The Limit


This is a work of pure fiction and comes from within my personal fantasy ideas. I strongly dislike and disapprove the reading, showing or suggesting this information to persons of of incorrect age or those who can't stomach this type of material. By reading further you acknowledge and release all responsibility and liability directed towards the writer.

As I said earlier, this is a fictional story that I fantasize about, maybe it will come true!

Chapter 1

Will had his idea of a good time and was looking forward to the weekend ahead. After working almost 90 hours this week, Will was ready for a restful weekend. As he went home from work on Friday, he ran over in his mind his weekend coming events.

Their was only a few things he needed to accomplish, mainly to clean his room and work on a web site he was designing for a non-profit organization. Will did side work with computers and internet programming, he needed the money. His regular job, paid well, but his ex-wife drained most of those funds as alimony and support. His side business allowed him to do extra activities, the income was illegally unreported.

Will lived in a home owned by an older couple who rented him a room with his own bathroom and shared spaces. When he got there, no one seemed to be home which was fine with him. Although they were a nice couple, they sort of treated him like a son they never had and the inquiries towards his life were a little unnerving. As a result, Will didn't date much and of course never brought his date's home.

First thing Will did was clean his room and make himself dinner. While he did this he checked his email, he was pretty good at multi-tasking. Besides the usual correspondence he noticed an unfamiliar email address. After doing a virus check on the media and attachments, he opened it. It was from someone named Paula and at first it seemed like a normal email. As he read the particularly long email he became intrigued, it simply invited him to a party on this Saturday night. She said she had gotten his email from his good friend Bob and decided to invite him.

Bob actually was Will's best friend, mainly because he's known him for years. Bob was happily married and they often talked about getting Will a girl friend. Bob's wife, Jill, was the instigator of that school of thought and constantly tried to set Will up with other women. Will thought Bob's wife was a little nosy but for Bob's sake, he tolerated her. Bob's wife must have heard about this party through a friend and recommended that they should invite him.

The email gave all the details right down to what he should wear. The party was at The Club Shack at 10 pm. Will had heard of this place before, at one time it was a Hip Hop dance club and another it was a Beer Taster's club. He wasn't sure what it was now but it had a reputation as being a little shady. He was instructed that dress was relaxed and comfortable; they preferred men to dress in work out pants and collared polo shirts. It also suggested coming with an open mind!

Will decided it probably was a meat market, a place for unusual and strange men and women to meet. He didn't know how right he was! Will also decided not to go, he needed his rest and he needed time to work on the web site.

By Saturday night, around 8pm, Will stopped working on the web site. He was getting a case of brain blockage, that's what he called his internet writers block. He looked around his room and decided to watch a little of the boob tube. He couldn't afford satellite or cable TV so he had about 8 channels he could actually watch. That is unless someone decided to turn on an electric appliance in the house. Then that destroyed what little TV picture he had and he usually just surfed the Internet.\

As usual, nothing on TV that interested Will so he turned his attention to the Internet. He opened his email and the email from Paula was still there. He must have forgotten to erase it and he went to delete it.

Will thought I need to get out of this house, maybe I could go for a few minutes. I'll leave if it's as lame as I think it's going to be. He went and showered and got cleaned up, and as the email stated he put on a pair of his running pants and a decent, yet plain polo shirt.

By the time he was ready it was 20 minutes after 9 o'clock. He looked at the directions he had printed, it would take him about 30 minutes to get there, traffic or no traffic.

He steppe from his room quietly, the couple he lived with always went to bed at 9:00 pm and watched TV in their room. They always watched Jay Leno and the Tonight Show. He knew this because they always put the sound on their TV way up high. The real reason for this, Will considered, is they were having sex and didn't want him to hear.

He got to the Club Shack about 10 minutes early and decided to sit and see what kind of people walked into the club. He didn't have to wait long, 2 women drove up, got out and walked into the club. Will was a little shocked, they both were very stunning women with excellent bodies. They looked like models!

