tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Live Show Toyko Style

The Live Show Toyko Style


I can't believe we are finally here. Our dream of coming to this great city and experiencing its culture, food and some of its naughty side has finally become a reality. We enjoyed the food by day and night and now it's time to experience some of that naughty side we been hoping to see tonight. We had already done our research abroad and locally for a place for our first visit.

We arrive at the large venue and can hear music in the background as we followed others to the main hall. They were playing Animotion's song "Obsession". The sexy music makes the whole adventure thing rather exciting and inviting to say the least.

Julie my sexy Vietnamese girlfriend and I are headed to the large hall of a venue at one of so many red light areas of Tokyo. Apparently this is one of a few places where you can watch live performance by actors and even the odd audience patron can volunteer to be intimately involved as well. Its not your usual stage where the audience is on one side. The stage is the centre piece and rotates very slowly so everyone sitting gets to see the action. The circular podium rises slightly above the closest patron and the seating rises higher as it moves out from the centre of the venue. There are 2 very large screens on opposing sides so anything filmed appears on the screens for those audience preferring to watch it. The venue would probably sits 500 when full and tonight is no different from other nights we have been told. Its full house even on a week night such is the popularity of such shows in an eccentric country like Japan.

The music plays on loud supercharging the live audience, as we settled down and looked at all the nervous looking faces around us. Everyone anticipating and waiting for something to happen.

We both have heard of these shows and wanted to experience them ourselves by coming to Tokyo. Julie and I both love exhibitionist sex and love to watch others perform. But the extent of our exhibitionism only goes as far as in public places, like parks, cars, and even in buses and trains. Usually we engaged in oral sex and masturbation and if permitted full on sex. But never with anyone else. The interesting thing is in this society it was socially acceptable for people to openly display affection and erotica to down right hardcore porn in front of an audience. It was our kind of culture and we are already love everything about Japan.

We notice opposite us the whole seating area was occupied by Japanese women and younger females probably mostly in their early twenties. It did look odd but we assumed that they wanted the females who are presumably single to be seated together. We came in together and are seated together. There were other couples near us. Its seem interesting that females are interested in coming to watch shows like this.

The music plays on while we all waited.

There was a lot of chatter before the announcer came on stage. He was speaking Japanese so it was not clear to us what is going on. But then we noticed the English subtitles come onto the screens.

OK he's just announced the first act. It is going to be a Japanese couple.

The volume of the music increases again as they played that song "Obsession" repeatedly while everyone waited. It was like the music was prelude to the main event.

When the couple walked up to the podium the audience suddenly became silent. It almost seems it was polite not to chatter or scream like you may see it western cultures. However the music played on but at a more moderate volume. The couple perhaps in their twenties reached the stage and bowed to the audience. They are an attractive looking couple. She in particular is rather beautiful. They both sit down on the couch holding hands. Suddenly the music stops.

Then to our most satisfying pleasure start to make out with each other on the couch provided. They were full on kissing each other all over. Their hands all over each other like a couple making love for the first time. There appeared to be a lot of intimacy between them. They were both initally fully clothed, but it didn't take long for the items of clothing to be removed one by one. As the audience were quiet you can hear their excitement, their heavy breathing and sounds of their love making. Shit this is actual pretty good I thought. Really quite full on. It was rather hot and erotic, much more hotter than we expected. I now know why there are so many young females here. Someone told me once that young women come here to places like this to watch and learn how to love and perform sexually. Rather than watching porn it was better to watch it live.

As all the pieces of clothing are completely removed, the male participant had little to hide. He sat there with a full on flag pole. She started to massage him and he did the same to her. The frantic kissing continued as they masturbated each other. I am now feeling so hot. I even wanted to masturbate myself. After a few minutes of real hot make out, the woman started to suck the stiff oozing penis. You can hear her enthusiasm. She sucks hard and he mouth fucked her, pumping his pelvis up and down rapidly. On the large screen you can see the action close up if you are too far. He Then changes position and goes down on her hairy pussy. She squeals like all Japanese girls do as he licked her out. Then they switch to the 69 position. They go like this for a few minutes of loud sucking and moaning. The camera zooms in close to the action recording both him and her performances on each other.

