tagBDSMThe Local Toy Store

The Local Toy Store


I was rushing around last minute, trying to grab various items that were on the bed, planning what to bring with me for going over to His house. I was running late, due to my extra long shower, trying to shave everything possible, except of course the landing strip he preferred on me. I didn't know the plan of the day, as usual, but there were select items he asked me to bring, including the request to the type of attire I wear.

The doorbell rang. "Shit!" I harshly whispered to myself. I shoved it all in my purse, and ran down the stairs to the front door. There he stood, tall, a bit tan from the summer months yet, strong jaw line, deep set eyes, broad shoulders and toned biceps. He wore a button down striped shirt that clung to his body rather nicely, and casual jeans. As I opened the door, his eyes immediately met mine. "I've been waiting for 5 minutes, pet."

"Oh my gosh, I'm sooo sorry! I didn't know you were out there already!" I apologize, a bit panicky.

He just chuckles, leaning in to kiss my cheek. "You all ready then?"

"Yes, I have everything now." I hustle out the door, turning around to lock it. He stood there waiting, and I could feel his eyes watching me as I bent over slightly to lock up. I had worn just as he had suggested--something snug fitting on top, and something open for the bottom. Those being the broad instructions, I chose a white, snug deep V cut top that revealed some cleavage, as well as the red tank top underneath, and a nice black pleated skirt to match. I also threw on some heels that weren't too high, as he had vaguely mentioned that I might be on my feet a bit.

As soon as I turned around, truly ready to leave, he was practically right in front of me. His hands slipped smoothly over my curves. He brushed a curled bang from my face and said, "You look gorgeous, precious." I smiled and blushed a bit.

"Thank you, Sir."

"...But just because you've pleased me with your attire does not mean that you are off the hook. You know I don't like to wait." I nodded quickly, a slight excited, yet nervous knot forming in my stomach. He kissed me quickly on the lips and turned as we walked back towards his truck. I hopped in, and he started driving back in towards town. "Can I trust you to close your eyes, and keep them closed until we get to our destination?" He asked.

"Of course, Sir."

"Good. Close your eyes." I did so, and waited. Time went by so much slower with closed eyes...my anticipation grew stronger. I felt the vehicle make turns and I tried to keep up with the map I formed in my head and where we were going, but soon I couldn't keep up, and I just let myself forget about it. We drove around for a good half hour or so. Now and then, he glided his forefinger up my thigh, starting at the knee, and would go up my skirt a little, and then pause. My back would stiffen and I'd inhale a slight gasp. I wish I could see HIS reactions to mine at those moments. Eventually, the vehicle went slower, and we made quite a few turns in a row, and were stopped. "Hand me your purse, dear."

I handed my purse over to him. I heard him rustling through it, not sure if he was just checking to make sure I brought what he had asked of me, or if he was looking for anything else. After a minute, I heard him get out of the truck. I almost opened my eyes, and grabbed the door out of habit, but before that moment happened, I quickly remembered I was with Him, and I was already in trouble for being late. He opened my door, and I unbuckled myself. He took hold of my hand and helped me down from the truck, and I had to concentrate on not opening my eyes at all. He handed me my purse, and slipped his hand around my waist to help guide me in the direction he desired, telling me when to step, when to duck, etc.

He must've, then, opened a door as I heard the little bell, similar to those in small local shops around town to inform when customers had come and gone. There was a new smell, not one I was ever familiar with. We walked up a slight ramp, then he let go and told me to wait where I was. He walked away, and I stood there in the darkness...trying to recognize the smell...wondering where we had gone that it was so dark now. I heard some small talk in the distance, and soon he came back for me, guiding me through the room. I heard a 2nd door shut behind us, and I got extremely nervous. Before I could ask where we were, he said, "You can open your eyes now."

I opened my eyes and looked around. The room was very dark with poor lighting. As I turned around, I saw the 2nd door that had shut behind me, though it was wooden and you could not see beyond it. There were no windows, and it took a couple seconds to realize in what kind of a place we were. "Are we at an adult store?" I asked, half whispering.

