tagRomanceThe Long Awaited Valentine

The Long Awaited Valentine


6:59 AM on a Sunday morning.

Elisa giggled as she curled up under the plush comforter, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. This was the first Valentine's Day in twenty-nine years that she was spending it with someone whom she really loved. It was Robby Jennings. Her college sweetheart. They parted company when both were in their junior year, citing different goals, dreams, and the usual difference in ideals when you are learning about yourself. But she never forgot him. She grinned as she remembered the Cupid has always worked in the most strangest of ways. The course of true love never did run entirely smoothly.

And then, last year, the day after Valentine's Day, she got that memorable phone call. He missed her and wondered how she was. Had she married? Had she had any children? The answers were all too quick no's. They continued to talk, finding out things they always knew but never admitted to. How she had always loved him, and he, her. How they wanted to be together but the moment was never right. But how soon, that would change.. if it was just given time.

They had talked and remained close for that full year, speaking by E-mail and telephone. Different states, never the chance to get together. Until Valentine's Day. One dozen lilacs sent to her workplace, with a card that read "The Vineyards, February 14th until forever. You, Me, and Cupid's Arrow. Love, R."

She called him excitedly, they agreed to the meeting and it was finally here. That sigh parted her lips as she smiled and whispered "Alright girl, time to get up!".

Elisa was an attractive woman, by all means. Perhaps a bit on the larger side, it always added to her beauty, never taking away. She stood about 5'7 and her weight constantly maintained at 150, regardless of what she did. Her flaming Red hair fell in long curls against a slender back and framed a beautifully sculpted face. The thin brow, Almond shaped Green eyes with the gold flecks, and tiny nose were presented by high cheekbones and impossibly full lips. Her skin the colour of milk and the texture.. like a rose petal.

Her body was toned in some areas, and imperfect in others. Breasts that pushed upwards, not yet succumbing to the gravity of time were crowned with the most delectable nipples. A deep rose, that crinkled when she was aroused and pushed them out. Her waist that slimmed down to full hips. She had the tiniest hint of a stomach and a round backside that ended in toned thighs and legs. And adorable feet.

Robby loved her feet.

So as fingertips began undoing that night shirt, Elisa hummed softly and began to run the shower. She didn't hear the knock on the front door, or when it opened. Opening the shower door, she stepped in and sighed as the hot water struck the bare skin of her breasts, and settled in for the relaxing beatings of the droplets, unaware of the figure behind her.

It happened quickly. A man, naked, strong, grabbing her by the back of the neck so she couldn't turn. Her eyes wide, horrified, her mouth opening to scream and ears listening to the sadistic sounding chuckle, so masculine.

"Hello Angel.."

She knew that voice..

"Robby??" She hoped and prayed.

"Mmm Angel, after so many years you look so good. Happy to feel me?" The way he asked.. menacing but almost hopeful. Would she answer correctly?

"Robby ..wh..what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Of..course I missed you!" She hoped she answered correctly, she knew what he was like when he was angered, persistent until he got what he wanted.

He smiled and let loose the grip on her neck. "Oh baby, I've missed you. I decided to come early, surprise you. Now not another word, or I'll leave and you'll never see me again. Stay quiet and I'll be here forever.."

She could only choke back a sob at the response she was given, and nod. She didn't want him to go. But she yearned to look at him. The years were very kind to Robby, as well. He stood about 6'3, built like a God to boot. His tanned flesh had remained tanned, well muscled with only one change. Those dark Brown eyes matched the shaved and spiked hair atop his head. Elisa could only imagine those soft and sweet lips of his. There had been one change, though. His nipples had been pierced. She could feel them as he slid himself fully into the shower, naked flesh upon naked flesh.

He cooed in her ear as his lips lowered to the soft skin of her lobe and kisses bestowed to her throat. "You are going to have the best Valentine's Day ever, I promise you."

She moaned softly, it echoing off the walls and he pushed her against the interior of the shower stall.

"Spread your legs." Commanded.

She complied.

Robby fell to his knees and sighed in appreciation at her willingness to submit to his every whim, and eyes raised to see her reaction. Elisa, scared, admittedly had willingly become his in a matter of minutes. Becoming his whore, his desire, doing whatever he wished. Out of love for him. So as those thighs parted, her backside was pushed out in the most teasing manner she could manage. Again, he chuckled. His large hand slapped it, making Elisa jump. At that he chuckled and now slid both palms to either side of those cheeks to part them, eyes devouring that tight little bud, and trailed downwards to pink lips that were so neatly groomed. He smiled as he saw her begin to moisten and wasted no time indulging.

