tagBDSMThe Life Change - Kim's Story

The Life Change - Kim's Story


Kim cursed her short stature yet again, as she leant over the cooktop to get the pot bubbling the rear burner. Her face flushed a deep red, as metal clicked against the benchtop. Looking over the counter to the left, it didn't seem like either of her housemates had heard the noise.

Thank God, she thought to herself.

She pulled the pot into the cold front burner and sighed, partly in relief, partly in frustration.

She hated the chastity belt her boyfriend had made her wear. She would absolutely die if her two best friends, Hayley and Naomi, ever found out she was wearing it. And most of all, she hated how wet she got when she remembered putting it on.

"Food is ready," she called as she dished the soup out into bowls.

Both women broke off their conversation and headed over to the counter to collect their food.

"Smells great." Naomi smiled. "I love it when you cook!"

"MMM." was all Hayley said, picking up her bowl.

"I hope you like it." Kim blushed a little, still not comfortable with the compliments.

"Uhh...I'm gonna go eat mine in my room," Naomi blushed a little. "I'm...behind on my studying."

"Too much time spent at Brian's lately." Hayley teased, with a slight edge in her voice.

"OOOh," Kim joined in the teasing. "Are you two back on?"

Naomi looked down at the floor, and mumbled.


Then she fled up the stairs to her bedroom.

Kim looked over at Hayley.

"Something I said?" She asked, feeling terrible.

"It's not your fault," Hayley replied. "I heard the other day that Brian is still with his new girlfriend. I'm not sure what she thinks is going on, but I don't think she's going to get him back."

Both women carried the bowls over to the table and sat. Kim froze as her belt clicked again, but Hayley was engrossed in her soup.

"You remember I have the house tonight?" Kim asked, as she ate her soup. Whatever else she might have thought, it WAS tasty.

Hayley nodded.

"Yeah, I've got plans. I'll be out of your hair in an hour."

She smirked over her soup.

"Sean coming over?"

Kim blushed but smiled.

"Yup, our standard monthly romantic date."

Hayley smiled.

"It's been what, three months now? He's over here a lot."

"It's going well" she said, and felt her pussy pulse a little in its metal prison, remembering the last time she'd seen her boyfriend. He'd made her suck him off about three times, and once the next day, leaving him fully satisfied and her completely frustrated.

That is the point of a chastity belt she thought as she finished her soup.

Hayley picked up the empty bowls and moved into the kitchen and put them in the sink.

"Just let me get my wallet and I'll get going. Can you remind Naomi?"

"Sure." Kim skipped up the steps and then turned left down the small landing. Naomi's room was on the end.

"Naomi," She knocked gently. "I have the house tonight, remember."

There was a flurry in the room, and then Naomi opened door, wearing her silky summer robe and wiping her chin.

"Oh yes, just let me get changed and I'll get out of your hair." She smiled weakly.

"Great soup, by the way."

"Ok," Kim said, looking her over. "I thought you were studying?"

"Study break." Naomi said, blushing, and then closed the door.

Ten minutes later, both Hayley and Naomi had been pushed out the door, and Kim could prepare for her date.

First, she ran upstairs and gave herself a careful enema. Then, she lubed up and pushed the plug into her ass, her fingers bumping the bottom of the metal plate.

Ablutions completed, and naked, but for her belt, she headed downstairs, setting out two wine glasses, and the chiller bucket, complete with wine and ice.

She looked over at the clock, which read 6:58 pm and panicked. Only two minutes left and she still had to get food on. Desperately, she turned the oven on, and then slide the pastry fancies she's prepared earlier in, as the doorbell rang.

"Coming, I'm coming." she yelled as the bell rang again. She dropped into a slide on her knees, popping the door open as she put her hands behind her back and her eyes down.

"I certainly hope that's not true." Sean smirked as he stepped inside. He was of middling height, probably about five-ten, with dark wavy hair to his collar. Small lines of well-trimmed facial hair traced the lines of his jaw, from the cropped goatee on his chin to his hairline. He was dressed in a black fabric vest, creamy white shirt, dark jeans, and leather loafers, a nice blend of casual and formal.

