The Long Betrothal Ch. 05


Finally, he stopped at the zenith of one stroke, holding her pussy open.

Kerin opened her eyes. A wave of heat swept from her face downward, turning her cheeks and chest a brilliant pink as she saw Maxen hovering above, just looking at her. The intimate flesh he'd exposed swelled and colored more deeply as blood pulsed painfully through the tissues.

"Maxen." Her whisper drew his eyes to her face and she begged. She couldn't help it. "Maxen, please. Please..."

He'd meant to lick her until her limbs would no longer function, until his face was coated cheek-to-chin with the liquid evidence of her desire, but Kerin's quim had blossomed into pleasure beneath his tongue once before. Now she needed to know more than the purely sexual gifts he could give. She needed the truth of his penetration to wipe out the pain he'd caused before. She didn't know the words, but her whispered plea was enough. The desperation in her voice drew his body to hers.

Kerin's thighs cradled his hips as he rose between them, stripping his leggins away.

The muscles of Maxen's arms and chest moved sensually beneath his skin as he supported his weight above her. Kerin's fingers twitched, and this time she felt free to touch him.

A small hiss slipped from between her husband's teeth as her palms swept their heat across his chest, exploring. Her fingers brushed his nipples, traced the top of his pectorals, and circled down to curve around the wide wings of his broad back. Tiny sparks darted through nerve endings already lit with fire, and Maxen felt his self-control slipping.

He moved before instinct stole his will, looking away from her loving gaze to watch the head of his cock as it touched her weeping slit.

Kerin squeaked, her fingers denting his firm, bronzed flesh as they clenched in anticipation and arousal.

Rocking his body, Maxen used his cock to pet the velvety lips of her pussy, letting it rest in the swollen cleft and press her lips aside with every long, shallow stroke.

Kerin's sight dimmed and her breathing became erratic as she lowered her lids to savor the cacophony of erotic messages from nerves teased into a tender awakening. Four, five, six times he caressed her that way, until Kerin was sure she'd scream in frustration. Finally, he shifted again, and the great, round head of his penis fell to press against her small opening.

Kerin's eyelids flew up, exposing her to Maxen's dark and piercing stare.

His nostrils flared as he held himself in that position, the growing tension between her legs reflected in his eyes.

Knowing he waited only for her approval, Kerin consciously relaxed her hands, smoothing them upward over the curves of his shoulders, until her fingers threaded themselves into the subtle waves at the nape of his neck.

She dipped her chin slightly, holding his eyes.

Maxen let his body sink lower, watching for any sign of alarm. With a sudden release, the head of his cock slipped into her wetness, and they both made sounds that could have been mistaken for pain. His eyes sought reassurance. Kerin's lips pouted softly, sipping in short gasps while her cunt stretched to accommodate his girth, but her brow was unwrinkled. Miraculously, she seemed untroubled by memories of his earlier savagery.

His mind eased slightly, but tension still bunched his muscles as Maxen pushed slowly inward.

Kerin bit her lip, her fingers spasming in his hair, but the restless movements of her lower body told him it wasn't pain which bothered her then, and his way was eased by the evidence of her arousal. He thought to pull out and press again, but the compulsion to complete their bond was stronger than habit. She needed-- they needed-- to come together, to be finally whole.

Maxen didn't question his interpretation, but forged ahead until his hips met hers. He let his weight fall inexorably into the embrace of her thighs, forcing him even deeper. As his cock bottomed out against the deepest part of her, they moaned in unison. With that sound, Kerin's eyes closed and her arms encircled his neck.

Maxen went to his elbows and sunk into her kiss, letting her become accustomed to his invasion as he reminded her of his devotion with kisses and murmurs.

Her chest still heaved beneath him when he lifted his head, but Kerin's calves had climbed higher on his back, and her hips scribed urgent circles under him.

Maxen tried a small withdrawal and pushed back in. Kerin stopped breathing, her eyes wide. He did it again and she released the breath, panting. Again and again, he retreated and surged, until the grip of her body eased into a tightness which tolerated the pistoning shaft of his cock. His thrusts became longer, smoother, encompassing his entire length, her pussy eagerly awaiting each plunge.

