tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 37-39

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 37-39


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story contains explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Ni'as, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

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Shiloh climbed up the ladder into the ruined house. She smiled warmly at Stan as a radiant glow clung to her skin. Her body still thrummed from Essex's tender ministrations. She looked forward to seeing him again and couldn't wait for another pleasurable encounter with the stormy eyed male.

"Hello, Miss Shiloh," Stan greeted her with a fond smile. "Heading out?"

"Yes," she replied and set her haversack upon the low dresser that sat in front of a rickety bed. "Can you make sure no one bothers my things?"

"Never fear, Miss Shiloh, your belongings are safe with Ol' Stan," he replied and flashed a nearly toothless grin.

Shiloh opened one of the drawers within the dresser and placed her haversack. Next she removed everything but her rings, dress and dancing slippers from her body and placed those things in the drawer. She slipped a folded black square of cloth, which was actually the portable hole Dalino had given her, inside of her shoe. "Thank you, Stan. I'll be back in a few hours most likely."

She headed out the door and into the rain, dashing down the short street to the bridge separating the Isle of Men from the rest of the South Ward. As she approached the largest mansion, she recalled the day her father had brought her to this very same house to introduce her to other members of Betancuria's nobility. She remembered Lord Aubrey's brother, Aleksander very well. He had been one of her suitors, one of the slightly older men her father had considered for a husband. Pain shot through her heart as she thought of how the Betancurian nobility had died at the hands of the Dhorn along with her family to cleanse the city of the vestiges of its ruling class.

She sighed heavily before continuing on. Standing beneath an awning near a side door, she noticed a rather stodgy looking man wearing a dapper blue formal suit. The new city mayor obviously grabbed Lord Aubrey's mansion for himself, she fumed inwardly and strutted over to him.

The man raised an eyebrow at Shiloh rather snobbishly as she approached. "Can I help you, young lady?" His thin lips curled in arrogant sneer.

She beamed a winning smile at him before she spoke. "I'm one of the dancer's for this evening's party. Forgive me, I'm running late." She preened before him, flaunting her generous curves barely hidden by the scant dress.

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully while eyeing her, "The rest of the dancer's arrived an hour ago. Now before I can let you in, I'll have to search you."

Shiloh rolled her eyes and sighed, "Fine."

The man patted her down, running his hands over every inch of her body. After a rather thorough examination of her bountiful charms, he nodded and guided her into the house and led her to a small room where the other dancers had gathered. "Here's your missing girl. I trust you're all ready now?"

A pretty blonde stepped forth, "Yes, we'll be ready."

He nodded at her. "I'll be back for you."

The blonde hastily approached Shiloh. "It's about damn time!" She turned Shiloh's face from one side to the other. "Oh, dear Gods, is that what you call a make-up? Stand still, and don't flinch."

She quickly grabbed a cosmetic kit, and began to work on Shiloh's face. "That's better. Where's Christie, by the way?"

Shiloh's mind raced. Christie must've been the girl that Mando said the Family intercepted. "She got sick. She asked me to do this for her," she bluffed hoping it sounded plausible.

An odd look crossed the blonde's face. "Sick, hmm? Poor girl, let's hope she hasn't gotten with child. What's your name?"

"Belara," Shiloh replied, "And you?"

"Evana," She smiled, "You know what we're going to do tonight?"

"Mostly, Christie showed me a few steps," Shiloh continued bluffing. "Can you show me some more? I really am a quick learner."

Evana quickly filled her in, running through the dance moves. "Once we've entered the ballroom, everyone will move to her designated spot. Yours will be the leftmost rear, a little bit out of sight. No offense. Just do what the other girls do, and we'll be fine. Understood?"

"I won't disappoint you," Shiloh beamed, gracefully repeating the dance moves.

Evana nodded and turned to everyone else. "Alright, ladies, let's give them something to goggle at!"

Shiloh leaned in close to Evana and whispered, "So who's the arrogant jackass who let me in?"

"That would be the Majordomo," she smirked before rolling her eyes. "The man acts like he has a corncob permanently wedged in his ass."

Shiloh snickered and checked her face in the mirror. The quick makeup job Evana had done on her accentuated her best features, making her eyes look soft and sensual while giving her lips a pouty appearance. She hoped it all wouldn't be ruined by the time she met up with Essex later that night. She knew what would happen between them, but at this point, she wasn't sure where. Did she want to take him back to her apartment? Though if they didn't go to her place, where would they go? If Essex wanted to join the Family, it occurred to her that he probably wasn't from Betancuria? So where was he from? She surmised he'd probably been staying with Tony if did indeed have a house in Betancuria.

