The Lift


The door to my hotel bedroom closed with a satisfying click, and dropping the key into my jacket pocket, I sauntered down the lushly carpeted corridor towards the lift.

Up to the fifth floor, I always tried to use the stairs, trying to retain what fitness I still had at thirty-nine, but there on the eighth floor, that was just too much, even for me.

My face broke into a smile as I heard the lift 'ding', one of those rare occasions when the lift and I arrived at the same place at the same moment. Perhaps this was going to be my night. Perhaps having shed my dog collar for the evening I would be able to relax, be just a normal person, and enjoy the evening without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Then the door to the lift slid open, and the smile on my face surely must have widened, as there, stepping out of the brightly lit box was a beautiful dark haired young lady. At least I realized later quite how beautiful she was, but the thing that struck me immediately was that she was naked, quite as naked as Eve would have been on that fateful day. Confrontation with naked young ladies is not something that happens too frequently in my chosen calling, so not noticing quite how beautiful she was at first, could be perhaps forgiven.

She wasn't even actually completely naked, but a pair of dangly earrings, a bracelet, and a pair of black high heels hardly conspire to make naked an inappropriate description. If it did, then the fact that her pubic hair was completely shaven, leaving her delicate pink flower like lips clearly protruding from between the top of her legs would in my book have made up for it. No... She was naked all right, five foot six of slender naked womanhood, her rounded full breasts jutting out from her slim frame as if Our Lord himself had taken special individual care with their design and construction.

"Oh Shit," the nude girl exclaimed seeing me stood there. "Might of known I'd never get away with it twice in one night."

I chose to ignore her profanity, it not being against the Good Lord himself, and opened my mouth to enquire why she was unclad so, in such a public place.

"Why ar....." is as far as I got.

She held her finger up to her lips, and said "Shhhhh! Don't say anything. You'll spoil it."

I was at a lost, and just stared at her, which in fact was not at all unpleasant as it turned out.

"But why a...." Bought only another "Shhhhh! Please be quiet."

Then she took me by the hand, and started to lead me back down the corridor, from whence I had just ventured.

"Which is your room?" She demanded. "Don't say anything, just point."

We came to halt outside my room, and I couldn't help noticing how her breasts quivered when she turned. By Golly she was an attractive young lady, all sort of silky smooth skin, with the healthy glow of youth, long slim legs and... and ... Well the equal of any of those lovely ladies in Playboy Magazine. Or at least how I imagine girls would look in Playboy Magazine as I'd never actually looked myself of course.

"Key!" She said abruptly.

"What do..."

"Shut up," she interrupted. "Sorry, don't wish to be rude, but you mustn't say anything. Just give me the key."

I complied in full with the nude young girl's wishes, handing over the key without saying a word. Thirty seconds later she was dragging me inside the room, my room, and you can imagine how reluctant I was to follow her.

I wasn't at all sure what the Bishop would make of all this, and doubted whether it was covered within the diocese rules.

"Right Mister," the girl said facing me, her lovely pert breasts bouncing around in front of my eyes, and too close to me for comfort. "Say nothing, keep quiet, and make the most of your good luck."

"Now look here..." was again as far as I got, as she reached up, threw her arms round my neck and pulled me down to her, her lips searching mine, and shutting off my comment in the most novel and pleasant way. I particularly liked the way she stuck her tongue out between my lips, and coiled it around mine. I thought that an especially good trick, and really rather enjoyable. I tried the same thing back, and soon got the hang of it. At least she didn't object to my efforts.

Then I suddenly realized that I had put my arms around her, and that my hands were around her waist, her bare waist. The feel of her skin was electrifyingly wonderful, perhaps too wonderful, and that could hint at some sort of sin. So I moved them at once. Only to find that the feel of her bottom was quite the equal of my earlier experience, and indeed even more so.

It was when the girl removed my jacket and then started to unbutton my shirt, that I had my first doubts as to the propriety of my situation, but then she pushed her naked breasts up against my bare chest and I have to say that anything that felt that good, must have been conceived in heaven. And the feel of her hard nipples rubbing against my skin must have been thought up by one of the angels. I relaxed a little after that. Well perhaps relaxed is not actually the appropriate term. I suppose I got a bit carried away. I've been carried away sometimes when singing hymns or reading the psalms, but it wasn't like that at all. It was a bit more... Well a bit sort of ....Kind of .... Well it was really jolly nice I have to confess.

"Now hang on."

I cleverly caught her unawares, and managed to get a full sentence out, before she stuck her tongue down my throat again to shut me up. And it didn't stop her undoing my trousers either, or from pushing them down to my ankles.

"Now I'm going to trust you to keep quiet. Can I trust you?"

I responded with a nod of my head.

