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The Lingerie Deal


Mark and Jennifer had been married for four years, Mark was now 32 and Jennifer was 24. Despite the age gap it was as near a perfect marriage as you will find. Jen would do anything for Mark, and it was to prove an invaluble asset for his promotion prospects.

Mark had worked for the lingerie company since he left art college, he had made his way slowly up the ladder and hoped soon to make the ultimate step, up to the directorship he had craved since joining. It was his responsibility to organise all the viewings of the range of lingerie that the company produced. From the normal bedroom attire, to the fetish line that definitely was for kinkier couples, or groups. As usual, Jen had had her input on his arrangements in choosing what would be shown, and in what order, as well as arranging for fittings of the two models who were due to wear the lingerie at the viewing. This show was so important, it was to be attended by the companies biggest buyers, not just the reps, but the actual owners of the companies. There were to be two from each company, making six executives in total. It had been made clear to Mark that if he pulled off this show he would be made a director, to reward him for all his hard work over the twelve years he had been there.

Jennifer was as excited as Mark about the possible promotion, he had promised to take her to Barbados for a holiday, she had always wanted to go but they had never had either the time nor the money to go before. This promotion, along with the money, and the added time off, would allow them to finally get to live out their fantasy. Let me describe Jennifer, as I said, she is 24, has long raven hair, a nice 34c/24/35 figure, and is 5ft 10ins tall. she looked a little like Gabrielle Reece, the American fitness and sports model.

Obviously with a body like that, she became the 'clothes horse' for many of Mark's creations, hanging the material off her naked frame while in the privacy of his office, checking to see if his garments accentuated and sat correctly on her body. Of course not all women had bodies as good as her, but Mark had no complaints, he enjoyed seeing his wife in his lingerie as much now as he had when he first met her nearly six years ago at a catwalk parade for another lingerie company. Yes she had modelled lingerie for another company before they got together. They chemistry had been strong between them from their first meeting and had never looked back.

The two models who were to present the outfits on the night turned up for their fittings nearly a week before and Mark and Jen set about making sure the items would fit perfectly, showing them off in the best possible way, it is amazing how much lingerie looks if it is the correct size for the woman wearing it, have you ever seen a woman nearly falling out of an outfit that is too small, or losing her shape in one that is way too big, it may look funny, but it doesn't sell.

Geraldine had the same measurements as Jen and her costumes needed very little work, Denise was bigger busted, a D cup, and was shorter, 5ft5ins, her hair was a golden blonde, and was natural, at least her pussy hair matched, trimmed into a small clump above her pussy lips, she was a perfect model to have as she showed that the range could be tailored to suit all sizes, from taller, B or C cup girls, to shorter, D or E cups. All was set for the show on the Friday night until Thursday afternoon, Mark got a call from the agency who'd booked the models that Geraldine had broken her arm in a fall, and therefore could not do the show.

Disaster, there was no way that Mark could get another model of the same dimensions at such at late stage, of all the times for a model to let him down, couldn't get his head around it and was desperately trying to find another model of the same dimensions as Jen came into the office with his lunch. She straight away could see the panic in his face and asked him what was wrong. Mark explained, adding that he had tried all the model agencies he knew, but had had no luck. Jen thought about it for a couple of minutes, then came back into his office, 'I'll do it if you want me to', she said, Mark just looked at her, gobsmacked, he had the perfect replacement right in front of him, and he couldn't see it. 'How can you do it?', he asked,'Well we are the same size remember, and I did it before I met you, remember?'.

Of course she had, his relief at her offer made him almost light headed, had he have put two and two together himself, he still wouldn't have had the nerve to ask her to do it. 'Why have you offered?' he asked, she explained that it was as much for her benefit that he got the promotion, and that she would do anything to help him secure it. Mark walked over to Jen and gave her a big hug, he thanked her, promising to make it up to her with whatever she wanted after, she told him she would keep him to it.