He let out a laugh at my innocent confusion. "Yes, hun, we are. Why don't we take a look around and see if we find anything you like." He rested his hand in the small of my back and we walked around. The first room was full of outfits. Some were mainly Halloween costumes, but there were many others....body suits of latex, latex and leather bras, garters, panties. There were intimate corsets and camis, as well as some super tight s/m ones that included restraints for limbs, and/or holes for other body parts. Many of these I had never seen before, not even online when searching for some kinky material or outfits that got me going just from looking at them. I felt my juices starting to churn within me, and I was blushing at myself for just being turned on like this in general. For a second, he let go of my back, wandering off towards another corner of the room. I didn't bother paying attention, too intrigued by such new and fascinating items. After eyeing up a corset that grew on me, I had realized that he had disappeared. I turned around, and he was headed back in my direction, holding a maid costume. It was not a maid costume that's even typical of the little slutty ones you can find around Halloween...it was even more revealing than that. Based on the picture provided in front, it involved a REAL corset--looking very tight around the waist, a skirt that stopped literally only halfway down the butt cheeks....just barely hiding the woman's sacredness. Not only that, but the corset stopped just before the breasts, her tits hanging out of them...the body squeezing hers tight enough to make her breasts push outwards. My eyes widened a little when I first saw that.

"Am I wearing that?" I asked, still in shock.

He couldn't contain his pleasure as he laughed again. "Not today....but I think I may have future plans for it." I gave him a cock-eyed look, not sure who he was referring to. I knew I was not his only little girl. As I pondered what he might mean, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "By the way, you're blushing, precious." I grew further moist underneath my skirt, and could feel my face grow hotter and redder after he said that. I just looked at him, with an embarrassed look, which no doubt he found cute, and probably gave him a lot more pleasure after saying that. "I'm going to go purchase this and put it in the truck so I don't have to carry it around, I will be right back. Go ahead and wander around. There are other rooms beyond this one back there," he pointed in the direction behind him.

"Yes, Sir." I nodded.

He headed back around the corner, where I assumed was the checkout counter. I wandered through an opening and this was where all the toys were...anything and everything you could imagine. In one corner were all the dildos...of EVERY size I could imagine...there was even one set up on the floor that was probably 2 feet long. I practically laughed when I saw it. In the corner right across from it was an array of vibrators, from large to small, colored to realistic, and remote control to little personal ones. I wandered over to them to check them out. I had had a couple different vibrators before, but neither I had liked. The only one I had ever loved completely died after a year of use, and I could not find that same one again anywhere. I then noticed a closet door that was slightly hidden in the corner. It was labeled "saddle", and I was curious as it did not have a sign on it that said "employees only" or anything of the sort. My curiosity got the best of me and I turned the knob. It wasn't locked and swung open very easily. A light was on, and behind the door was a contraption I had never seen before...It was similar to a bench you'd see at the gym, but narrower, and had a horse saddle shaped seat. There was a sign beside it with "instructions". I then realized that it was a vibrator that you could sit on, and it would rock your world! There were instructions about cleaning it before and after use with products provided on a shelf, as well as a "pay per minute" service. I sort of giggled, blushing a bit, though my curiosity was peaking again. I decided best not to try this out at the moment, and backed out of the door. When I turned around, He was right in front of me.

"Find anything exciting?" he smirked. I giggled, blushing of course, and pointed behind me at the room I had just entered.

Two people walked by us, looking at us and smiled and waved at us, as if they knew who we were. I assumed maybe he had known who they were, as he nodded back to them. They kept watching us, seemingly intrigued by us, though I couldn't imagine why...except for the fact that maybe they saw me come out of the room! "Do you know them?"

"No," he replied, "but here, no one really cares. We're all here for the same reasons, right?"

"What kind of place is this? I've never seen this before, and doubt I've heard of it..."

"You might have heard of it," he replied. "It's the 'Local Toy Store'. Not many people know of it, only those within a certain club know of it and are allowed to come here or order things from here. It's too extreme for this small town, so they keep it hidden underground. Those who know of it don't talk about it to avoid any issues with the city. That's part of the reason I had you close your eyes in coming here."

I was a bit shocked, and slightly confused, but accepted the fact that I would be. Then, to distract me from analyzing it all, he handed a black bag to me. "Here, go put this on in the bathroom up in front. I'll be out here looking around."

