tagGroup SexThe List Ch. 02

The List Ch. 02


Nate and Michelle were naked together on the couch, but their focus of attention could not have been any farther apart. Nate's eyes were glued to the TV screen where images of a homemade video were playing out. Michelle was working her tongue down Nate's body, intent on eventually finding his erection.

In the video, Michelle was on the very same couch being fucked by a muscular, thirty-something home security system installer whom she had seduced the week before. The video was Nate's idea. But fucking the installer was Michelle's.

She was working her way through a list of her top ten sexual fantasies, and seducing a stranger in her home happened to be on the list. The lucky installer was pounding his sizable cock into her at a rapid pace and Michelle's cries of pleasure were filling the family room as Nate watched.

Nate watched as Michelle wrapped her legs around the lucky man's waist and played with her tits. Her squeals of joy signaled an imminent orgasm. The man urged her on.

Meanwhile, Michelle had found Nate's stiff shaft and was methodically bobbing her head up and down on it. She had watched the video enough times that a real, live cock to play with took precedence over the filmed fucking. Not that she hadn't enjoyed the installer.

"My God, Michelle. Was he as good as it looks?" Nate asked.

Michelle lifted her head just long enough to say, "Not as good as you in the elevator at work. But still good."

Her mouth once again engulfed Nate's cock and he listened to Michelle groan her way through a massive orgasm on the video. The man was lifting her by the ass and burying his cock in her at a dizzying rate. Michelle's tits rolled on her chest as she gyrated back and forth.

Then she said, "Now watch this."

At the same time Michelle's tongue returned to his cock, Nate saw the man pull out of Michelle and begin to stroke his substantial cock. He held it over her stomach, but it was aimed much higher. Suddenly, a long, white stream of cum shot out, accompanied by an animalistic grunt by the man. The cum landed at Michelle's neck and left a stream clear down below her tits.

Second and third shots landed directly on her tits. Subsequent blasts left strings of semen that dripped over her nipples and accumulated in pools on her chest.

It was too much for Nate to stand. He felt his balls contract and his own orgasm erupted inside Michelle's mouth. She knew from experience that he was capable of producing lots of cum in a short period of time. She swallowed what she could and tried to suck on him at the same time. Cum streamed out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. But she never backed away and let her coworker boyfriend finish.

When Nate looked down, he saw Michelle wiping her chin with her finger, pushing excess cum back into her mouth. She sensuously licked the finger clean and smiled down at him.

"Holy shit," Nate moaned. "What a video. What did the guy say when you were done?"


Nate frowned.

"I asked him if maybe the system wouldn't need adjusting in a week or so," Michelle said while licking Nate's cock clean.

"Oh, I'm sure you did. You're a fucking nymphomaniac," he said.

"And we're not even half way through the list," Michelle reminded him.

"So what's next?"

Michelle lay on Nate and moved up so her face was directly above his. "I think you're going to like this one."

Nate raised his eyebrows and clutched her bare ass cheeks with both hands.

Michelle said, "I'd like a threesome."

She waited for a moment, and then added, "With another woman."

Nate's mouth hung open. He couldn't tell for an instant who's fantasy she was fulfilling—hers or his.

"But with my rules," Michelle quickly said. "You can only watch until I say it's time to join us. And then it's only to satisfy ME. You're on your own with other women. This is MY fantasy."

As with all the fantasies on the list that the couple had tried—forced sex, in an elevator, at work, and a stranger in Michelle's home—Nate was obedient to Michelle's wishes. This was going to be the first time, however, that the sex would be in front of Nate and he couldn't participate. But the idea of the beautiful, twenty eight year old brunette with another woman was enough to cause his cock to twinge even now.

"OK. But who's the other woman?" Nate asked.

"I haven't figured that out yet. I doubt if Emma Watson is available, so it might have to be somebody from work," Michelle said. "Who do you think would go for it?"

"Does marital status count?" he asked.

"I don't think so. Lots of married women probably would love to be with another woman at some time or another."

Nate thought for a second. "Well, I always thought Karen would be fun in bed, but she's married. Debbie in accounting is kind of cute, but I think she's too shy to do it."

"How about Mary, the receptionist?"

Nate looked up at Michelle. "And she's recently divorced."

"Exactly," Michelle said.