Then moaning comes from the stands as some females begin to masturbate themselves. The venue becomes hot and musky. I look over and can see some of the more bolder girls with there legs apart and hands down their panties rubbing. They were like us so turned on.

Julie begins to massage me through my pants and I lightly massaged her back while we watched. We were feeling rather hot. Her perfume smelt intoxicating. I kiss her lightly every now and then. She looked absolutely beautiful tonight. She is wearing her sexy shorts which allowed her long slim legs maximum visibility. I think she is the most stunning female here, although some of Japanese girls were amazing looking. We have been together for a few years now. I have found her amazing in bed. I believe I have found the one for me. Our chemistry was red hot from the first time we touched each other.

The cameras scan the audience and films some of the other action happening in the stands. The other cameras continues filming the centre stage where now the couple are fucking each other. They change position from her riding him to him standing from behind. He then fucks her while she lies down on the couch. He goes like a piston out of control. She squeals and moans as she orgasms again and again to the delight of the audience as her kisses her passionately. Then he pulls out and wanks himself onto her pretty face. She then wipes her mouth of the fresh hot cum and lips her fingers as the camera zooms in close to her face. The audience begin to chatter excitedly as they move off stage.

New music begins plays on the loud speakers. It is the Japanese version of the 80s hit "Cheri Cheri Lady" by Modern Talking but the lyrics in English appear on screen. The music added to the hot raunchy feel now in the venue as the event managers revved up the atmosphere. Then the music stops.

Immediately the announcer comes back on and announces the next act. Another man comes on stage shirtless, only in his underwear. We couldn't tell what is said, then the English subtitles appear. They are wanting a female participant from the audience to perform with this man. He appears average looking of average build and in his early twenties.

The music comes on again playing that same hot sexy song, "Cher Cheri Lady".

The camera pans the audience and a few young women actually stand up wanting to perform live with this man. The man walks down to each area where the girls are standing up. He walks over to them one by one but does not take their hand. All the females were actually attractive looking in their own way, but he keeps walking around to the next like he's examining the goods before selecting. The camera zooms in to each potential candidate as he approaches them. He appears to be walking our way. The whole venue tense wondering who is standing that he may select. We watch intensely as he approaches our direction and for a nerve whacking reason it looks like he is staring at me. I swallow nervously as he walks towards our side of the stand. He looks like he is still staring our way but there wasn't anyone standing here. He walks right up as the music blared loud still staring. Suddenly I get this lump appear in my throat when I realise he was staring at my Julie, my stunning girlfriend of 5 years. He comes right up and stares at Julie. Oh my god what's happening here. Surely this can't be true. We only came to watch. He stands there. His eyes examines her beauty. Julie stares back at him, a little shocked by the attention. I not prepared for this. She is not expecting this. Then he grabs Julie's hand, pulling her up. Julie grabs my hand and I didn't want to let her go. He looks at me as he pulls her away, smirking. There was look of lust in his eyes. Damn how could he pick my Julie. She didn't offer to participate and we just wanted to watch. And we are a couple. I pull her back but he pulls her away strongly. Julie's stunning beauty has caught his eye. I feel humiliated. A thought crossed my mind that just a few days ago we were dreaming about watching a show like this and now I am about to lose her for what ever reason to a stranger who has chosen her amongst so many. She hasn't been with any other man for years, why now. It occurs to me they were probably watching the audience during the earlier performance looking for a very attractive female for the next show. And they probably thinks she is different, perhaps a hot looking lady with experience.

Suddenly that hot sexy song "Obsession" starts to play again.

