tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 23

The Literotica Olympics Day 23


Event: Judo

The sound coming from the other side of the door was unmistakable. Snoopy smiled in recognition of creaking floorboards, hushed giggles, moans and the strained voice of Dirtylover, the one man coaching/training/sparring staff behind the unexpected success of Honey in the Lit-Olympics judo tournament.

SnoopDog knew he had to keep quiet on his side out in the corridor. Snoop was a man on a mission, and men on missions have a tendency to take themselves very seriously. Especially since the women who assigns missions to men on missions tend to be very effective at getting them to do...well...just about anything to please their whims. And like obedient little puppies groveling for a treat, men roll over. SnoopDog, body of a man, soul of a beagle, had a tendency to roll over puppy-style at the drop of a hat. He didn't mind though, it usually got him what he wanted; an affectionate scratch behind the ear in that place that made his toes curl.

And really, who could ever say no, when a divine goddess like Destinie, reigning world champion, amazon beauty, Stairmaster extraordinaire, demanded a favor.

That's why he was there, sneaking around outside the unisex locker room in the training hall that were at the disposal of this year's Olympic martial arts contestants. To do a little investigating, and see what hidden aces Honey, the slender pale beauty challenger, would have up her sleeves for the all American final between the two of them.

The Literotica flavor of the traditional Judo was a game of sexual inventiveness, devious tactics and erotic boldness. Not only was your task to take your opponent down, but also to go down on them. Both Honey and Destinie had had an impressive hot streak of victories so far, and Destinie figured that safe was better than sorry. So she sent Snoopy sniffing around.

At least, snooping was Snoopy's first mission. Part one, plan A, the prime objective. He pressed his ear against the door to try to find out what was going on inside.

"You...need...too... mff...yes... work.... a bit on your... ohmygodthatfeelsgreat... foot work, you know that, right?" a male voice panted from within the hotel room, followed by a muffled reply in a melodic female timbre.

"What did you say?" Dirtylover groaned, again to be greeted with the same gagged response.

"I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're..." he began again, but was interrupted by a popping sound. This time the woman's voice was clear and articulate. But smooth and sweet as...well...honey.

"Lover, please. I can't do this and answer your questions at the same time," she cooed.

"Hey, I didn't ask for you to yank down my shitabakis and dive in, Honey. Not that I mind at all, but just for the record."

"Well, you said you wanted to see how good I was on my feet."

"Those are your knees," he said with a strained voice.

"Tomato, tomatoe..." Honey giggled in return.

"...and that's your hand around my..."

"Shut up and let me continue, lover boy."

"Yes, ma'am."

The room fell silent, except for a faint slurping sound, and Dirtylover's jagged breathing. From the outside however, Snoopy couldn't be quite sure what he was hearing, so he leaned on the door and pressed his ear closer to see if he could catch anymore of what was happening.

And well of course, then it happened.

"Stupidstupidstupid", he muttered to himself, as he heard a faint click from direction of the lock, and the door swung inwards, taking him with it, unable to stop the inevitable.

He was greeted by a surprised shout from the trainer on the locker room bench, and an equally surprised muffled grunt from between his legs, where the talented athlete's cute little head was bobbing up and down relentlessly. She didn't stop when Snoopy with an embarrassed smile stumbled into the room, but raised her gaze to look at him and arched a curious eyebrow.

Between the two of them, the athlete and the trainer seemed to be sharing one judogi, the traditional while judo uniform. Honey was sitting on her knees on the floor, head seated between Dirtylover's thighs. Her jacket was tossed aside, and as per Literotica regulations, she wore nothing else under it. Her trainer on the other hand, had his own jacket on, although untied and open, but his pants were nowhere to be found. The last piece of the uniform, the long black belt that could be tied around the waist was tied all right, but not around anyone's waist. Instead it was pulled tightly around the sitting man's wrists behind his back, and finally secured on a clothes rack pole behind him.

"Oh...I-I'm sorry..." Snoopy stuttered. "Didn't know you were in here."

"Don't worry buddy," groaned the trainer. "Just close the door on the way out. You're amazing, baby. Just a little bit more...almost there... almost there..."

Though reacting with a confused stare at first, Snoopy quickly realised that the last statement was not aimed at him, but was meant for the gorgeous athlete on the floor. He started to back out, but Honey raised her head, plopping the lover part of Dirtylover out of her mouth.

