tagRomanceThe Lifeguard Ch. 02

The Lifeguard Ch. 02


The next night I called Bryan, Mark and Candis to go to a club, Mark and Candis found it was too boring there, so they went away. I started to talk to Bryan about Shane. "Hey Bryan, don't lie to me OK?"

"Yep! OK!" Bryan answered.

Somehow Bryan and me become had best friends. "Do you know Shane going out with some other girls?" I asked him, feeling a bit drunk.

"NO! Of course. He is going out with you!" Bryan said surprised.

"But I feel like he didn't put much effort into it." I said sadly.

"NO!... Let me tell you a secret, remember we have been touring England? He told me every day that he was missing you very much! Trust me!" Bryan firmly answered.

I felt comforted when I heard this, and drank more and more, until I was quite drunk. Bryan then called Shane to pick me up.

Shane took me to his house and I could definitely hear Shane say, "Why did you drink so much? Don't you know I worry about you?"

And I thought Bryan must have told him something, he continued ", I really love you, can you hear me?"

I was having a bad headache and I was too tired to answer, then I fall asleep. When I woke up I saw Shane sitting next to my bed, asleep. I watched him sleeping and I though how he was so good looking, and his face was soooo sweet! After a while, Shane awoke, and I told him to sleep on the bed and continue to sleep, I thought he mustn't have had enough sleep.

While I was watching him sleep, I said "Shane do you know I'm really very much in love with you..."

Then as I turned to go into the kitchen, to cook some breakfast and some tea, I felt Shane's arm around my waist and him saying to me "I'm very much in love with you too!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Time passed so quickly, eight months had already gone by, my exams were coming and I still hadn't started any studying, so I called my cousin Emily for help.

"I can't concentrate on my study, What can I do?" I asked.

"Maybe you should tell him you have to prepare the exam and stop seeing him, you know this is the last year in the university, you can't give up all the effort that you have been put into past few years, you know."

" I know, but I really love him..." I puzzled.

"It's just only 2 months, after the exam you can see him again!" At night I was thinking about what Emily had said, maybe she was right, and I must talk to Shane tomorrow!

"I've got something to tell you..." Shane said.

"I've got something to tell you too..." I couldn't look up to him or else I would cry.

"I've got a world tour...and it takes 2 months..." Shane said sadly. I was so glad that Shane spoke first! And he continued, "I've got a present for you," Shane passed it to me, it's a small box, and I open it, it's a diamond ring! "I'll help you to put it on." He smiled.

I gave him my silver necklace and said, "This is the best neck chain I've ever had, when you wear it just like you can see me, and ....."

I couldn't speak anymore, and a tear fell from my eye. Shane quickly came over and hugged me "Don't cry babe, I won't be gone for long...and this is a good time for you to prepare for the exam."

He kissed me and held me tightly so that I couldn't see his tearful eyes...... At the airport, I tried to pretend nothing had happened, trying not to upset Shane. I fought a battle with my tears, but I failed. "Shane I love you so much!" I cried.

"I love you too!"

He hugged me and gave me a farewell kiss. "Remember to wear my ring, when you wear it you will think of me..." Shane whispered.

"Don't go Shane," I cried badly. "I promise I'll call you everyday, OK?"

Shane was trying to comfort me. Mark was giving Candis a farewell kiss and saying goodbye. I gave my last hug to Shane and a soft hug for other lads.

I whispered to Bryan "Promise me to look after Shane OK?"

"I promise." Bryan said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and wished them good luck.

"Goodbye," I mouthed to Shane.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Those 2 months were the hardest months in my life, I promised myself to study hard for Shane. Shane called me everyday, telling me he loved me, sometimes when I missed him too much, I cried really hard in my bed while I was talking to him. And for Candis , she was pretty upset too, she went to school with me everyday and was always telling me how much she missed Mark , all I have to do is to comfort her to concentrate onto the studying.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today Westlife will come home as well as I'll receive my report. My results are pretty good and now it's 8:30 a.m., I must hurry to the airport cos they arrive at 9:30 a.m.. I arrive at the airport just in time and Candis arrives right after me. I could see a lot of fans there, holding their posters and banners, singing to welcome Westlife. I nervously stand in the crowd, then suddenly I see Nicky and Kian come out, then Shane, Mark and Bryan. The girls shout so loudly and run toward them, asking for autographs and photos. I wait soooo impatiently and finally all the fans have all gone, I quickly run toward Shane, hugging him and saying "I miss you soooo much, Shane! Welcome back!"

"Yeah! Me too!" Shane said happily.

After we hug long enough, Shane suddenly kneels down and takes out a ring, saying, "Will you marry me?"

I'm overjoyed, I'm crying with happiness and answer "Yes...Yes...Shane...Yes!"

Shane then put the ring on my engagement finger, everybody comes and congratulates us, especially Bryan, in a way he had helped us a lot. That night we spent most of the time chatting, talking about how much we missed each other.

While the music played "Well for me is waking up beside you. To watch the sunrise on your face. To know that I can say I love you in any given time or place..."

Shane moved closer to me, we started kissing, then we moved to the bed and......... In the morning, I found Shane's arm around me and he was sleeping so deeply like a child, I think today is my happiest day of me life!

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