Her gasps turned to a broken stream of whimpered words and low moans.

"Yes, caradoc." Maxen urged her pleasure higher. "Yes, my love."

Kerin arched and writhed beneath his ministrations, her hips rising to meet every move as the spring in her belly wound tighter and tighter, until it burst in heavenly waves, curling her toes.

Maxen gritted his teeth, slowing the movements of his hips to push her pleasure higher, and managing somehow not to come while her pussy rhythmically clenched his cock. Maybe he could have saved the revelation for later, but he wanted her to know that one orgasm wasn't the limit of the pleasure she could expect from future couplings. So he grimaced and hung on until her body went limp below him, then set to building her up again.

The second time she came, Kerin bit his shoulder to stop herself from screaming her husband's name. The tiny pain of her teeth shocked him into an explosion he wasn't expecting quite that soon, and it was a more intense release of body and soul than he could have imagined.

He bent his head and groaned long and loud into the waves of hair spread across her pillow. Each spasm of his cock spilling its liquid gift inside her body was another burst of ecstasy flushing part of his old life away.

Maxen sank into Kerin's embrace as they rested in the shattered aftermath of a joining more potent for its many delays, more rewarding for the difficult road they'd taken to the contentment encircling them now.

Finally, still feeling soporific and dull-witted, he rolled to his side to sort out their tangled blankets. When he'd settled her into his embrace again, he repeated what he'd told her before. "I love you, Lady Kerin, and I will never tire of loving you."

"Caradoc," she murmured against his throat, tears of emotion filling her eyes.


The following morning, Kerin and Maxen took breakfast in their chamber. Loitering, Maxen watched Kerin become ever more anxious, until she could no longer keep her seat.

"Kerin, tell me what vexes you," her husband commanded.

Kerin halted her fevered pacing before Maxen, her head lowered. "Geralt and Milot have requested my permission to pledge their fealty to you." She hesitated, twisting the fabric of her gown. "I will not deny them, or you, this right, but I wish first... I wish to tell you what I have done in service to my family."

Maxen thought it slightly odd, but typically Kerin, that she called her men family.

With a deep breath, Kerin began, praying her confession wouldn't put an end to the fragile promise of a lovely, lasting marriage. There was a chance it would also end her life, but that sounded like the lesser of two evil outcomes after the nights she'd spent in her husband's arms.

She drew her shoulders back, meeting Maxen's steady look with a multitude of emotions swirling behind hazel eyes, normally so serene.

"I'm sure you've heard the story my people tell about the death of--" she swallowed tightly. "my younger brother."

"When you came to take me home five years ago, Selyf was in the buttery, hiding from the baron whose bastard son he'd slain while defending himself. My father the King was only rarely lucid in his final illness, and I could not trust him with the welfare of our people. I had a sleeping draught made ready to give him as soon as I heard the Baron's men were sighted. As the daughter of the 'absent' king, I'd be the one to treat with them.

"You... I'd sent messengers to break our pact, but they..." She dropped that thread of the story and began anew. "You were an honorable man. Had I confessed our plight, you would have been forced to help, endangering yourself and your own people, or you would have sided with the law. I could not risk either. I acted... I have never forgiven myself for treating you the way I did."

Maxen wanted to reach out for her, but sensed there was more to come and pressed his palms to his thighs to hold himself in place.

"My father died the following year, having forgotten my former betrothal, and never having learned of Selyf's death."

Kerin's gaze locked on her husband's, as though she faced both judge and executioner in the privacy of the chamber. With another of those deep, gathering breaths, she went on. "I paid a crofter for his son."

She swallowed and closed her eyes momentarily, the bald statement lying heavily in her throat.

"They had nine children, and the boy was but another mouth. I gave them everything I had-- including wagons and oxen to take them away from here forever. I fed him a caustic so he couldn't speak and drugged the boy before I sent for him so he..." Kerin bit her lips, her shoulders shaking. With her vision centered on the memory of her past sins, she was having trouble looking at him. "... so he would not be as scared. I did what the stories say I did. I beat him, and when he would not answer my questions, I borrowed Geralt's sword and... and..."

