tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 13

The Literotica Olympics Day 13


Event: Gymnastics

In the Olympics world there is a multi-event event known as Gymnastics where prepubescent girls show off their stretchiness. In the Literotica world, there is Bondage Gymnastics where women of legal age show off much much more.

“All right then, welcome to the Literotica Dungeon. I’m Tom Gunn, and with me is my colorful commentator Dick Gently, and an old expert of the games, Harry Reasons. Glad to have you both with me.”

“Thank you, but I’ve told you a million times, We’re not gay,” Dick replied curtly. “Now, Harry, you brought home the gold in 1984, tell us what we’ll be seeing tonight.”

“What the hell are you two babbling about? We’ve been watching the events for days. This is the final run for all the participants. Have you been snorting coke all this time?!?”

Dick raised himself from the line on his desk guiltily, “Um, it’s medicinal really.”

“And I’m a moron,” Tom said flashing a million-dollar smile at the TV camera. “Well, let’s meet the judges.”

“Did they break you both out of the zoo? What’s wrong with both of you,” Harry screamed losing his patience.

“Well, Tom,” Dick said interrupting Harry’s rant. “From Scotland, we’ve got the giant Oggbashan. There was some contestation earlier about him having an influence in the event wasn’t there Harry?”

“What,” Harry said completing his rant. “Yes, yes. One of the contestants, a Jeanne D’Artois was disqualified from the event when she was discovered to be a figment of Oggbashan’s imagination. There is a 1992 Olympic code banning figments of a particular judge’s imagination from competing in the events to limit conflicts of interests.”

“This was after the Terri Neverwas incident, wasn’t it,” Dick said falsely interested.

“Yes. Her gold medal was revoked when it was discovered that the Chinese judge had invented her. The series of 10s she had received from the judge were disqualified and the Chinese are no longer allowed to have judges here at the Bondage Gymnastics.”

“Fascinating,” Tom said never letting his eyes leave the camera. “But why is Oggbashan still judging.”

“I told you an hour ago before we got into that debate on Keats.”

“Shut up, on air I’m a moron or they fire me so just repeat the banality for our mindless TV audience and limit your verbosity because they’re all dumber than a…I mean, Keats was an exhibition event wasn’t it?”

“Whatever, Tom. Well, what happened was they were going to enforce the law, but Oggbashan said he’d lift his kilt at the first man who tried and no underpaid security guard wants to grapple with that particular monster.”

“Next is one of the two judges from the UK. He’s looking quite suave in his moustache, jacket, and “fuck me” hat,” Dick said describing a debonair if not desperate man.

“Yes, Carl East is a master of suave technique,” Harry said. “He has also been the most lenient of the judges thus far, giving almost eight tens in the course of the competition.”

“Guess he’s hoping a couple of tenners will aid him to a lap dance or two,” Tom laughed. “Now the other UK judge is…I’ll say! He’s playing a guitar.”

“Huh,” Harry said drifting out of the protective daydream he had entered to avoid the bad pun. “Oh yes, raphy tried to quit the games earlier after a bad experience commenting on the Nordic Combined, but the Olympic Committee’s contract on his soul demands that he still do a few more events. He’s actually quite a good judge at these games though as well as an old friend.”

“I guess he really knows the ins-and-outs of these games,” Tom laughed again.

“If you do one more bad pun, I’ll be forced to brain you with this microphone,” Harry snapped curtly. Mentally, he despised the contract on his soul that the OC had on him and raphy, and wondered how to breach contract without being eternally damned.

“Next we have the Scandinavian judge, there has been a lot of controversy about him this year, could you elaborate, Harry,” asked Dick in order to prevent Harry from injuring his co-host.

“Oh, yes, Liar, during the 2000 competition, claimed at the end of the event that all the scores he had given were ‘all in jest’ and that he’d like to take them back. The OC were going to throw him out of judging, but they have his soul on contract as well and so that is why he is bedecked in the finest of polygraph technology. With this he’s forced to give his honest scores this year much to his disappointment.”

“I see, next to him, we have the American judge, who I notice is sporting his first smile. He’s been miserably depressed so far this event.”

“Well, if you look at that gold medal around his neck, he won the Nordic Combined and well… it’s really hard to be depressed after receiving an Olympic blowjob. That and he finally found his trusty headphones.”

“I thought you said, no puns,” Tom said poutily.

“Oh, shut up and die, why don’t you,” Harry snapped rubbing his aching migraine.

