tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Life and Times of Lady Vargos Ch. 02b

The Life and Times of Lady Vargos Ch. 02b


This is the last part of chapter 2 that I promised to post.

Chapter 2


"Family Portraits"

Felix pulled custom made dress up Martin's torso and padded chest and once again zipped it. He had a much smaller waistline now, so that Felix did a quick fix to make the dress fit snugly around his waist.

"Ah! You are so beautiful sir," Felix said standing back to look and emphasizing the "sir" as he spoke to this otherwise feminine image.

"It is wonderful Felix. He will be the envy of every woman. You are truly a master of feminine design," Leanne said starry eyed, obviously more impressed with meeting the famed Felix than she was with his work.

"Thank you so much,"

Martin said nothing. Softly grunting as he took short shallow breaths trying to adjust to the effects of the crushing corset he was now wearing.

"Do you have a preference on your perfume today Lady Vargos, before we go the foyer for your sitting?" Lisa said holding the perfume she preferred for him already in her hands.

Martin turned his eyes away from her only to make eye contact with a smiling Felix as he was preparing to leave now. Lisa stepped up to Martin with a sly smile.

"No preference today Lady Vargos?" she said holding up a very ornate bottle of perfume with a small squeeze bulb attached. She squeezed it in front of his nose so he could smell the sweet flowery essence of its fragrance.

"Pretty isn't it," she said keeping eye contact as she slowly walked behind him watching his reactions as she did.

Martin felt the cool mist of the perfume hit the top of each shoulder and his neck. It was very powerful but pleasant scent. He would have rather like it if it had been on a woman he was with, but it wasn't. He was wearing it himself. His eyes lowered realizing he was being watched closely. Then his head lowered and he stared at the floor. With all that had been done to him, why was he feeling so much shame wearing a little perfume? Maybe it was a culmination and a sudden awareness that comes on spontaneously at times.

Martin realized he couldn't see his feet. The corset had him so erect in posture, and his padded D-cup bust line protruded in such a way that it made it to where he couldn't see passed his chest.

The sexist jokes he had made trivializing women's breast in the past when he was out with the guys, "I wonder who paints that girls toenails for her? She obviously hasn't even seen her feet since she was in junior high school," suddenly weren't very funny when it applied to him.

He was feeling so emotionally vulnerable right now. Feeling sorry for himself again. Embarrassed to be publicly thrust into this new identity in life. He had experienced so many mood swings that ranged from rage and anger, to helpless and even hopeless at times since arriving, and he was suddenly in a low place once again.

"MRS. VARGOS!" Leanne said sharply, snapping Martin out of his momentary state of self pity.

"Let's go. It's time." Leanne said taking his arm and stepping toward the door. Martin followed her taking small strides stepping along heel toe as he had been instructed by Lisa.

Martin had a beautiful figure now even it was artificially designed. His small waist and large breast were accented by the appearance now of broader hips. A lot of the hips appearance was due to the tightness of the waist. Since Martin was to be seated for his portrait it had been decided that padding his hips and butt for the painting would not be required.

A couple of the cleaning staff in their new french maid uniforms stepped aside and lowered their eyes as Martin was led down the hall. The new maid uniforms were part of Martin's new power he had as mistress of the house. He demanded higher heels and fishnet stockings on all the domestic uniforms. Shorter skirts and only the mangers could wear black. The rest of the staff wore pink.

It was his way of trying to cause some humiliation for those that just watched what was happening with him and did nothing. It really didn't work though as all the domestics would dress in the uniforms after arriving to the estate anyway. The heels made it more difficult, as these type shoes were never meant to be worked in, but it was seen as a silly addition to what the help saw as a silly uniform anyway.

Martin had even tried to require the men on staff to have to wear maids uniforms also, even had the uniforms ordered and delivered to the manor, but he found that was something that was beyond his ability to enforce, at least for now.

Martin was taken to the large, Grand Foyer, in the front of the house. An easel was set up on one side of the room, and a man was setting up art supplies preparing to get started. An ornate writing table was set up near the corner. This is where Martin would be seated and then posed for his portrait.

Martin looked around the foyer at the paintings that already hung there. They had been rearranged since he had last seen them.

