tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 28

The Literotica Olympics Day 28

byBlack Tulip©

The Olympic sport of shot put is an athletics (track and field) event involving throwing (putting) a heavy metal ball, also called the shot, as far as possible. Competitors take their throw from inside a circle 2.1 metre (7 feet) in diameter. They must rest the shot put in between the neck and shoulder, and push their throwing arm straight when they throw. The shotputters must not leave the circle until the shot lands on the ground. The distance thrown is measured from the centre of the circle to where the shotput has landed.

The Literotica variety is a little different. But, you'll find that out soon enough.

"Welcome to day 28 of the Literotica Olympics. This mega event is drawing to a close, but I'm pleased to see there still is a huge crowd. I am Rumple Foreskin, your host for this event. And right next to me is my co-host, Black Tulip. BT, over to you."

"Thank you, Rumple and welcome from me too people. I'm sure you all know Rumple will do the actual reporting. I am merely along for the technical expertise."

"Yes, folks, that's right. BT won a few Olympic medals in her day. Two golds and one bronze, if I recall correctly. BT, can you explain what this event is all about?"

"Of course, and you're quite right Rumple. Two gold ones and a bronze. Well, first of all, you have to realise this event is really small scale. It..."

"Maybe small scale, but very intense BT."

The crowds turn their heads when they hear a funny noise coming from the reporter's shack. It has been turning into a tradition that the reporters provide almost as much entertainment as the athletes. Will that be the case today as well? It sounded like a smack on the butt.

A surprised yelp comes over the sound system, followed by a nervous giggle. "What are you doing? Are you trying to make it intense in here as well?"

Here and there some cheering breaks out as everybody can hear the fumbling of hands trying to keep the sound from being broadcasted. "Not so loud! That's personal, no need to share it with the crowds."

Rumple's next words sound relaxed again. "Sorry folks, there was a slight technical hiccup. BT, you were going to explain the event for us."

"Um yes, the erotic shot put makes use of Ben Wa balls, Rumple. That's why I said it's a small-scale event. Today we'll be watching the finals, in which we have five contestants left."

"Sorry BT, did you say Ben Wa balls? Can you explain that, please?"

Now the crowds hear a low throaty laugh. "That is what I'm here for, isn't it? You know what Ben Wa balls are, I hope? For this event you use the separate balls and after you insert them you have to push them out as far as you can. The current World Record stands at 2 metres, that would be ... uh, over 6 feet?"

"6 feet 5 inches, to be exact BT. That is quite a distance. And you do that with your ah, your ... Christ, how do you do it?"

Again the throaty laugh. "Really Rumple, never heard of the PC muscle? I know most women will, well, at least they will have heard of Kegel exercises. What you do is use the muscle on the pelvic floor. Oh really, don't look so baffled. Imagine you have a marble in your mouth. Before spitting it out you try to give it more momentum by sucking it in a little way. Kind of like a little runway."

"Oh my, that sounds very intriguing. I don't know about you folks, but it reminds me of all those old wive's tales about cock-grabbing pussies." A soft whisper can be heard after that. "I wouldn't mind getting to know one of those. Are you still in practice?"

A sigh drifts out of the speaker system and a lot of eyes strain to see inside the shack. Quit a number of males in the audience elbow each other or give knowing looks. It seems like the tall Texan is doing it again.

"Actually, it's not an old wive's tale. You see, when you practice with your Ben Wa balls you strengthen your muscles and that also gives you more grip on other uh..."

"Sorry to interrupt you BT, but I see the referee entering now. Since his country is not among the finalists the German, Mr. SnoopDog will keep his eye on the ball." A soft chuckle escapes the seasoned reporter at his own joke. "And there is PussyChaser too. He will take care of the equipment for the event. And will he love that. The guy is always after pussy so today he'll have a ball." Another chuckle followed by a grunt.

"Will you stop those corny jokes?" The whisper was not soft enough and nearly everybody heard BT.

The crowds break out in cheering again, but this time because the contestants enter the small indoor facility.

"Right folks, here are the finalists of the shot put, Literotica style. First is Wishfulthinking with her trainer Dranoel. The second team is Just-Legal with her trainer SummerMorning. Contestant number three is the gorgeous Destinie21, with her stand-in coach Angela146. You all may have heard that the regular partner of Destinie has recently given birth to a little girl so she couldn't accompany her. Pair number four is a bit odd, the British team consists of Jeanne d'Artois who is coached by her creator, the imposing Oggbashan. The last contestant is on her own. BT, can you explain that?"

