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The Literotica Top 100


For my 101st submission to Literotica, I thought it would be fun to create a "Hot 100", amazing stories across many categories that have enriched my life.  I did not duplicate the stories from my earlier offering, The Ten Best Stories On Literotica, so there are 110 choices in all to whet your appetite.  In the classic "Hit Parade" style, I am starting at 100 and working backwards.  Happy reading!


100. Angel Goes Anal     geronimo-appleby   Anal
Does she ever!  A must read...

99. Clark Kent or Superman?  rpsuch     Loving Wives
This author is always rewarding.  Try this one.

98. Fur Addiction     furlove         Mind Control
Something a bit different, yet rewarding.

97. Genie in My Bottle   jessy19   NonHuman
The best from a prolific author!  Try her many Celebrities parodies as well!

96. Pervikar    John Evans Sci-Fi and Fantasy
compelling series, extremely interesting and well written

95. English Sub Boy Masturbates With You     BoyFromEngland  Text With Audio
Baby, it's hot outside!

94. The Chair      Richd_1960    Toys and Masturbation
Many short chapters, kept my attention

93. Flaws In The Porn Industry    X-Factor       Reviews and Essays
Really fascinating essay that merits your attention

92. Bridget's Nights    Patricia51     Novels and Novellas
a superb literotica author who writes effortlessly...simply fabulous!

91. Crying Ain't The Answer, Julie    EgmontGrigor    Novels and Novellas
one of the more entertaining stories from this prolific writer

90. Brown's Shoe Store     Slickman    First Time
stroke story extraordinaire!

89. Boy Scout Mothers     mangrove jack     Mature
well conceived series, very intense and rewarding

88. Sock Love     lilredjammies      Humor and Satire
a cute one, nice diversion

87. The Masquerade    Extreme Bohunk     Erotic Horror
didn't win 2005 Halloween contest, but absolutely riveting and well worth the time!

86. Malcolm       Doormouse         Erotic Horror
not for the squeamish, I loved this!

85.  Let The Characters Do The Talking    Ronde     How-To
essential reading for any writer interested in creating compelling dialogue

84.  A note from a Reader     bhob        How-To
insightful observations that invite discussion

83. Color Blind     brightlyiburn       Romance
well written, elaborate tale.  enjoyable!

82.  The Music of The Mind     Solitary_Thinker     Sci-Fi and Fantasy
extraordinary series, author is gifted

81.  Mick the Dick       mysteriousquill     Novels and Novellas
suspenseful, multi-parted series.  vivid writing

80.  Cock Kisses From Dawn      Bearlee      Text with Audio
a classic, unbelievably erotic!

79.  The Professor's Dildo     Boxlicker     Toys and Masturbation
HOT HOT HOT.....love Boxlicker's smut!

78.  Busty Adventures of Brittany     Kimberlykitten    Exhibitionist and Voyeur
very erotic series, prepare to stroke!

77. White Women       Black Tulip       Illustrated
I am in awe of this author.  Please check this one out.

76.  We own a Legal Brothel!    irxgbr     Loving Wives
the category usually makes me itch, yet this is an exceptional series

75.  A New Life       Cheerful Deviant        Mind Control
Cheerful has this category in his pocket and is a supremely talented writer!

74.  A Proposed New Rating System  jjsharshaw    Reviews and Essays
interesting plan, probably anything is an improvement on the current system

73.  Thoughts on Anonymous Comments  V. Rich    Reviews and Essays
also fascinating, something to ponder

72.  Friends        Dudeman85        Celebrities
extremely hot series, every part is terrific

71.  Do You Still Love Me?     Dranoel       Erotic Horror
poignant, this writer is very talented

70.  The Yule Log     Artisticbiguy    Gay Male
stunning, as is everything by this author

69.  Blowjobs for Dummies      Bats and Glamour     How-To
the best treatment of this topic I can find

68.  How to Write Historical Fiction   jon.hayworth      How-To
fascinating, I learned volumes from this essay

67.  Dr. Bob and His Dildo       Abstreuse      Humor and Satire
that Abs, what would Lit. do without her?

66.  Santa's Dungeon    Tatelou     Humor and Satire
another naughty one,  love Lou's writing style

65.  We'll Always Love Paris    patricia51    Lesbian  Sex
always rewarding author, transcends the category

64.  Thanks a Lot      Dynamite Jack      Non-Erotic
extremely clever story I find well worth exploring

63.  Mandy's Letter to Santa Claus     Erotica_Writings     Non-Erotic
heartbreaking, get those tissues out

62.  Friends to Lovers     Honey123     Lesbian Sex
Honey is always worth a read, especially here

61.  Addicted to Feeedback    Caroline Covington    Humor and Satire
side splitting, if you need a lift....

60.  Anal Sex (Gasp!)  A Hands-On Manual   Sweetsubsarahh  How-To
The only guide you'll ever need on this topic....

59.  Death by Fucking   The Bullet      Romance
intense content over many parts, superb writing!

58.  Castle Tower   Daniellekitten     Sci-Fi  and Fantasy
riveting series, hot relatively new author

57.  Teaching Carol   Zenmackie     Text With Audio
many hot sections, author knows how to write a good stroke story

56.  Midnight Play    asian_princess    Text With Audio
sultry, well worth a listen!

55.  J is For Jerk Off     Many Feathers    Toys and Masturbation
neat little series, also M is for Masturbation

54.  Daemon and Sunny     ladyofthemasque      Sci-Fi  and Fantasy
immortal series, complex and vividly rendered

53.  Picture Perfect     madame butterfly   Romance
flows beautifully, she certainly can turn a phrase

52.  The Abortion Rant    Heathen Hemmingway    Reviews and Essays
all of Heathen's rants are fascinating, well worth the time

51.  The Furies    Colleen Thomas        Novels and Novellas
a prolific author, top shelf in every way

50.  The Real Estate Connection    Kiwiwolf   Novels and Novellas
very well written series, hooked me from very beginning

49.  Comfort Food     TheEarl     Toys and Masturbation
this little gem got lost in the category, anything by this author is very good

48.  Christmas Spirit Warms The Heart   English Lady   First Time
as does this elegant, beautiful soul!  Please read this!