There were the two paintings of the Baron's parents that hung sided by side. Constance had a firm arrogant look about her. No smile at all. The Baron's father seemed much more pleasant as a friendly Mona Lisa type smile graced his face.

The painting of the Baron was much larger and was on the opposite wall. He looked confident, standing in his library, one hand on an old world globe, looking very powerful in his three piece suit. Martin noticed there was a large vacant span on the wall next to the Baron's painting. That large space would soon be filled with his own feminized image. It was obviously reserved for him and he knew it.

"Over here please Lady Vargos," Leanne said escorting Martin to the area he would be sitting. Martin was led to the writing table with rather small but extravagant cushioned chair.

"Please have a seat," Leanne said as she assisted him with the skirt of his dress as he sat down.

Martin noticed the large woman that was part of the security as well as another man were standing quietly against the front doors. There were two domestics in the room that were there to assist if something was needed from another room or an errand. They both smiled at the governess of the house as he was seated.

The painter approached Martin.

"Lady Vargos, my name is Rinaldo. It is such an honor to be asked to do your family portrait sir. We have a lovely pose arranged for you and I'm sure you will be most happy with the results."

Sir? Martin's inner being cringed each time a person did this to him, but this is how it was to be, The way it was suppose to be. No matter what Martin thought of it, he was to be known publicly simply as a man, who crossdresses in women's clothes and is married to a wealthy man in a gay, same sex marriage. 'Lady Vargos' and 'wife' were just titles and terms that were to refer to his status, and not his perceived gender.

The woman who was assisting Rinaldo was named Patricia. She was in her mid thirties and very attractive, dressed in a nice black cocktail dress and matching pumps for the session. She wheeled a heavy metal stand over behind Martin. Martin noticed her from the corner of her eye as Rinaldo went on about the meanings of this pose and the energy it would give off.

As he finished Patricia stood in front of Martin. She smiled as she looked over his appearance and began forming the pose in her head that would fit what she was looking at best. She did have a few request from the Baron and Rinaldo for certain things, and she knew the best way to get those things in a painting.

"Well sir. Are you ready to get started?" she asked giving him a firm but confident smile.

"Does it matter what I say?" Martin said in his male voice not looking at her.

"Sir you would please a turn a little more sideways to the table here," she said helping him turn slightly. "That's it. Now place your right arm on the table her with your hand flat on top of this sheet of stationery for now," Patricia said gently helping place his arm and then patting his hand.

She stood back and looked at him.

"Now sir. if you would please cross your legs. Right over the left if you don't mind." Martin crossed his legs at the knees while Patricia arranged the slit in his skirt to reveal his bare leg from mid thigh down to his toes.

"Very nice." She adjusted his foot on the floor so it was back under the chair slightly. His right foot hung in mid air, his toenails on both feet now easily visible in his open toed jeweled slides.

Brittany had painted Martin's toenails two different colors today. As much to match his dress as it was a fashion statement. His big toe on his right foot was painted a rich deep sapphire blue. Brittany had taken the time to lengthen his toenails, and his big toes were shaped more like fingernails now, being a little longer than normally seen in public. The other color was a deep emerald green. His toes alternated the two colors with his left foot being the opposite with the emerald green beginning on his big toe. All his other toenails were lengthened to just beyond the toes and squared off. Very pretty, very uniform and very erotic. As promised Lisa had Jezzelelled his toes with rings.

Patricia was very professional, and though it was a very unusual look, she said nothing, nor did she react as she continued to pose Martin.

"Now place your left hand here on your knee." She placed it so his fingers were spread and his beautiful red nails were displayed against the smooth skin of his legs.

She turned his shoulders slightly so they faced slightly toward the easel. Moving his arm back just a little so the full contours of Martin's waist and breast could be seen, she the stepped back and looked at him again.

"Oh sir, you're going to be very happy with this painting," she said as she approached him again to finish the pose.

She now handed Martin a large white feather quill. Placing it in his right hand, she instructed him to hold it between his thumb and two fingers. He was to hold the other two finger up as if proper etiquette required it.