“Ha ha ha,” Dick chuckled nervously. “You two kidders. Oh, good the judge from Hell has finally arrived for today’s final round.”

“He’s been a real prick, these games, giving out the worst grades of the competition,” Tom added momentarily taking over the color commentary job.

“Yes, well that is to be expected of Lucifer_Carroll,” Dick replied. “Incidentally I heard a rumor that he was actually pretty nice as a judge during the triathlon that just occurred.”

Tom and Harry both glanced over at the smiling sadist. “You’re lying,” they said in their one moment of unison.

“I just said I heard a rumor,” Dick muttered guiltily. “No need to throw it back at me.”

“And now I see our lovely mistress Colleen Thomas is entering to oversee the final run of events,” Tom said lusting over the beautiful lesbian as she strutted in a sleek red leather vest cut just below her breast line and ending just above her shapely ass. She wore no panties, but a pair of fishnet stockings that rose up to the crotch. On her hands were two long black silk gloves and on her feet were ironically feminine stilettos. She took her time to the center of the ring letting her ass swing seductively in front of the camera. Reaching her official mistress table she began to warm up with the toys presented.

Taking a long 10 foot whip from the table, she practiced her technique making the air crack with such intensity that the crowd in the audience flinched. She smiled slightly as a set of three candles was lit at a distance from her to warm up. Letting her whip three crack three more times, the candles were snuffed.

“It looks like Colleen is fully ready for her duties tonight,” Dick replied in awe as his dick crowned in his pants.

“Oh, yes. Colly is a superb mistress as well as an old friend. She’s been primed for these games with 10 straight weeks of intensive study on the American presidents of the Gilded Age, the impact of modern British tax laws on the commonwealth, and early Canadian history. Believe me that’s enough to make any history geek really want to stand up and whip someone hard.”

“Well, with that settled let’s bring on the first event,” Tom smiled as he stroked his freed cock underneath the broadcast table. “lucky-E-leven is completing her final challenge, the vault. Can you two tell the audience about her chances in this event.”

“Well Tom,” Dick began, “lucky-E-leven is plucky, but far too horny to excel at the bondage games. She’s prematurely cum thrice so far which has put her in a distant sixth place. Taking that into account, I’m expecting we’ll see a more low-key take to the event and most likely a fourth premature cum for her.”

“Possibly, the vault is a difficult event to do that in though as it is a whipping and spanking event.”

“Can you elaborate for our viewers about the nature of the event,” Tom replied.

“Why the hell would I do that,” Harry yelled, “they can see for themselves.”

“Humor them or we release the photos of you, the prime minister’s daughter, and a hobo named Ted,” Tom whispered his voice dipping into a scathing threat.

“!” exclaimed Harry. “All right, it’s a fair cop. As you can see the Vault is a small chamber wherein the victim is chained to both the floor and ceiling in a manner to restrict movement as much as possible. The victim is then spanked with multiple paddles and hairbrushes and then finally is whipped. If the victim orgasms at the very end of the event, she is credited extra points for ‘sticking’ the landing, if she goes off early, she is docked points. Furthermore, pissing, passing out, or stopping the assault is grounds for immediate disqualification. Extra points are given for the ‘style’ of the event aka vibrators in key places, drinking heavy amounts of water before the event, extra torture bits, etc. Also, any cries of pain or shock are counted as small penalties against your overall score. This is the event where that factors in the most. It’s all fairly straight-forward.”

“Yes, I see lucky-E-leven has gone fairly light on her extras for her final event, choosing only a small anal vibrator.”

“Well, the anal vibrator will be worth extra on this event because so much attention is paid to the ass, but it will only serve to keep her in the competition. She’ll have no hope for a medal unless her competitors mess up really badly.”

“Yes, attention to the ass you say,” Dick said through gritted teeth as he resisted the urge to pull down his pants.

Tom meanwhile was happily jerking as his eyes followed the sexy Texan on her walk. “I see she is otherwise clad very nicely in nothing but a cowboy hat.”

“Well, of course, according to ancient Olympic code all contestants must be naked from their neck down to their shins in order to show that they aren’t hiding any illicit materials to aid them,” Harry said as he watched the Texan walk over to the metal handcuff constraints, her buttocks clenched tight to keep in the anal vibrator.

Colleen gingerly placed lucky-E-leven in the cuffs, sensually stroking her legs and arms as she went. As soon as she was secured, Colleen switched on the vibrator in her ass and watched briefly as she twitched to get used to the pleasing buzz.

