tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 25

The Literotica Olympics Day 25


Event: Soccer

Football is a global sport that has existed in some form or another in almost every culture for centuries. To quite a large segment of the audience, it is often called European football to differentiate it from the sport played in the United States of America. The Americans, on the other hand, call it soccer.

The logistics of the game are pretty straightforward. Two teams of seven to eleven players (depending on league and age or gender of participants) defend a goal while trying to put a ball into the opposing team's goal. The catch is, except for the goalie in the act of defense, they can't use any part of the arm in doing so.

Here at Literotica, the game is mostly the same, just with a twist. The usual body checks and edging of another player away from the ball take on a rather suggestive hue. Touching another player...whether a casual bump, a quick goose, or a more lingering caress...is expected, and it is not heard of for a well trained team to score as many times on the field as in the goalbox.

Or the goalie's box, as the case might be.

The light dew still upon the morning grass made the little uprootings of sod cling to the bottom of Oggbashan's cleat as he surveyed the pitch for the gold medal match. As referee, he was finalizing his walk about the perimeter, seeing if there were too many hazards upon the field...that the lines were still readable and the conditions such that a game could be played properly.

Satisfied, he nodded to himself and motioned his officiating team over. While current fashion was to call them assistant referees, in the back of Oggbashan's mind they were still linesmen. He watched as Belegon and Vella walked towards him. Both were doing their best to be professional, carrying themselves with a rather detached air.

Both failed terribly.

Belegon was wearing a uniform that might as well have been painted upon him. The firmness of his abs and the way the jockstrap barely seemed to contain either cock or balls were both evident even at this distance. Vella, meanwhile, wasn't dressed so tightly; but the wonderbra beneath her jersey...and the casually undone line of buttons to the shirt's vee-neck...battled with the hip hugging short shorts (that threatened to reveal everything anytime she bent over) for the attention of the audience watching from bench, field, and both stands.

High in the stands at midfield, a section had been cleared and tables set up to act as an announcer's area. Behind them, an awning of sorts had been constructed as if to prevent even the barest hint of sunlight to penetrate to those below.

Sitting there, running over the team rosters and going through their sound check, a brunette with wonderful curves nodded to something someone said over her headset. "I don't care if they *are* about to have the coin toss. I want you to get the attention of the Green Team's captain and direct it up here. Look, are you my bitch or not? Then just do it!"

"Calm down. The Games are supposed to be fun, even for the media crews," said the tall, sunbronzed woman as she offered the paler woman a light for her cigar. Cloudy smiled and settled into a nearby seat to watch the action soon to come on the field.

She sighed and shook her head. "I swear...will be so glad when my next athletic event comes up." Just as she was looking for the schedule of what was coming up in the next few days, the runner crackled across the headset.

"Got her," said Dranoel's voice in her ear.

The Green Team's captain appeared midfield, her hand against her forehead as she tried to make out the person within the shadowed stands. She was, perhaps, a bit short for a captain to the eyes of someone unversed in the game; but those in the know recognized the power in the tight thighs and firm calves that anchored a toned, tanned body. She took the headset from Dranoel and slid her luxuriant, black hair off her ear for a moment. "Yes? You wanted to see me?"

Abstruse grinned broadly. Those around her would even call it beaming. Standing up from her make-shift desk, she waved down to the woman on the field.

"Hi, Lauren!"


The threesome in their black uniform seemed somber compared to the brightness of the foursome approaching them. Or would, if Vella had kept from popping bubbles and snapping her chewing gum. But, even with the youngest official's actions, the stark white and brilliant red of the players' shorts, and the kindergarten blue and crayon-bright green of their jerseys, kept eyes upon them until Oggbashan stepped between them all.

He motioned the crowd to silence, then introduced the quartet to himself, his assistants, and each other. The four newcomers, captain and co-captain from both teams, and the two officials nodded and smiled and began the ritual handshake.

Being a Literotica game, of course, the handshakes took several minutes and involved much in the way of exchanged glances and lingering perusals of one another. Carl East, Blue Team's co-captain, was particularly taken with saying hello to his counterpart, Angela146.

Bouncy and buxom, she filled out both her emerald jersey as well as the scarlet shorts exceedingly well. "Have a good game," she said as took Carl's proffered hand. Her eyes briefly dropped down and she sighed as it was clear her opponent wasn't nicknamed "254" for nothing.

"Oh, I intend to," Carl replied, letting his thumb caress Angela's fingers as their hands parted. In his head, he was already thinking of making sure SeaCat or SnoopDog let Angela intercept a pass so he could get in a slide tackle on her. "Uh huh, a very good game, indeed."

"Alright, enough already, you'll get a chance to be friendly on the field." Oggbashan told them all as he produced the official coin. "Blue Team, you've been denoted as visitors, so you get to call. In the air, please." He held his hand out level and then bent his thumb, set the coin in place, and let it spin up over them all.

Tatelou called out, "Head, er...I mean Heads!"