"Has she failed already?" A dark, smoky voice asked, and then Sharon stepped inside, closing the door behind her. Shorter than Sean, at five-seven, but still taller than Kim's five-five. Dark hair cascaded down under over one shoulder, covering the shoulder strap of a red dress that displayed her DD chest to its best advantage.

"I'm not sure." Sean said, directing his dark gaze to the kneeling girl. Kim's knees were parted, revealing the shiny metal between her legs. The small wavy slit that allowed her to pee, usually hidden, was on full display. The metal reflected the light because Kim spent half an hour, after her daily shower polishing it. Her b-cup breasts were bare, her dollar sized nipples hard as rocks. She had her eyes cast down, looking at Sharon's four inch heels and Sean's scuffed loafers, and her dark hair fell down in a curtain on each side of her face, blocking her peripheral vision.

"Did you cum, bitch?" He asked, voice joking. Sharon's steely gaze sharpened as they both regarded her. Kim felt his voice deep down in the pit of her stomach, something tightening as her cunt pulsed in the belt again.

"No Sir, the bitch did not cum, Sir." She replied, gaze still on the floor.

"Then why did you say you were?" Sharon asked, sharply, and her annoyed tone sent another pulse through Kim's belly.

"Miss, the bitch didn't mean she was cumming. She meant she was coming to open the door."

Sharon looked at Sean. He looked back at her, with a vicious grin.

"Speak clearer, bitch" Sharon spat at her. "We don't want to have to worry about your stupidity tonight. Am I clear?"

"Yes Miss." Kim bent forward, and gently kissed the toes of Sharon's heels, then turned to Sean and kissed his loafers.

"Welcome, Sir and Miss." she said, voice soft and eyes down.

"Shall we?" Sean offered his arm to Sharon, who took it with a smile.

They walked into the living room, past the kneeling girl, and sat. Kim pushed herself to her feet and walked in after them.

"Would you care for a drink, Sir and Miss?" she asked, lifting the wine from the chiller bucket with a slight slosh.

Sharon nodded for them both, and Kim opened the expensive bottle of wine and poured two glasses. Her mouth watered slightly, as the scent of the wine hit her. She'd been saving this bottle for a year now, and she knew that Sean wouldn't allow her to have any tonight. Last time, both he and Sharon had felt that alcohol had adversely affected her performance. In Sharon's words, when she could 'hold her liquor' she could drink with them again.

Sean sipped the wine, and then smiled.

"Well done, bitch. I like this one."

Kim felt a wellspring of joy burst in her stomach when Sean complimented the wine, but then it sank down like a cold ball as Sharon spoke.

"I don't see why you are complimenting her." She said, coldly. "It's not like the bitch did more than put it on ice."

Sean sipped it again, and smiled.

"Good point." he agreed.

Kim flushed as Sean so easily agreed with Sharon. He was her boyfriend after all, Sharon was just a-a blow in!

She opened her mouth to put the slut in her place but Sharon clicked her fingers sharply.

"Bitch, rub my feet." She ordered

And just like that, Kim's carefully constructed defiance shattered like glass under a rock.

"Yes Miss." she said, submissively, as Sharon pushed a foot in her direction.

She carefully eased the shoe off, kissed it reverently as she had been taught, then placed it down carefully. She lifted Sharon's foot, then groaned a little as it was pushed against her face. The rank smell of sweat filled her nostrils, as Sharon rubbed her foot onto Kim's face.

"You like that, bitch?" She asked, smirking. As her leg moved, Kim got flashing glimpses of her green panties. As Sharon and Sean laughed, Kim choked out her answer.

"Yes, Miss."

Sharon got bored of tormenting Kim a few minutes later, and she and Sean got to kissing. As they got hot and heavy, Sean looked down at her.

"Lick our feet, bitch." He ordered.

