tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 04

The Literotica Olympics Day 04


Authors Note: A style of wrestling practiced in Olympic and international amateur competition, yet with the Greco-Roman wrestling the legs may not be used in any way to obtain a fall, and no holds may be taken below the waist. Get real__this is the Literotica Olympics and anything goes. Carry on...

"Afternoon, Folks. This is Vella_Ms, reporting for Literotica at one of the most celebrated of all Olympic events. Today is special event is taking place in a little side arena which we all like to call the Wading Pool. In this area, "No Kids Allowed", we will be hosting the KY Jelly Wrestling Event. The contestants for this event have been informed ahead of time of the rules; you know what folks, there are no rules!"

"That's right, Vella!" says ChilledVodka. Turning from the center of the arena to look at his lovely co-correspondent. "I have to admit, you are looking scrumptious today. Wow! That see through negligee really looks sexy on you!"

"Why, thank you CV, as you can see. I am not just another pretty face in the crowd. I have one hot body as well!"

The crowd shows their approval by clapping and whistling as Vella does a sexy walk to show off her outfit and gorgeous body.

"Wow! Very, very nice Vella!"

ChilledVodka can't peel his eyes off Vella, and she nudges him with her elbow. Nodding her head towards the audience for approval.

"Huh! Oh, right, right! __Okay!" CV says, clearing his throat. "I will set up the scene for you."

ChilledVodka strolls over to the center of the arena where there is a baby pool half-filled with KY Jelly.

"Today we have two teams for this Greco-Roman Wrestling. Which here at the Literotica Olympics has been renamed to KY Jelly Wrestling. In Greco-Roman Wrestling the legs cannot be attacked and there is no grabbing of the hips. But the judges have already ruled that out, and the opponent will accumulate points on the way the hips are grabbed and the amount of riding time. When the bell rings one member of each team will enter the pool. And remember, anything goes!"

"That's right, CV, and it looks like the men's team, appropriately named, "BMOC" of SummerMorning, and DirtyLover."

"Oh. BMOC. Meaning, Big Men on Campus?" ChilledVodka asks.

"No, CV. Big Muscles on Campus! As you can see these men are trying to impress the crowd by flexing their__uhm__muscles!"

"These men are hung, and quite proud of their fine physiques. I have been told, they can make some horses I know pretty jealous. Vella?" Vella nods her head, looking at the men unabashingly. "But wait, Vella! I think the team of the "T&A" are about to..."

"T&A?" ChilledVodka interrupts. "As in Tits and Ass?"

"Yes. Although I thought "TNT" would have been more appropriate with Honey's nickname being Hot Crotch and all!"

At that point the stadium is filled with Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" song. Both Honey123 and Damppanties walk out arm and arm sucking on lollipops. Their naked, suntanned bodies glistening in the sun. Both girls have incredible bodies; the same heights, with taut stomachs, round firm buttocks and perky full breasts. As they saunter out the crowd goes wild!

Stopping in front of their male opponents, Honey deliberately licks her lollipop taking it in her mouth. She then languidly pulls it out her tongue twirling around the hard candy; her gaze never wavers from Summer. Before turning around Honey hands him her lollipop, then bends over in front of Summer to retrieve a rose that a fan had tossed at her feet. Rising slowly she uses the rose to glide along Dampy's legs, teasing her silky skin with the petals. Dampy stands before Honey, staring defiantly at DirtyLover and spreads her legs slightly allowing Honey to massage the rose between her inner thighs.

Honey slowly brings the rose to her nose, breathing in deeply before tossing it to DirtyLover whom inhales the new scent of the rose. DirtyLover feigns a heart attack and is caught by Summer. Leaving both men and the crowd staring after them opened mouthed the girls retreat to their side of the pool.

"Wow! What a display Honey123, and Dampy are putting on. Both men and women alike are hooting and hollering at these girls. Let me tell you something, they are incredibly sexy!"

"I agree CV! These girls took their training pretty serious as well. Every time I passed the workout area, I heard them moaning and groaning. It's funny; I don't see any ribbons and bows on them__oh wait a minute! Looks like Dampy has one in her hair. Oh how cute! But do you think they can handle their opponents?"