47.  Tales of the eKids     Thebullet      Romance
justly high rated series, check it out!

46.  Land of the Free?    Cloudy    Reviews and Essays
Cloudy's amazing "Free Speech Contest" essay, best of the litter

45.  He'll Wait For You    Tony  155     Romance
heartfelt, all of this writer's stories are worth exploring

44.  Secret Summer With Melinda   youbadboy      Incest/Taboo
so hot it's boiling...fasten your seat belts

43.  Prelude to a Cock Kiss    Bearlee     Letters and Transcripts
absolutely fantastic, superb series

42.  A Game of Dress-Up    dr_mabeuse      BDSM
the good Doctor is expert here...transcends category!

41.  For Forgiveness    Jthserra      Non-Erotic
one of my favorite Literotica writers/poets.  A gentle soul!

40.  Ghost in The Machine    Gypsy in Mi         Loving Wives
possibly the saddest story on Literotica, I cried buckets

39.  The High School Reunion   TxRad     Mature
supremely well written and should be published

38.  Long Distance Runner    Colleen Thomas     Non Consent/Reluctance
another CT marvel, model of its kind          

37.  The Rainbow      sack        Romance
The only one of my own stories I can read without cringing!

36.  Cobblestone Bridge   cookiejar     Letters and Transcripts
all of Cookie's "letter" stories are worth reading, I like this one especially

35.  Thank you Jeannie    Wm_Sexspear       Incest/Taboo
they don't write em' like this anymore....in a class by itself

34.   Brenda and Ian       Tony 155     Incest/Taboo
beautifully written, one of the highlights of this category!

33.  The Right Side of The Hill    Penelope Street     BDSM
Penelope is a magician with words, and I am in awe of her genius!

32.  Thank You For The Days     davidwatts     Non-Erotic
gorgeous true story, gem of gems

31.  Do You Dream About Me?   neonlyte   Non-Erotic
another true one, affected me deeply

30.  We're Not Gay       inwardbound     Gay Male
a classic, you'll have to finish it in one sitting!

29.  How To Be a Good Editor    LadyCibelle    How-To
irreverent, controversial, and extremely interesting

28.  How to Pull Up Your Story Score   Max Sebastian    How-To
excellent tips, every writer absolutely needs to read this!

27.  Home Run     DW Simon     Gay Male
very affecting, lovely story

26.  Leaves     dr_mabeuse      Erotic Horror
reads in one seamless flow, a miracle!!

25.  Whole Heart    carsonshepherd      Gay Male
what a beautiful story, transcends its category

24.  Hearts on Fire    Rgjohn      Lesbian Sex
amazingly well written, passionate!

23.  The Moth's Song    dr_mabeuse     Erotic Horror
very creepy....you have been warned!      

22.  The Seven       impressive     Non-Erotic
fascinating, I read this again and again

21.  The Bridge Over Wilson's Creek   Penelope Street  Lesbian Sex
another Penelope Street marvel, eminently worth reading

20.  Scold's Bridle    BlackShanglan     Erotic Horror
creepy, creepy.....AUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

19.  Remembering Sammy 1963-1988    Awful Arthur    Non-Erotic
bittersweet, beautifully written

18.  David + 'Lyssa      Millennium Bard    Sci-Fi and Fantasy
a masterful series,  extremely creative and well written

17.  Dark Reasons       Daniellekitten    Novels and Novellas
her best series yet,   I always look for new installments!

16.  Monday Morning  Masturbation   Green_gem     Toys and Masturbation
the stroke story to end all stroke stories, unbelievably hot!

15.  An Almost Perfect Awakening  Wm_SexSpear     First Time
and an almost perfect story, spellbinding!

14.  Bill and Ruby     rgraham666      Mature
tugs at the heartstrings....lovely story

13.  Lost in Texas     Evil Alpaca    Lesbian Sex
This author's masterpiece, a series to be read again and again

12.  Neighbors on a Train   DWSimon    Gay  Male
astonishingly wonderful, achingly good!

11.  Dancing With The Bride   Penelope Street    Non-Erotic
a truly exceptional story, masterfully handled

10.  Letters From The Hesperus     BlackShanglan     Gay Male
novel format, expertly realized

9.  A Benign Something     jtmalone70    Lesbian Sex
worth reading again and again, to study this writer's effortless craft

8.  Abyss       rgraham666      NonHuman
a true Gift From God, by an exceptional writer

7. Montana Summer    drksideofthemoon   Incest and Taboo
my favorite series, vivid writing which is absolutely believable

6.  Restoration     Abstreuse        Non-Erotic
Abs' masterpiece, will never be equalled!

5.  The Lessons    Charles Petersunn    First Time,other categories
unbelievably thorough treatment of spanking, etc.  Absolutely amazing!!

4.  Will    BlackShanglan      Non Human
Dark and weird, yet an extraordinary document

3.  The Magician's Assistant   Penelope Street    Erotic Horror
Third place winner of 2005 Halloween Contest and to date her masterpiece

2.  The Pillar In The Garden    dr.mabeuse    Reviews and Essays
the most fascinating, informative essay I've ever read!  WOW!!!

1.  Obedience In All    Passion St.  John     BDSM
beyond comment.....JUST READ IT!!!  

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