"Yes, Rumple, that has everything to do with the strategies involved. You see, in order to put a shot correctly you need to be lubricated but there is a fine balance to maintain. The woman has to be aroused otherwise you can't insert and shoot a ball. But you have to be careful to keep well away from achieving orgasm since that will result in a sucking motion instead of a pushing one."

"Interesting BT, but why is CharleyH on her own? She does not seem to have a coach at all."

"That's right Rumple, Charley is what we call a self-kicker. She claims to get off on the absurd thoughts in her own mind. By the way, the British team is worth mentioning too. Oggbashan is a true mind-fucker. His pupil, Ms. d'Artois is in reality a figment of his imagination. I must confess, I'm really looking forward to seeing those two perform."

"That is fascinating BT. Can you give us some more inside information on the other teams as well?"

"With pleasure Rumple. I never watched them perform but rumour has it that Wishfulthinking gets worked up best when she's forced. Seems she has an issue with nonconsent. If you look carefully, you can see Dranoel has one of her arms on her back already. Just-Legal is a good story too. You can see she wears numerous piercings. I heard she had to remove one before she could start competing in this event."

The crowds turn curious eyes toward Just-Legal who throws a dirty look towards the reporter's shack. No doubt wondering who has been telling on the fact she had her clitpiercing removed. But as the five women settle down on the low bench at the back of the floor a hush descends over the excited crowds. The hall is a small one and the audience is sitting quite close to the action.

"For those of you who are listening in on the radio, the floor consists of a single daybed, with a sandpit in front of it. Each team has its own balls, but they have to be standard 3/4 inch diameter, which is measured before entering and no lubrication is allowed outside the natural juices of the contestants. That is what the warming-up is for. BT, can you fill us in on the rules?"

"What? Oh sorry, Rumple. I got carried away for a moment, reminiscing old times you know." Another sigh can be heard. "Once you lay down on the bed, you have to make sure your vulva is exactly on line with the edge of the bed, since that is the starting point for measuring the distance. The coach does the warming-up, well except with athletes like CharleyH, but inserting the ball is the job of the equipment guy. Everybody has her own balls and the material is your own choice. But the equipment guy makes sure no extra lubricants are used and he makes sure the initial insertion is the same for everyone."

"Initial insertion? Can you explain that please?"

"Well, you see, in this case PussyChaser will do the insertion. He pushes the ball inside and he makes sure it's one finger deep in. His finger."

An audible swallow comes over the speakers. "Do you mean to say PussyChaser gets to finger all of these women?"

"Really, Rumple." The former athlete lets out a tinkling laugh. "You almost sound jealous. It's only one finger for a short moment. He's not really fingering them." BT's voice turns a bit husky there. "That is up to the coach, or whatever else he has decided to use."

Rumple coughs. "I think I have the picture here, and I'm sure all you listeners have too. Right now I see the first contestant getting ready. That is Wishfulthinking and Dranoel is pushing her on her knees after he ripped off her skirt. That is an interesting technique there. Dranoel unzips his pants and forces Wishfulthinking to suck his cock. Will he make her finish him off? BT? And is there a time-limit to the warming-up?"

"Yes, Rumple, there certainly is. Warming-up is restricted to maximum 10 minutes. It is very well possible though that Dranoel will cum to get Wishfulthinking all hot and squirming. It is a well-known strategy but a tricky one. If she gets too worked up, inserting the ball will make her want to come too and that will make it very hard for her to push the ball out again."

For a few moments the only sounds to be heard are the breathing of Dranoel and the wet noises of Wishful's sucking.

"That is why the equipment guy has to be a very controlled and reliable person, Rumple. One touch too many, one slip against a clit can ruin an athlete's performance."

"I can imagine, BT. Have you had personal experience with setbacks like that?"

"Actually yes. That's what landed me a bronze medal in the last competition I was in. The equipment guy on duty accidentally put his thumb on my clit, making me cum on the spot. I could recuperate enough to squeeze the ball out but there was no real force behind it. Look, I think, yes ... yes...YES. Dranoel is climaxing. See? Now he lands Wishful on her back and SnoopDog walks over. He feels if she is lined up properly and takes a close look at the ball they will be using. Ah, I see they're using the traditional gold plated one. PussyChaser inserts the ball and steps back. Now watch closely. If you take a good look you can see her using her muscles. See?"