"She's probably thirty three or thirty four," Nate said. "Not too old?"

Michelle shook her head. "Just right. She knows what she wants by now."

"Will you talk to her?"

Michelle smiled. "Do you mean seduce her? Sure."


"So, what did you and Nate do this weekend?" Mary asked Michelle as they sat alone in the small cafeteria at work.

Michelle had to pause for a second, trying to come up with something far less erotic than the truth.

"Oh, just watched videos," Michelle replied, proud that she didn't have to lie. "Nothing unusual for us. How about you? Any hot dates?"

Mary scoffed at the question. "I haven't had a hot date since before I was married."

"I would think guys would be crawling all over themselves to take you out," Michelle said.

"Apparently not," Mary said. "I'd have better luck with women."

Michelle almost fell off her seat when she heard the words come out of Mary's mouth. All she had to do now was find a way to pick the receptionist's brain without making it too obvious.

"Me, too. Sometimes it sounds pretty tempting, don't you think?"

Mary nodded. "I think every woman wonders about that at one time or another."

"Wonders about it?" Michelle inquired.

"About being with another woman," Mary said nonchalantly. "I mean, isn't that like a popular fantasy?"

Michelle shrugged. "I suppose. But how many actually follow through on it."

It wasn't a question, but Mary pursued it anyway. "The brave ones do."


"The women who have been left unsatisfied by men time and time again, and suspect that only another female knows what they really want," Mary said. "Don't you wish that a man knew how to use his tongue? Don't you get tired of having them cum in three minutes and not even realize you have a clit? Don't you get tired of having them maul your breasts?"

Michelle's eyes got bigger with each question. Hearing the normally soft-spoken blonde speak with such passion was NOT what Michelle expected. But the quivering inside her pussy made Michelle realize Mary had her attention. She was convinced more than ever that this was the best candidate to scratch another item off Michelle's list.

"Are you brave?" Michelle asked.

This time it was Mary who sat back, surprised at the query. Was Michelle asking her to try it?

"I don't know," she said honestly.

"My answers to all your questions were 'yes'," Michelle said calmly.

Mary didn't speak, looking down at the table and nervously playing with a fork instead.

"Mary, I've got a proposal for you," Michelle said, leaning forward as she spoke.


"What did she say?" Nate said, moving his cell phone from one ear to another.

"I didn't think she was going to go for it at first. But I kept telling her it would just be her and me, and that you would be watching, and then maybe you and me would have sex afterward. That seemed to be fine with her," Michelle said. "But it took a lot of convincing that me and her would have all the time we wanted...without you 'interfering'."

Nate laughed. "You are so fucking lucky. She's really a good looking woman. I bet she has great little tits. I'm hard just thinking about it."

"God, Nate. If anybody should know about her tits it's you. You stare down her sweaters and blouses more than anybody I know."

"OK. So I've seen just about all of her except the nipples. I'm still jealous," he said.

"We set it up for next Saturday. Is that OK with you? My place?"

"I'll try not to cum on the drive over. Put on a good show, OK?" Nate said.

"I just hope she's happy when we're done. I'm nervous. I want it to be good," Michelle confided.

"I'm thinking the two of you will know what to do. You'll both be screaming before it's over."

Michelle sighed. "I hope so."

When Saturday evening arrived and Michelle stepped out of the shower, she faced the highly unusual chore of picking out clothes to please a woman, instead of a man. As the process progressed, however, she decided it was not all that much different after all. She wanted something to highlight her ample breasts, thin waist, and long legs. The blouse and jeans she decided on were only slightly more 'feminine' than something she might have chosen for Nate's benefit.

Michelle decided to go braless. Again, not necessarily a concession just for Mary.

The short drive to Michelle's place gave Mary an opportunity to second-guess her own wardrobe. She had gone with a tight knit top that hugged her athletic frame...and jeans. Mary worried about her nipples, prominent in their uncovered state as they pressed against the top's material. Was she being too obvious not wearing a bra? If only she knew how much she and Michelle thought alike.

The only person not worried about any of it was Nate. Not that a guy in his late twenties normally worried more than two seconds about clothes. But his role on this evening would be simple: act as the fascinated observer of two women having sex, openly showing his excitement in the form of an erection in order to stroke the egos of the females. They were going out of their way to look sexy, and his job was to convince them they were. Easy.