As Jen checked out the outfits she was to wear the following evening a panic suddenly came over her, she realised that Geraldine was to wear the more revealing outfits, not that that was the real problem, but it was the fetish outfits that she to wear that scared her, the most bizarre items that the company made were to be modelled in the show, including some rubber pants that had various 'things' attached to them, one that both scared Jen, as well as intrigued her, were the pants that had a small rubber penis shaped embossed to the inner surface, meaning that the penis would have to be inserted into her to fit.

Jen made her way to see Mark and told him of her concerns, he understood and called his boss to tell him of the developments, his boss seemed happy that Jen was modelling some of the range, but insisted that all that range had to be exhibited in the original order, as the programmes had already been sent to the customers arriving tomorrow night, it would look bad if any of the items were missed, his boss told him that his promotion hinged in this show, it was important that it went as planned. Mark told me the score and I went away to think about it. The rubber pants were not mentioned again that day as there was too much to do with arranging everything else that was needed at the show.

It was to be held in the company's boardroom, which doubled up as the exhibition room, as there was a small changing room, off to one side, at the front of the room. All the necessary arrangements made, Mark and Jen left for home, they both flopped into bed and drifted off to sleep, too tired to chat.

The Friday morning arrived and both Mark and Jen arrived at the office early to sort out the final arrangements for the show, calling suppliers to check everything was coming on time, content that everything was in order they went off for an early lunch at their favourite restaurant. After lunch they returned to the office to get ready to welcome their guests. Mark had to leave Jen to go and have a strategy meeting with his bosses, they told him that it was brilliant of Jen to volunteer her services to help out, but that it might make the buyers nervous if they knew it was his wife, so they were not to act as if they knew her as anything more than just a hired model.

Mark agreed and said he would tell Jen, his bosses also reminded him that this contract was the most important thing he had been in charge of, and that its success was vital to his future, stating that anything that the customers wanted would be extended to them. Mark again agreed, but was curious as to just what they meant by the last statement. Mark told Jen the score and she agreed to do what ever she could in modelling the entire range, including the rubber penis pants, to ensure his promotion.

Just how far she would go to help her husband was about to be tested, as was Mark's desire to be a director, just how much would he allow before telling them it was his wife they were touching, he knew from previous shows that buyers liked to feel the material, usually while still on the models, just how much touching would the actual owners of the companies expect to do before they placed their orders. Mark found that despite his nervousness thinking about this, his cock was actually telling a different story, it was swelling the more he thought about the strange men touching his sexy wife. How could he feel this way, he didn't know but had other things to occupy his time and soon let his mind drift to the last minute preparations as the buyers arrived. Mark showed them all to the boardroom and went to check on Jen and Denise, the other model. Both girls were ready and so the show started, the first few outfits were just normal teddies and nightshirts, but as the range got more daring Mark found he was getting hard again, thinking about the six buyers, and his two bosses, about to see more and more of his pretty young wife.

Denise came out next in a daring see through negligee, it barely covered her charms and you could clearly make out her nipples through the flimsy material, the knickers also were sheer, and Mark could just make out her pussy hair through them. The buyers called her over and asked to touch the material as usual, she let them paw her a little as their hands slipped inside the top of her outfit, running their hands along the neckline, obviously touching her breasts with the back of their hands, one even pushing his hand under her knickers, pulling them away, to check the material of them, allowing us all a glimpse of her pussy hair. This pulling caused her knickers to pull up into her pussy, letting the hair and her pussy lips to spill out either side. She didn't flinch at any of this, as she had gotten used to this at previous showings.

Next came Jen, in a transparent red babydoll with little red knickers, she walked up and down, twirling round before coming over for the same attention that Denise had received, I noticed though that the guys seemed to take longer examining her outfit, pushing their hands in and around her babydoll, causing one strap to fall, exposing most of one of her boobs, before she caught it and pulled it back on, their hands lingered in her knickers as well, pulling, and running their hands under the seams of the crotch, before finally letting her go back to change into the next outfit.

