The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 33-35



As soon as Myra knew that switching the cups had worked, she sat up on her bedroll and nudged Shiloh. "He's asleep. Shall we wake Shanna?"

"Good idea." Shiloh nodded and leaned over her sister, softly shaking her. "Wake up. We need to talk."

A drowsy Shanna sat up, grumbling and sneering. "What for?"

"We have orders from Lord Bastian, therefore there are plans to be made," Shiloh stated as she pulled Shanna out of her bedroll and onto Myra's, where the three could huddle. "Myra?"

"He has shown me where the chalice is and how to access it. My dear Chris mustn't know we know, so for now that information will remain with me. Shanna, you're doing a wonderful job. Lord Bastian is pleased and wishes for you to continue. My eyes have been opened and I can clearly see what kind of man I've been with all these years. I want you to keep Chris distracted."

"I've enjoyed it for the most part, but I feel sorry for you that you've been with him for years. He is quite selfish in the pleasure department. My Vico is much better."

Shiloh snorted and rolled her eyes, causing Shanna to glare at her.

"He is mine. You have Rhys!"

Myra cleared her throat. "Chris will wake soon. Be ready to play your parts. Bastian has warned me that Chris would try to sample us all because he thinks he's given me herb-laced tea. Play along for the most part. Ensnare him deeper."

"The thought gives me the chills, but if it's what Bastian wants, so be it." Shiloh grinned, winking at Myra, and was rewarded with a kiss.

"Get some rest, Shanna. You're likely to need it." Myra said, her eyes beginning to feast on Shiloh.

"Oh, you want some alone time, huh? Is that what you're trying to say?" The younger girl asked, her eyes flicking between to the females.

"Smart girl, so goodnight, Shanna," Shiloh smiled in affirmation at her sister and watched as she turned her back, snuggled down into her bedroll and placed a pillow over her head.

Shiloh stood up on the bedroll and removed the pieces of her armor slowly, baring her body piece by piece to her beautiful lover, "Now for you, my sweet, I long to see all you. That armor drives me insane. It accentuates the best of you. I love your hard nipples poking up at me. They're so tempting. Makes me want to lick and suck them every moment I see them."

Myra smiled and stood up, allowing Shiloh to help her with the scant pieces. They set them aside and wrapped each other in a tight embrace, sinking down to lie upon the bedroll. Shiloh leaned her head down, and kissed Myra tenderly, savoring the sweet moment. Myra pulled back and licked her lips, smiling at Shiloh, who kissed her again, and this time she pressed her hunger back at Myra, their mouths softly biting at each other, their passions taking control. Myra touched Shiloh's breast with her free hand, and continued kissing Shiloh as she pressed her own chest forward. Myra moved her mouth to take the place of her hand, her lips an "O" over Shiloh's tight nipple, her hot breath making it even tighter. Myra's tongue began to dance over the rosy pink tip, lip-biting it in between flicks.

Shiloh arched her back, moaning gently at the pleasure of Myra's hand finding Shiloh's pussy between her now open legs. Shiloh was wet from her delicious lubricating juices that were now flowing freely. Myra's middle finger quickly slid inside all the way to the heel of her palm, pumping hard against Shiloh's own hard rocking. Myra's mouth moved back up for a kiss, and their tongues mixed with their lips, kissing hard as Myra massaged Shiloh's weeping channel before pulling her finger out to focus on her clit. Myra's fingers played with her hard button, coating it with sexual cream.

Myra soon forgot all about being in mixed company. She focused only on Shiloh's kisses, her own probing hand, and the feeling of their bodies and breasts pressed against each other. The excitement mounted. Myra knew Shiloh was close. Myra tried to push her hand deeper into Shiloh, kissing her ever harder, and Shiloh responding with eagerness.

And then it began. Shiloh's breath started to quiver as a rising rush built deep within her velvet sex. Shiloh kissed Myra very hard, and let herself go. She exploded, Myra's fingers guiding her energy from a tight knot between Shiloh's legs into a wave that washed up into her tummy, to her pounding chest and back out to Myra in her sucking lips. The two remained in a tight embrace longer than either could imagine. Shiloh caught her breath as Myra bestowed upon her flutter kisses, telling her how lovely she was and how happy she was to make her come.