By a little after eight o'clock, all three were sitting in Michelle's living room—eating, drinking, and laughing just like any three coworkers might do when they were together. But there was tension in the air; a sense of something significant about to happen that was somewhat out of their control. At first, they sat far apart, in separate chairs and couches. However, as time wore on they started to come together as if through magnetism.

Eventually, Michelle and Mary were on the same couch; on the same cushion. At one point when Mary leaned back after putting her drink down, her body rubbed against Michelle's. Silently, both women felt tremors flow through their bodies. Michelle casually put her hand on top of Mary's and squeezed it gently. Mary pressed her leg harder against Michelle's. It would happen soon, and Nate recognized it from his nearby chair.

The opening both women waited for occurred when Michelle glanced over and caught Mary peeking down the front of Michelle's loose-fitting blouse. Michelle smiled at her and Mary blushed a bright crimson.

"Sorry," Mary said softly.

"Unbutton it," Michelle replied. "Just one if you want."

Mary's eyes returned to the opening. Her entire body threatened to shake as she lifted one uncertain hand. Mary touched the blouse and lightly gripped the top button. A few seconds later, she had it undone and let the blouse hang free, withdrawing her hand quickly.

Michelle grinned and softly pulled the blouse open where Mary's hand had just been. A major portion of both breasts were now visible and Mary found it difficult to not stare.

"Go ahead. Touch me, Mary."

The hand returned, this time sliding down from the top, inside the blouse, and onto the soft skin of Michelle's cleavage. Mary could feel the rapid rise and fall of Michelle's chest. She was glad she wasn't the only one anxious about what they were doing.

Mary let her fingertips spread out to make contact with Michelle's breasts. But she never touched them for more than an instant.

"Sit in my lap, Mary," Michelle finally said. "Face me. I want to see your beautiful eyes."

Mary withdrew her hand and got off the couch. She swung around and straddled Michelle's legs. She settled down into Michelle's lap and scooted forward until they were both comfortable.

"Now kiss me," Michelle told her.

Their eyes met and, after a brief moment of soul searching, both women knew it was going to be OK. Mary leaned forward, her lips sealed in solemn firmness. Michelle sat still, waiting for the first sexual contact between them. Their mouths seemed to be separated by only the thinnest of margins. And then they touched.

The kiss hardly met the criteria of a kiss. Lips touched, but it was an impassionate meeting of skin. Michelle was the first to move. She separated her lips and allowed her tongue to glide gently over Mary's mouth. That was all that was needed for Mary to respond in kind.

It took a minute or two of experimentation, but the kiss soon became passionate and the women were moaning loud enough for Nate to hear. Their hands began to explore each other in quest of bare skin.

"Take it off, Mary," Michelle whispered into Mary's ear. "Take off my blouse."

They kissed again while Mary quickly finished unbuttoning the blouse. She yanked it out of Michelle's jeans and flung it open with both hands. She wanted desperately to feel Michelle's breasts, but waited for permission. It wasn't necessary, but Michelle sensed her hesitation. So, she took Mary's hands and lifted them onto her tits.

A turning point had been reached. Mary was now eagerly fondling another woman and Michelle wanted more. This could only result in one thing: the fulfillment of another fantasy on Michelle's list. The remaining question was how quickly it would occur and how satisfying it would be.

"They're beautiful, Michelle. And you're beautiful," Mary said, never taking her eyes off the breasts.

"They're yours tonight, Mary. I want you to do whatever you want."

Mary began by pulling the blouse off Michelle's shoulders and down her arms. Once she had it off, she tossed it aside and put her hands back on Michelle's erect nipples. Michelle responded by wrapping her fingers around Mary's breasts on the outside of her top. Both women closed their eyes as wave after wave of excitement flowed from their tits down to their pussies.

Michelle only waited a minute before lifting up on Mary's top and pulling it over her head. With both women topless, they kissed and allowed their breasts to come together for the first time.

Thinking he would be unseen and unheard by the women, Nate opened his pants, pulled out his cock, and slowly stroked it. He'd have to pace himself, as the scene in front of him was enough to make him cum quickly.

It was at the end of a very long kiss that Mary said to Michelle, "I think we have his attention now."

The women smiled as they acknowledged Nate's erection. And the show had just begun.