One of the buyers, the one who'd been rubbing her knicker crotch, leaned over to me and said, 'God she was hot, you should have felt her knickers, they were soaking, she's enjoying herself', I didn't know what to say, he was telling me that my wife was enjoying parading around, being touched by all these guys, some old enough to be her father. The only thing I could manage to say was that we only hired the best models, it showed off our products better if they enjoyed their work. Denise came back out in one of our string bikinis, it hid very little, just two triangles covering her nipples tied with string, and one triangle again covering her pussy.

It was very sheer, definitely one for a private party, you couldn't wear it to the beach. Again they all took the opportunity to touch and fongle her, always commenting on the feel of the material as they pawed her, to make it seem as if they were checking out the lingerie, and not the models body, as they actually were. At one point, I thought I saw the guy who'd rubbed Jen's knicker crotch, slide his fingers over Denise's pussy lips as he fingered around her bottoms, and the look on her face as he did confirmed it, she smiled, before backing away slowly and onto the next waiting pair of hands, who also had a good feel inside her bottoms, she backed away, always with a smile and finally went to change into her next outfit.

I looked down at the running order on my lap, as if I didn't know it backwards, and saw that Jen's next outfit was not really an outfit at all, it was just a peephole bra with crotchless knickers, in sky blue, I've always thought that colour looked good on her and I was right. As she entered the room all eyes went to her, her nipples were clearly visible through the peepholes in the bra, and her trimmed pussy was clearly on view through the open material of the knickers. Jen went through her twirling routine and turning went over to the first buyer, he took his time running his hands round the openings of her peephole bra, touching her nipples as he went, I noticed her nipples getting harder the more he glanced over them, before he got her to open her legs slightly, running his hand down the side of her panties, and then round and down the split in them, before passing her on to the next guy.

The next three buyers did pretty much the same, and she ended up in front of the last two, they took their time, again asking her to come closer as they explored her bra, pulling and rubbing at the material, by now her nipples were at their full hardness.

One guy spent his time running his fingers over her bra, taking care to brush her nipples each time, as the other went about examining her panties, asking her to again spread her feet slightly to allow him a proper view, she complied, opening her legs wider than she previously did for the first couple of guys, as he ran his fingers down through her panties, I could see her eyes flicker, she was getting well turned on at the touching up she was receiving, and made no moves as his hands pulled the material of her knicks away to examine it in his hands, he pulled it tightly upwards, splaying her pussy lips either side of the opening, before letting them fall back, then pulling them down slightly before running his finger over the edges of her gusset, taking care to also touch her pussy as he did so, sliding his hand back and forth, coating the back of his knuckles in her juices. Jen was sent to change again and the room seemed to sigh a mutual sigh as she sashayed out of sight.

Next came the fetish collection, ranging from rubber underwear, to PVC, to the stronger things like the rubber pants that Jen had panicked over the previous day. For this part of the show, it was decided that both girls would come out together, modelling a different outfit front each of the ranges. Denise came through wearing a black PVC bustier with red ties, black PVC cami-knickers and calf-length black boots. Jen came out in a red PVC basque with black laces, a red PVC thong and thigh-length red boots. Both girls walked down the runway, exchanging sides, twirling and posing, making the most of the shiny outfits in the bright stage lights.

Denise then came over to the three guys by me, and Jen went to the other three, along with my two bosses. Denise had all the guys, one by one, again touching every inch of her outfit, running their hands up and down the material, and around the edges, pulling and pressing her, hands twiddled with ties, undoing and retying the bustier, unzipping the boots and up again, pulling at her cami's. Jen was getting the same treatment over at the other guys before they changed places. Jen came over to us, again all hands taking up residence over her outfit, letting their hands wander all over her body.

