tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 15

The Literotica Olympics Day 15


This story is part of a chain where a lot of talented Literotica Authors have collaborated to form a crazy spoof of the Olympics for our very own Literotica, with contestants who are members of the site.

For the Athens 2004 Games, the 17 Olympic shooting sport events include ten for men and seven for women across a range of firearms. Shooters contest in four different disciplines five with rifles, one in running target, five with pistols and six events with shotguns. In the Literotica Olympics, we have women targets and shooting men, three events, different rules, different pistols which shoot different 'bullets' and a whole lot of sex. Read on!

* * * * *

"Hello and welcome to the Literotica Olympics Day 15. Today we have the shooting events scheduled. I'm your commentator, Virtual Burlesque, also called VB. With me is the veteran commenter ChilledVodka. Veteran because of his frequent, and often cryptic, public comments which he slings on certain stories which he deems worthy of the er… weirdness. There's even some sort of a club around here, of people who want to have a CV PC." VB turned around and nudged CV in the ribs. "Say Hi or something," she hissed, covering the mike with her hand.

CV stared back at her. "Something."

"Uh, well, that's CV for you. Now that the introductions are over…"

"No, they're not," CV butted in.


"Haven't introduced you yet. VB is the crazy nymph of the boards, doing a bloody stripping act right there in her AV and…"

"Mind your language!"

"…titillating everyone from pops to vella to Abs to Pussy Chaser, Snoopdog…"

"Let's just say everybody?" VB interrupted, a strong blush creeping across her cheeks.

"Hell, yes. Everyone."

"Ahem. Thank you. You're not as bad as you're made out to be. I mean… no, I didn't mean it the way it sounded. It's just that… well, let me talk about the shooting events today."

VB cleared her throat and continued. "The event today is divided into three parts. We have teams of three, consisting of a woman and two men. The female is the target and the men shoot at her, aiming at specific parts of her body which fetch them the maximum points. The areas to aim for are the chest and the genital area…"

"Tits and pussy?" exclaimed CV.

VB glared at him. "Well, yes. You could call it that. Each man has three shots at the woman. Where he has to aim at her…"

"Tits and pussy."

"Yes." VB covered her mike. "CV, would you mind referring to them as the chest and genitals?"

"Coming back to the shooting event. The first event is Trap Shooting, where the woman is tied up on a board – 'trapped' - and the man has to shoot at her. The next is Moving Target. This is the one to watch out for because the men have known to be distracted by the ladies moving about, adopting certain poses… well, we'll come to it soon. There are three shots for each of those two events, a total of six. And the last event will be, 'Shoot the Load', which is self-explanatory."

"No, it's not."

VB squirmed. "It is," she mumbled.

"I think you should tell them just the same. We're supposed to explain the events." CV persevered.

"Ahem. Ok. The men are supposed to… to um, reach orgasm and, err… actually come inside or on the lady. In this last event, the timing is the key. The quicker they shoot their load, the better it is." She turned to CV. "Clear now?"

"Yeah. Will do."

"Now CV will tell us about the stuff used for the shooting."

"Right. Gladly. We use some kind of stuff inside the pistols, which is… where the hell did I out those prompts? Hey, you seen my papers? Were here somewhere… about this thing I am supposed to explain…"

"Psst! CV, you're on air."

"Yeah, I know, but what the hell do I talk about if I don't have those notes… well, anyway. Nevermind. This liquid inside the squirter pistols is a special kind of chocolate, I could have told you what it is exactly if I had those prompts."

"Something about an aphrodisiac," VB whispered.

"Yes. Of course. The chocolate is warm and sweet… and, and, well, like chocolate's supposed to be, I guess. It's a mix of some different blends of cocoa and other weird stuff, God, I miss those notes. And it's also an aphrodisiac, which means it turns you on when eaten. So this chocolate, when squirted from the pistols, smears itself all over the woman. Hey, can't we start it now and they'll see it when it happens?"

"No CV, we got to tell them so they can follow what's happening."


"CV, that language!"

"Oh come on, AV stripper. They can take it. This is the adult Olympics after all. They're here to watch people fucking."

VB's gasp interrupted his commentary before he continued.

"So this shooting event spreads delicious, warm chocolate all over the woman's body, and the men have to lick all of it off before they start on the last event, that's Shoot the Load."

"They need to aim at certain points as there will be less chocolate to lick and they can do it quicker." VB added.