She slid her gorgeous naked body down mine, and ended up knelt in front of me. I started to kneel down myself to join her in prayer, but she stopped me. I must have misinterpreted her intentions. Then I experienced the most exquisite sensation, something quite outside of my previous experience, as she slid my underpants down. My eh... My... Well my thing. I call him my John Thomas normally but it is time to be bold and forthright, so lets call a Willy a Willy! Well anyway, my Willy leapt up to attention and I think it whacked her under the chin.

"Sorry," I proffered.

"Shhhh!" she responded; " It's OK, keep quiet."

I had no idea that having a young lady lick your Willy could feel quite so good.

She stood up, which was at first a little disappointing, and propelled me over towards the bed. There she lay down, and to my surprise she opened her legs quite wide. She was obviously a young lady of some breeding, and had the correct accent and all, and had no doubt gone to a good school, so this 'opening wide of the legs thing' got me a little confused. I'd always understood that 'nice' young ladies didn't do that. But this evening was proving most educational, so I decided to go along with it for the time being.

Now I've heard of the 'laying on of hands', and I'm led to believe it is fully condoned in some congregations, though completely outside of my personal experience. However when she placed my hand down between her legs, on the shaven mound that lay there, I certainly saw the light. Damn it ___ Ooops sorry, didn't mean to say that ______ I not only saw the light, but it illuminated me. And when my finger slid into the soft wetness of her warm furrow beneath it, then I felt the heat of the light warming me, burning into my very soul.

This had to be good. This had to be OK.

I worked my finger rapidly up and down her torrid slit, and I could recognize the work of the almighty, as she writhed and shuddered and screamed out loud, as my frenzied actions chased the demons out of her body. Seldom have I witnessed such a wonderful and successful, utter cleansing of the spirit.

There was obviously one huge demon, the one who held on till the end. When I at last managed to expel him, twirling some little bud like thing, at the top of her furrow, where he must have been residing, then she screamed even louder, shaking violently, and arching her back off the bed to aid me in my quest. Her eyes bulged, and her mouth opened wide, as she wailed her release. "Oh my God!" She screamed. "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

It pleased me so, to hear a true believer thanking her maker for being saved like that.

She lay there panting for some moments. I'd heard that lifting of the spirits could get you that way.

Then she looked at me and smiled, the most wonderful uplifting smile that you could possibly imagine. It did me the power of good.

I'm not too sure what the next bit was about. I've studied the scriptures since and I'm still a bit puzzled, as it seemed to be more about 'begetting' and things, which since I hardly knew the girl couldn't have been appropriate.

Anyway, she repositioned herself, warned me to keep quiet again, and pulled me down on top of her. I have to admit it felt rather nice, and I forgot my ecclesiastical fervor for a while, and then when she guided my John Thomas... sorry Willy, down into her warm slit, then I forgot just about everything except how fantastic it felt.

Jeeeeeeeeesus! It felt great.

Oh shit, now look what I've said.

Oh bugger it, now I've done it.

Oh bloody hell it let's be honest, fucking her pussy was just about the most wonderful experience in all creation.

As I felt my cock slide into her warmth, felt the grip of her vagina as it contracted around it, drawing it in, till I couldn't have stopped if the Bishop himself had commanded it. Working it slowly in and out, the strokes longer, and then faster, till at last I lost all control and in a flurry of wonderful activity, I let loose my episcable sperm into her.

We collapsed in one another's arms, and lay there for some time, gathering our strength.

Indeed the Lord works in mysterious ways.

The young woman eventually extricated herself, and stood up, looking down at me with a very pleased grin on her face.

"What's this?" She cried, lifting up my official shirt with my dog collar on, but I remembered to keep quiet.

"You're ____ You're really a ____ Christ almighty what have I done?"

It pleased me that she sought out the Lord to help her conflict, whatever it was.

"Well, I can't go back to the third floor totally in the nude," she muttered. Then she unbuttoned the dog collar and put it round her own neck.

"Does it suit me?" she demanded, striking a pose reminiscant of Venus.

To be honest, she was so beautiful, and so naked, that anything more than my dog collar would have been out of place. It was far too big for her, and the bottom of it scraped across the top of her breasts, but it didn't cover them, and didn't spoil my view at all. I was just so pleased that she chose to adorn herself with that symbol of the church, and I'm sure she gained enlightenment from it.

"Bye," she called out, and blew me a kiss as she walked out through the door, her naked bottom swaying delightfully as she disappeared into the corridor. "See you tomorrow 'Vic'. I guess you're here for my wedding ceremony, aren't you?"

I nodded, remembering not to speak aloud. But it was true, the next day I was due to assist at the marriage service in the Cathedral next door.

The Bishop had indeed been so lucky to have found such a beautiful and god-fearing young woman to become his wife. I must not forget to congratulate him.

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