Maxen caught her hand and tried to pull her down to him, but Kerin shook him off, straightening her spine, every inch a queen.

"I'd already stained his back with berry juice, so the baron's men had seen evidence of the boy's identity. I cut his head off and gave it to them, saying, 'A princeling for a bastard, pray beg the baron for forgiveness on my behalf.' "

She was quivering, and a sheer layer welled over her lower lashes, but no tears stained her lovely cheeks. "His name was Burke. He was twelve."

Maxen's chest ached for her. "And your brother?"

Kerin's mouth twisted, and she finally met his eyes again. "Have you not guessed?"

Maxen shook his head slowly, side to side, for a long minute, until his dark eyes sharpened. "Milot?"

Kerin nodded.

Maxen nearly choked. "I thought..." he cleared his throat. "I nearly killed him myself. I thought he'd bedded you."

Kerin's eyes widened and she flushed. "But I... I--"

"I did not know then that you were a maid."

She colored more deeply still and looked away from her husband's penetrating gaze, trying to collect her thoughts. "Everything I have done was for Selyf. I could not marry you then because I was needed here. When you decided again to take me as your wife, I protested because half of Selyf--" She paused to correct herself. "half of Milot's back still bears the mark he's had since birth. After he kneels to you, one of your men will surely see it on the practice field or in the barracks. Eventually the baron will learn of my deception."

Her eyes were silvery pools of pain and worry as she studied his reaction. "Milot is no longer my little brother. He is a man and has the right to do as he pleases without my interference, but Geralt should not suffer for my sins, and you needn't be complicit. We can still leave, if-- "

This time, Maxen tugged harder when he caught her hand, and Kerin landed in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her ribcage and held her tightly to him, pressing his face to the side of her neck. "You will go nowhere without me, my lady, the barons of Marchia Walla be damned."

Kerin turned toward him, nearly weeping in relief as she threw her arms about his neck. His voice vibrated through the skin of his throat and her cheek, where they pressed warmly together. "My men are loyal to one another as well as to me, Kerin. If Selyf-- Milot-- pledges fealty, they would die rather than see him taken by any Marcher Lord, court, or kingdom. Milot will be safe among my teulu; I give you my word."

With that, Kerin gave in at last, and the tears she'd been suppressing for so long ran freely down her cheeks. She cried like she'd never cried before, while Maxen held her close, rocking her quietly to and fro as she sobbed out the years of loneliness and worry, all the sorrow she'd felt rejecting him, everything. She was limp when her outburst ended, and Maxen took her back to bed. He held her while she fell asleep, then went happily to find her men and hear their pledge, knowing his life had just begun.


That Saturday, Penrhyn Tywyll celebrated. Mistress Nevyn in the kitchen ordered a hog and a goat slaughtered for the hearth, Maxen broke out another barrel of mead and a cask of wine from the stores he'd brought from Rhos, and two vassals produced honeycombs for all the children to share. All the torches were lit and every harp and pipe brought out. All Welshmen sing, and for hours the Great Hall rang with the music of the crwth, in which all sing different parts instead of hewing to the same stale melody as the Saxons and Normans did.

It was nearly dawn when Kerin and Maxen finally made it to their chamber, and Kerin was so tired she couldn't even find her feet and remove her shoes.

They woke when the bailey below their window came alive, but they didn't leave the comfort of their bed. They made love and slept again. When they woke the second time, Maxen bellowed for breakfast, ignoring the two soldiers slumped at the head of the stairs, though he muttered enthusiastically about the painful practice they'd suffer later for having slept while standing guard duty.

Over breakfast, they laughed about the festivities the night before, especially Edon dancing with the tiny old laundress-- repeatedly. Kerin sighed, gazing from the Maxen to the bed and back to Maxen. She stretched, smiling widely. "Now I feel well and truly married-- I've pledged my troth, been feted and bedded by my strong, handsome king!"

Maxen's small frown surprised her and Kerin quieted immediately. "My lord?"