"Yes, remember – Tits and pussy."

"Well, yes. Thank you. And now let us meet the four teams as they run out on to the ground. Team 1, has the fabulous Lucky-E-leven. This breathtakingly beautiful woman is sure to have an impact on the last event. Her team mates have sworn that her sexy attitude has made them reduce their timing in Shoot the Load drastically."

Lucky walked out on to the ground and the crowd went wild as they saw her attractive curves. Her face lit up in a lovely smile and she took a turn around the stadium, waving to the audience.

"With her, in Team 1 are the handsome Remec and that very talented cantdog. I'm waiting to see what cantdog does in this competition. He's a dark horse, that one!" VB continued as Remec and catdog jogged into view behind Lucky.

CV took up the commentary. "In Team 2 is the fabulously pretty Swede – Svenskaflicka. Sven is…"

"Ska!" VB butted in quickly.

The girl in question walked into view and looked up at the commentary box, narrowing her eyes for a moment, before directing her attention to the people around her and blowing them a kiss.

"What did you say?" CV looked confused.

"Well, nothing. It's just that it's Svenska, not Sven," VB clarified.

CV shrugged and continued. "SvenSKA is accompanied by Sub Joe and SeaCat. I've heard that Sub Joe and SeaCat have a new technique which they have been practising with Sven."

"Ska!" VB chimed in.

"Yes. Ok. SvenSKA." CV rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Your turn to introduce Team 3," he muttered.

"Team 3 has the oh-so-sexy CharleyH, I can't believe I said that, but really, she's just something else." At that moment Charley walked on to the field and there was an instant of complete silence from the audience after which they went wild with the cheering. Charley, looking like she was used to it, gave them a lazy smile.

"What I wouldn't do to get my hands on her," CV mumbled.

"Uh, yes. That's Charley and with her today in Team 3 are Dranoel and dirtylover. Both of these men are known for their excellent timing in Shoot the Load and this team in the current favourite, though no one can say what will happen in the actual competition."

"Team 4 has the lovely ageless lady of AH – Jeanne_d_artois. I say ageless because no one knows how old or how young she is. The only clue you get is from that photo of hers where she is in a very unusual yoga posture and that's actually no clue at all because she could be anywhere from 25 to 85!"

Jeanne walked out on the ground, completely naked, and amid catcalls and wolf whistles, threw a haughty look around the stadium and then, as an afterthought, gave a small wave.

"Team 4 also has Oggbashan, a perfect companion to Jeanne. There's a rumour doing the rounds that Og and Jeanne have hit off on a personal level and there's probably going to be an announcement soon. They have even given an interview that they seem like one body, one soul, even if they are different personalities. That's sure to give them an edge in today's competition. With them today is Rumple Foreskin. Rumple's been around forever – that would mean a lot of experience, wouldn't it?"

"So those are our four teams for today's Shooting competition, and now let's just start the action! The first event in the Shooting competition is Trap Shooting."

The crowd went into a frenzy as the four women jogged down to the boards on which the first of the three events was to be held. There, they were securely tied down on the vertical boards, their arms spread out on either side of them and their legs spread out too, giving wide access to the 'Tits and Pussy' range.

"I'm have a stiffy," CV announced to no one in particular and the crowd's shouting went up a notch in agreement with his statement. "Trap Shooting has aspects of bondage in it as the girls are tied up, unable to do anything as the men shoot at them with that warm chocolate. I'm sure it feels heavenly, all that gooey warmness flowing down, dripping down their breasts, over stomachs and into their crevices… but the women cannot do anything for the release they desperately want until the Shoot the Load event."

As the officials finished tying up the women, one man from each of the teams was seen taking up the special pistols and getting into their stance.

"We have Remec from Team 1 shooting at Lucky, Sub Joe from Team 2 shooting at Sven…"


CV didn't even pause at VB's interruption. "dirtylover taking up his pistol at the sexy Charley in Team 3 and Rumple doing it to Jeanne in Team 4."

"Doing it?!" VB was shocked.

CV chuckled and continued. "The first shot is fired and Team 1, 2 and 3 get a Tit each as Team 4 goes directly for the Pussy. I don't know what Rumple's strategy is, because traditionally, the first two shots are Tits and the last shot is a Pussy to keep the lady from getting too close to an orgasm with all of that warm juice between her thighs… but Team 4 seem to have something different in mind."