Shiloh looked into Myra's eyes, overwhelmed with the moment of it. She is beautiful, was Shiloh's thoughts at that moment. Shiloh told her so. She kissed Myra with sheer abandon, and accepted the kiss in return with utter contentment. Myra kissed Shiloh again, their lips now entwined, only parting for their tongues to play. Shiloh ached to return the joy that Myra had just given her. She lowered her gaze to Myra's exposed nipples and leaned over and kissed first one, then the other. Myra's hands played in Shiloh's hair. Shiloh licked Myra's right nipple, and teased her left with her fingers until she switched to give her left the pleasure and her right her touch. The cleric turned high priestess's head was tilted back, and Shiloh could feel Myra's hand reaching down to play with her own pussy.

Shiloh suddenly became jealous of that hand. "Let me," she whispered. Myra pulled her hand away, replacing it with Shiloh's. Shiloh played circles around the edges of her love lips, slipping a finger in to probe and tease her hard clit. Both were growing eager for more. Shiloh bade her to wait, her legs open, and her desires obvious.

Myra pulled Shiloh up to her, and moved to kiss her once more, spreading Shiloh's legs further, drawn to her exposed pussy. Myra paused in front of Shiloh, drinking in the sight of the pink nether flesh. Shiloh's pussy was gorgeous; the vee of her open legs mirrored the vee of her trimmed bush. Her pussy lips were full now, and the wetness she saw was the same as the wetness she smelled, the rich aroma of a beautiful woman waiting, ready.

Myra's lips pursed and she kissed Shiloh's nether lips softly once. Then twice.

Then she kissed her open channel, sliding her tongue along one side, along the other, and then slipped it up to flick her wet clit, then kissing her again. Myra heard Shiloh moan. Myra began devouring her, relishing the warm lush fluid that oozed from her. She leaned back on her hands, exposing herself to her as much as she could, thrusting into her each time Myra pushed into her. Myra kissed Shiloh's sex harder, slipping her mouth all around her slick lips as Myra played with her own pussy.

Myra continued devouring Shiloh. She ate her slow. She ate her fast, and she ate her with her lips, tongue, even with her whole face. The intensity quickened, and Myra became lost inside of her lover, savoring the flavors and aromas so new to her. Shiloh bucked once out of rhythm, then again. And then Myra felt her spasm and Shiloh's knees gripped Myra's head, letting her eat her with full attention as she came in Myra's mouth. She licked Shiloh's juices eagerly, prolonging her orgasm until it felt as though she was squirting and still Myra ate her. She devoured her until Shiloh's thrusts gradually subsided. Then the teasing licks began. Myra nibbled Shiloh's sated sex. Shiloh stroked Myra's hair as she looked into Myra's eyes.

"That was beautiful, my sweet. I never thought such passion could be possible. I shall never give you up," Shiloh vowed. "Surely Bastian won't keep us apart all the time."

"We each have a duty to fulfill, but we can enjoy the here and now. I never knew that loving another woman could be so wonderful, but you've made it so. I thank you for showing me the light."

Shiloh leaned in and kissed her softly, "Twas my pleasure." Then she noticed how Christano was beginning to stir. "We'd best not get caught like this. It could ruin everything.


Christano opened his eyes with a start. He blinked and looked around. Had he dozed off? Rubbing his face once more, he stood and shook himself thoroughly. Myra, Shiloh and Shanna all lay sleeping peacefully, their faces a rosy mask of contentment. He circled the bedrolls, gazing down at each at length. He noticed how Shiloh had completely removed her red and gold armor. The blanket rested at her waist, allowing him to look his fill, at her uncovered choice bits of flesh. His eyes lingered on her breasts, imagining how they would taste.

Kneeling beside the bedroll, he gently touched her shoulder and covered her mouth with his other hand. Shiloh instinctively reached for her weapon, glaring up at the paladin.

"Shhh, Shiloh. I wanted to talk to you a moment in private," Christano pulled back his hand from her mouth and gazed into her eyes. He sat down before her, very close, an oily smile on his face as his hands caressed her shoulder.

"Myra might not think twice about killing us both if she woke up right about now," Shiloh replied, pushing his hands away.

But he persisted, gripping her tighter and snickered. "Don't worry, love, she'll sleep like a log. I put herbs in her tea." His gaze drifted back to the cleric, lingered a moment on her sleeping face before he softly spoke again. "She's truly a wonderful woman, but sometimes she's so... inhibited. She needs her sleep right now," he added.

