nonchalantly.

"You do, dad?" Herbert asked, looking puzzled.

"Yes, I do," Michael, replied. "Always did. Your mother never liked to have her feet touched. But Constance loves it when I suck and lick her feet. And I enjoy it very much, myself."

So that's where I get it from! Herbert thought to himself. My desire for women's feet was inherited from my dad!

Upon hearing this, Constance abruptly sat down next to her husband and extended one of her legs toward him. "Since you enjoy it so much, my darling, why don't you go ahead and start sucking. My feet need a good cleaning."

All three boys were somewhat taken aback by her presumption, but Michael thought nothing of it, eagerly getting on his knees and shoving the toes of her right foot straight into his mouth, sucking away with relish.

"That feels so nice!" Constance said, as she watched her husband orally caress one toe after another, treating each one as if it were a precious morsel to be savored.

Lillian and Fiona stared at the spectacle with satisfied smiles while William and Frederick looked on in amused fascination.

"Gee, dad," William said. "I didn't know you had a thing for women's feet."

"Neither did I." Frederick said, watching his father lovingly attend to his stepmother's dainty little toes. "I'm a breast man, myself."

Michael momentarily removed the delectable foot from his mouth. "You don't know what you're missing boys. Constance has the sweetest feet in the entire South."

It was a little disconcerting to Herbert to see his father in such a subservient role. But then he was doing his wife a service that both she and he enjoyed. So who was he to say that his father was really being relegated to a subservient role? It was his father's choice after all.

As he watched his father lovingly and passionately suck on every manicured toe, he felt the same desire beginning to possess him. But in his particular case, he wanted the benefactor to be none other than Amy herself. He stole a glance at the headstrong girl and saw how much she was enjoying his father's loving treatment of her mother's sexy and delicate feet. He noticed too that his other stepsisters, and even his two brothers, were all getting turned on from simply watching Michael's tongue gently skit over each toe, paying special attention to the underside of his wife's feet. Constance was in heaven.

"Oh, God…" she moaned. "Yes, that's it! Lick each one, suck…suck…lick."

Herbert thought that she might be close to having an orgasm, so well did his father perform his oral duties upon her feet. However, if she were truly entering a state of orgasmic bliss, she didn't want to be the only one experiencing it.

"Okay boys," she said to her stepsons' leering faces. "I want each of you to give my daughters the same treatment—now!"

It amused Herbert to see Constance in such a euphoric condition and yet be able to bark out a command as if nothing were amiss. He found this to be particularly erotic. But why he couldn't fathom.

Without breaking his stride, Michael gestured to his sons that they should follow his own example. Before any of the boys could respond, the three girls giggled loudly and wiggled their toes in the air.

"Do as mommy and daddy tell you!" Amy said teasingly, looking directly at Herbert.

"Go ahead, boys." Constance ordered. "Start licking!"

Herbert wasted no time in getting to his knees in front of Amy. He had been dying to get his tongue around those impeccable toes of hers for months, and now his chance had finally come—and being ordered to perform the task made it even more enticing. He noticed that it took a little longer for both William and Frederick to obey Constance's command, but a disconcerted glance from his father sufficed to get both boys on their knees. Fiona literally shoved her foot in William's mouth, making him wince. She only laughed and wriggled her toes even more just to irritate him. Lillian however was quite genteel about the way she approached the idea, allowing Frederick to grasp her foot with one hand while he lowered his open mouth onto her big toe, as if testing some strange food.

Within minutes all three boys were feasting on the smorgasbord of feet placed before them, relishing the heady dish with surprising delight. Even William and Frederick, both of whom had no particular fascination with women's feet, found themselves caught up in the kinky antics demanded of their stepmother. But it was Herbert who really enjoyed sucking and licking Amy's lovely little feet.

"You've wanted to do this for a long time, haven't you?" Amy said to Herbert as she watched his tongue dart in and out between her toes with methodical devotion.

"Yes," he mumbled, as he sucked her little toe into his mouth. "I love your feet. I love everything about you."

Amy smiled with satisfaction. She knew there was nothing that Herbert wouldn't do for her. Even if William and Frederick tended to regard her as too young to become a permanent part of their world, she knew that Herbert would always be there. And in time maybe her other two stepbrothers would come to realize her true worth and stop seeing her as "just a kid".

"Now isn't this just wonderful?" Constance cooed, rubbing her left foot all over Michael's face while her right foot was buried in his mouth.

"Oh, yes mom!" Fiona laughed. "I love having my toes sucked!"

William looked up at the pretty vixen, enjoying himself despite his initial reluctance to perform this singular service. "I have to say, Fiona, that you really have splendid looking feet. And I'm really not a foot man."

"All my girls have beautiful feet," Constance said with a breathy voice. "The more you devote yourself to them, the more you will come to appreciate them. And that goes for…all of you."

She could barely get the words out. Herbert hadn't noticed it before but his stepmother's right hand was hidden under her dress, feverishly playing with her genitals. He thought she might have an orgasm any time soon.