"Hey, I know you" she said, while Dirtylover groaned in frustration.

"What are you doing, Honey? Don't stop now..."

"You know me?" SnoopDog asked, turning in the doorway.

"...I'm so close..." groaned the tied up man.

"Yeah, you're Destinie's coach, right?" Honey asked and stood up facing him. First, Snoopy didn't know where to look. Her breasts, her lovely erect nipples were right there in full view. And then he remembered where he was. It was the Literotica god damn Olympics, walking around topless, and ogling the pretty bits was almost considered prude here. So with his eyes swooping up and down her slender shapely body, he managed to croak out an answer.

"Um... well, kind of. More like an assistant, I guess. Mrs. Destinie doesn't really allow people to tell her what to do."

"...honey, pumpkin, cherry pie could you please get your mouth back on my..."

Honey's face lightened up in a wide grin. "But...she listens to you, right?"

Snoopy smiled dryly. "When she's in the mood. Why?"


"Oh, nothing, I just thought it would be nice to meet her before the game. Under...you know...less formal circumstances."

The miserably ignored Dirtylover gave up his attempts to try to call Honey's wandering attention to his slowly dying attention, and resorted to a miserable puppy-like whimper. That almost triggered an ounce of empathy from SnoopDog, but only almost. At least he was getting some, unlike a certain beagle boy. All around him, people were getting boned, balled and blown like there was no tomorrow, but the position as assistant to Destinie - who wanted nothing from a man other than the occasional foot massage, and who required his more mundane services pretty much 24/7 - didn't really come with such benefits.

The whimper from the bench continued, and Honey cast an amused look down at the man.

"Oh, put a sock in it," she murmured. "Or wait, I've got a better idea."

She quickly put her thumbs to the elastic waistline of her judogi pants, yanked them down over her waist, and gravity, which seemed to have an equal interest with Snoopy to see those incredibly long, smooth legs exposed, took care of the rest. In only a pair of cream colored, not to mention creamed panties, she stepped out of the collapsed pants and turned her back to the doorway and Snoopy. Both men watched mesmerised as she took hold of the hem of the panties, and then bent forward, tracing her hands on her thighs, down, down, down to knees and further. The panties followed, and as she bent over more and more, Snoopy had to take hold of the doorframe to stand upright (although upright he stood, or at least selected sections of him). Holy mother of Golf, that woman had an ass that would make gods grovel.

Honey stepped out of her panties, picked them up and rolled them into a soft wet ball. Then she leaned over to Dirtylover, who still just stared. She reached town to his crotch and gave his balls a short flick.

"Ooowmmmph?" he said. That was the combined efforts of yelping out in surprise at the assault on the sensitive dangly bits, and Honey, who shoved her panties into her coach's mouth, pulling one piece of skimpy string around his neck, turning her underwear into a small, but effective gag. He gave up a series of grunts, and tried to say something into the panties, but nothing came out that sounded like anything but expressions in the international language of WhatTheFuck.

Honey turned to Snoopy again, with a devious smile on her lips.

"And now...SnoopDog, you...dog, it is time for you to close that door."

"Yes ma'am," Snoopy said, and did.

"From the INSIDE, you dumbo!" came Honey's laugh through the door.

Snoopy quickly opened the door again and stepped into the locker room; he closed it behind him and turned to the naked beauty in the middle of the room, once again with an embarrassed smile on his lips.

"Sorry, a reflex, I guess, with all the women that Des wants to be alone with, I often get to wait outside."

"Oh, you poor thing," Honey chided him. "She doesn't even let you watch?" This was accompanied by a feline stretch of her back, pushing her assets proudly out into the air. It was obvious that she didn't just want Snoopy to watch, she wanted him to not even blink, in case he'd miss something.

"S-sometimes. Sometimes not. Depends on her mood," he managed to stutter out.

Honey advanced on him with sultry, swaying steps, purring seductively...

"Poor little Snoopy. But let me tell you...in here, right now...you can do so much more than just watch."