"Oh my god, you are right BT. I can see her lips moving. That is amazing. She is actually doing a one-two-three. The ball flies out and lands in the sand in front of the bed. SnoopDog takes out his tape measure, scribbles something down and hands the slip of paper to the technical guys."

The crowd eyes the big scoreboard, waiting for the first result. For the moment there is no sound coming from the reporter's shack and the other finalists try to focus on their own performance.

Rumple's voice comes back on. "The scoreboard blinks, an acceptable 6'2" goes up. The crowd cheers and Dranoel rewards his girl with some intense kissing on her talent spot. I don't mind telling you folks, that sure looks great to me."

He goes right on. "Next is Just-Legal. Her trainer SummerMorning motions for her to take off her clothes and she does that with obvious pleasure. Look at that body. She is the youngest in the field today. Is that an advantage BT?"

"No Rumple, in this sport it's an advantage to be a bit older. Well, experienced is a more accurate word. You need to know your body; you have to be able to control your urges, you know? And the more orgasms you've had, the better you know which muscles to use."

"I see, you are a real pro BT. Oh look, SummerMorning has opted for the oral stimulation too. Only he is giving it in this case. For those of you who can't watch, he is on his knees licking Just-Legal's pussy. By the looks of her she is truly enjoying herself."

"Yes, she does, Rumple. And I must tell you, that's not looking good. She is enjoying herself way too much. Look how she is throwing her head back. Oh my god, she even starts to pinch her own nipples."

The excited voice of Rumple Foreskin interrupts Black Tulip's commentary. "Wait, SummerMorning realises the danger and slaps her hands away. He positions her on the bed and SnoopDog feels her position. Oh, oh, it looks like she tries to keep his hand between her legs. PussyChaser inserts the ball. They use a gold plated one too. And oh-my-god. You were so right BT. This is going all wrong. Just-Legal has grabbed PussyChaser's hand and keeps his finger inside her. She's bringing herself off with the Ben Wa ball still inside. I can see her hips jerking wildly and she's even moaning. Wow, that sure brings out the sweat on my forehead people. I know that's a tremendous disappointment for SummerMorning but it was a sight for sore eyes, I tell you. Wait, yes, she knows she screwed up here." A chuckle sounds over the speakers. "With a desperate look on her face Just-Legal pushes the ball out, but it lands with a pathetic little thud. SnoopDog shakes his head, just a few seconds, ah there is the score. A sorry 4 feet. Not even close to a medal I'd say."

The crowd sighs and whistles as Just-Legal leaves the hall crying, SummerMorning with a murderous look on his face is following her. But the attention of the audience is almost immediately focussed on the next finalist.

"Here comes Destinie21. She is quite a tall woman. Does that have any influence BT?"

"No Rumple. The depth is that one finger deep, remember? The only size that matters here is the width. That's why you hardly ever see women competing after childbirth. Although I know of women who stayed quite trim, all you have to do is keep practising."

"Practising, does that mean using Ben Wa balls?" Rumple's voice goes down to a whisper. "Or would that be climaxing? I wouldn't mind feeling your muscles sweetheart."

Those in the audience that pay attention to the reporters, hear a gasp followed by a tiny whimper. Some of them start wondering if the old Rumple is actually testing muscles and finger depth. Regardless of what he is doing, he continues with his reporting in a professional way.

"Just-Legal was the youngest and less experienced. The next finalist, Destinie is more mature and a lot more experienced. I read in an interview once that she climaxes at least once a day, which obviously gives her a tremendous muscle control. In contrast to Just-Legal Destinie keeps her top on, she knows this is not about cumming. She's spreading those long, long legs of hers and Angela146 kneels as if she is worshipping ... Lord, will you look at that. Angela is worshipping Destinie. Just look at her face, she looks absolutely adoring as she starts licking those beautiful satin folds."

The crowds get excited by the sight of Angela and Destinie, and the stimulating words of Rumple Foreskin as well. Maybe the sounds from the reporter's shack are contributing too. All you can hear from BT are soft sounds and heavy breathing, making you wonder what that dirty old Texan is up to.