"It's so nice to be worshipped, isn't it?" Lillian remarked. "To have a man at your feet."

"That's where they belong!" Fiona replied, looking down upon her stepbrother like the stern mistress she could sometimes be. "Keep sucking, William!"

Suddenly Constance let out a loud moan. Herbert turned his head to see his father's tongue avidly sucking on her toes as the woman embarked on a series of powerful orgasms.

"Oh, God!" she screamed, as she threw her head back and locked her legs around Michaels head.

It was quite an astonishing sight, Herbert thought to himself, to watch his stepmother writhe in ecstasy in front of her three children. The woman really had no inhibitions at all it seemed. He thought it an example of shocking depravity for her to behave in such a way but yet, for some reason he could not explain, he also found it extremely erotic. He saw that his father had thought so too. For despite his father's assiduous attention to his wife's toes, he was sporting a huge erection. For the first time in his young life, he had not only seen his father naked, but in an aroused state. The effect of all this was to produce a similar reaction in himself.

"Well, look at you!" Amy said to Herbert. "Like father, like son."

The young girl's eyes lit up when she saw that both Herbert and her stepfather had both achieved huge boners—and all because of their fixation with feet. Herbert felt a bit ashamed that he was not able to contain his excitement, but seeing his own father in a similar condition allayed any discomfort he might have felt.

Constance was coming down from her orgasm, a warm afterglow permeating her body. She removed her foot from Michael's mouth and bent forward to place a kiss on his lips. "It's time," she said.

"Time for what?" Frederick asked her.

"You'll see," Michael replied. "Okay, boys. Get up and stand before your stepmother."

The girls were reluctant to suddenly have their feet go unattended, but they knew what was coming and chuckled amongst themselves.

"Initiation time!" Amy squealed.

All three girls smiled coyly as the boys were made to stand directly in front of their reclining stepmother, the erect penises of Herbert and Michael jutting before them like two parallel flagpoles. William and Frederick were both semi-erect, but soon they too were starting to show signs of life.

"What are we supposed to do?" William wanted to know. "I feel stupid just standing here."

"You won't feel stupid for long," Fiona said with a sly grin.

"Yeah," Lillian said. "Wait until you see what mom's got in mind."

Michael positioned himself between his sons, his prick facing directly in front of his wife's feet. "I know this is going to be strange for you guys," he began addressing the boys, "but your stepmother and stepsisters demand it. And we must obey."

"Obey what?" Herbert inquired. "What do you want us to do, stepmother?"

Constance laughed. "It's very simple, Herbert. You're going to give me a footbath."

"A footbath of sperm!" Fiona giggled.

"Yeah," Amy said. "Mom needs some foot lotion!"

"What?" Frederick asked. "You want us to jerk off on her feet?"

"That's it!" Lillian replied.

All three girls moved from their respective positions so that they could get a better view of their mother's baptism by sperm. Amy stood to the left of Herbert while Fiona and Lillian stood behind Constance.

"This is one of the ways in which you pay homage to me," Constance said to the boys. "You're father has done this many times. It's a gesture of subservience and respect. I hope you have all saved up nice big loads."

Fiona reached under Michael's testicles and giggled. "I think step-dad certainly has!"

Indeed, Michael was so turned on that his twelve-inch prick was now leaking an abundant amount of pre-cum, some of which was already dripping on his wife's toes.

"My, my, look at that," Constance said, as she watched the clear fluid land onto her feet. "I think somebody's ready to launch some seed."

"I...I can't hold back baby!" Michael rasped between clenched teeth.

For Herbert and his brothers this was a landmark event. None of the boys had ever dreamed that they would be witnessing their own father climax right in front of them and the wickedness of it all made Herbert feel both depraved and excited. He watched his father stroke his fat cock until the head swelled to the size of a Portobello mushroom, the tip glistening with pre-cum and ready to fire its full supply of semen.

Constance never took her eyes off Michael's feverishly stroking hand, liking her lips in anticipation of his orgasm. She let the toes of both feet tickle the underside of his scrotum until he could take no further stimulation.

"Give it up, dad!" Amy laughed, as she gave his ass a hard slap.

That was all it took. His prick, rearing back like some piece of artillery, let go with a giant spurt of cum that flew up into the air, striking Constance on her right breast.

"Whoa!" the surprised wife squealed. "Give me more, baby!"

Michael didn't need any coaxing. One after another the thick, creamy ropes splashed all over her body, coating her in his copious seed.

Herbert and his brothers stood transfixed at the sight, watching the multiple shots of cum adorn their stepmother's body as if someone had taken a bottle of hand lotion and was furiously pumping the dispenser up and down at rapid speed. Yet despite this, all three boys continued to stroke their pricks without stopping, so absorbed were they with the incredible spectacle of watching their own father cum.

"What a fucking load!" Lillian said, enjoying the sight of Michael's sperm as it painted wayward designs on her mother's chest, legs and feet. "Go for it, dad!"