"Now sir, all we have to do is the head." She moved Martin's head now so he faced directly at the painter. She tilted his head back just slightly.

"Hold it right there," she said walking behind him. He heard her moving the stand up next to the chair. He felt a padded cushion touch the back of his neck right below the hairline.

"What are you doing?" Martin asked looking about with his eyes.

"It's OK sir. Just hold still. Two small metal arms were fitted under his chin from behind him to help hold his head in place.

"Is that comfortable enough?" she asked sincerely.

"Yeah, It's great." Martin just looked at her.

She had a stand that had a red ball on top of it. She told Martin to stare at the ball and she moved the stand about till she got the eye position she was looking for. Martin was looking up slightly as if reflecting upon something or pondering a thought.

"Lady Vargos, please give me a nice gentle smile."

Martin looked at her.

"Sir, please remain focused on the ball. Now a nice smile please." she said again.

Everybody was staring at Martin waiting for him to smile. He gave a little bit of a Mona Lisa smirk.

"A little more please. Part your lips just slightly," Patricia instructed him.

Martin gave the smile now as Patricia stood in front of him making sure all was in place.

"Very nice Lady Vargos. Now I will need you to hold this pose while we do photos for reposing later."

As Patricia prepared to shoot the photos she described to Martin the feeling of the scene.

"Lady Vargos, you are in your study preparing to write a letter or maybe a poem. You are in deep thought of pleasant times. Your husband is away and you are preparing to write him a love letter to express your love for him and how much you miss his embrace and presence in your life. You long for his return."

"WHAT!" Martin blurted out.

"That's the title of this piece Lady Vargos. "Precious Memories." Thought you would like to know so you could add some feeling to it."

Martin's eyes welled up while everyone else in the room watched with a grin on their face.

"Did they all know about this before I was brought in here?" he wondered, or were they just hearing it too. Regardless, they were finding humor in this horror he was living.

"Patricia please make sure you get a close up of the necklace and earrings. It is an important detail," Rinaldo said interrupting the thoughts of Martin.

Then unexpectedly the Baron's mother entered the room. She was holding a drink in her hand and had apparently had a few more. She looked about the and everyone stood quietly not knowing what to do.

Constance then focused her intentions on Martin and slowly walked his way looking over the pose he was set in.

"So," she said with a long pause. "This is it. The new portrait for my new son-in-law," she said taking another sip.

"You do all realize that this is a man," she said now looking around the room at everybody. "Yep.......my son married a man," she said seeming bewildered by the thought. "Hey, but at least he dresses him like a girl. I guess it could be worse, huh? But I'm not sure how."

She walked over to Martin and bent over close to his face.

"Are you happy now? Lady...........Vargos........HA!" she scoffed at the title. "Should be more like Madame Pervert."

She stepped back and looked at him again. "You have got to be kidding," she said looking now at his toes. "Are you suppose to be a princess or a bimbo? I'm sort of confused precious." she said in a soft tone.

"I'm being forc......."

"SLAP!" Martin as well as everyone else in the room was stunned when Constance slapped Martin hard on the face.

"When I want to hear what you think you cock sucking deviant," she hissed taking a sip of her drink, "I'll ask somebody else."

"Mother! That will be enough. Leave now." It was the Baron. He had been summoned when Constance had entered the room.

"This is not the end of this young man," she scolded Martin as she left the foyer. "Hello Anthony," she said as she walked passed the Baron.

"I'm sorry everyone. I think that will be enough for today. I will make sure nothing like this happens again," he said walking to Martin.

"You OK darling," he asked with a concerned look.

"No Baron, I'm still dressed like a woman and I'm apparently still your wife. Why would I be OK?" Martin said taking the Baron's offered hand and standing.

"Please have Marcia changed into something more comfortable. She has had enough for one day." The Baron said to Leanne.

"Yes Baron. Right away sir."

"We shall pick this up again Rinaldo. How's tomorrow morning sound," the Baron asked Rinaldo.

"No problem sir."

Martin was escorted from the room by Leanne. With all that had just happened to him, Martin's mind was mostly focused on the fact that he would soon be released from the crushing confines of the corset. Which he looked forward to and found strangely comforting.

Thank you!

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