A minute or so later 3 more women arrived and were as beautiful as the first two. Then a couple guys showed up and Will compared himself to them, it was a bad habit of his. He always wanted to see if maybe he was different then other men, it was a pride thing. They were actually smaller in stature then him and dressed in the proper attire.

Another guy showed up shortly after the last two, but something about this one was different. It wasn't that dark out because of the parking lot lights but their was something not right about this one.

Putting it out of his mind, he decided no time like the present and got out of his car. As he walked up to the club, a woman walked up behind him and he turned to look at her. She was the spitting image of one of a Country music singer. For a second, he actually thought it was her. Of course it wasn't but she sure could have been her twin sister.

He opened the door for her and she smiled sweetly at him and thanked him, touching him on his arm. Will was a little flustered after that, the touch sent a shock of electrical nerve pulse that bounced off of his brain and down to his penis. Will thought, now is not the time to get a hard on, calm down boy!

The club was dark mostly except for the bar area and the restroom entrances. Otherwise, you could barely see people walking around, dancing or sitting at the booths around the walls. That was unusual; he noticed their no tables or chairs, just booths. Large booths too, probably able to fit a family of six in them with high backs so you couldn't see even a tall person sitting in them. He also noticed their were no waitresses or servers, just a female bartender who looked like she lost a fight with a ugly stick.

He walked up to the bar and waited to be served. In a moment or so the bartender walked up. "Hi", she said, "You new hear I can tell. Well, just relax, Paula will be out in a second to announce tonight's events. My name is Pez, and if there is anything you need just ask. Meanwhile, what are you drinking?

Will thought for a second and said, "I'll take a bourbon and water, neat, please".

"One bourbon and water, neat", she over emphasized the 'neat' part. The she quickly put his drink together and handing it to him said, "Since you're new here, the first drinks on the house. Find a place to sit, or whatever and we'll be getting started soon".

Once again he was a little perplexed, "get started?" What was that all about, is this party or a bar? This Paula must be in charge. As he was about to look for a place to sit, across the room a light came on through a door he didn't see when he came in. A dark shape came through and the light went out.

As his eyes adjusted he saw the lady that he opened the door for earlier, the twin. She had changed clothes and was wearing a completely black latex body suit with gloves, high heeled boots and hat. The only thing she had in her gloved hands was a microphone, and she quickly called everyone to please quiet down.

"Hi everybody, glad to see some of those that have returned for yet another fun evening", Paula began. "For those of you, who are here for the first time, Welcome to Club Shack?" If you came with open minds, you're sure to have fun! As you probably know by now, my name is Paula and I am the founder of the organization that rents Club Shack once a month to host our parties. "

"Our organization is called "The Limit" and it is founded for those of you who have, um, certain desires and needs. You'll find almost whatever you want here and of course we do have some basic rules we need you to go by. First and most important, no one will be forced, coerced, manhandled or pushed into someone else's desire. I'm sure there are enough of us here to satisfy just about any desire".

"Second, health and safety our very important and will be enforced as to the needs of the partner or partners, that is completely your responsibility. Third, anyone that becomes belligerent, violent, disobeys the rules, or does anything that constitutes a violation of our policies. Absolutely, will no longer aloud to a member of our organization or participate/communicate with the members.

"Okay", Paula changed her tone, "the members know how this works. If you're new to The Limit, come see me and I'll get you started in the right direction"!

Will was once again very unsure, shocked and thinking about running away. What did she mean specific desires? I don't have any desire's, just to get laid once in a while. Why would they need a special organization of people to take care of their sexual needs, if that's exactly what I think she's leading to.

He started to head for the door when a voice called to him, "Will? Is that what you really want to do, or do you want to just see what we have to offer?.

Will turned and realized it was Paul speaking to him. How did she know his name and who he was? He was certainly puzzled and he was about to say no thanks when Paul spoke again.

"I know Bob and Jill very well and they spoke highly of you", Paula stated. "Why don't you come with me a second and see what it's all about?"