Michelle put her hand on the back of Mary's head and pulled it forward in an unmistakable offering of her body. Needless to say, Mary was shy in the initial stages of her exploration of Michelle's breasts. She lightly kissed all around them, but never came near the nipples. It was only when Michelle purposely moved her body to practically force Mary to kiss a nipple that the first contact took place.

Once that hurdle was cleared, Mary spent considerable time kissing and licking and sucking on Michelle's firm breasts.

"Oh my God, that's good," Michelle moaned. "Harder, Mary. Do it harder."

Mary put a nipple between her teeth and gently pulled on it. When Michelle pulled Mary's head down even more, Mary nibbled with greater intensity.

"Yes! Just like that!"

Mary attacked both breasts and stared lovingly at the bright pink nipples that glistened with the moisture from her mouth.

"You're incredible," Michelle told her. "Let me show you how good that feels. Get up here."

Michelle pulled Mary up and positioned her tits right in front of her mouth. A couple of light kisses were followed by forceful sucking. Mary's body writhed in Michelle's lap and she moaned loudly.

Nate let go of his cock just as precum started to ooze out of the tip. He leaned back in his chair and watched while his cock throbbed on its own.

Michelle sucked on Mary's tits for another couple minutes, but both women were approaching desperation. Mary spoke first.

"I want you, Michelle. I want to make love to you."

"I want you, too. Stand up. OK?" Michelle said.

As soon as Mary was on her feet in front of the couch, Michelle was next to her. Simultaneously, they began to take off each others jeans. They giggled as their hands and arms and legs intertwined in a wild stripping of clothes. They were almost childlike in their efforts to get the other one naked first. When it was over, they hugged each other and felt the wonder of nude bodies grinding together in pure lust.

Their hands wandered into every corner and crevice; over every bend and curve. Michelle took one of her soaking wet fingers and let Mary taste her own sweet juices.

"Mmmmm," Mary said. "That's how much I want you. Don't make me wait any longer."

Michelle took Mary by the arms and pushed her backward towards the couch. Mary flopped down onto the cushion and Michelle got on her knees. She gently pushed Mary's legs apart with her hands and inched her way forward. Michelle stared intently at Mary's lovely pussy and the fine blonde hair above her clit.

"I'm going to make you cum now, Mary. Just relax and enjoy it."

Mary looked over at Nate. The look on his face bordered on disbelief. But the size of his erection told Mary everything was working. She was about to have a beautiful young woman eat her pussy and the guy watching was about to cum. She saw the sizable drop of cum on the head of Nate's cock and, for just an instant, was jealous she couldn't get to it. But then Michelle put her face in Mary's pussy and Nate was an afterthought.

Michelle wished she had more of a clue what to do. Yes, she knew what pleased her when it came to oral sex. But having it done to you and doing it to another woman were two different things. She was going to have to rely on instinct, which may or may not have been to Mary's liking.

Michelle began by licking the inside of Mary's thighs. The skin was silky smooth and cool to the touch. It wasn't until Michelle was closer to Mary's clit that she felt the warmth rising from the woman's pussy. The intoxicating aroma made her next move very easy.

Michelle's tongue circled for a moment, and then slid down over the ultra sensitive nub that was Mary's clit. Mary hung on to the edge of the cushion as the tongue rose again, gliding across the clit and applying just the right amount of pressure.

"Ohhhhh, Michelle. Yes!" Mary sighed.

Michelle stabbed at the clit a few more times, and then pressed harder. She kissed the area and spread her lips enough to allow the clit to enter her mouth. Michelle bit down and stroked Mary repeatedly with her tongue. Mary's ass rose from the couch and Michelle slid her hands underneath.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Right there!"

A few feet away, Nate was once again pulling on his cock. He didn't know what he wanted most: to shove his cock inside the beautiful blonde pussy Michelle was eating; or, to stand behind Michelle's tight ass and fuck her. Unfortunately, his role didn't yet allow either dream to be fulfilled.

Female moans of pleasure increased in volume and urgency. Michelle was thoroughly enjoying her job of teasing Mary's clit. But she suspected that another approach would finally bring on the orgasm she felt building up inside her friend.

She moved her tongue down, flicking aside the flaps of skin protecting Mary's cunt. Michelle inched her way lower until the sweet taste convinced her she was in the right spot.

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