In response to the girl's demand, Michael fired off a half dozen more sticky wads of cum, this time directed all over his wife's toes. By the time he was finished, Constance was grinning ear to ear. "That was the biggest load you ever gave me," she said, looking extremely pleased. "What did you think, girls?"

"Fucking cool!" Fiona said.

Lillian shook her head in wonderment. "Look at all that creamy spunk! He really unloaded on you mom."

Amy reached over and took her stepfather's still erect penis in her hands and gave it a tug. "This is a dangerous weapon!" she laughed.

At first Michael was a little surprised by his stepdaughter's unexpected behavior, but he said nothing, knowing that his wife would not disapprove. He grabbed a towel and wiped some of the sperm from Constance's legs and feet and then cleaned the residue of cum from his prick. "Okay, boys," he said as he gingerly stepped aside. "Give your mistress what she wants."

Surprising as it was to them, both William and Frederick were now on the verge of orgasm, dutifully aiming their pricks straight at Constance, who was anxiously awaiting their combined offering.

"This is so fucking depraved!" William blurted out, as his fist flew up and down his greasy pole with alarming speed.

The women couldn't help but laugh aloud at the beet-faced lad and his ridiculous posture. Frederick was no less self-consumed, looking as if he were going to explode any second.

"In this house we demand huge cumshots," Constance reminded the boys. "Right, Amy?"

"Right, mom," Amy replied, her eyes focused on the two boys. "We have a thing for sperm."

"And we like it in huge amounts," Constance said, as she poked her toes into the nut sacks of both of the masturbators.

"I don't think that's going to be a problem, mom," Lillian chuckled. "Look at the size of their balls!"

Fiona agreed. "Big balls, big loads. Guaranteed."

Herbert didn't know which of his brothers had ejaculated first, but whoever was responsible startled Constance with an enormous flying stream that hit her smack on her left cheek, which then ricocheted onto Fiona's arm.

"Oh, my God!" the girl shouted. "He got me!"

She had no sooner uttered these words than the ejaculations began in earnest, sending all the women into hysterics. Multiple streams of cum were now splashing onto the outstretched legs of Constance, who was trying desperately to intercept each arc of hot, sticky spunk with her feet. It was a useless effort. William's prick simply jettisoned one huge arc of spunk after another, all of which missed his stepmother's feet completely and landed on her upper leg. Frederick's cock also seemed to have a mind of its own, sending one creamy spurt of cum after another onto Constance's thighs.

"Okay, boys," she said, watching the confluence of sperm upon her legs with delight. "Give me everything you have in those young balls of yours!"

Her words were like fuel to the young masturbators, both of whom were eager to please their new mistress. With astonishing alacrity, both William and Frederick complied with their stepmother's command and sent forth another salvo of hot semen, both loads splashing into the toes of her right foot. Constance was delighted. "That was splendid! Simply splendid!" she said, rubbing her two feet together to play with the sperm.

"I see they take right after their father!" Fiona observed.

Michael smiled. "It seems they do."

When both boys had finished ejaculating they quickly made room for their younger brother, who was now preparing to add his own creamy contents to the mix.

"I think I know who's going to shoot the biggest load of all!" Amy giggled, as she suddenly grabbed Herbert's cock and gave it three short bursts and a long pull. "Can I stroke it, mom? Please?"

"Go right ahead," Constance said. "Just try to aim the cum at my feet this time."

"I'll do my best," the young girl replied as she wrapped her tiny hand around Herbert's fifteen-inch monstrosity.

Everyone's eyes were glued to Herbert's humongous tool. There was no other place to look. Herbert felt that he had just hit the lottery. To be masturbated by the girl he adored, and to shoot his spunk onto the feet of the woman he wanted to please, had formed the epitome of his dreams. Amy's expert handling of his shaft and balls gave him the impression that she was far beyond her years in matters of sexual technique. And it was this fact, coupled with her innate precocity, which drove him insane.

"A monster load from a monster dick," Amy joked as her hand quickly flew up and down on the giant shaft.

Herbert's father and brothers watched in amazement as the young girl's firm grip brought his huge cock to its fullest dimensions. Already the little slit atop his prick was slick with pre-cum, and Amy used it like lube to help accelerate her handjob. Within a minute Herbert was humping her hand, ready to shoot his pent-up load of hot cream.

"That's it Amy," Lillian said, urging her sister to make Herbert shoot off. "Jerk that big fucking dick! Make him shoot off!"

Herbert felt the semen rise up his engorged prick, his orgasm only moments away. "Oh, shit!" he cried, looking down at Amy's lovely fingers dancing all over his dick. "You're gonna make me cum!"

"I know!" Amy laughed, giving him three hard upward pulls.

Herbert felt his huge balls tense up as the first in a series of intense ejaculations commenced. The first shot sailed completely over Constance's head, hitting Lillian right in the face. It happened so quickly that the girl had no time to react.

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