As I though their groping was coming to an end, Simon, one of the buyers with Denise asked if these outfits made the wearer sweat, of course it does, he didn't seem convinced and mouthed something to Denise, she nodded her head, and he undone all the ties on her bustier, before pulling it open and exposing her boobs completely, her boobs were covered with a light sheen of perspiration, and he ran his hands over her boobs before looking at his fingers and wiping the sweat off his hand on his trousers. Colin, one of my group asked if this outfit had the same effect, I told him it did, he asked me if he could look, keeping up the pretence of not knowing Jen, I said he would have to ask her, he asked her if it was okay, she just looked at me before nodding her ascent.

Colin took his time pulling all the laces completely out of her basque before peeling it away to expose her wonderful boobs, he put his hands up to her boobs and rubbed all over them before telling the guy next to him to have a go, both guys massaged her boobs before pulling away and wiping their hands on their own trousers. I told them all you needed to use talcum powder to avoid the sweating, but that we didn't as it might get on the other outfits, therefore spoiling the look for them. Simon lent forward to Denise again, asking her another question, before he hooked his hands into her cami-knickers, pulling them down to mid-thigh, running his fingers through the crotch of them before putting his hand against Denise's pussy, he commented that it made them more sweaty down below than up above, telling the guys with me to check themselves.

Colin just looked at Jen, before she shrugged and let him pull her thong down, he again checked the gusset and then her pussy, running his whole hand through her pussy hair and down to her pussy lips, before letting the other two do the same, 'Shit she's soaking', said Colin, 'is it all because of the PVC?', He didn't need me to answer that, and he laughed, he knew that both girls were obviously getting a thrill out of this as were they. The girls pulled up their knickers and returned to the dressing room to change into the rubber outfits that were to be shown next. As they left I told them both to use the shower to freshen up a bit or they'd stick to the rubber suits with all the sweat they were covered in. They both nodded and left the room.

I took the opportunity, while the buyers were filling up their glasses, to pretend I was going to the toilet, I nipped around the back and found both girls still peeling off their outfits. I had a chat with Denise, telling her I was sorry about that, but that it was important to keep the buyers happy, and that as long as she was okay with the touching, I'd make sure that her pay was better than we had agreed, she seemed happy with that so I left her to hop into the shower. I went over and helped Jen off with her boots, telling her I was sorry for what she was going through as well, she wouldn't hear of it, she said that it was all for a good cause, and besides she was quite enjoying it. I was shocked , but she said she'd noticed my cock bulging through my trousers as it happened, and that was why she'd let them fondle her so much.

I kissed her and told her I loved her, adding that whatever she did I would still love her. She asked me if I meant it, I asked why, she just said that the promotion was as good as mine. I kissed her once more and left her to join Denise in the shower. I returned to the room and was pulled to one side by Lenny, one of the bosses, he asked me if I was okay with what had happened, I told him it was Jennifer's body, and so was her decision, she had always backed me, so I would back her.

He smiled, patted me on the back, and walked away. Several of the buyers came over to me during the break, asking me where I got my models from, I explained that I'd had problems, and that Jen was a last minute replacement, missing out the part that she was my wife of course. They said that they would love to book both girls for a future show if they could, and left me smiling as I went to check that the girls were ready for the final part of the collection. They were to come out together again, Denise wearing a black catsuit with zips in all the right places, and Jen was wearing a rubber top, with a zipper down the front, and mini-skirt in purple. No underwear was to be worn under any of the rubber outfits, so Jen was naked under the skirt.

As usual, both girls went up and down the stage before joining a group, Denise again coming to my group, and Jen going to the other group. Zippers were pulled up and down on Denise's outfit before she stopped one on its way up, she said that her nipple was getting caught in it, I looked at her boobs and saw both of her nipples standing out like 'chapple hat pegs', she was obviously enjoying this as much as Jen was, the guys pulled all her zippers down, saying they wouldn't want to hurt her so it was better to leave them all down.

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