"The second shot has all of the teams marked for a, um... Tit," VB fumbled with the word as she saw CV's hand hovering over his crotch. Determinedly taking her eyes off him, she cleared her throat and continued, "All of the teams are on the same score with two shots down… and the third shot…"

"Damn!" CV leaned over in his chair as the third shot landed on the females. "Team 1 Remec misses a Pussy and lands up a bit higher than he was supposed to on Lucky, getting his score down a bit. The other Teams emerge with perfect scores and all of the ladies are out of their bonds, dripping with chocolate in the most delicious of places; and is your hand on your breast VB?"

VB blushed beet red and immediately snatched her hand away as CV gave another rub to the tent in his pants and winked at the embarrassed female. She started speaking to cover her confusion.

"At the end of this event Team 2, 3 and 4 are at 30 points and Team 1 is trailing with 25 points for missing that Pussy. The next event, Moving Target is a delight to watch because you see all the lovely women strut their stuff. They're supposed to move in choreographed moves, which fetch them points and the men again shoot at them. This event has nothing to do with time, just technique – how the women move, what time and position the men pick to hit them… this is one place where the team mates have to read each other's minds as they try to get those perfect scores."

"And here we have the men taking up their positions. cantdog from Team 1 – I've seen him before and he's good, SeaCat from Team 2 – he is rumoured to have a new technique and all the practise with Sven…"


CV threw a naughty look over at VB. "…is going to pay off. Team 3 has Dranoel, the man who can do wonders with that pistol and Team 4 has Og with Jeanne, and if they really are the same body and soul as they claim, then this event is going to be a real cakewalk for them."

"The girls taking up their positions on the mats on the ground. Lucky, with that lovely supple body has a good chance for the more difficult positions; Svenska, I think the judges are going to be dazzled with those looks before they even get to look at the positions… look at that chocolate running down her… ahem." VB took a deep breath to steady herself but as soon as she looked at the next contestant, "Oh My God! Did you look at Charley? She's running her finger over a breast and licking it off with the look in her eyes which…," VB trailed off, speechless at the spectacle before her.

One look at VB, and CV decided to continue as she seemed lost in her own world, one hand disappearing under her skirt.

"The last contestant is Jeanne. With all that yoga and with the mental oneness she seems to share with OG, I'm going to put my money on Team 4. And there's the whistle and they're off…. Look at that! Team 4 Jeanne has gone into a Rocking Recliner at the outset. Does that woman have bones at all? Og waits until she's at the top of her position and shoots, landing a perfect Tit. Absolutely beautiful! Team 1 Lucky's started off with a smooth Spooner and is arching into the Winged Eros now. That position is so hard to hold but she is holding it and there comes the first shot on her… yes, right on her Tit it is and cantdog has scored with a perfect hit at a lovely time. They'll get a good score for it."

VB seemed to wake up from her trance, and caught up with the excitement. "Meanwhile Team 2 started off with Ass in the Air, very tradition, and just look at Svenska's ass! Fabulous piece of… uh… and she now moves into a perfect Kneeling Pretzel Position. There's a shot and will you look at that! I've never seen a hit on a Kneeling Pretzel before but SeaCat sneaks a Tit hit right from under her folded hand, very very tough but done so smoothly. I guess the practise paid off. Team 3 Charley started off with a bold Rainbow Arch and she gets her first Tit hit right in that position… what a view! Woooohoooooooooo!"

CV stared at VB, who had all of the buttons on her blouse undone, with one hand caressing her breast and the other disappearing into her panties. He couldn't believe that this was the same woman who had been acting like a prude at the beginning of the event, but then all those beautiful ladies and chocolate flowing down their bodies at all those positions… it would make anyone go insane with lust.

CV cleared his throat and tried to concentrate on the commentary. With one hand firmly around his hard cock, he continued. "The men are in position for the second shot now and the ladies are changing their postures. There goes Team 3 Charley into a Butterfly Position and Dranoel does a perfect Tit. Great position, great shot. That man knows how to use a gun! Oh MY God! I can't believe Team 4 Jeanne, she's done a Crazy Cowgirl and is now moving into a Reversed Doggy Position. I cannot believe my eyes, that is incredible… Og's just got a Tit hit on the Reversed Doggy. This is unprecedented. No one had been able to score a hit on the Reversed Doggy before because the arms and legs are so close to the body that it is almost impossible to get a clear Tit or Pussy hit, but Og has done it! They probably have the event in their hands right now and there is one more shot to go."