“Looks like she’s ready Tom,” Dick said as he unbuttoned his pants, no longer able to resist the strain on his crotch.

“Ugh hmmm,” Tom moaned as he stroked his dick harder. “What do you think she’ll start with.

“Regulation says she’ll begin with two light slaps with the palm to warm her bottom, follow up with twenty strokes from the hairbrush, ten from the small paddle, five from the large paddle, one hard slap from the paddle of doom, and end with fifteen lashes with the whip. The lashes will be divided equally among the pussy, ass, and breasts in no required order.”

“No cat’o’nine tails then?”

“Not in this event, no. It’s favored more during the Uneven Bars.”

“Well I see Colleen is starting already with the hand slaps.”

“Yes, you can see the white handprint on lucky-E-leven’s ass from where the blows fell.”

“Right over the heart on her ass, nice,” Tom muttered falling prey to his lust.

“That tattoo will likely be lost after this event considering it’s crimson color.”

“Or the force of impact,” Tom replied as he watched Colleen grab the hairbrush off the table. She approached lucky and ran the brush softly over the ass, teasing it, and as soon as she reached the heart, let go with a quick slap. Lucky grunted in surprise.

“Oh, that’s a half point deduction right there, Tom.”

Colleen quickly let loose three more sharp slaps with the hairbrush as lucky bit her lip to keep from gasping again. With the fourth slap, Colleen hit the back of the vibrator driving it deeper into her ass. “Fuck,” cried out Colleen at the sensation.

“Oh my, curse words are a four point deduction. She can’t get better than a nine-five five now.”

Colleen taking the hint let two more strikes fall directly above and below the vibrator causing it to move about. Lucky drew blood in her mouth to keep from moaning again. Meanwhile, below the effect of the vibrator was starting to turn her on and a few drops of moistness began to move down her thigh. Colleen took a deep breath as she passed and smiled.

She resisted the urge to play with the wet pussy as this was the vault event and let the rest of the required hairbrush slaps fall around the ass. By the end of the exchange, lucky’s ass as well as mouth were a bright crimson and lucky was noticeably dripping on the floor.

“I see lucky’s already starting to drip. I believe she’ll prematurely orgasm during the whipping.”

“I’d say that is most likely. No woman since 1972 has made it past the pussy whipping if they’ve started dripping during the hairbrush,” Harry said knowledgably as he stared lovingly at Colleen. God, if I only was a lesbian, he thought.

Colleen sashayed over to the table again pulling out a small ping-pong paddle, ribbed slightly to create little bumps on an otherwise smooth bottom. She took a few practice swings as she went back to her prey. She let her hands wander again as she took up position along her side. She let her hands caress the perfect bottom in front of her eliciting coos too soft for the judges to hear. She let the paddle fall on the heart on her left cheek in the middle of one of the coos, bringing it aloud. Another half-point deduction. She followed up with a hard paddle to the right cheek and began to quickly alternating getting another two gasps from lucky.

“This is bad news indeed for lucky. She already has six points of deduction and we haven’t even gotten to the paddle of doom. She may fall into the sixes for score if she is not careful.”

“I guess she just isn’t very lucky this year,” Tom said as he slowed his pace to keep from ejaculating early.

“What did I say about bad puns,” Harry yelled.

“Hobo named Ted, Harry,” Tom warned.

Harry settled into his seat muttering. Next year he’d find a way out of this stupid contract if it killed him. He distracted himself with the view of Colleen as she grabbed the big paddle from the table.

“That would be a rowing paddle, would it not,” Dick asked him. His cock finally in hand as his resistance fully faltered.

Harry, the only commentator left with pants, muttered, “No, it only looks like one. An actual rowing paddle is too fragile to deliver the swats and so heavy as to risk hurting the victim. Instead we use a plastic version of one with a slight wooden finish. It brings up welts like nothing else.”

Without any ado, Colleen swung the paddle full force into lucky’s ass. Her eyes teared up to the force, but she made no sound.

“Well, that’s impressive. Flowing tears with no sobs remove a single point’s worth of penalty and she’s back to only five points of deduction.”

The strokes fell harshly stinging the cheeks and causing her legs to swing forward and strain against the chains. Across the dungeon was nothing but the ringing sounds of the slaps and the gentle “fwap” of a thousand plus people masturbating in unison. After the five strokes were up, lucky’s face was a mess of tears and she gently choked back her sobs as her ass ached horribly. Down below, her pussy dripped harder with the attention her ass was getting from the vibrator now lodged quite firmly and deeply in her ass.

