The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 16


"Chella came to me this morning. She told me of your attack on Trissa. You could have killed her."

"Might I speak candidly? Did Chella tell you why? Trissa brought that upon herself. She is the reason I have had the trouble with Vico. She would report to him everything I did. She wants Caron to herself and sees me as being an obstacle in her path. She's the cause for many of the spankings Vico gave me. I had to put a stop to it. I felt she got what she deserved. I have forged an uneasy peace with Vico. We had a... talk... after I stabbed Paurie. I have foregone my interest in Caron. I only wish to be friends with him. There is much on my mind. I visited the temple a while ago. I had to check in on Rhys. He is slowly recovering."

"You tempt too much."

"I know, but he is a good friend and I feel responsible for all that has happened to him. There is something I must tell you. A man recognized me in the streets earlier. He was a veterinarian at the castle before the Dhorn attacked." Shiloh looked him straight in the eyes.

"Tell me what happened, Shiloh."

"I couldn't let him tell anyone that I am alive. It was far too risky. So I made sure he would not talk to anyone. I killed him."

Nathan nodded at her. "It seems you are finally standing on your own two feet, Shiloh. I am proud of you for that. I want you to continue your lessons. There is much I need to explain to you afterwards. You may go."

Shiloh inclined her head and bobbed another curtsy. She left the office without looking back. She had a feeling that Nathan knew more than he had let on. Only time would tell.

Stopping in the kitchen, she grabbed a quick bite to eat. She smiled at Nicca as the girl sat down in a chair beside her. It was obvious that Chella had put her to work, but Shiloh knew that Nicca would be safe. It pleased her that she had been able to save Nicca's life.

Leaving the Bear Pit, she headed back to the hideout and into Vico's home. She let out a growl as she found a pretty female in his bed. That low down snake! How dare he?!?

She was completely naked and wore a flushed glow upon her dusky skin. Shiloh dashed to the bed and rolled the girl over to look upon her face. She looked to be younger than Shiloh. Then a smear of blood upon his sheets caught her eye. The girl had obviously been a virgin. A growl slipped from Shiloh's throat. HOW DARE HE?!?!

She wondered if the girl had been willing or not. She looked her over, but saw no signs other than the blood and semen mixed upon her creamy thighs that there might have been a struggle.

Shiloh let out a feral growl. She would show Vico. He would not get away with this. She slid one hand harshly into the girl's hair and yanked with all her might. The girl came out of her sleep with a startled scream. Shiloh glared down upon her. "Who are you, little bitch?"

"Shandy," she whimpered as fear widened her eyes.

Shiloh raked her eyes over Shandy's lithe little body. She was a tiny thing with small breasts and gently curving hips. The mop of tousled orangey-red blazed like a tangled flame upon her head. The girl's brilliant emerald eyes glittered with unshed tears. "Did Vico fuck you?"

She nodded frantically as she struggled against Shiloh's grip on her hair. Her eyes grew wider as she watched Shiloh pull out her blade. Flipping it around, she gripped the dull side and ran the haft over Shandy's small breasts. "Did you enjoy it? Did you like it when he shoved his cock into you? Ripping away your precious maidenhead? Was he gentle with you?"

Shandy's eyes grew even wider as the haft of the knife wandered lower down her body. She squeezed her legs closed and let out a sob.

"OPEN THOSE LEGS AND ANSWER ME, BITCH!" Shiloh screamed as fury swept her into the willing arms of madness. Another sob slipped forth from her lips. Shiloh's grip on the girl's hair tightened. Shandy parted her thighs, opening herself to Shiloh perusal.

She released her hold on the girl and crawled onto the bed, sliding the haft of the knife over the girl's lower lips. Shandy moaned as it came in contact with her sensitive flesh. Shiloh pressed it against her clit and rubbed until a gasp slipped from her lips. She drew it back, sliding it down over her slit. Then with a flick of her wrist, she shoved it into the girl's tight channel. Shandy cried out as Shiloh sank the haft in to the hilt.

She pumped it ruthlessly, fucking the girl with it. She pressed the hilt to the girl's little nubbin and rubbed it, eliciting a small gasp of almost pleasure. "Vico is mine, little slut and you shall pay dearly for knowing him."

With a cruel yank, she pulled the haft from inside the girl and straddled her slender waist. Shiloh cackled coldly. The sound sent a shiver down the girl's spine. "Please.... I did not know. I was given to him by another man. I never met him before. Please, you must believe me."

Shiloh sneered at her, "Tough luck." The snarl that came from her throat hardly sounded like Shiloh's normal melodic tone. She pressed her knife to the girl's throat and slashed her from ear to ear. Blood splattered all over Shiloh and across the wall behind the bed. A raspy gurgle issued forth from the dying girl as she breathed her last.

Shiloh sank her fingers into the wound in the girl's throat and smeared blood upon her own face. Lifting the slight weight of the girl in her arms, she carried her to Vico's altar and lay her upon it.

Then she waited for him to return. She would have her revenge on that low life rat.

Revenge! Sweet Revenge!

It became her blood oath as she knelt before the altar.


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