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The Line


At first it was just a curiosity, the makeshift line of people snaking down through the streets of the neighborhood, the idle men milling about glancing at their watches from time to time. If my car hadn't stalled, I'd probably just driven past not really paying too much attention, but damn, here I was hiking home, my car parked in a neighbor's driveway. I was lucky, it could have broken down on the freeway or even in the city, fortunately my car at least got me within a few blocks of home. Of course, now that I was walking down the length of the long line it grabbed my attention.

Figuring I'd eventually find out what it was all about I tried not to pay attention to the individual men who were waiting. Even though this was my neighborhood, I didn't recognize any of them, and while some were well dressed wearing suits and ties, there were others that I'd certainly be afraid to meet alone in some dark alley somewhere. Simply looking down at the ground I walked down the street passing man after man.

I had gone about a block or so when I heard one of the men call out, "Hey, you there. You're not planning to cut in line are you?"

Realizing he was talking to me I looked toward the line and asked, "What?"

A short man with a scraggly beard stepped toward me and said, "You're walking past us. Are you planning to get up ahead and then cut in line?"

"No, I'm just trying to get home. My car broke down."

Unabashedly scratching his crotch he replied, "Yeah okay, but you sure you're not planning to cut?"

"I don't even know what you are waiting in line for."

A couple of men chuckled and the short man turned to them and shrugged his shoulders. "Some guys don't know what's worth waiting for," he said and then turning back to me he continued, "Okay, just don't cut in line."

Further up the line I heard another man ask, "Is some one cutting in line? We really need to start a list, get numbers or something."

"Don't worry he doesn't even know what we are waiting for," someone else shouted out. I could hear others chuckling at the comment.

I kept on walking, noticing that the line went around a corner and continued up my street toward my house. Strangely the line actually appeared to curve up my driveway and lead to my front door. Quickening my pace I hurried past man after man, hearing an occasional voice call out, "Hey, no cutting." From half a block away I could see that my front door was open and the line of men continued on into my house. I quickly sprinted into my yard and elbowed past the crowd of men at my door.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing? The line starts back there," one man said, pointing back out the door.

Looking up at his dark face I growled, "This is my house."

The large man held up his hands and meekly replied, "Okay, okay, I didn't know. I'm sorry." Despite his dark skin, I could tell he was a bit flushed, obviously embarrassed about it all. However, embarrassed as he was, he didn't step out of line.

Turning my attention from the large man, I stepped into my living room and saw a number of men either naked or in various stages of undressing. As I walked past I heard them complaining, "Hey, hey, we're still in line here. We just moved over her to undress, just ask him," they said, pointing to a naked man in front of them. He nodded and added, "We've waited too long to let anyone cut in line."

"I live here," I said loudly and then proceeded down the hallway passing more naked men, most with erections, some actually stroking themselves while standing of tip-toes trying to look over the men in front of them. One man was walking towards me, his semi-erect cock glistening with wetness, a bit of white cum still oozing from its tiny hole.

One of the men in line asked him, "Was it good? Was it worth the wait?"

Looking up with a glazed expression he moaned, "Oh yeah man, that bitch is bitching."

"Alright," one of the men replied, grabbing his cock and squeezing it. "We gonna get you some fine action," he said, nodding to his erection.

Feeling dizzy I finally reached my bedroom door, pushed a man aside and then grabbed the door frame too keep from falling. Looking in I saw my wife on her back, her legs spread wide open as another man crawled up on our bed. Unable to move, I watched as my wife smiled at him, reached down and grabbed his hard cock, stroked it just a bit and then guided it into her soaking wet pussy.

I watched the muscles in the man's ass flex as he thrust himself deep into her, actually lifting her ass up off the bed with the power of his stroke. She wrapped her legs around him as he slowly withdrew and actually helped pull him into her with her legs on his next thrust. The man then reached down and grabbed her hips, holding her tight, pulling her to him.

In a near trance, I slowly wandered into the room walking over to the side of the bed. I simply watched as their two bodies crashed together with a loud slapping noise. Her breasts twirled with the rhythm of their bodies and I could see her eyes were closed. Looking at the man's face I could see he was getting close to coming.

"Oh honey, hi," my wife suddenly said, smiling up at me. She then looked back at the man and moaned, "Come on, yeah give it to me."

He arched his back and I could see his face contort with pleasure as he came, shooting his cum into my wife's pussy. All I could do was watch as he made a couple more weak thrusts into her and then withdrew, his cock glistening. He simply smiled at my wife, whispered, "Thank you," nodded to me and then turned and walked out of the room.

Another man moved forward and asked, "You're not letting him cut in line are you?" as he crawled up on the bed.

"No, no, you go ahead," she said to the man and then turned to me, "Oh and look at you." She reached out and grabbed my hard cock through my pants. "Take it out for me," she said, turning back to the man between her legs. She reached down and grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy and then turned back to me.

She then reached up and began stroking my cock just as the man began thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. Moving her hand up and down my shaft, she matched the rhythm of the man fucking her so as I moved my hips back and forth I could see I was in perfect unison with the man shoving his cock in and out of her pussy. Suddenly the man moaned, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

As he arched his back and filled my wife with his jism, I came too, spurting my cum over her breasts again and again. My wife smiled and said...


"Mr. Thompson, Mr. Thompson..."

Shaking my head I looked up at the nurse squinting my eyes. "What? Where..."

"The procedure is finished Mr. Thompson. Everything went very well, the chance of success looks good this time."

"Is she..."

"It's too early to tell. But your wife's fertilized egg was implanted without any problem, everything went well."

"And the sperm?"

"Like we said, though it's drawn from an anonymous donor, it is thoroughly tested and cross matched. We have every reason to believe that everything will go well."

"My wife?"

"She's fine, you can see her now."

I stood up and walked down the long corridor toward the room passing a long line of men all sitting in chairs. Feeling a bit dizzy I grabbed the doorframe and looked into the room. My wife was on her back on the bed, her legs hidden beneath the covers. Looking up at me she smiled and said, "Oh honey, hi."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/14/17

more profitable

Couples pay thousands for injections, men in line pay to have sex with wives...donor would be anonymous...
Overhead almost eliminated...just laundry bill and occasional new mattress.
Cost-benefit analysismore...

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