The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 09


His eyes reflected the same heat and anticipation, and something ... more. She held his gaze, and whispered raggedly a second time, "Why do you want me?"

Hunger and desire roared in his ears as he sucked Shiloh's lower lip into his mouth. He bit down roughly and then traced the soft, lush skin with his tongue. Kissing Vico was like discovering the act for the first time. They explored each other, curiously, hungrily. Beneath it all, for Shiloh, it was the knowledge that this was Vico's mouth. She tasted Vico's lips, and her tongue danced with his.

Vico moved to kiss a path along Shiloh's jaw to the base of her ear. He rubbed his face against the soft skin of Shiloh's neck and then opened his mouth and nipped the sensitive spot. Shiloh arched into him. Shiloh ran her hands down the length of Vico's chest, and Vico's breath caught in his throat. He closed his eyes, clenching his jaw. Shiloh's touch was enough to make him explode. But Vico wanted so much more. He pressed his body into Shiloh's, against the bed, and they both groaned at the rough contact.


Shiloh brought a hand to rest on Vico's collarbone and slowly slid south, her thumb tracing a path down the center of the blackguard's torso until her hand rested flat on Vico's lower abdomen, inches from paradise.

Vico groaned. "By the hells, Shiloh."

Shiloh slid her other hand along the length of Vico's ribcage and back up, brushing a thumb across Vico's nipple. Shiloh smiled at Vico's shuddered breath. She brought her hand down again and allowed it to rest on his hip. She soon realized that she had wanted this for so long; she could hardly believe she was holding Vico in her hands, touching him, making him hard. On that last thought, Shiloh bent over him.

Vico's cock jumped eagerly in front of Shiloh's lips. The skin on Vico's cock had pulled back, revealing the large, rounded head. Shiloh greedily eyed the small bead of pre-cum that oozed out of the tip, and she felt Vico's hand thread through her hair. It was all the encouragement she needed.

She leaned in and swirled her tongue around the hard tip. The salty liquid was ambrosia, and Shiloh opened her mouth wide, in a quest for more. As inch after slow inch of Vico's cock slid past her lips, Shiloh's pussy throbbed. How many nights had she slept alone, dreaming of taking him like this? Yet no dream could compare to the reality of this moment. In this moment, she knew she had him exactly where she wanted him.

Shiloh savored the hard, complete sensation of Vico filling her. She took a firm grip on Vico's shaft and held him as she explored with her mouth. Shiloh relaxed her throat and took Vico's cock all the way to the balls. Then she swallowed. Vico's shuddered groan sounded pained. Shiloh had dreamed of this for so long, had dreamed of having control of him for so long, she wanted it to last forever. She moved slowly up and down, sucking Vico hard and making him writhe. Shiloh took the shaft deep and moaned, humming low in her throat.

Vico made a strangled sound and his grip in Shiloh's hair tightened. His hips, which had been thrusting shallowly against Shiloh's hands, started moving more powerfully, forcing a faster pace.

Shiloh felt the urgency as well and began to move up and down on Vico's shaft with purpose. Drawing hard, with a flick of tongue in just the right place, it wasn't long before Vico gasped a warning.

"Gods, Shiloh -- Shiloh, I'm gonna explode!" Shiloh took him in all the way. The sound of Vico's groans made her pussy ache almost painfully. Vico began to spurt into her throat, and Shiloh eagerly swallowed her lover's release. With Vico's cock still in her mouth, Shiloh dropped a shaky hand to her swollen clit, and it only took a few frantic strokes upon it before she was coming as hard as she had earlier when Vico had her pressed against the wall.

She pulled back and smiled innocently before she climbed off of the bed. Vico watched her as she started to remove her clothing, stripping before his very eyes. "Where did my little birdie learn to suck like a whore?" he asked as he reached for his clothes.

Shiloh thrust out her lower lip in a pout as she realized what was going on. He couldn't be through with her already. He had to fuck her now. She badly needed to be fucked hard. "That's my little secret," she purred as she grabbed the tunic from his hands and tossed it to the floor. "Don't say we're done here?"

"I'm done with you. Put your clothes back on and get out of my sight, little slut." Vico growled and pushed up off the bed. He picked up his tunic and tucked it into his pants before tightening the laces upon them.

Shiloh glared at him. "You asshole!"

Vico laughed, "Do you think I'd fuck you after you've been fucking everything that moves? I'm surprised you don't have a sore cunt from fucking the sailors down on the docks. Do you really think Nath would be very happy if he knew how you were earning your money?"

She hissed in indignation. "You got that all wrong, asshole! Rhys didn't pay me to fuck him. He was giving me lessons, if you must know. I had to learn somehow since you did me a supreme disservice of ripping my clothes off and shoving your dick in me. That didn't teach me a thing."

His face darkened and he flashed a look at her that made her squirm. Then he drew back his hand and slapped her viciously. The impact knocked Shiloh to the ground. She hit with a thump, her head bouncing off the stone floor. Her hands shook as she touched her face. She wiped her nose and noticed the blood. A sob slipped from her lips. How could he be so cruel?

He yanked her to her feet by her hair. She yelped from the pain and rubbed her scalp as he led her back to the panel in the wall. Opening it from the inside, he shoved her back out into the corridor at the base of the stairs leading up to the hideout. "Get out of my sight and don't let me see you until you have something to report!" He turned on his heel and headed back up the stairs. She made a rude gesture at his back and quickly left the hideout. She dashed past Kasha and Gina, only slowing down when she needed to sneak back the way she had came in order to make it back to Drago's cellar.

She let out a sigh of relief when she crossed the final bridge and ran back up the stairs, nearly running into Drago in the process. He caught her, steadying her, his eyes raking over her.

"Glad t'see y'in one piece," he said. "What happened t'ya?"

"I made it through the sewers, got my key from Stan, and found my way into Alfons' hideout," she told him as she wiped her nose. "I had an altercation with Vico. We don't get along all that well. He's always so mean to me. I hate that bastard!"

Drago took note of her flushed skin and swollen lips. He knew there was more to it than she had admitted. Yet he knew it was probably for the best to keep her mind on the matters at hand. "Quite slick. I'm gonna tell Nath that ya know 'ow t 'sneak yer way 'round."

"Heh, you do that. Oh, by the way," she remembered what she'd overheard earlier. "I overheard a conversation between two strange people down in the sewers. It was about the Dhorn, and they are looking for certain people in the city, and they have hired somebody to search for them."

"Best tell Nath 'bout that, girl. He'll know what t' make out o' that." Drago suggested. "But it'd be for the best if you cleaned up first."

Shiloh scowled at him and walked away. Clean up first! No! She wanted Master Nathan to see the damage Vico had inflicted on her. Perhaps then he'd actually do something about it.

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