"That's it girl. Destinie gave an excellent performance. Will you look at that score? A duplication of the Olympic Record, 6'5"! That will be tough to beat. I'd say Destinie has a good chance of leaving the field with gold today. Let's see what Oggbashan can do with his creation."

Luckily the crowds are still cheering Destinie21 so nobody notices the pauses in the reporting getting longer and longer. BT hasn't said a word in the last half-hour and Rumple's voice gets more gruff by the minute.

Ogg ushers the slender Jeanne to the front, disrobes her with reverence, makes sure she assumes the proper position and retreats to a spot near her shoulder. He removes his huge hat and closes his eyes. Nothing seems to happen and the audience starts to get uneasy. Soon the crowds start muttering and some people even start to yell.

With a rather breathless sound BT comes on the air again. "Please people. Don't underestimate what's happening here. You must remember that Jeanne is a figment of Ogg's imagination. In order for her to get lubricated enough, Ogg has to think Jeanne is aroused. No mean feat in my opinion. You have the rare opportunity to actually see a mind-fucker at work. I for one am very curious to see the result. Look, do you see how Jeanne is spreading her legs? I can't see properly but it looks to me as if she is getting moist. Yes, Ogg motions for PussyChaser to come forward. Ah, that is interesting. The first three contestants used the traditional gold plated ball. It looks like Jeanne will go for the modern stainless steel variety."

A hush of expectancy descends over the hall as the slightly translucent Jeanne starts moving her inner muscles. Behind her, Ogg has his eyes firmly closed and his hands are balled into fists as he wills his alter ego to squeeze the gleaming ball onto the sand as far as it will go. A disappointed sigh goes through the audience; the scoreboard shows a meagre 6 feet.

"Say something." The voice of BT is soft but still the hiss can be heard. Just as the grunt from Rumple.

"That will be a real disappointment for the Brit. Do you think it's because he used a different kind of ball, BT?"

"I don't think so, Rumple." BT sounds a bit irritated as she continues. "I think Ogg had trouble visualising female muscle control here. I mean, can you do that? Imagine what it feels like to have a Ben Wa ball inside your uh, love canal? Try it, seriously. Try to feel a smooth marble slowly moving around inside you, vibrating softly, tickling you from the inside." A moan wafts through the hall, followed by another desperate whisper. "Oh god, can't we slip out? I can't hold out much longer."

The speakers transmit a series of muffled sounds, rustling and wet noises, causing the audience to focus on the reporter's shack. Since there is only one window in front not everybody is able to see how the luscious Black Tulip has crawled in Rumple's lap. His hands happily roam over her ample curves and his mouth is busy licking her neck. It's obvious today's event has been inspiring the both of them.

BT opens her eyes just in time to see CharleyH stepping up to the front.

"This will be a very interesting attempt, ladies and gentlemen. CharleyH is a self-kicker. She will orchestrate her own performance and will use the power of her imagination to make herself ready to go. Oooh." Luckily most of the audience is engrossed in the way Charley presents herself. They never guess BT's yelp is due to Rumple sliding his hands up her thighs, intent on some finger measuring of his own.

"This will be a whole new experience folks, I can tell you right now." Rumple leans over BT who's trapped in his lap, his hands busy and his voice a bit rough. A big grin on his face accentuates the double meaning of his words. "For starters Charley climbs on the daybed, sits in lotus position and starts stroking herself with... BT, what the hell is she using? Can you see?"

"What? Oh..." The attentive listener can hear BT blushing. "Rumple, that looks like a maple leaf to me. Yes, it is. Now that is what I call girl power, look how she turns herself on. As she positions herself she hands PussyChaser her ball. Oh, and this is a really nice touch. She uses a plastic multicoloured one. You go girl."

Some people near the shack hear a soft masculine echo. "You go too girl."

Another series of thuds and crackles prevent the audience from hearing what goes on inside the reporter's booth and CharleyH delivers a terrific shot. The ball lands a goodly distance away, but the athlete is more intent on achieving a whopping climax, the stem of the maple leaf between her teeth as her fingers fly over her clit and delve inside her muscled pussy.

"That is it for today folks. Charley scored a 6 feet 3 and walks away with the silver. Destinie grabs the gold and Wishfulthinking will be very pleased with a bronze medal. I wish you a pleasant day." Rumple sounds a bit out of breath but nobody cares. In fact a lot of couples in the audience are clearly inspired by today's event. By the look of it there's a lot of measuring going on.

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