He studied her intently. Several times during the previous night's celebration, he'd noticed that Kerin seemed uncomfortable. He suspected the reason and was afraid to bring it up, but even more afraid to let it linger unsaid. "If you desire it, I will kill the men who witnessed the barbaric way I behaved toward you earlier, my lady."

She scooped Sir Furball from the bed and walked to the window, hoping the kitten could pacify an unquiet mind. "How many?"

"Three, but one died after a wound festered," Maxen lied easily, protecting her from the knowledge of Edon's deed, also done with Kerin's welfare in mind. "I spoke to them and explained my actions were an indication of my boorishness, ill temper, and an excess of ale, and were not to be seen as a reflection of your chastity or character. They believed me, and neither wish to remember the night," He cleared his throat. "But I will end them if you so desire."

Kerin shook her head without meeting his eyes and murmured her refusal. She didn't know which two men had been there and preferred to leave it thus.

She went on scratching the purring ball of fluff she held and was silent for a minute, but glanced at Maxen from beneath her lashes several times. "My lord-- "

He rose and strode across the room to be with her, which seemed to make his bride more nervous. "M'lady?"

She went silent again, looking from his chin to the kitten and biting her lower lip while she gathered her courage.

"My lord Maxen, when you so generously gifted me this--" She dipped her chin and shrugged, drawing his attention to the kitten on her chest. Her mouth softened. "--this gray imp... after... after my bath, you-- that is-- " Kerin blushed a brilliant pink.

Maxen's eyes darkened as he began to sense which direction her thoughts had taken. He shifted his weight, leaning toward his wife. "Yes, my lady?" His words were a soft growl a foot from her ear.

Kerin felt faint. She opened her mouth, but no sound emerged to save her.

From where he stood looking down at her, Maxen saw the rapid rise and fall of her lovely breasts. He was sure, then, what she wanted to say, and plucked the kitten from her grasp, dropping it unceremoniously on the feather bed behind him.

With his fingers at the back of her neck and his thumbs on her jawline near her ears, Maxen tilted Kerin's face to his. Her lashes fluttered, but she lifted her eyes. Her skin was flushed and her lips parted. He wanted to taste her, but he wanted to hear her say it, too, so he restrained himself. "Did you like it, Kerin?"

Her eyes widened and she gasped.

He tasted then, sampling her wide, lush lower lip with licks and gentle nibbles before his mouth moved to her ear.

"You felt the bloom of pleasure while I plundered your pussy with my tongue, did you not?" He kissed the soft white skin behind her ear, feeling her pulse thrumming beneath his lips.

"Did you not, Kerin?" He repeated.

She could barely breathe; how could he expect her to speak? "I... yes, my lord."

She clung to his tunic, depending on the solid body beneath to support her, since her shaking legs were not to be trusted.

He cupped her breasts and kissed his way back to her face. "D'you want that again, m'lady? D'you want to feel my lips parting the soft, wet skin of your pretty little quim? My fingers exploring the hot, tight flesh which waits only for my cock to fill it?"

She panted against his lips and whispered, "Caradoc, yes."

Kerin turned her face to kiss him before he was ready to surrender, and Maxen was lost.

--o-- The End --o--

Yes, I know it's a little mean to leave you here, but this really is where the story ends. I'll probably add an epilogue later to make it up to you.

In the meantime... since so many of you asked for more, I've decided to post the first book in the Texas Trio series on Literotica. I think you'll enjoy Catherine's story as much as Kerin's. Watch for the first few chapters in Erotic Couplings in two weeks-- yes, it's already written, but I want to make a few small changes, so I'm still posting once per fortnight. I'm an instant-gratification girl, too, but I work full-time, third shift, and I'm a divorced parent with three children, one of whom has autism. I write when I can!

As far as Kerin & Maxen's future ... after your last set of encouraging and complimentary pleas, I thought, "Well, what ABOUT Edon's story?" In two days, I had a fairly complete outline, which in two weeks has become a decent rough-out, with a couple of short scenes already written, plus the bones of an idea for the third story. Keep an eye on my bio for updates.

Thank you again for the hearts, stars, and comments-- even though I now have homework! Love-- Stefanie

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Quick Question

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