"Oh, I think so Vella. Just look at the way Honey is looking at Summer. I heard they had a little tete-a-tete a few weeks ago. Their brief love affair ended a bit abruptly when Summer called Honey, "Sunny". I am pretty sure she will be making a point to have him go down, if you know what I mean!"

"We can only hope. It seems that Honey and SummerMorning will be the first to start."

Vella rings the bell to begin the competition. Honey and Summer step into the pool, and start off in their neutral positions. Honey raises her arms trying to get crowd's participation while she is taunting, and teasing Summer. Honey, takes some of the jelly and rubs it along her body. She seductively smiles and winks at Summer, cupping her breasts and spreading the jelly around them, and her nipples.

"How sexy is that?" Vella says, as she fans herself. "Looks to me, like Summer's got himself a full-johnson."

"Don't you mean full-nelson?"

"Not quite take a look at how big Summer's muscle is getting watching Honey spread that jelly all over her body!"

"Well, Vella," ChilledVodka says, while bringing down his shorts. "Then I'm pretty sure I've got a full-johnson myself."

"Really?" Vella reaches over and feels CV's bulge, slowly rubbing up and down the shaft. "Mmm__I'll say!"

"Don't stop Vella that feels really good!" ChilledVodka says, covering Vella's hand with his own, holding it captive on his growing bulge. "Wait a minute! Looks like Honey is in her set-up stance. Oh and what a set-up stance that is, ey, Vella? Honey is trying her hardest to distract Summer by turning her back to him and smacking her ass!"

"Yes, she is and Summer is just loving it, and really who wouldn't? Honey and Summer are moving around each other like two animals getting ready to fight. She motions and yells, "Bring it on!" Looks like Summer is getting ready to pounce on Honey, but then she does a fuck-under, __erm, __I mean duck-under, and Summer falls headfirst into the KY Jelly! She will definitely get some takedown points for that move!"

"What a lucky back Summer has Vella, and look at the way she is controlling him here by wrapping her legs around his waist. There is no way he is escaping from that move and who would want to?"

"CV, listen to the way the crowd is roaring! This has Honey flexing her muscles as she straddles Summer's hips. She can rack up a lot of riding time if she can stay on top. With the way she's sliding on his jelly soaked body, I'd be surprised if she can."

"Oh no, Vella! Summer is doing his bridge move that has Honey sliding off. That's a real nice move Summer has made, and he appears to be very happy with himself. Oh, it looks as though he is going for, __yes, yes he is! He is going for the tie-up position. Which by the way is one of my favorite positions! He is working his way into a level change. Now he grabs for Honey's hips, bringing her body hard to him. Summer's hands are sliding over Honey's sides. Looks to me like he is getting ready to perform his penetration move."

"Do you think there'll be a takedown, CV?"

"Oh I hope so, Vella. Look at the way their bodies are sticking together, the way Summer is caressing Honey's breasts, his hands sliding along her back down to her ass pulling her close to him! This is some match, hey Vella?"

"Yeah__seems like he is getting ready to do some slamming! Look at the way he is pushing against her. The way he is reaching beneath her buttock, and then rubbing her pussy!" Vella's breath is coming out labored as she is describing the antics in the pool. She closes her eyes and absently caresses her breasts, exposing them as she moves her negligee to bring her hands underneath the silky cloth.

"What a boob!" cries, ChilledVodka.

"What? Who? What'd I miss?"

"No, no, I mean your boob__Wow! With the KY Jelly on them__oh, boy, Vella?"

ChilledVodka pulls Vella close to him, her luscious breasts pressing up against his chest as he covers her mouth with his. The roaring of the crowd jerks them apart. And then Vella trying desperately to compose herself points to the frolicking in the wadding pool. The crowd stands on their feet chanting and clapping, "We Want Honey! We Want Honey!" and apparently, so does SummerMorning. He lifts Honey up, and eases her slowly down on his thickly coated cock.