"Yes Sir." she replied, and started to lave Sharon's bare foot with her tongue.

"It tickles." Sharon giggled to Sean. He smiled and slid his hand onto her ass as they kissed.

Ten minutes later, the oven timer dinged, and Kim looked up from Sean's loafers.

"Sir, Miss, may the bitch please go and fetch the food?" She asked.

They both laughed together.

"After your last effort, bitch, we decided not to eat any more of your cooking,"

Sean said, dismissively.

"Oh" Kim felt like she'd been punched in stomach again, but her pussy spasmed against the metal of her belt again. She'd spent about seventy dollars and three hours preparing the food for tonight, and now, it would just go to waste. But even as the shame and self-disgust flooded her, pleasure spread up from her belly.

"Let's move onto the main event, shall we?" Sean stood up, and then offered his hand to Sharon. She accepted with a smile, and he drew her slowly to her feet, and led her to the stairs.

"Come along, Bitch" Sharon ordered as they mounted the stairs. Kim dashed into the kitchen to turn off the oven, before she followed.

Moments later, they were in Kim's room. Sean and Sharon looked down at her immaculately made up bed.

"I hope you changed the sheet today, Bitch?" He asked.

"Yes Sir," Kim said, demurely. "I stripped it out and put on clean ones, just like you like."

"I hope you liked the present we left you," Sharon smirked.

"Yes Miss," Kim said, quietly. "I didn't change the sheets since your last visit."

Sean looked over at her.

"I suppose it's time to take the belt off." He smirked. "Do you think you've learned your lesson yet?"

"Yes Sir." Kim nodded vigorously, managing to get her little tits to jiggle as well.

"The Bitch knows she's only allowed to cum when you or Miss allow it. She's very sorry that she failed, Sir."

When she'd suggested this to Sean, not long after they had gotten together, he'd been initially reluctant, but after he'd met Sharon, things had just fallen together. The first time, they'd all been together, she'd been ordered to masturbate, but not allowed to cum. But the situation had gotten the best of her, and she'd climaxed. After that, Sean had locked her into the belt, and they'd agreed to release her once a month, on 'Date night'.

Sean looked at her for a moment longer, before Sharon redirected his gaze back to her with a fingertip under his jaw. They kissed deeply, passionately, before Sean looked over at her again.

"I think, Hayley, this time" He said, with a smirk.

"Yes Sir." Kim replied, downcast. She'd been hoping that he would forget that. With a sigh, she crawled into Hayley's room, and dug a pair of her panties out of her hamper. It wasn't this part she hated so much, as trying unobtrusively slip the clean panties back into Hayley's washing. Still, she took the underwear in her mouth, and crawled back to her room, dipping low so her nipples grazed the carpet.

The couple broke off their kissing as she re-entered.

Sean clicked his fingers.

"Here, Bitch."

When she reached him, he bent down and inserted a key into her belt, unlocking it. Kim breathed a sigh of relief as the weight fell away from her hips for the first time in a month.

"Oh, the Bitch thanks you, Sir." she said, in heartfelt gratitude.

"Did she soak the inside of it again?" Sharon asked, dismissively.

"Of course," Sean smirked. "You can smell it from here."

Sean walked over to Sharon, and slowly slipped her dresses shoulder straps down. She smiled at him, and tugged her dress down, her DD's bouncing free. Moments later, the red dress lay on the floor, and Sharon stood there in just her green panties.

With a wicked smile, she stripped Sean's vest and shirt off, and planted a line of kisses on his bare chest. He smiled and reciprocated, suckling on both of her nipples, and squeezing her big tits.

Kim made an involuntary moan as she knelt, watching, Hayley's dirty panties still dangling from her mouth. As Sharon unbuckled his belt, he looked over at Kim, and smiled. It was their special smile, the one that let her know that all the abuse, all the humiliation, all the denial, was only because she'd asked for it. She felt a warm glow start in her belly again, and her cunt leaked even more.

