tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 31

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 31


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story contains explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Ni'as, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

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The Emancipation of Myra

Shiloh ignored the door to the south and the large hallway opening to the west. Bastian had reassured her that nothing but death lay in that direction. She moved along the walls searching for the concealed door he prompted her to look for. She beamed as she found it and slid it open. Stepping through, she pulled Myra with her, loosening her grip around Myra's wrist.

"Where are you leading me and for what nefarious plot?" Myra growled out as she shook herself loose of Shiloh.

"Christano sees you as a possession, not as a person. You are nothing but a walking piece of ass to him and I'm going to change that. You are beautiful and there is someone who will appreciate that a hell of a lot more than that skirt-chasing philanderer who thinks he's your master." Shiloh retorted as she took Myra's hand gently in hers. "Know your worth, Myra."

Myra's brow furrowed as she pondered the wisdom Shiloh had just imparted. Though

something deep inside her whispered to be cautious of these words, but to go along with it as a way to expediate their return back to Christano. Her lover would know what to do in regards to Shiloh's plotting. Her faith in the teachings of the Sun Lord was strong. "And who is this person? And how is he different from Christano?"

"You will see soon enough. We must be careful in this hallway. Step where I step and keep your guard up. Traps abound. I will do what I can to disable them." Shiloh moved from clear square to clear square, disabling the multiple gas traps that she encounted. They lined the length of the hallway all the way up to the door. She stowed the vials away, knowing they would come in handy at some point. Especially against the Dhorn.

The door before her was locked. She quickly dispatched the simple lock and opened it slightly, peering out into the torch lit hallway. She frowned, wondering how that was possible. Turning back to Myra, she dug into her pack and pulled out a black catsuit. "We need to be able to sneak past whatever may be out there and I'm afraid that metal armor of yours will only be a hindrance. Change into this and then follow me. Stick to the shadows where possible."

Myra cast a dark look at her, but dutifully did as Shiloh instructed. Once she had stowed it in her pack, she followed Shiloh into the shadows. They crept past oddly patrolling skeletons carrying wicked looking two-handed swords. Every once in a while, Shiloh halted to disable a trap, but soon they were on the move again. Until they came to a large gate that bissected a larger room. Shiloh knelt down to pick the lock on the gate and cursed as it zapped her when she inserted her pick. She searched it up and down, finding no triggers for a trap. Hmmmm, must need a key.

She backtracked down the hall to a door she remembered seeing set in the east wall. Quickly she picked its lock and let herself in, easily tumbling past the legion of undead ambling about the room. Corpses littered the floor, making the stench a bit unbearable. Shiloh held her mouth and searched the bodies, finding a small key in a pouch on the last one she came to. She pocketed the pouch and made haste out of the room. She signaled to Myra, tossing her the key. The cleric deftly caught it, using it to open the gate before her.

"What in the name of blazes has you spooked?" Myra hissed softly.

"A room full of undead things. It stunk worse than the jakes behind soldier's barracks." Shiloh shivered, pulling Myra towards a set of double doors to the south. "I think we're getting somewhere now."

"It's about time!" Myra huffed as she followed behind her.

"Patience, my sweet." Shiloh grinned as she looked back at her. The key that opened the gate also opened the double doors. They cracked one open just wide enough to slip through. Beyond the doors was a grand stairway that led into a room that could have once been a reception room. Broken remnants of couches, ottomans and desks along with a recessed shelf that held all manners of broken bottles, glasses and cups and saucers. "They did a bit of entertaining here. This seems so out of place in comparison to every thing else we've seen. Who were the worshippers of Hyath?" Shiloh murmured to Myra.

"Deviants! Perverts!"

"They were scholars looking to broaden their horizons. They sought to throw off the yoke of oppression and indulge in their deepest most desires." Bastian informed Shiloh mentally. "I am looking forward to rewarding you with yours."

A titillating shiver coursed down Shiloh's spine at his suggestion. She wanted that, too.

"You don't have to be so serious all the time. Don't you ever let loose once in a while? Go wild and let your hair down... figuratively." Shiloh asked, her eyes sweeping over Myra in that tight black suit. The color did nothing for her complexion, but the cut of the suit did wonders for the contours of her lithe shape.

