tagErotic HorrorThe Living Sex Toy Ch. 02

The Living Sex Toy Ch. 02


The next morning Liz woke up back in the store and fully clothed like nothing had happened. Everything in the store was neat and tidy.

"Was it all just a dream?" she said to herself. She started walking around with complete control of her body and sighed in relief. But then she felt something stir in her pants and was frightened.

"Well of course not", her vagina said seductively.

"Just what the hell do you want with me?! Why are you talking to me?" Liz cried.

"Let me walk you to a mirror where I can speak to you better." Liz, again, lost control of her legs as they walked her to the bathroom in front of a mirror. She stared into the mirror and her reflection started talking to her.

"Good morning Liz how are you?"

"What the...how", Liz stuttered.

"Don't worry; I'm the same voice you heard from between your legs earlier. The name's Selena."

"Okay, can you tell me why you took control of my body and turned me into a slut?!" Liz demanded

"Wow, don't get your panties in a wad. Here's the deal, do you remember the store clerk from last night?"

Liz nodded

"She was my previous vessel. You see, I am the ghost of a succubus. About a month ago, a witch used a powerful spell that was supposed to kill me. She succeeded in destroying my body but did not succeed in destroying my spirit, and demon spirits do not pass on like spirits of humans. In order to survive after losing our body we must find a vessel."

Liz stood in frightened silence and then said, "What about the store clerk? Why couldn't she be your vessel?"

"The store owner is the witch who killed me. I tried to take her over but she cast a spell trapping me inside various sex toys in this store. She knew I couldn't be held there for long so when you walked into the store, you were her salvation. I prefer you anyway; you're a lot better looking than she is. You're better suited for seducing my prey."

"Your prey?"

"I feed off the sexual energy of men. It's what a succubus does."

"Last night your prey just happened to be random men off the street! What if I get AIDS or something?!"

"Don't worry; now that I'm a part of you, you no longer have human weaknesses. You cannot get sick or die." Selena said with a smirk. "But that also means my other traits will rub off on you. No longer will you eat human food, nor will you crave it. Your primary source of energy will be to have sex with men while draining their energy. Forever."

"No! You're wrong, I refuse to be this way, you'll see!" Liz storms out of the bathroom and out of the store.

"You can't fight your urges for long Lizzy", Selena said playfully talking out of Liz's pussy again.

"Shut up! I'm going to Hardees and getting breakfast."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Selena giggled. Liz nearly fell as Selena's voice vibrated her G-spot.

"I said shut up! I can hardly walk while you're talking!" Liz yelled. She spotted the Hardees down the street and ran to it. There was no line inside so it was perfect. She walked up to the register and ordered a gravy biscuit. When her food came out she sat at the table in the back left corner. She took a bite and then violently spit it out.

"That's nasty!" Liz thought. She took it to the front.

"Is there a problem?" said a skinny, brown headed boy in a Hardees uniform.

"Yeah, this is nasty! Give me something else!"

The boy handed her another plate and she took a bite. She threw up all over the floor. Grossed out everyone in the restaurant gazed at her.

"Sorry", Liz said quietly as she walked out embarrassed.

Selena laughs. "See, I told you."

Liz started to cry. "Quit toying with me. If you're going to take over me just do it and get it over with."

"That's very kind of you", Selena giggles, "but I no longer need to. When you refuse to have sex to survive, your body will go into survival mode. When that happens it will send off vibes to all men around you."

"Wha...what do you mean?

"Ha, ha, you'll find out soon enough" Selena laughed.


Later on that night Liz was walking the streets of Luxemburg Florida by herself. She was starving so much she could hardly walk and sat down next to a dumpster. It wasn't long after that when a young man, around 23 years old, came walking by her. He had black hair, was slim with ripped muscles, and wore a black leather jacket with jeans. He saw Liz sitting on the ground and something came over him. He immediately became extremely horny and lost total sense of himself. He grabbed Liz by the legs and dragged her away from the dumpster.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Let go of me you psycho!"

The man ignored her and started ripping her clothes off. Liz struggled with all her might but was too weak to overpower him. When she was finally completely nude before him, he pulled out his raging erection and started fucking her violently. Liz spotted a cop nearby.

"Help me!" As Liz yelled the cop came running over to her to help her, but when he got close he too was overtaken by her and pulled out his gun and shot the man. He pulled the man off of Liz and then 'he' started to fuck her.

As Liz was violently raped she heard the words of Selena in her mind, "When you refuse to have sex to survive, your body will go into survival mode. When that happens it will send off vibes to all men around you."

The cop finally came inside of Liz and started to get up. When her vagina consumed his cum, her eyes turned blood red and all of a sudden she craved more. Her strength grew to a super human level and she pulled the cop back down to her.

"I want more", Liz hissed as she wrapped her legs around him. "But how do I get that erection of yours back?"

"Leave that to me", Selena said. Then Liz's pussy jumped onto the cop's cock and a glow came from the pussy. The cop's erection grew while her pussy sucked on it. His eyes went to the back of his head while Selena worked his cock. They both climaxed at least six times, but after a while it became painful to the cop. He started to scream and then Liz's right boob forced itself into his mouth. Then eight more orgasms went by and the cop couldn't move. Then after the last orgasm, he finally died on top of her.

Liz rose, changed forever. She left the alley and sought more prey.

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by Anonymous04/05/19

this is the best thing ive read since huckleberry finn

i came to this eight times

i wish i had a selena

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