Will figured, what the heck can't hurt ... or could it? He nodded and then proceeded to follow Paula to the first booth on the opposite wall. Paula said nothing they both just peered in to see what was going on. There were 2 men, one Will had noticed earlier, and 1 women. Will also realized that the tables in these booths had been converted to padded tops and seemed to be about six foot long. This made the booth look smaller but he realized it was just because of how dark it was. They had no lights in the booth just a glow from up above that was radiating from the bar.

That's when Will noticed the activity in the booth, the women was lying on the table on her back. The first man was shoving his penis so forcibly into her pussy; the table was shaking violently back and forth. The second man had just climbed up on the table and was rubbing his penis between the cracks of the other mans ass cheeks. He had some lube on his penis and it was apparent he was preparing to enter the other man's ass.

This situation, for some reason, excited Will. Paula grabbed his arm and they went to the next booth, same setup but 2 women in there. They were obviously lesbians as they were kissing wildly and feeling each other up. The one in front of Paula was squealing and moaning very loud and had what looked like the whole hand of the other girl stuffed up her pussy.

Again Paula grabbed his hand but this time she took him to a booth across the room from this one. Inside was a man and a woman and he was busily sucking and licking her toes. The lady was sucking her own breasts which were the biggest breast Will had ever seen. He didn't know much about bra sizes but she would be well compared to another country singer he knew.

Finally, Paul turned Will around and asked him, "Well, anything look good? You know what you want yet?

Will frowned and said, "All that stuff was turning me on but I wouldn't want to do it. I like the regular sex thing, you know?"

Paula replied, "I know what you mean will. Some people come here to just have sex so others can watch. Still some come to watch. It's all what you're into. My suggestion to you is pick a woman or man, and just ask them for sex! You can generally have whoever you want, but you have to ask for it. Okay"

Will shyly stated, "Well, there is one girl I'd like to have sex with".

"Who's that", Paula requested, "I'll set it up"!

Once again, Will said, speaking very quietly, "You".

This caught Paula by surprise; Paula normally didn't participate on the nights we were assigned to run the show. This also meant Paula had to reveal her secret to Will. She hadn't planned on doing that for quite a while. Although Bob and Jill were very, very close to her. Will had never met her before but she had seen him a few times. She kind of had this crush on him for some time but was leery of confronting him.

Paula knows new she must tell Will her secret and hope he doesn't runaway in terror. Paula knew she had to tell him she has the plumbing of a man. When Paula was 15, she realized she was a man in a woman's body and could no longer pretend. She went through every procedure and therapy known to man with the exception of the final one, castration, removal of the penis and plastic surgery to construct a vaginal. That was a fear she probably never face, the major surgery.

Will took notice she was silent. She probably was thinking of a way to turn him down, he'd been their before! As he decided to let her out of his request, this time she spoke quietly.

"Will, I'm all for being with you but there is some things you need to know first"

He interrupted, "If you don't want to, I understand.

She took over the conversation again by saying, "No, Will, that's not it at all. Why don't you come back with me to my office so we can talk".

Will felt a little strange nut followed her to her office. He saw it really wasn't a office, so to speak. It did have a desk and a filing cabinet on the far side of the wall. It also had a very large and what looked very comfortable couch, coffee table, end tables, lamps and what look like a foot locker. Other than a few pictures on the wall of abstract art, little else was in the room.

She sat on the end of the couch and indicated for Will to have a seat. Will sat a few feet from her, a little uncomfortable about the whole situation. He wasn't sure, but something in that back of his mind was lingering a weird thoughts. It was exciting him beyond relief. He had been sporting a hard on all night but now it seemed to be larger than normal. It even seemed to pulse, tenting the front of his running pants. Each pulse seeming to scream let me out of here!

They both had been sitting for only about 30 seconds not saying a word but it felt like hours to Will. Finally, Will brought up the courage to speak, "So, what is it Paula, am not what you desire?"