"I'm not sure I like the manner in which you're looking at me, Shiloh. It's a look that Christano gets in his eyes when he desires bedding me. Almost like a hungry cat look. You're a woman and that goes against everything I've ever been taught. So you simply must stop it."

"But I find that I cannot. I've not desired a man since we boarded the boat, my sweet. Hearing your cries of passion that night touched something inside me... something I can't deny. I wish to feel your passion." Shiloh turned to Myra, reaching out to her. She took hold of her upper arms, reeling her into a solid embrace. Shiloh's hands softened their grip and swept up the line of her arms to her shoulders, before dipping lower to caress her back. Shiloh's hands traced the line of Myra's spine, slowly easing down to cup the cheeks of her bottom.

Shiloh dipped her head, nuzzling her cheek against the cleric's before her lips swooped in to lightly brush against Myra's. She hovered for a brief moment, planting little tiny pecks at the corners of her mouth before nibbling upon her lower and upper lips. Then she took possession, parting Myra's lips with a kiss that shook the foundations of everything Myra believed in. It took little to coax her to join in, their lips sucking at each others, their tongues delving and dueling lusciously.

They both pulled back, panting breathlessly. Shiloh embraced Myra, stopping to simply listen to the pounding of each others hearts. "It's only the beginning," she promised as she pulled back, her hands caressing Myra gently. "We have time to explore this, if that is what you wish."

A bright red flush colored Myra's cheeks. "I... It felt so different from Christano... But it confuses me."

Shiloh smiled at her with twinkling eyes. She motioned at an odd wall, discovering a panel hidden within it. She opened the panel, stepping into a darkened bedroom. This one was as pristine as the last they'd found, but without the presense of the cages. "We can rest here after we've explored a bit more. My Lord grows impatient."

"And who is he? Why are you so deadset on taking me to him?" Myra asked, her eyes full of concern.

"Bastian is his name, the Lord of Lust, Hedonism and Vengeance. He has his sights set on you, Myra. He wants you to be his and he'll grant your greatest desires once you are his. Think about it." Shiloh purred, stroking her hands up and down Myra's arms.

A shiver coursed through Myra. She wasn't sure how to deal with Shiloh's affections, and had thought they would've replused her, but that wasn't the case. She found it to be pleasing and gentle, so unlike Christano. She sighed heavily, closing her eyes to gather her composure. There was work to do and it was best to focus on that. Myra scanned the room and rushed to a glowing red ball of vile energy perched upon an obelisk. "Evil lingers here. We must destroy this foul creation."

"What is it?"

"It is the source of an undead creature's life force, a phylactery. I can't allow it to remain here." She gripped her mace in both hands and swung it with all her might. It impacted with the glass sphere with a deafening crash and shattered instantly. The red glow remained. Myra began to chant, calling into existence a shimmering white light. It wrapped itself around her and extended out to encompass the foul gleam of the red glow, snuffing it out. "That should destroy the undead creature permanently."

"Shall we seek out more of them?" Shiloh offered, "It would make our exploration of this gods-forsaken place easier."

"It's my duty to annihilate all undead. It's what a good cleric of a just deity lives for." Myra beamed proudly.

A smile graced Shiloh's face as she led Myra to the door where she quickly disabled an intricate trap and picked the lock. She poked her nose out slightly, just enough to peer out. "It's fairly dark, but there is an odd silver glow on the walls. It could be lichen or phosphorescent moss. And I see something moving."

They slipped out of the door and crept through the darkness, avoiding the cloaked undead creatures carrying wicked looking longswords. Shiloh reached the next door and deftly picked its lock and disabled another well hidden trap. Stowing the components away in her pack, she ushered Myra into the room.

Broken furniture littered the floor with bits of weapons and armor scattered about. Something or someone had definitely went on a rampage here. Shiloh scanned the room, noting the only two things not utterly destroyed was another phylactery and a blackened strongbox. She dashed over to it while Myra went to work on the evil obelisk. It took little effort to pick the lock on the strongbox. So simple a child could've gotten into it. She lifted the lid and smiled, removing a heavy pouch of coins, a silver key, and a suit of blackened armor. She stowed all of it, turning to watch Myra smash the red globe.