The coin hung for a moment as the call echoed through the stadium. It struck the turf and bounced, spinning a few more times before landing once more. Vella bent to look at it and announced, "It's tails."

Oggbashan and Belegon nodded as they stood behind their colleague. "You can say that again," muttered Belegon.

"Tails means the Green Team has the choice. Kick off or receive."

Lauren smiled. "Oh, we'll receive. We love to receive." She gave Carl a wink and then headed back with Angela to their bench area. Oggbashan jotted down a note in his memopad, checked his watch, and spoke into the microphone upon his lapel.

"Toss finished, Green will receive. Kickoff in five minutes, please set the official clock....now..."

"No problem," replied Abs over the headset, and the scoreboard lit up with a five-minute countdown. The players began taking the field upon seeing the timer start, and as it approached zero, Oggbashan got his whistle ready. Tatelou and SnoopDog were idly rolling the ball at their feet back and forth to one another as they awaited the go ahead.

"Ready?" she asked, her thick hair swaying as she practiced some sidesteps, her perky breasts tending to do the same in their sports bra beneath her blue uniform top.

Snoop slipped up to her and stole the ball from between her feet, his hard bulge rubbing against the bottom of the white shorts. "Always", he answered. "Is it time yet?" He squinted up at the scoreboard.

"Begin!" came the shout from Oggbashan and the whistle blew. Tatelou kicked the ball forward softly, then passed to SnoopDog who spun about her flank and slipped around the rushing MinSue and ClareBlossom. He dribbled on then kicked it up and punted it off the bounce towards the farside of Green's territory where Carl and SeaCat were racing ahead of a backpedaling VirtualBurlesque.

They were intercepted by Angela146, the fullback, who snaked the ball around the invaders and passed it back up to a waiting MinSue. She took the ball under control and moved to head down field when she was suddenly tackled by a diminutive ball of fire that screamed, "GOOSE!!!", and upended to find herself straddling the full chest of Colleen Thomas.

"You took my ball," MinSue began, and she looked down at Colly with what she hoped was a guilt inflicting pouty face.

"And what are you going to do about it?"

"Why...I ought to...to...just smother you..." MinSue slid further along Colly's chest and planted her thighs and bottom on the redhead's face. Oggbashan brought his whistle up, but then saw Colly sucking at MinSue's crotch and pushing her green shorts aside with a natural born skill and motioned instead with one hand held before him.

"Play on...advantage rule at work."

He quickly rushed down to where SeaCat had recovered the errant ball and was headed for the Green goal with Carl East. Behind him, MinSue wriggled and shimmied on Colly's tongue and fingers. Her blonde hair bounced and she alternated between gleeful laughs and a low, cooing moan.


"Rolling Abs," Cloudy said and pointed to the flashing red light on the table that indicated they were back on the air. Abstruse let one last drag from her cigar slip slowly from her sexy lips and snake off into the smoky air above the announcer's table they'd set up.

"Welcome back, for those just joining us, today's match between the Green team and Blue team will decide who will win the coveted gold medal in associated football, also known as soccer. As you can see, it's been business as usual for a Literotica sporting event, as coupling and tripling has been occurring left and right...and sometimes right up the middle of the field.

Now we're in the last few minutes of the game, and the score is a steady 0-0. Yes, it's still anyone's medal. And we're sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what will come next.

Or who.

Currently, the ball appears to be rolling free along the diagonal from our left up to the far corner on the right. What a foot that Lauren Hynde has, eh? Not to mention several other things. She scooped up the last actual attack on the Green goal and booted it down field.

It's passed by the oblivious couple of MinSue and Colly, as well as the pile of bodies that was...wait...what's that? Is it? Yes....yes...Angela416 has managed to outlast the trio of Blue players who had gathered around her. SnoopDog has just come on her face and has collapsed back on the field where SeaCat was apparently already exhausted.

What about Carl East? Has the legendary big man gone down as well? No, no...I can see it from here. Up and still hard as the microphone I'm holding right now...mmm...he's...Angela416's being buggered like no tomorrow and she still managed to lean across and head the ball towards her fellow Green player.

SubJoe's got the ball now and he's heading right for the Blue goal. Dribbling through all the churned up turf and skirting the abandoned uniforms littering the field like empty glasses on a Sunday morning in my bar, he's ready to go...all...the...way!


SubJoe trapped the ball against his chest as it came to him from Angela's head. She moaned and sighed and pushed back against Carl's hard cock as it sunk in and drew back from between her broad, rounded cheeks, but while he'd been haphazardly chasing the ball, she'd seen it from the corner of her eye and directed it right to him.

No wonder she's our captain's second.

He gave a slight release of air from his lungs as the ball made contact, but caught it squarely between the ground and his sole and stopped it. SubJoe then began heading for the Blue goal. He started off slowly, both from the natural paranoia of someone playing the game as well as having to avoid the debris and bodies strewn about that section of the field.

Once in the clear, he began to pick up speed. He looked around, hoping to find other Green players to help him out or to pass to if need be. To the right, most of them had managed to be lured by Blue players into distractions. To the left, a few more that he knew had been assigned by Lauren to be distractions in their own right. Indeed, even Belegon the assistant referee could be seen squatting down and stroking himself as Virtual Burlesque was giving a more extended strip than ever.