A shiver coursed through Shiloh. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend the lecherous bastard wasn't touching her.

He ran his hands along her arms, her shoulders and her neck before caressing her hair softly. "Sweet little Shiloh, it's been hard to get close to you. You've been rather prickly. Would you pull in your thorns and allow me a taste of your petals? Can't we start over?"

Shiloh shook her head, trying to drown out the sweet words that slipped so effortlessly from his lips. Every fiber of her being screamed to slap the smug look off his face, her stomach churned at the mere thought of where she realized this talk was going. She knew he'd make another move on her again at some point. Her own thoughts raced through her head. She knew she had said she'd play along, but she just couldn't go through it. "Hands off," she warned.

"Don't be like that. Let us simply talk for a while. Tell me something about yourself. Something besides the fact that you're a princess, how did you become what you are? How did you learn the skills of such a dubious profession, being a thief? Tell me. There are many things I'd love to know. Tell me your secrets. They're safe with me. Tell me what makes you hot. Tell me how you like to fuck, how you like fucked. Tell me and I'll make your every desire a reality."

"Don't touch me!" Shiloh growled, pushing him away.

"Why? Why shouldn't I touch you? I can see it in your eyes. You want a strong hand to guide you. You long for a lover who'll take care of your every need. I can do that for you. We'd be good together. Surely you'll see it my way once you've experienced what I have for you."

"But Myra..." She scooted away from him, examining the situation.

"...Will never know, not until the time is right," he finished the sentence for her.

"Forget it. I'm not interested in you. I have a lover that pleases me," Shiloh shuddered and tried to push him away, but Christano ignored her.

"You're so tense. Hold still." He gently massaged her shoulders.

She slapped his hands away. "I'm warning you, paladin. I said don't touch me and I mean it."

He shook his head. He would bring her to heel and teach her discipline. He would teach her. That he was sure of. "You need a strong master. I told you I could be that for you. I will have my way. You'll see. As sure as I'm standing here, it will happen."

Christano stood up and took a few steps away from her. "Go back to sleep. I'll stand watch and guard you."

Shiloh snuggled back into her bedroll, drawing the blankets around her. She kept a watchful eye on him before drifting off to sleep again.


She woke a few hours later to the sounds of giggling and husky breathing. The nerve of him to bed her sister when his lady was nearby, she thought to herself. She watched for a few moments as Shanna slowly rode the paladin, moving her hips very slowly. Then she smiled, glancing across the small campsite at Myra's sleeping bag. Their eyes met. The cleric nodded before closing her eyes.

And at that moment, Shiloh knew the score. Bastian obviously had a plan and for now, Myra was playing none the wiser to Christano's game.


Shiloh lay awake as Christano moved to Myra's bedroll, crawling in between the blankets with her. Frantic kisses and whispered voices followed. With one eye open, Shiloh watched as the paladin groped Myra, plucking at her nipples with his fingers, hastily flipping her onto her hands and knees. He lifted the short red scrap of cloth that covered her bottom, exposing bare skin. He leaned in, covering her whole body with his. "I told you you'd wear this when I feed you my dick. I've missed you, my lovely."

He grabbed hold of one side of her hips, sliding in firmly behind her, guiding his swollen member along her slit. She didn't want this, couldn't bear the thought of him touching her again.

"Not tonight, Chris. I started my menses. The cramps have been painful. I'd prefer to rest... for my spells."

Christano sighed heavily and let her go, easing her down to the bedroll. "If that's the case, then you won't mind taking care of me, will you? I've missed you badly."

"I really need to rest, dear." She lowered her eyes again.

"Alright, you may rest this one time, but I'll be here with you." He snuggled in next to her, wrapping his arms around her tightly before closing his eyes. He knew he'd have her again soon.


Shiloh gripped the small brass key in her hand as she stood before the door. Her danger senses were tingling. Something didn't feel right, but she couldn't tell what it was. And Bastian was being uncharacteristically quiet. She had no choice but to open the door and peek past it.

As she did the first thing she noticed was the wooden bridge that spanned a deep chasm. Closing it, she glanced back at her companions. Christano cocked an eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

"I get the feeling that there's danger ahead and that we're being watched. Let me scout ahead and I'll signal you when it's all clear."