Colleen walked over to the table and reached under it for the paddle of doom.

“My god, look at the size of it,” Dick exclaimed. “Every time I see it, it never fails to amaze.”

“I know it makes me feel inadequate,” Tom rang in jauntily. “Tell us a little about the history of the paddle of doom.”

“Well it’s a recent addition to the event, coming out of the uptight eighties. It’s a heavy black pvc paddle clad with actual rhinestones that make out the word ‘doom’. It’s used once and imprints that word on the ass for about a month.”

Lucky struggled to regain her composure as the crowd began to gently chant, “of doom, of doom, of doom.” Behind her Colleen was preparing herself like a baseball player, spreading her legs and giving a quick hand-shuffle. She began to take a few practice swings stopping just short each time. As this was her last use of the paddle. She wanted to make it a good one.

Taking a full swing back, she lifted one leg and let it fall sharply on lucky’s ass. The blow rang out across the dungeon and lucky let out a bellow and her head nodded forward.

“Oh my god, has she passed out,” Dick cried out. “This could be a disqualification folks.”

“No, look, she’s coming around again,” Harry pointed out as lucky’s head quickly jerked back up and she jerked the chains to signal to the judge’s her consciousness as well as her desire to continue. “Still the penalty for a near faint is a full ten point deduction. She’ll be in the eights at best.”

“They’re giving her the mandatory thirty second recovery for near faints and lucky looks like she’s recovering nicely,” Dick groaned. “Plus, that doom on her ass is crystal clear and sexy. Fuck-“ Dick came suddenly onto the bottom of the table. “Aren’t we supposed to have a blowjob slut under here for this event.”

“No, not after you spent all our budget on booze and hookers last night,” Tom muttered with a bit of disdain. “Thousands of free sluts during the games. Thousands of beautiful women and you pick up a bunch of hookers.”

“Nothing wrong with hookers,” Dick said guiltily. “Anyway, it looks like we’re ready to start again and Colleen is pulling out the whip.

“After a near-faint on the paddle of doom, I’d say that the whipping will probably polish her off. She’s going to be a bit weak and the lashes are going to take advantage of that,” Harry muttered as he scooted his chair even further away from his two mad co-anchors. Someday, I’ll escape this, he thought bitterly, until then perseverance. He looked down at the wet spot on his trousers. And a new pair of pants.

Colleen began to circle lucky drinking her in. The cowboy hat had fallen off during the near faint and her long black hair had fallen partially over her face. Meanwhile, lucky’s breasts heaved as she gulped in big breaths to calm herself before the hardest part of the vault. Colleen giggled and let the first stroke cross across the breasts raising a long welt. Lucky sucked in a gasp to try and avoid further point dockings. Two more strikes fell on her breasts, raising blood slightly over her beautiful mounds.

Licking her lips, Colleen let her gaze fall lower on lucky’s beautiful pink slit. Drinking in the sight, she let two strikes hit the inner thigh next to the labia causing lucky to twist violently and nearly squeak in pain. Colleen frowned. She marched around to the much abused backside. She let two lashes create a large x across the ass covering the word doom and raising blood. This elicited a small cry, but it was only a single point deduction. She covered the same lines with two more lashes, raising blood purely in a line but not getting another scream. lucky’s lip was bleeding heavily at this point.

In disappointment, Colleen switched gears and let her last lash hit lucky’s puckered anus. A small splattering of juices hit the floor. Colleen smiled as she circled quickly back to the front and let two lashes kiss the areolas of lucky’s breasts causing them to pitch up in pain and pleasure. lucky’s eyes widened as she felt the level of her arousal and realized what would happen next.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Colleen raised the whip slowly and let her last three lashes kiss lucky’s cunt: Two on the labia and one directly hitting the clit. Lucky spasmed at the last blow as she felt her legs give way in the constraint and the orgasm tear her body. Colleen smiled and walking up, took her right as mistress to clean the victim’s cunt after orgasm. As she drank the flowing juices as they ran out, she signaled the judges that the landing was stuck and thus, five penalty points were to be removed.

“Holy fuck,” Tom remarked as he shot into the bottom of the table as well. “She made it to the end and stuck that landing. This is a remarkable finish for lucky-E-leven.”

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