The Literotica Olympics Day 27


Lou's hungry mouth took no time at all to do its magic on Remac. She was swallowing and he was skating and the clock said 4:02.

Remac began his 2nd lap. His speed was still good, but the fact that he was last caught up with him a little. Aside from the roughness of the concrete, there were now spots of oil on the sidewalk which had been left behind by other skaters. The oil was used to grease axles, and sometimes enough was poured on, that the skates would drip a little.

As he rounded the third turn, Remac hit one of those slick spots. It threw him off stride, and he almost came to a complete stop. He didn't fall, but it cost him a lot of time. By the time he reached Cloudy, the clock was up to 7:42.

Now the second part of going last kicked in. Cloudy was wearing out. It wasn't that she wasn't willing, it was just that her mouth was honestly tired. Her approach to sucking each guy was a little slower than the others. It took longer and required a little more work. So when Remac entered Cloudy's mouth, her grip wasn't quite as tight as it had been earlier.

Of course Remac wasn't complaining. It was still wonderful, and having to spend a longer time in Cloudy's mouth was hardly a bad thing. But it was several minutes before Cloudy was drinking down her last load of the event. The clock read 14:42 when Mac began his third lap.

I had been right about one thing. Remac was in shape. His form was still pretty darn good in that last lap. And he only had to help himself just a little coming around the last turn to make sure he was hard when he reached Honey.

Just as he reached Honey, Remac's left skate hit another bad spot and skidded. I thought for a moment it might all be over, but Mac managed, somehow, to regain his balance and save himself. Still, he was a little agitated as his cock entered Honey's mouth. Also, I saw him glance up at the clock as Honey began to suck.

It has to be difficult for a guy to try to cum. The harder you think about it and try to make it happen, the more it just won't. I could see the strained look on Remac's face. He might have been better off if he had just relaxed and let Honey work. Finally, though, I could tell from the way Remac was jerking, and the motions of Honey's throat, that she was now swallowing her last load of cum for this event. As Remac began his last lap, I glanced at the clock. 19:32.

19:32. Mac had just over 2 minutes to beat my time. I knew if this was the first lap, he would have no problem, but it was the last one. Now we would see how much the ladies had taken out of him.

Remac skated for all he was worth. His legs were a little shaky now, but he was still moving pretty well. As he came down the back straight though his breathing started to get heavy. I could see that his legs were still driving, but they were starting to tie up a bit. By the time he came around the last turn, I could tell Mac was really forcing it.

As he started down the final stretch I glanced at the clock. 21:31. This was going to be very close. I could see Remac grit his teeth. The guy was putting everything he had into those last few yards. As he crossed the line, we both looked at the clock. 21:46. I had won by 4 seconds.

I looked over, and Remac was sitting on the sidewalk catching his breath. I walked over and put my hand out. He took it and I pulled him to his feet. Then we shook hands. Mac graciously congratulated me. I know he had wanted to win, and I really appreciated the gesture.

After that, I walked away and threw both hands in the air and just yelled. A moment later, Honey threw her arms around me and congratulated me. One of the greatest moments of my life, was walking away from the track with my arm around Honey and knowing that I would be presented with an Olympic Gold Medal.

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