Wonder where the referee is? Oh...nevermind... Oggbashan had stepped over to his other assistant to remind her that she needed to stop snapping her flag except for offsides, out of bounds, and suspected fouls...not as counterpoint to the popping of her gum. One thing had led to another apparently, as he was now upon one knee with Vella bent across his other. Her short shorts were at her ankles and her lovely buttocks were marked with the thin red lines left behind by being caned with her flag's stick.

She was a quivering mass of pain, pleasure, and apologies that appeared to be asking Oggbashan to use his bare hand on her now that the stick was moving in and out of her shaved pussy. SubJoe watched for a moment longer as the long, thick piece of wood filled Vella's tight cunny. Each time Oggbashan shoved it up her and drew it back, more and more juices seemed to flow out to run along her lovely legs. They made her whole bottom shine, bringing out the details of her spanking even more.

SubJoe managed to break his eyes from the pair and turned his attention back to dribbling the ball towards the seemingly unattended Blue goal. As he crossed back towards midfield on their half, though, his feet slipped and he fell onto his back with a muffled wet thud. A low groan escaped his lips as he laid there for a moment and regained his breath and composure. A roll to his side revealed the ball was right beside him, about three feet away.

Also there, SubJoe saw, was a pair of cleats. Immediately above them, SubJoe's eyes were drawn to the tattoo of a gleaming orange and yellow sun perched upon a black triangle. It was along the shin and lower calf on the inside right leg. Right and left together were long, toned legs that held up a pair of small hips and a pert ass clad in shiny, if grass-stained, white shorts. Damn, I was so close too. He started to get to his feet, but the woman squared off to him and cleared her throat.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her golden brown hair slicked back on her head and her green eyes burning down into him. "Did I say you could get up?" CharleyH demanded to know.

SubJoe swallowed and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, did you answer me? I thought my hearing was fine, but maybe I'm going deaf."

"No...I...uh...no, I didn't say anything."

CharleyH nodded. "I thought so. Get up and follow close. We're going to finish this game." She took possession of the ball and headed back the way SubJoe had come. He followed along behind her, occasionally moving as instructed to check any Green players who happened to be free and able to challenge CharleyH's progress.


"Damn, what an exciting last few minutes this has been! SubJoe took the ball Angela146 miraculously played to him and was going down field. Then he fell. And, did you see that? From out of nowhere, CharleyH has asserted herself...no surprise there, of course...and is taking both the ball and SubJoe towards the Green goal.

They've managed to evade or blow through all the opposition, and now the only person between CharleyH and a Blue-team victory is the Green goalkeeper, and team captain, Lauren Hynde. Lauren is watching them warily. You can see the confusion on her face even from here at why SubJoe is helping CharleyH.

Now she's coming forward a bit. And the two women are sizing each other up. CharleyH's got Lauren by both height and body mass, but bigger players than her have been upstaged by the pint-sized powerhouse. So she'll have to play her cards just right...Wait! What's this?

CharleyH is rushing forward on Lauren.

She's moving the ball back and forth, handling it masterfully, and zigzagging through the penalty area. Lauren, however, is matching her zig for zag...her eyes on the ball...and waiting for the signs that CharleyH is about to make her shot.

But, CharleyH is reaching into the waistband of her shorts. She's fiddling with something on the fly and it's...My fuckin' God! CharleyH has ripped her shorts right off and revealed that she's wearing nothing beneath it but a strap-on holding a dildo painted in the white and blue markings of CharleyH's team colours.

Lauren missteps at the revelation. CharleyH body checks her as they go for the ball together, and Lauren has a foot in between...no, she's missed the steal!

CharleyH crosses Lauren's ankle and takes her down. The goal is free! Blue Team can win this medal! Butbutbut...what's this? CharleyH is dropping to her knees behind Lauren.

She's pantsing the Portuguese beauty!

She's bellowing an order to SubJoe!

SubJoe moves to the ball and sets up a shot on goal!

CharleyH sets up the dildo against Lauren's exposed hole!

And here's the kick! And the thrust!


And just as the whistle blows, what an ending...

Well, that wraps up things here, folks. Tatelou's Blue team has won the gold medal in soccer over the Green team led by Lauren Hynde. Be sure to come back tomorrow for exciting coverage of special summer bobsledding here at the Literotica Olympics."

The headset clattered upon the table and Abstruse hurriedly got up from her seat. "Where you going in such a rush?" asked Cloudy from where she was spread a few chairs away, one hand holding a pair of binoculars and the other resting on her thigh...its fingers slick and sticky looking.

"I have a coffin slut to go find."


This has been a Chain Story arising out of the Author's Hangout forum. The named individuals should be considered as satirical and/or fictious versions of their "reallife" namesakes. Attitudes, positions, and implied behaviours are to be considered artistic license, and not to be construed as those of the individuals named and used.

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