I watch nervously as he leads her to the podium. Then the music volume drops, but continues playing. He gets Julie to sit down and he sits next to her on her left. She blushes nervously as he assertively begins to touch her face, brushing her hair from her pretty face. She turns her head looking at my direction. Her face showing confusion and nervousness. Maybe she is looking for my approval for having this stranger touch her. Suddenly I have this feeling of missing her. Maybe he is simply going to tease her, do a strip and a lap dance and then she can come back to me safe and sound. But he touches her more intimately on her face, brushing his fingers on her skin like he is examining her, aroused by her beauty. Infatuated with that instant attraction. He used his fingers and thumbs to lightly feel her beautiful skin. He plays with her long hair, putting his nose through her hair.

That song plays on repeatedly quietly in the background. That song about obsession.

I feel jealousy set in. I blush embarrassingly at watching another man touching my girlfriend in an intimate way. He says something in Japanese, muttering a few words. On the large screen I can see Julie's face. She is stunning. Her pretty eyes had that look of confusion, not knowing what's happening here. But Julie is no school girl, she is the same age as myself, 29 years old and experienced in love making, not like some in the audience who came here to learn first time or to pick up new techniques.

But the worse was to come. He starts to kiss her intimately firstly on her lips then slowly over her face and neck while laying his hand over her chest. He was running his nose over her skin, like he is mesmerised by her perfume and scent of her warm skin. He was making out with my girlfriend. The strange thing was she wasn't stopping him now. She just sat there not knowing what to do next. Maybe she is in shock, caught by surprise. Not expecting this. Just not ready to do anything like this. He is humiliating me in front of me and everyone else. The camera zooms close to display a close up of the impending action. I am starting to feel quite jealous but the odd thing is I am getting rather aroused. My penis throbbing between my legs, fully erect. As the man continued kissing and licking Julie all over, she began to reciprocate. And now their making out in front of the audience becomes increasingly frantic. She's letting go of herself. She is getting turned on. I have seen this reaction from her many times before. I can now hear her moaning. She was enjoying it. Now oblivious to where she was. I can hear her heavy breathing. I can feel her excitement. I can hear moaning elsewhere in the venue as some patrons begin to masturbate. The cameras pan the venue focussing on those women. But on the main screen it was all Julie in focus. Julie is now massaging his chest and returning the heavy petting and kissing. She is getting really aroused. Its getting too late to stop. I fear the worse to come.

Jealousy verses arousal swamps me. I feel people watching me. They are watching my reaction. Suddenly it occurs to me one camera was focused on filming my reaction. I blush heavily and put my hand to my face as I see myself on one screen. They were getting off on my uncomfortable reaction. Who wouldn't feel this way if their girlfriend was making out with a complete stranger. And it hurts because she is enjoying it now. Her facial expressions tell it all. I become increasingly concerned that he may take her clothes off and worse she may start to touch him more intimately now and even a lot more. Suddenly the image of her using her years of experience masturbating me and previous boyfriends, appears in my mind. I was getting really turned on at the thought. It is that thought of her using her experienced technique gained by years of intimacy with me on this stranger that is very arousing. And further, that thought of watching her going all out, wildly masturbating him with her right hand, just the same way she masturbates me is getting me really turned on. I sweat nervously at the thought. Yes do him just like how she likes to do me. But it hurts me to contemplate it will go that far. I try to shake the dirty thought out of my head. No definitely not, she won't do that I reassure myself. But I was so wrong.

Their hands are now all over each other, massaging each other. It is getting frantic up there on the podium. I can hear her moaning. Her hand massages his chest and he rubs her through her top. They are deep kissing now. He takes her top off now. Then Julie's bra comes off quickly afterwards. Her perky breast and hard erect nipples exposed. He mutters in Japanese again. Obliviously excited at what he is seeing. His hands are all over them rubbing, squeezing her nipples and massaging. And her right hand is squeezing and lightly massaging the fully erect penis under his underwear. He kisses her nipples and flicks fast with his tongue on them. She squeals in delight. Jealousy consumes me. When is this going to stop. This nightmare. But my own penis throbs uncontrollably despite this. It is pleasure and pain.