He penetrates her slowly and gently with long strokes as Honey's hands cross behind his neck. Summer begins to pump harder pushing her against the edge of the pool wall. Making her yelp as they loose their balance, and fall back into the pool sending globs of KY Jelly flying across the arena, hitting both of the commentators, bringing them back to reality.

"Uhm__sorry about that__Ah__Oh yeah! Damppanties reaches for Honey's hand and seems to want to be part of the act, __erm__I mean event!" Says Vella her mouth inches away from CV's.

"Yeah, it seems that DirtyLover has seen his chance to bring Dampy down." Says, CV as he reaches out his tongue to lick Vella's lips.

"Mmm__look at the way Summer is thrusting deeply into Honey. He is really racking up some points here! But wait! __Summer reaches a hand out to tag DL, but Dampy is there, and does a leg shot! DirtyLover slips on the jelly falling into the pool bringing Dampy down on top of him, in a top position. This, quite frankly is one of my favorite position!"

"Really? Good to know." ChilledVodka says, kissing the side of Vella's face as she half-closes her eyes bending her head backward to offer her neck to him.

At this point, DL is lying face up in the pool. Damppanties straddles his hips, pounding on her chest in a Tarzan motion. DL grabs her hips and slides her along his chest. In order to stay on top, Dampy grabs at DL's hair pulling his face closer into her pussy and wraps her legs around his head.

"Wow, now that's what I call a full-nelson!" Vella exclaims. "Uh, oh, it looks as though DL has something in mind for our Dampy?"

CV nuzzles his face in Vella's neck, murmuring, "And I have something in mind for you too, sweet Vella."

Vella smiles as CV trails hot wet kisses down her neck to her breasts. Her nipples hard with excitement as the jelly drips down her cleavage. Vella arches her back bringing them closer to CV's mouth.

Back in the wading pool. DL slides Dampy all the way to his mouth, lifting Dampy slightly up as she straddles his face. His hands are moving Dampy slowly up and down as she grinds down on his tongue.

Looking over CV's head, Vella notices that Dampy is changing positions.

"Hey, it looks as though Dampy is trying to get up. Wait a minute, oh my goodness, she's turning around so she can do a Whizzer!"

"That's__that's__well, that's just down right kinky!" CV says, snapping his head up so he can see what's taking place.

"No, no, CV, a "Whizzer". A Whizzer means that Dampy is attempting to gain control of her opponent. And boy is she! She is grabbing DL's hard cock! And it doesn't look like he's complaining at all!"

"Listen to the crowd roar as Dampy standing over DL, bends over, shoulders to feet. Exposing her full round buttocks to the crowd, and a very happy DL. Dampy impales herself upon him. Will you look at that! It's as if she's spiking a football after making the winning touchdown!"

"Yes, but this is KY Jelly Wrestling CV, and that's what we call a screw job! Which reminds me, CV. How is that, um, half-johnson of yours doing?"

Vella turns and looks at her co-commentator. Her eyes widening as she sees that he now has a full-johnson, and decides to show him exactly why the top position is her favorite move. ChilledVodka moans appreciatively as Vella slides her panties off, and positions herself on top CV's cock. CV clutches vella's hips pounding into her harder and faster running his hands down her buttocks grabbing each cheek with one hand. CV spreading Vella wide open plunges deep into her.

"Mmmm__I think we may have to end this event for the day. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the fencing event here at the Litero..."

"Oh, shut up already, CV!" Vella interrupts, tossing the mike and rips open her negligee exposing two magnificent looking breasts. She grabs hold of ChilledVodka's head, and crushes his face between her cleavage.

"I think we are all winners here, don't you Vella?" CV mumbles, he places his hand on her back bringing her body closer to his as he kisses her hard nipple. Teasing them playing with them as his other hand works it way down her hip, and around her stomach to gain a touch of her swollen labia.

"Mmmm__" moans Vella. CV dips his fingers into her wet mound, flicking her clit stroking it as Vella's hip thrust against his hand.

"Yeah, CV__Mmm, yeah__right__there!"

As the helicopter flies overhead, it's camera pans down to capture this moment on tape. It seems that the whole stadium has decided to grab the person next to them and engage in what can only be declared as One Big Greco-Roman Orgy-feast!

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