Christano nodded at her, "Be careful, little Shiloh."

Shanna stamped her foot. "Why is it you get to do all the scouting? I want to go with you. You could teach me how," she whined.

"Now isn't the right time. There might be undead things out there. Let me ascertain whether there's a definite threat or not and then I can think about your lessons. I'd prefer those things be done in the relative safety of Betancuria where the guild can see to your training."

Shanna glared at her, storming back to the small room they'd rested in. Christano went after Shanna, followed by Myra. Shiloh tapped her foot impatiently before easing through the crack in the door she made. Stubborn jealous sisters, she huffed. Why do I put up with it?

Focus, stupid, focus, she chastised herself, knowing she'd have to be as silent as a mouse to get past the skeletons that stood on platforms she'd noticed on opposite sides of the bridge. She crept across the bridge, stopping only to disable several poison gas traps. She dropped the vials over the side of the bridge and continued on until she reached a door then quickly picked the lock, opening it. She slipped inside and rested against the wall, taking a deep breath. Her heart was still beating frantically. This was some place she'd ended up. She hoped she'd never have to deal with undead ever again.

She looked around, another door stood adjacent to the one she'd just come through. She moved over to it, resting her hand on the ornate handle, which refused to turn. There didn't seem to be a keyhole on the door either. A trigger, she thought as she searched the floor, the walls and the door itself. Finally she noticed a piece of the relief on the door moved. She pressed it in and the door swung open. Smiling she crept through the door and into a large cavern. A metallic sarcophagus rested to her left while a wooden plank bridge spanned a gap directly in front of her. It was dark beyond the chasm. The dark didn't bother her. She knew there was an enhancement on the armor Bastian gave her that would help her vision in darkness. She moved to right, staying close to the wall until she came to another door.

She quickly bypassed the lock and opened it, nimbly springing out of the way as an arrow came flying at her and lodged in the wall. She glanced around, but saw no sign of an archer. It had to have been a mechanical trap she missed. Past the door was a long corridor that turned to the left a few dozen yards from where she stood. She could hear sounds of something shuffling around. She hugged the wall to avoid it and dashed to an open doorway.

Inside the small room, she found three levers. Though she couldn't be certain what they controlled, she knew they were there for a reason. She left them alone for a moment and preceded down the corridor, hiding from the heavily armored, shield wearing, big sword toting undead thing she found patrolling the hallway. She cringed at the sight of its rotten looking flesh.

"What is it?" She questioned internally, hoping for an answer from Bastian.

"It is a death knight. Stay clear of it," he replied before going silent again.

That tells me a whole lot, she huffed and threw her arms up in the exasperation as she turned the corner once and then a second time, coming face to face with three doors. Each were locked, but showed no signs of keyholes, locks, or pressure plates. Perhaps the levers controlled them.

She continued on, coming to one final locked door. It surprised her that she noticed a keyhole on it. This one she'd be able to unlock with her picks. She went to work on the complicated locking mechanism, she had to use two different sized lock picks at the same time in conjunction with the skeletal key in order to get it to open. She cursed under her breath before finally pushing the door open.

A glowing pillar stood in the tiny room, no bigger than five foot by five foot. A chuckle slipped forth from her lips. Her wardrobe room back at the castle had been bigger than this. The lever beckoned her and Bastian's voice joined in. "Pull it. Don't worry about the others. This one and its mate are the ones you need."

She heeded his command and pulled the lever into the down position, noting how the bright light that surrounded it blinked out of existence. It startled her at first, and then assumed that meant it worked.

Heading back the way she came, she crossed the bridge to the other side of the chasm and turned to the right, avoiding shrouded undead creature carrying a wicked looking scythe. At the door, she once again picked the lock and disabled the arrow trap. This one wouldn't get by her.

She moved swiftly down the long corridor, stopping every few feet to disable more of the poison gas traps she'd found to be so common in this place. She ducked into the shadows as another death knight strolled past her and held very still while it continued on its way. She moved swiftly, disabling a large trapped section of the floor, and made her way to another door. The arrow trap and lock wasn't hard to disable. She bypassed it quickly, slipping through the cracked door. Nearly coming face to face with yet another death knight and flattened herself against the wall. She held her breath until it passed by then sneaked to a nearby door, nimbly picking its lock as well.

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