tagErotic HorrorThe Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid


The knife glistened in the moonlight and the hilt was smooth as stone and cold as death in my hand. The bridal music had faded and only the drunkard's and servants danced in the moonlight. In the cold dark waters my sisters waited, their eyes glistening, here blue, here red, here purple and their pale rainbow skin shone. The scales on their tales glittered wetly as they slapped the water fiercely. The sweet femininity of their delicate face and soft breasts contrasted grotesquely with their sharp pointed teeth and bald heads.

"Little sister, little sister," crooned my eldest sister, "he is but mortal, destined to die old, withered, and mad. Little sister, little sister what is mortal blood in the face of our sacrifice."

I couldn't bear to look at her raw scalp, a silent testimony to the demands of the witch, gift of blood, a gift of spit, a gift of hair. Rage warred inside me. It was my own foolish pride that had brought me to this place. I was sure I could win the heart of any mortal. The penalty of failure was death. I had failed and my sisters bargained their freedom for a reprieve, for my life they gave blood, spit and hair. They gave it to a witch who would use it as bits and harnesses to ride my sisters as she pleased. If I died, if I tossed myself on the water in the rising sun, the witch would still hold my sisters hostage. In the distance I could hear his voice rising in celebration with his men, bragging about his tight, virginal wife, bragging, crowing over his own prowess and the amount of blood he had left upon her thighs. I knew that voice well.

"I love you," he had said as he settled between my legs, "You are beauty and you are grace," he cried as he pierced my body and filled me with his heat. "I worship you," he murmured his head lost between my thighs, his face buried deep in my hot, moist passion. "I love you," I cried as I exploded, lost in the feel of fullness, the feel of heat, the feel of him.

"Little sister, little sister," my second eldest sister cried. "Do you not miss the cold blue sea; do you not miss the kiss of the triton, the sweet silk of his tail, the sweet silk of his body in yours? Little sister, little sister, what can this foolish mortal offer you that can compare to the love of the triton or the power of the sea?"

"I still love you," he had said as donned his wedding garments. "I still want you," he cried as he crushed me to his chest, the scent of his weeding bouquet filling the air. "I marry for the good of my country, she is a virgin, a princess and will one day be queen," he said as he walked out the door.

"I love you," I cried as my world exploded, lost in the cold, lost in the emptiness, lost to him.

"Little sister, little sister," called my third eldest sister. "Let us leave this human place, let us play among the jeweled grottos, and let us swim into the inky depths."

"Come to me," I sang him away from his men, away from his servant's, away from the wedding revelers. "Come into the hidden darkened corner," I crooned as I shoved him to his knees and bared my body for him "Love me," I whispered as his tongue slide over, around, and into my salty wetness. "Love me," I cried as he braced me against the heaving wall of the ship and thrust deep into my body. "Love me," I cried as my body tightened around him "Love me" I cried as I exploded in the night.

'Little sister, little sister," my fourth sister sang, "we miss you and the ocean beckons."

"I must go," he said.

"One last kiss," I begged as he turned from me.

"One last kiss" he whispered as he took me in his arms.

"I love you," I cried as I plunged the dagger into his heart. Goodbye," I whispered.

"But you loved me," he cried as his blood flowed to the floor and pooled crimson and wet beneath his feet.

"Little sister, little sister," wailed my fifth oldest sister, "it is finished."

Placing a gentle kiss on his cooling lips I tossed the bloody dagger into the sea from whence it had come.

"I loved you," I whispered, "as best as I could with a soulless heart."

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