I nodded, wondering what he had bought. I didn't bother to take a sneak peak as I found my way to the restroom, which I discovered to be co-ed....and not the typical "family" co-ed I was used to. I scooted into a stall, and opened the bag. Inside was a tiny vibrator inside an opened plastic package. I read the name of the package, and I vaguely remembered seeing it out there on the wall moments before. It was a remote control, but I didn't see any remote or wires coming out of the small 1 1/2 inch bullet, that was also connected to straps to go around my waist and upper thighs, similarly to that of any other underwear. My stomach churned as I soon realized who probably had the remote, but at the same time, I was very excited for this new adventure. I slipped down my lacy black boy shorts, and slipped the vibrator on, the bullet naturally angled to press right against the clit, and fit comfortably between my moist lips. As I fit the bullet against my bud, I soon realized how moist I really was....moist being quite the understatement. At that moment, I could also smell myself, the strong scent of sex rising from my pussy, and even my panties, which had a creamy film along the inner lining. I put the boy shorts back on, and adjusted my skirt so that everything seemed normal.

I walked out of the bathroom, passing the front counter, which I hadn't noticed coming in. The man behind it smiled and nodded at me politely, and I could feel him watching me until I left the room. I went back into the toy room, and saw him looking at some of the anal toys on the other side of the room. I walked up to him, standing up beside him looking at these new objects without saying a word. He turned to me, "how do I know you've done as you are told pet?"

I smartly remarked, "I think you should be able to tell whenever you want to, shouldn't you?" and I smiled at him keenly.

"Oh? How so?"

Suddenly, a sharp vibration came from the bullet, buzzing against my poor clit unexpectedly. I practically fell at the knees, and bent over slightly, my mouth falling agape. I quickly closed my mouth, biting my lip to try and contain some of my reactions. I grabbed onto his shoulder to help keep from falling, until the vibration stopped shortly after. "Oh...my....gosh," was all I could say, through clenched teeth. I had never felt such a strong vibration from something so small before. I licked my lips, which had gone dry, and looked at him blushing.

"Okay, I believe you," he smirked.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and led me into the next room. I hadn't noticed until we left the room that there were a couple other people in that particular toy room. I wondered if they had heard my momentary minor outburst...

The next room was the more or less fetish room. In one corner I spotted many types of shoes...high heels, boots, ballet boots, stockings, etc. Another wall had an area full of bdsm gear, minor to quite extreme. There were a variety of paddles, whips, restraints, ropes, gags, clamps, chastity belts, etc. He pulled me towards them, knowing I get so easily turned on by them. We both looked around and he pointed out a whip he thought might be fun to try on me. Almost as soon as he said that, as he was examining the material it was made of, the vibrating bullet went off again. I squeezed my legs together, and bit my lip immediately. He continued to look over the whip as if he didn't realize what was going on. When he finally set it back down, he turned around and saw me slightly bent over, looking almost as if I were in pain. As soon as he turned around, the vibration stopped. He gave me a curious look...

It dawned on me at that moment that when the vibrator had gone off, his hands were full with the whip...and when he turned around, it was as if he had no idea what was going on. Did the button get pushed while in his pocket? Did he leave it somewhere on accident? I looked at his hands, dazed, and he couldn't hold back a smile. "What's wrong, precious?"

"You...you...you didn't push the button?"

"What button?" he asked, mockingly innocent.

"Do you have the remote?" I ask nervously.

A keen grin... "No... why should I?" My eyes widened. Before I could think of a response, he finished, "That gift wasn't from me. It was from the owner of the store. I know him fairly well, and he's heard a bit about you. He was intrigued and asked if he could give that to you, and simply watch what happened through the security cameras." The afternoon grew more surprising by the minute. I looked up at the camera that was in the corner, right where we were standing....he was watching me react and squirm through the cameras. No wonder he kept his eyes on me as I walked past him on the way out from the bathroom! "I managed to work out a deal with him, especially since I still need to punish you yet..." I had nearly forgotten about the punishment from being late...I had convinced myself that maybe embarrassing me throughout the store might have been it, but apparently not. "That being said...."