"All done here?" Shiloh asked, watching Myra take in several deep breaths. The cleric nodded and headed for the door.

"This place is all wrong. I don't like it here. Can we try to find a way back to Christano and your two bit slut sister?" Myra huffed indignantly.

Shiloh smirked at Myra's jibe. "We'll find a way back to them soon enough. Wouldn't it be beneficial to remove the threat of those undead things first, though? What if the way back to the others is being guarded by the undead linked to those things you've smashed? One would think your holy fervor would be aching to destroy their evilness."

Myra looked back at her, twitching ever so slightly with the desire to do just that. "I have to eradicate them from existence. You're right, Shiloh. Shall we?"

"Follow my lead then. I can hear something moving around."


Down the long hallway they crept through the darkness that was interrupted by the glow of red light at varying intervals. Debris littered the blackened tile floors. Tattered bits of leather, broken pieces of armor and weapons were strung about, intermixed with fragments of bone. At the next door Shiloh came to, she examined the lock and quickly picked and opened it, ushering Myra in.

She heard Myra issue a tiny gasp. It drew her gaze to look into the room that was washed with a pale pink glow. The lavishly appointed room could only have been home to a woman. A pristinely made bed sat in the far corner, covered with luxurious furs and silks in a deep burgundy hue.

A chest of drawers, an armoire and a strongbox sat along another wall opposite a large bookshelf. But what captured Shiloh's gaze was the full set of black plate mail hanging upon an armor stand that gleamed like polished obsidian in the pale light of the room. She walked over to it, extending her hand to touch the suit. A charge of energy coursed through her, causing her to flinch and pull back reflexively as she triggered a flawlessly hidden trap. Warily she stepped back, retreating to the strongbox on the floor before her. After disarming the carefully disguised gas spewing trap and picking the lock, she peeked inside, pulling out another pouch of coins. She quickly stowed it and turned to watch Myra smashing the evil obelisk.

"If we rest somewhere on this level, I suggest that we do it in this room. It looks most comfortable by far." Shiloh spoke up as she joined her near the destroyed edifice.

Myra gave a brief nod. "We could rest here, but I'd like to find a way back to Christano."

Shiloh rolled her eyes. "I'm sure he's fine. Let's continue on for now. There are evil things to destroy."


Outside the door of the fourth and final room, they encountered the last of the undead highpriest's. Shiloh watched as it turned its red glowing eyes toward her from underneath the hooded cloak it wore. She squeaked and bounded into an area not lit by the eerie crimson hue. But Myra was not that conservative. She pulled her mace and shield, lunging at the thing and swinging with everything she had. The metal head of the weapon connected solidly with its torso, knocking it back a few feet and allowing her to launch a second successful hit upon the thing's ribs on the backswing.

Hit after hit she made, blocking where she could and valiantly taking the hits from the creature's sword where she couldn't, Myra let out a cry for help to Shiloh and pulled her holy symbol. She backed away, watching while Shiloh tumbled in, hitting the creature in the ribs with her short sword. With fervent chanting, Myra called a cleansing light to the symbol she projected forcefully, channeling it towards the undead highpriest. The holy light seared the thing, bringing a shriek to its undead lips. She followed that up with a column of fire that engulfed it, turning it to nothing but burning ashes at her feet.

Myra breathed a ragged sigh and clutched the front of her catsuit where it'd been slashed into ribbons. Narrow trails of blood seeped into the leather. Knowing Myra needed help, she pulled a healing draught from her pack and gave it to her to drink. It helped knit some of the deeper wounds.

"You should rest. I'll search this room and take care of the oblelisk. Do you need me to help you back to that nice room we can rest in?"

"Yes, please, Shiloh. I'll need help getting out of this suit so I don't make any of the wounds worse."

Shiloh made a clean sweep of the room, smashing the phylactery and stuffing the useable items she found in her pack before helping Myra to the elegant bedchamber they'd found nearby. Shiloh stripped the cleric of the armor, taking time to clean and dress her wounds. Then she delved into Myra's pack and pulled out a couple healing draughts for her to drink. "These will help. You rest and I'm going to continue searching. I'll lock the door and you should be safe from harm."

