The List


As a couple with intense chemistry and a desire to explore each other and the world around us, we decided to make a list containing 101 fantasies, adventures, things to push each others boundaries, and much more. The challenge- to complete the list in 1001 days. The items range in difficulty, talk dirty, be bossy, make a safe word for sex, masturbate 30 times, all the way to masturbating simultaneously.

One of the more memorable experiences that we had took place on our camping trip. We had a long day of hiking, roasting hot dogs, and deep discussion. To conclude our evening we headed into the tent (a fifth of Jack in hand) for a hot and heavy game of truth or dare, if you didn't complete said dare you had to take a swig of Jack. Fueled by alcohol, Siletz became bold and ventured into the 2am, pitch black night...completely nude. With her dare completed she came back and dared me to explain one of my deepest sexual fantasies. I went on to explain how hot it would be to have a threesome with her and someone we both knew. To have her pinned down and succumb to absolute pleasure. The thought of another woman between her legs shot excitement through us both.

The list wasn't all about sex however. It also included activities that we had both wanted to try out. Rock-climbing seemed like a natural progression since we enjoyed the outdoors. The funny thing was, when we started, we didn't realize that's what we were going to do.

We had started on a trail and had gotten curious to where it looked like a smaller one was leading too. We decided to take it for a bit and see if it went anywhere interesting. It did. It went up. After becoming engrossed in conversation and the beautiful area surrounding us, we realized that we had hiked pretty far up. We decided at that point to see it out and make our way to the end. The trail became steeper and hard to navigate where to safely grab or place footing, but we finally made it to the top. Once at the top, we peered over the edge of the nearly vertical trail surprised by how much scarier it was looking down upon it then climbing up it. Now... how to get back down... searching the area for another way down was proving to be pointless. Our options were take the narrow winding road that clearly says "NO PEDESTRIANS" or go down the fearsome trail. After frantic deliberation, we decided to make the decent.

I took my first foothold and made sure it was secure. I then asked for Siletz's hand to bring her to me. I held her close until she was able to find appropriate footing and something to hold onto until I could venture down a bit more. We repeated these steps the whole way down. Never rushing, never unsure, always trusting.

Siletz and I have our anniversary in the month of December, quite close to Christmas (actually on Christmas but we don't like to share). So we hold our anniversary on a separate day that we call "Christmasversary." On our first one of these I had a few surprises for Siletz.

The first was given after we had been well into our day and we were ready for the more intimate time to start. I stripped Siletz down from head to toe; revealing her magnificent porcelain skin, tight perky breasts, and freshly shaved pussy. I, still dressed, began to lay her into the bed. First the blindfold to make her unaware of what I was up to. Once she was completely disarmed and unaware of her surroundings I reached over the side of the bed and grabbed a wrist restraint. Having her left wrist tied in this fashion I held her other wrist down and applied the next, then her feet. She was completely powerless as her four appendages where grasped tightly around the bed.

She had a certain teasing smile as she laid before me stretched over the mattress. I decided it would be nice to start teasing her with some fruit and whipped cream. We sucked down strawberries together- biting them at each end. I doted her nipples with whipped cream and swirled my tongue around them to clean them off again. Trailing down her body with kisses and samples of whipped cream, I came to her eagerly awaiting wetness. I grabbed a strawberry and slid it down her dripping slit and fed it to her. She smiled back with the same playful smile as before and asked, "Why don't you put one inside me?" I needed no further encouragement, I grabbed a decent sized piece of fruit and pushed it into her. I let it sit there with my fingers on the tip of it. Then, it disappeared from my view. It was literally inside of her. I told her so, trying not to sound so surprised. When we both realized it might be difficult to get back out, I asked her to push. After minimal pushing I was able to retrieve the strawberry. "Here, you deserve this," I said and awarded her a bite of the strawberry, and then I enjoyed the last bite of the dripping fruit. I could taste her sweet wetness.

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