In a few steps she has her body pressed up against his, which in turn was pressed up against the now locked door. She pressed her naked breasts against his chest, groin pressed against groin, and she rubbed a raised thigh into his crotch, directly massaging his bulging erection. Honey let up a soft little giggle and the mischievous gleam in her eyes made Snoopy's knees tremble. She looked down at the poking tent in his pants.

"Oh my," she said, as she casually began to unbutton his shirt. "It looks like we both struck gold today, wouldn't you say?"

She continued to open up his shirt, placing tingling little kisses down his chest and torso as she went further down. At the edge of his pants she turned her oral attention upwards again, licking a trail of saliva up to his throat, and further up to his lips, parting them and plunging deep into the startled young man's mouth. All Snoopy could think of through all this was, "Whoa!" and shortly after that "Whoa? Is that all I can come up with?".. But when that hungry tongue of Honey's decided that it wanted to know the texture and taste of his velum, and her hands simultaneously managed to unbuckle his pants and yank them down to his knees, he finally surrendered to the notion that "Whoa!" pretty much summed up what he felt.

Unfortunately, being full of "Whoa!" does something to a guy's perception of reality. They tend to concentrate on that sensation and that sensation alone. So when Honey started to knead his growing organ with one shapely, smooth thigh, and with that escalating Snoopy's "Whoa!" into a full blown "WHOAYEAH!", he kind of went blind to anything else going on, and completely disregarded the warning signs. This was exactly what Honey had counted on and now she had both her hands free, and had taken a resolute grip around an arm and the side of his shirt.

As Snoopy came to his senses sailing through the air, the first thing he thought was "That was dumb; I should have seen this coming. She is a bona fide black-belt Lit-Olympian judo finalist for crying out loud." The second thing he thought was. "I wonder what kind of floor there is in this room. Please let it not be marble. Landing on marble is a bitch." He was after all quite apt in the sport himself, and sparring with Destinie made anyone an expert in landing after being thrown through the air. "Oh well," he finally thought. "I will find out soon enou...OUCH DAMN! Yep, that was marble all right."

He was flung to the floor square on his back, right in front of the feet of the incapacitated Dirtylover. He barely managed to pull his head up from being knocked out cold on the hard surface, and aching pain from the impact flared in his body. When it died down, he opened his eyes to see Honey straddled over his hips, her sweet wet pussy right above the tip of his cock, and already descending down on it. With a deep, happy sigh, she sank down to the hilt, devouring his rod in that wonderfully warm hole, before Snoopy had even managed to regain the breath she had just knocked out of him.

Dirtylover said something muffled into the panty-ball in his mouth. Nobody paid him any attention.

"Comfy?" Honey asked in a cheerful tone, looking form one man to the other. Snoopy just groaned in delight, while Dirtylover let out a resigned chuckle. He seemed to finally accept his role in the latest turn of events and seemed to realise that hey, at least there was free 3D, full surround sound hardcore porn in it for him. Honey started to rise and sink down in a moderate pace, riding the young German with her hands teasingly sliding up and down her body.

"Like what you see?" she purred.

"What...nnngh...kind of a quest...ooh...question is that?" Snoopy panted back. "You're...absolutely...gorgeous."

"Then why are you just lying there like a limp rag doll, instead of grabbing hold of me good and proper?"

"Just give me a sec...You almost killed me there."

"Then what? You like it like this?" she teased "Should I serve you gently, Geisha style? Or are you gonna wake up down there, take charge of this, flip me over and give it to me until I have cum leaking out of my nose?"

Snoop's face split into a wide grin. "I think..." he mused. "I think I'll choose option B."

"Doggy style?" she said with an excited squeal.

"Need you ask?" Snoopy laughed.


Destinie lay on her back in the middle of the bed of her Olympic Village accommodations, thoughtfully tapping a big, golden dildo against her mouth. An amused smile danced across her lips as she contemplated the symbolic implication of that particular gesture, but other thoughts rapidly pushed it aside.

Fact of the matter was, the curvaceous Mrs. was feeling a bit antsy. It had gone over an hour now, and SnoopDog was nowhere to be found. A call to his cell phone had found it cheerfully beeping the 'Charlie's Angels' theme in his coat pocket, hanging over the back of a chair in Destinie's room. It wasn't as if her instructions had been unclear, or the task ever difficult. Just figure out where Honey and that trainer of her were hidden away and see what information you could get out of them. But most important of all, let her opponent know that she was welcome over for a private chat between four eyes and two pussys.