He then stands up and pulls Julie petite frame up with him. She looked stunning. All 5ft 4in of her. Her skin pale white. Her breast perky and beautifully shaped. He is a lot taller than her. He kisses her as they are both standing. Then he moves down kissing her breast and licking and sucking her nipples which are fully erect now. Her areola looking large and deep red in colour surrounds her nipples. A sure sign of her excitement. He gets to her stomach as he licks his way down. He then takes her short tight shorts off, letting them fall to the ground. She steps out of them. Julie is now standing there wearing only her pink panties. Her stunning body and legs for all to enjoy especially him.

He kisses her deeply for what seems like minutes. There is absolutely no resistance from Julie. I get really nervous, hoping that's it and she can just put her clothes back on and come back to me. No after admiring her figure he slowly sits her back down and she lies back against the top of the couch. The worse was to come. He follows her down and slowly pulls her buttocks forward and firmly pushes her white thighs wide apart exposing her panties. She is now fully spread eagled, with her legs pushed up to her chest. I know she is embarrassed by his indiscretion. She is probably humiliated judging by her blushing face, but she is also too aroused now to stop it. He slowly turns his head deliberately staring my way and licks his lips smirking and nods his head in approval of what he sees. His lustful eyes wide with excitement. He again says something in Japanese. I get really worked up at his deliberate actions. He is deliberately teasing me making me angry with jealous. I feel really humiliated. I can even hear his heavy excited breathing. He licks his lips tormenting me. I know he wants to go down on my pretty Julie and taste her pussy. He deliberately stares at the prize in front of him, breathing and inhaling strongly. His face hovering over her spread thighs. I can embarrassingly see a large wet spot on her panties. Anger consumes me. The jealous rage consumes me. My face blushes for her. He is deliberately enjoying the scent of her as his face hovers above her spread thighs.

Again the camera zoom in close and again I can see myself appear on one part of the screen. They are deliberately getting off on my jealous reaction. But I am so turned on as well. I briefly touch the ever expanding lump in my shorts. The hot thought of him smelling and tasting her pussy is turning me on.

He moves his face closer to her spread thighs. A cameraman hovers close by zooming in towards her open legs. Embarrassingly I can see small strands of her pubic hairs sticking from the edges of her panties as he slowly moves in. Julie face appears on screen. Her mouth wide open, in aroused resignation and heightened anticipation, waiting to feel his tongue. I have seen that excited look before. Her face blushing red and she moans, squealing a little. He sniffs her, running his nose over the fabric of her panties. I hear more excited moans coming from around the venue. He deliberately takes his time like a school boy finding something precious and new for the first time. His nose rubs over the moist fabric. He is sniffing my girlfriend's pussy through her panties. Then he licks along the sides of her panties and along the inside of her white thighs, deliberately teasing her. She moans and squeals in delight. He does this for a few minutes to enhance his and her pleasure. He sniffs her natural scent in the area. The smell of her pubic hairs. The smell I know so well. A jealous rage develops in my belly as he spends like minutes enjoying her forbidden fruit but I felt like wanking myself. I can hear Julie's distinctive moaning amongst the others. It is loud and clear as she gets overwhelm by excitement. She plays with her nipples and massages her breasts as he teasingly licks her. He mutters in Japanese again.

He pulls out his fully erect penis wanking himself slowly as he gets full pleasure in sniffing my girlfriend's private. Then he pulls her panties up along the slit of her pussy, moving slowly the fabric up and down. Her neatly trimmed pubic hairs appear on either side now.

Then he begins to take her panties off, finally exposing Julie's perfectly trimmed bush. You can now see her inner labia faintly beneath her trimmed pussy. He then stands up holding her pink panties high in the air, like some kind of trophy, and walking around displaying them. And to my horror he then spreads open the insides of her panties and openly displaying it to everyone. And then worse he starts sniffing and licking the creamy stain on the crotch of the fabric as he mutters excitedly in Japanese. Julie's face had this horrified look as he proceeded to lick clean the damp surface in front of everyone. Her mouth open in horrified surprise but she was too turned on to care. Her face blushes red in embarrassment but she moans in excitement while massaging her breast and nipples while watching him. I hear some horrified chatter and moaning from the all female side.

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