His mouth feverishly kissed it's way along her slit. Hot breath trailing as skilled lips moved first over the right lip, and then over her left. She squealed quietly and her hips pushed down into his mouth. He grinned and fingers pushed her apart, letting his tongue slide fully into that tunnel, tasting the sweet, spicy flavor he so remembered from all of those years ago. His face nuzzled, nose brushing the very top of her clit and continuing to bump it as he feasted on her most sensitive parts. Elisa's hands slid behind his head to push him forward as she whispered.. "May I cum..I'm so close.."

Acutely aware now, from those small sentiments, how much power he had over her, he nodded. "Cum now, over my tongue, don't hold back." Her lower lip sucked into her mouth and she let herself buckle on him, her bottom pressed into his face and her walls constricting as that wetness flowed onto his tongue. A long lick and he kissed his way back upwards to her back and against her neck. Robby's mouth once more hovering back at her ear to whisper, "Finish up in here and meet me in our bedroom. You have five minutes."

Oh how Elisa trembled at his words, and began to soap up her skin setting out to finish her shower. Robby would quickly step out, wrapping a towel around his waist and picking up the duffel bag on the cold, tiled floor. Time to give her that Valentine's Day surprise that most women would cherish.

He had five minutes to decorate the room in the fashion he wanted. So the duffel bag was opened and out he brought a bag of rose petals. Throwing them across the floor and over her still unmade bed. One single, Red rose placed upon her pillow. Two candles, Ivory and Crimson, lit..each fragrant of Vanilla and Cinnamon. Upon the side tables, one silken Ebony pouch, a Red ribbon tied into a bow. As Robby stood back to view his work, he smiled and dropped his towel, lay on his back on the bed to await her.

Elisa hurriedly dried herself off and took a glance in the mirror. That long Red hair unwashed, she wanted to hurry so she let it's softness hang in strings over her body. Her face still flushed and nipples bristling with arousal. She stepped nervously and tentatively into the hallway and moved to enter her bedroom. What she saw almost brought her to tears.

The room was perfect, romantic, special, for them alone. In the middle of it all lie a god. Elisa wanted to show him how much she loved him. How she worshipped him. Robby smiled at the look on her face and motioned her to him. Elisa complied. Her naked body climbed atop the bed and hands steadied themselves on his thighs. She inched herself upwards until those full breasts cradled against his balls and her hot mouth was already at the very tip of his manhood. Robby's hands slid now into her hair to silently encourage her motions and her mouth slid over the engorged head of his shaft.

She began by lightly moaning against the skin. Her tongue lapped at the tip and she trembled at the taste. Her meaning was to go slow, but as lips slid inch by inch downwards, she couldn't stop herself. The slow, wet pumping of lips turned to hard and fast sucking. Her tongue gliding along the veined shaft and didn't stop until all of him was buried into her throat, being milked crudely but lovingly. Robby's gasps filled her ears, his shaft pulsed and enlarged in her throat and he quickly pulled her from him, eyes now locked onto his.

Elisa moved upwards until her hips met his. She spread her legs to straddle his hips, and raised upwards until she was now over him. She grinned wickedly. He palmed her breasts and whispered for her to do it. One manicured hand slid back to grip him, caressing his balls, and she suddenly dropped with a yelp. She sank that hot tunnel down onto his thickness and sighed with pleasure. Her body rocked forwards, and then back, allowing her hips to circle teasingly as she lifted herself again, dropping down. Their moans of pleasure mixed, the sounds as he entered her, and she stroked and squeezed him filled the room. Their hands met and fingers entwined as they continued to stare into the other's eyes. Their bodies fused as one, passionately making love. He filled her, his shaft pulsing rope and rope of his seed within her. She covered him in her own bliss. Her own orgasm stroking, sucking, dripping over his shaft.

She chuckled. He laughed.

Elisa slid herself fully onto him, her chest meeting his, and her head leaning against his chest just like it always had, with eyes closed.

Robby stared at her, and whispered. "Look up."

Elisa's eyes opened to that bag that now sat before her.

"Open it, love." The both smiled as she opened it, slowly, but curiously. Within it, was a gold band, the large diamond atop accented by two Rubies. Elisa's eyes watered as she gazed to Robby, who by now had his own tears. He whispered once more, "You left me once, you won't do it again. This time we make it real. Elisa.. you have been my past, and you are my future. Will you marry me?"

She could do nothing but whisper "Yes."

"Happy Valentine's Day, my love." He smiled and said, as they held each other close.

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