He walked around me and placed a blindfold around my head, covering my eyes. He double-checked to make sure I couldn't see, and then started guiding me through the store again. We paused, and he stepped away to open a door as I heard a key jiggle through a lock and click it open. This room was even a bit darker than that of the rest of the store, I could tell from the change in lighting through the blindfold. He walked us in and as soon as the door shut behind us, the vibrator popped on again. I let out a moan this time, my pussy so lubed up and easily stimulated now, more than I could ever recall. My knees bent, trying to keep myself from falling over. He gave my ass a sharp squeeze and whispered harshly in my ear, "Stand up straight. I want you to have good posture the rest of your time here, pet." I gasped and nodded, quickly straightening out, but the buzzing didn't stop. My toes tingled, and I curled them, my legs shaking slightly out of weakness. I heard him circle me a couple of times, and then walk off for a minute, moving things around by the sound of it. I tried paying attention to him so that there would be as little surprise as possible whenever he did something, but the vibrator was very distracting. It teased my clit...even the bubbling of my juices from the movement of the toy could be heard. All sounds were muffled to my ears now except that of the vibrator. I started growing close...my hips dying to thrust downwards at it, take more from it...but even if I did, it would do nothing.

Suddenly, he was behind me, grabbing my top from the bottom and pulling it upwards over my head, my arms moving up to make this easier for him. He checked the blindfold to be sure nothing was revealed to me. He then pulled off the red tank top, now revealing the black lacy bra underneath. He unsnapped it, sliding it down my arms...apparently in a hurry to strip me down. He reached under my skirt, grabbing hold of each cheek in each hand, first massaging them, then groping them roughly. All the while, the vibration didn't stop. He gave my ass a light smack and then I heard him walk away temporarily again. Every time he stepped away, that vibrator would grow more intense due to lack of other distractions. It grew stronger, louder, made me drip and soak up my panties...

Until I felt a tight pinch on my left nipple. I let out a bit of a whimper, bending my body forward slightly, but I immediately straightened....then the other nipple, of which I kept my composure. I clenched my teeth from the pain, whimpering ever so slightly. He gave a gentle tug, and in response I took a step forward, trying to increase the slack. He forced my top back into my hands.. "Put this back on, pet." I was so confused. I was sure he had just put nipple clamps on my breasts...and then it hit me. My tight, though stretchy top, would fit over just fine, but still pulling on the chain from underneath enough to cause me pain. I nodded and put my top back on, slowly, and very careful not to bump the chain that attached the nipple clamps. Once it was on, the vibration stopped, and the fabric was pressing against my sensitive nipples. He reached in front, putting his hand through the V of the top, and pulled the chain slowly out. I could feel the clamps get caught on the fabric and I let out a whimper. He tried to pull the fabric aside and pull it out more, my breasts being pulled upwards by the jaws. "Good girl..." he said, soothingly. "Now, on your knees like a good little girl."

I slowly lowered myself one knee at a time. With the vibration gone, my body's nerves only paid attention to the pain of my sensitive, captive pink nipples that pushed through the white fabric. "Remember, back straight, face forward, arms folded behind your back...and spread your legs some." He reminded me of my posture as I quickly transformed into my submissive mood and fixed all as he mentioned each one. I heard some rustling noise in the background, some movement of what sounded like heavy objects, and then I could smell his thick scent in front of my face. The faint sound of a zipper, a stronger scent of his essence...I tingled...now lusting for his member that was now just in front of my face...just out of reach. I heard his hand rubbing it, heard some of his own lubricant gliding over his thick cock. My mouth dropped open a bit, just taking it all in. Soon, the wet tip was pressed against my lips. I opened, and greedily stuck my tongue out to lick...but was shortly rejected.

"Not so soon, pet. You have to earn that right." I closed my mouth without a word. "Spread your legs a little wider, and lean over onto all 4's" he instructed. I did as I was told, feeling my skirt brush against my hamstrings, and soon feel gravity become the dominator of my poor breasts, pulling the chain towards the ground. I heard some heavy metal object slide underneath me, unsure of what it could possibly be. There was a lot of futzing around, and I was unsure of what was going on. He walked up beside me, kneeling down to my level, and grabbed my left arm. I shifted my weight so I wouldn't fall, and he moved my hand into a metal ring, and tightened it around my wrist. As he crossed to the other side to do the same with the other hand, I attempted to move my hand one way or the other to see what leeway I had. The solid ring did not move, it was fixed to the metal plank underneath me. He repeated this with my right arm so that I was practically forced on my hands and knees and nowhere to go. I heard him come up behind me, pulling my skirt up over my back, exposing the lace panties and the rest of my round cheeks.

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