Clad only in their underwear, the couple lay on the bed, kissing and stroking each other.

"Bitch, remove my panties!" Sharon ordered, before she leant in and nuzzled Sean's neck. Dropping Hayley's underwear, Kim crawled to the bed and then eased Sharon's panties down her legs.

"Now mine." Sean ordered, before leaning down to suck on one of Sharon's tits. Kim reached over and slowly removed his boxers as well. Without hesitation, Sharon leaned down and took his hard shaft in her hand, starting to stroke it.

"Ooh...are you ready for me?" She purred. "Or shall we have the Bitch prepare you?"

"What do you think?" Sean smiled, and Sharon beckoned her over.

"Get to work, Bitch." She ordered, and Kim took her boyfriend in her mouth, slowly sucking him till she felt him rock hard in her mouth.

Before she could fully disengage, Sean had a handful of her hair, and moved her over to Sharon's crotch, pushing her face in. Without waiting for the order, she began to lick, tasting the salty-sweet flavor of Sharon's juices. After five minutes of licking, and Sharon's accompanying moans, she lifted her head.

"Sir, Miss is ready for you," she said, softly.

Sean smirked, and pushed her out of the way, as Sharon pulled him down onto herself.

"You know what to do, Bitch," He said, as he gently slid into Sharon's open wet hole.

Ashamed, Kim crawled back to her corner, picking up Hayley's panties, sniffing and licking them as her hand went into her pussy...gently stroking her lips, but avoiding her clit. On the bed, she heard Sharon's moan increase in tempo, as Sean slid in and out of her wet pussy,hammering her. As she watched, the shame grew inside her again, and she could feel the answering pulse in her cunt. Sean was her boyfriend, but they'd only had sex once. Oh, he visited three or four nights a week, but she either blew him, or he used her ass. The pleasure that Sharon was experiencing now was denied her, and really humiliating part was that she had requested it. Begged for it, on her knees. And she was so aroused, but it was so hard, when her cunt was so wet, and empty, and she just wanted to feel something, anything, deep inside her.

"Fuck ...me!" Sharon panted, sweat glistening on her bouncing tits. "Fuck me...hard!"

Sean moaned, pumping his hips hard, as he complied, filling her, stretching her until finally, he blew his load inside her.

After a few last thrusts, they broke apart, collapsing onto the bed in post orgasmic bliss.

"Slut, clean up." Sean gasped out, and Kim immediately dropped the panties and crawled over to the bed, and took him into her mouth again, tasting their mingled juices on his flesh. After a few moments, she felt his cock stir again, and he gave her head a gentle slap, an order to move onto Sharon.

Legs parted, Sharon's shaved cunt was liberally spattered with cum, glistening little pools, mixed with her cunt juices. Kim dived in, licking her thighs and lips clean, before scooping her tongue inside to try and get as much out as possible.

After five, deeply humiliating minutes, Kim pulled back and, keeping her eyes on Sharon's neatly trimmed slit, said quietly.

"Your cunt is clean, Miss."

Sean's voice cut her like a knife.

"Do you trust the little slut's judgement?"

"Of course not" Came the laughing reply, as Kim's face burned with humiliation.

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by Anonymous

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by justincbenedict05/09/18

Just glorious writing

Best part of this is, Kim sets it all up herself, introduces Sharon to her boyfriend and invites them to debase her. It's powerful and I cannot believe you are not writing for money...

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by Anonymous10/22/17

Well done

Great story playing on the humiliation desire of many cuckqueans. Agree with the others that it needs another chapter (or 3) detailing the path to get here. Then show what the next few steps look like.more...

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by jmkuehn09/05/17


Overall I liked it. I agree it could have used more foundation and a less abrupt ending. However you should continue with this story line. I don't know if you had planned this to be a multi part storymore...

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by Anonymous09/04/17

You dropped us in the middle of this without enough build up to support it. The ending was too abrupt.
They've only been 'dating' for a few months and this is where they are at? How did Sharon becomemore...

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