"Thank you, Shiloh."


A familiar voice in her head drew her to a nearby door. One of four that she'd passed as she'd gone from room to room. Pulling the silver key she'd found in one of the rooms, she opened the door after disarming the trap she'd located on the door, one she was sure would shoot a gout of acidic vapors straight into her face.

The room she stepped into was quite large and bathed in a purple light whose source she couldn't discern. A monolithic basalt altar sat in the middle of the room. She hurried over to it and climbed on it. Then she pulled her knife, pricking her finger just enough to allow a drop of her blood to fall onto the surface of the edifice. Energy crackled and sizzled upon the air as she called out to her patron. "Hail Bastian, exalted Lord of Lust, Hedonism and Vengeance. Come to me. I have fulfilled my duty and seek my reward!"

A wave of euphoria washed over her as he graced her with his mighty presence. His wicked smile said everything as he materialized before her, standing next to the altar."She is nearby. I can sense her energy and it is quite delicious. I am pleased with you, my pet. Will you accept the graces I bestow upon you?"

"Yes, my Lord. A fool I would be not to."

A wicked grin crossed his face and he reached out to embrace her, pulling her against his ruby skin. His strong arms encapsuled her, holding her to him tightly. He nuzzled his lips against her ear, whispering wicked words of what was to come. A shiver of delight coursed through her, igniting her passion.

"You will always be my favorite, my pet. Never forget that." His clawed fingertips sank into her hips, eliciting a gasp of pain from her, as he lifted her into position upon the altar. Quickly he stripped her of her armor and spread her out before him. His eyes raked over her, taking in the sight of her swollen taut nipples, the rosy blush of her skin and the glistening wetness on the petals of her sex. His words empowered her, making her grow even bolder. And in that moment she knew if she wanted her reward she would have to take it. A smirk twitched on her lips. She grabbed handfuls of his thick black hair, and pulled him down so she could kiss him. It was a long, hot, hungry kiss. She'd held her desires at bay long enough, but this time would be different. She wanted this more than anything, needed it fiercely.

A moan slipped from her lips as she re-positioned herself upon the altar. She wanted no foreplay, no soft caresses or gentle kisses. She craved the forcefulness she knew only he could give her. "Come to me, my Lord Bastian, take me." She ran her hands up the length of his solid forearms to his heavily muscled biceps and drew him towards her. He covered her body completely, spreading her thighs open as he knelt between them. She gasped loudly as he entered her, slamming his meaty cock into her with one thrust. She was far too small to engulf his entire length. She groaned, arching her back and spreading her legs wider to accommodate his girth inside her. She let loose a scream as he devoured her. In and out, in and out, with every withdrawal, his cock nearly came out of her, and he would plunge it back into her with full force.

"Bastian... yes... yes..." Shiloh gasped as erotic spasms wracked her body. "Yes, my Lord, harder, harder."

Bastian kissed her with abandon, his long tongue lapping and thrusting into her mouth. She panted underneath him, meeting his kiss with the same fever. The next press of lips surged into something even more aggressive and fed the hunger when his mouth opened to her. Her lips still dueling with his, she ran her hands all over bare expanse of his flesh. She felt him shudder as her nails scraped over his skin. She soon found with every touch upon his skin sent her rocketing even higher. He squeezed her hips and drove her back and forth in a frenzied rhythm that had them both groaning and growling. Feeding off her lust, her lewd thoughts of what more they could do together. He also could see her still thinking of...Vico? He pounded her harder, making her thoughts of the wretched blackguard fly away. Shiloh parted her lips and screamed as Bastian impaled her over and over.

He plundered her depths, fucking her through her climax and shaking her to her core until he was ready for his own release. He bellowed his gratification and relinquished all control. He closed one clawed fist in her hair, his hip jerking as he spurted hot gouts of semen into her. Streams of his seed trickled from her as their bodies separated at last.

He met her with a wicked glint in his eyes. "You have pleased me well. Now bring me my priestess and make sure she is ready to accept my graces."

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