VB continued, "Team 1 Lucky is going to give them tough competition though because she did a Back Bend and got a Pussy hit. Possibly the next most difficult combination to achieve, and the Pussy hit would get them extra points in the Back Bend. Team 2 Svenska is in the Wrap Around Butt-Grab, holding that position and there comes the Tit hit. Tough position, perfect timing. That does it for the second shots round of the second event, with one more shot remaining I'm wondering what all these ladies can do."

CV pumped his hard cock, gazing at the chocolate dripping ladies getting ready on their mats for the final round of the Moving Target event. VB was furiously stroking herself as the event started. She fixed her eyes on the action and started speaking.

"Team 1 Lucky seems to be the smart one. As she has already finished a Pussy hit, now she's doing a Touching Soles and it's a piece of cake for cantdog as he shoots a stream of chocolate onto her Tit. Hit and score! Team 3 Charley, Great God! She's doing the Cross-Legged Hit My G-Spot! How exactly is Dranoel going to get a Pussy in that position? Okay, she's spreading her legs now and gliding into a… ohhhh My God, I’m cummmmmminnnnnnggggggggg!"

CV cursed and took up the commentary as VB went into a series of orgasms.

"Team 3 charley is now in a Spread-Eagle, the most elegant position for a Pussy hit and it's very easy for Dranoel to take her Pussy in this position and he doesn't disappoint. Team 2 Sven is…"

"SKA!" shouted VB in between the spasms rocking her body.

"…is in the Super Ball position and SeaCat has no trouble picking out her Pussy and it's a great hit. The last team, Jeanne in Team 4 is doing a magnificent Double Rocket and is gracefully moving into a, Oh wow! She's doing a Hoovering on the Floor as a last position and Og gets a difficult Pussy hit in Hoovering! Oh My god! What a way to end this and what a competition this has been!

"The scores are flashing on the board now, and… yes! Exactly as I thought, Team 4 is in the first position with a perfect score of 30 out of 30! Team 2 is in the second position; they had to be, with SeaCat getting that Kneeling Pretzel just right. They are on 28 points. Team 1 scores 28 too, well, that Back Bend Pussy hit deserved it, and Team 1 in fourth position, on 25!"

CV looked over at VB, who was slumped on the table in front of her, totally exhausted from her mind-numbing orgasm and wondered if she could comment for the final event in the Shooting events. He prodded her. "Hey VB, are you ok? Can you do the Shoot the Load?"

"Huh?" VB stirred. "You start. I'll be with you in a moment."

CV shook his head and decided to continue. "And the last event for today, the Shoot the Load! This is the event we have been waiting for because I'm sure all our horny contestants here have had enough chocolate on them and the men have almost gone crazy with those hard cocks, now is the time for them to achieve orgasm in the shortest time possible and looking at the state they are in, I think it's going to be a close contest. The men are lining up and the start line and the ladies at the finish line. Remember, the men have to run over to the ladies and lick ALL of the chocolate off before cumming."

VB seemed to have recovered and chimed in, "Team 1 has the delicious Remec and cantdog, both of them are so fabulously in shape. Team 2 Sub Joe and Seacat – looks like Sub Joe's going to make fabulous time, he's a great sprinter. Team 3 dirtylover and Dranoel are known for their quick cumtime and with Charley's hot body egging them on… Team 4 Rumple and Og might struggle with the clock but with them already in the lead, even if they finish second or third in this event, they have a definite chance at that gold."

The whistle went off and CV leaned forward in his chair, almost lying down on the table in front of him and started off in excitement. "Yeah VB, you were right. Team 2 Sub Joe, makes lovely time and is at Sven's side…"


"Oh Geez! He's at Svenska's side long before the others and at her Tit, busy licking all the chocolate. Next to reach the finish line is Team 3 dirtylover and he dives right in between Charley's open legs and starts lapping crazily at her Pussy. Oh Man! What a sight!"

"Team 1 Remec and cantdog reach Lucky at the same time and one is at her Pussy while the other is busy at her Tit. Okay, there's Team 2 SeaCat at the finish line and Team 4 Og and Rumple still have some way to go. Team 3 Dranoel makes it and attaches himself to Charley's Tit… and finally Team 4 Rumple reaches Jeanne and goes at it at her Tit."

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