After tomorrow, the winning one of them might risk being swept away on all kinds of celebrations, press attendances, sponsor meetings and god knows what. But Destinie had other plans. She had had her eyes on the upcoming starlet athlete for quite some time.

She laughed softly to herself where she lay. 'Upcoming Starlet'. Yeah, sure. As if she herself was some kind of old witch waiting to be knocked down from the throne. But that's was the nickname that the media circus had given Honey, and she played her part with great enthusiasm. Flashing sweet smiles and girly giggles at reporters and fans alike, letting them feast on her skimpy, cute cotton outfits and the slender athletic shape barely hidden underneath. It was all probably just a facade, she mused, but Honey radiated a kind of innocent naive vulnerability that set every slightly perverted mind within sight on fire.

Compared to her, Destinie's classier image looked almost conservative. In another setting than the erotic madness around them, her sexy lace hemmed tops, satin slit skirts and legs that went on seemingly forever would cause whiplash lawsuits from merely turning heads at the speed of light. But she wasn't there to show off. She was there to win, and Erotic Judo was an intricate mind game where the element of surprise was everything. The plan had been only to invite Honey over for a little pre-game coziness. That would had given her a pretty good idea what she was up against.

Of course, the whole spy game, sneaking-outside-locker-rooms scheme had not been her idea. Oh no, the problem with her dear assistant Snoopy was that he not only was loyal and generally resourceful. No, sometimes he decided to go all enthusiastic and inventive on her. She wistfully wished that he had been a little more beagle-like still; a collar would had kept him - and her - out of trouble on several occasions.

And now he had gone AWOL. Not for the first time either. God damn puppy.

Destinie sighed, closed her eyes, and brought up the image of Honey from her memory. There was something irresistible about that long limbed, slender and tender bundle of sweetness, something that brought out the real beast...maybe Destinie wasn't immune to her charms either? Maybe she had an equally dirty old mind as everyone else seemed to have. Because whenever she saw Honey she just wanted to pick her up, strip away all that fluff, tie her spread eagle to a set of sturdy bedposts and ravage her so good that she wouldn't have time to even moan.

The thought of her opponent bound helpless on her bed, writhing and screaming in pleasure, sent a warm surge of tingling excitement through Destinie's body. She would have to get up and go find her stray companion Snoopy later, and there was no doubt that Honey wouldn't be far away when she did. One way or the other, she'd make her fantasy come true. Destinie knew that she had a way to make things happen. And this was not going to be an exception.

But for now, the Honey in her head would have to do. She absently slipped a hand inside her purple silk panties, and let the other slide up and down her trim curvaceous body, while she let herself be carried away on the waves of imagination, thinking up more and more explicit and inventive ways to draw screams of passion out of the imaginary tied up Honey.

"You'll see, you little bunches of Oh's..." she murmured to nobody in particular. "They call me 'The Mrs.' But it stands first and foremost for Mistress. Just you wait..."


Meanwhile, Honey was busy drawing screams of frustration out of the not-so imaginary bound Dirtylover. She had taken hold of his thighs and was clinging on to him now, while Snoopy pounded her pussy from behind like a sex starved ex-con. His meat slid in and out and his loins slapped into her butt over and over, sending her face rocking back and forth in the other end.

"Yesss," she hissed and growled. "That's it. Do me good, fuck me, you horn dog, fuck me!"

Her heavy panting breath blew warm air over her trainer's cock and her lips almost, but only almost brushed the knob before retracting again. He tried of course; he jutted his hips up as much as he could to meet his athlete's advancing mouth. But it was never far enough, and always just out of reach. He couldn't really put an effort into it either, because of the painful position his arms were in if he stretched out too far.

What he didn't realise, while damning his own lack of limberness to hell and damnation, was that Honey knew exactly what she was doing. Even at that moment, when the man behind her brought her to a second orgasm in a little less than fifteen minutes, she didn't lose control over her well calculated teasing of Dirtylover. Her body tensed up and shudder after shudder rippled through her; she dug her fingers into his thighs and clamped her pussy tight around Snoopy's cock still pistoning away. She threw her head back, arched her back and moaned out a series of loud vowels that that tiled roof dutifully echoes back at her.

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