She smiled and went into her explanation. "It has nothing to do with what I desire anymore Will. My real desire has been met not to long ago, and my desire is only to be loved and romanced. This brings me to my secret."

Will gulped, "Secret...?"

Paula attempted to complete exposing her secret, so she interrupted him. "Yes, I have a secret that could possibly change your view of me. I have known you Will for a few months and have secretly had a crush on you. That's why I invited you tonight, to see your reaction to what we do here. That's not my complete secret though.

Will was having a little impatience problem at this point, he thought, why can't she just tell me.

Then she did.

"Will, I used to be a man".

She waited for a reaction, and she watched for facial clues. He looked stunned but he didn't runaway, yet.

Will spoke slowly, "So now you're a woman"?

"Yes, well sort of. I have every feature of a woman right down to my curvy hips and hairless body. From the outside, I look like a complete woman."

Will tried to get a word in but all that came out is, "but", Paula continued.

"Yes, but, I never had the surgery to complete my transformation. I still have a penis or what's left of it. The massive hormone treatments have shrunk it quite a bit."

"Will" she hesitantly asked, "Would you like to see me?"

His head was filled with thoughts, strange thoughts. He wasn't prepared for this, yet, he was very horny. His every brain process said this wasn't right but his excitement and sexual attraction for Paula was overriding it all.

Then he spoke with a little stutter to his voice, sure of what he wanted to say. Though afraid what he his reaction would be.

"Paula, you're a very attractive and sexy, um, lady". I want to see you, no, I have to. You have me in such a state that I can barely contain my feelings."

She didn't speak a word; she just stood up and started to undress. Not an easy thing in the outfit she was wearing. She peeled it off from top to bottom. First the gloves and hat then she pulled the suit down revealing what Will later described as those mountainous globes.

He thought she must be a medium bra size, but with larger cups, they weren't very tall but they ballooned out nicely. Even her belly button looked luscious, protruding out, like a large clit. Then she final reached her groin area and he was surprised to see what must have been a three inch penis with ping pong sized balls. His first thought was, "oh, how cute and adorable they were". Then he remembered he was looking at a penis, but it was a feminine penis.

She finally removed the outfit and was standing before him naked, as the day he was born. She trembled a little and waited for him to make the next move.

Still not making a sound Will reached up and cupped her balls softly. He caressed them carefully. With his other hand he wrapped his fingers around the base of her penis. She moaned very softly.

He was increasingly intrigued and in wonder why he was not offended by her and actually became even more excited. He could feel the sticky mess his penis juices were making in his boxers. Their seemed to be more than usual for him and it grew a little cold in his boxers as a result.

Will stood up, looking in Paula's eyes and smiled. She smiled back; she now knew he accepted her. He leaned forward and kissed her lips delicately at first. Their passion grew quickly now as they forced their lips to each other as if they wanted to make them as one. Her tongue speared out and separated his lips searching for his tongue. When they met they moaned together as if practiced before hand.

Will's hands started to wander and he caressed her ears and neck, slowly working down till he got to her breast. He gripped each of them in his hands and used his finger to caress her nipples. Still kissing she let out the moan this time and pushed her chest closer to him.

His penis made contact with her belly button and sparks once again flew for the both of them. Again, they moaned together except Paula's moan was more intense this time. Will dropped his right hand back to her penis and started stroking it. Paula came immediately all over Wills hand and thighs.

This was the most she had ever come in a very long time and her pleasure over it was immeasurable. Will looked at his hand and his thigh and curiosity got the best of him. He wiped up the come from his thigh onto the hand that already had come on it and put his fingers in his mouth.

Wow, he thought, I would have figured it to taste musky and a little nasty but it was delicious. Starchy and salty but with a flavor he really couldn't pin down. He cleaned his fingers, hands and thighs till their was nothing left. He turned his attention back to Paul. She had sneaked out of is grasp during the taste test and dropped to her knees in front of him.

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