Thoughts whirred through her head. Her relationship with Rhys lingered in the forefront. She knew when she next saw him they would have to have a long talk. She hoped he would take the break up well. She had never meant to hurt him, but knew her heart lie elsewhere.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned sharply on her heel. The majordomo had returned. She joined the other girls and headed out of the small room then down a long hallway that led to the ballroom. Shiloh kept to the rear of the procession, hoping to blend in with the other girls.

They waited a few minutes before they were announced and allowed to make their way into the ballroom, the dance floor was laid out like a chessboard. Shiloh chose the back leftmost square to perform in, evenly spaced a full five feet from the next dancer. Her eyes scanned the audience of men before them. She recognized none of them and knew they weren't from Betancuria. Mando had informed her that the nobles invited would either be from Dhorn, or otherwise be some lowborn scum along for the ride.

At the forefront, Evana began to dance as soft, sensual music filled the room. She twirled and pranced suggestively. One by one the remaining dancers joined in, giving the dance a sense of a flower blooming in the early morning light.

When it came time for Shiloh, she moved sensuously with fluid grace. She dipped and revolved, her breasts rising and falling in time to the seductive music. She undulated and swayed as her sexy moves imitated the art of lovemaking.

Piece by piece, each dancer removed their garb until each was completely nude. She felt rather liberated prancing around unclothed. Shiloh added a little more seductiveness to each erotic move with a little wiggle here and a saucy look here. She made eye contact with several of the more attractive members of the audience. With a wink and a blown kiss or two, she ended her part of the dance and lounged seductively upon the surprisingly warm floor with the other dancers except Evana, who concluded the dance on her own.

The gathered nobles hooted exclaiming their joy over the performance. Cries of 'Bravo' rang out, echoing through the large room. Shiloh managed to catch her breath before gathering the scattered pieces of her garb when an attractive man with dark honey blond hair approached her. He smiled widely and applauded all the while his eyes devoured her lithe nude form. "That was an excellent show! I couldn't take my eyes off you!"

Shiloh beamed a smile at him. She had just found a way to succeed at her mission... or at least she hoped. "Thank you."

"I've never before beheld such radiant beauty. Please tell me your name," he replied and took hold of her hand. He brought it to his lips and placed a tender kiss upon it.

"Belara," she murmured.

"Belara," he repeated, his eyes focused on her breasts. "Such a lovely name for a lovely young lady, you simply outshone them all."

She lowered her eyes coyly before speaking again, "You're much too kind, M'lord."

"'It is but the truth. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lord Leopold Tendenberry, at your service." He bowed deeply before her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Tendenberry." Shiloh gracefully inclined her head as her royal training kicked in. She knew how to interact with nobles, and hoped her good breeding would show through in some small way.

"I am still completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the women in this city. I have traveled far, and I dare say nowhere have I seen creatures of your... pride, and elegancy," Lord Tendenberry confessed with a beaming smile. "My castle is alongside the western border of the Kingdom of Dhorn. Maybe I will have the privilege to welcome you as my dearest guest one day?"

"You honor me. I'd love to someday be your guest."

A dreamy look colored his face. "I would love to show you the forests, the hills, the river. I am most sure you would enjoy yourself a lot, Belara. If I didn't know better I would have wagered you a forest nymph, enchanting my heart, considering what a beautiful creature as you are." He carefully studied her shape for a few long moments, smiling even more.

Shiloh smiled widely, "Thank you, M'lord. You're most kind."

"Would you like to go to a more private... room with me? I'll make it worth your while, beautiful."

"I'd like that," she replied taking hold of the proffered hand. He led her out of the ballroom to the left and down a short hallway to a closed door.

"This is my room," he spoke up unlocking the door. "Go in and make your comfortable."

Shiloh winked at him and walked over to the floor length mirror that stood in one of the corners. She posed before it, checking her makeup. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Lord Tendenberry lock the door behind them and place the key in front pocket of his breeches. Pick pocketing that key will be so simple, she scoffed to herself.

"I promise to make this worth your while, my beauty." His hungry eyes raked over every inch of her, lingering for a few moments on her lush mounds as well as the taut curves of her ass. He licked his lips. His gaze nary moved from her for a second as he pulled off his clothing and tossed them onto the large bed that dominated the room.

Shiloh watched as he traversed the few feet that separated them. Her eyes zeroed in on the swollen member that bobbed between his legs. A purr left her throat as he embraced her, pulling her tightly against his hard body. His heat engulfed her as his hands cupped her creamy globes, and then plucked her pebbled nipples. He nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck before he placed a line of small whispery kisses across the top of her shoulder. Shiloh's body shuddered at the contact.

He turned her within his arms, bringing her around to face him. His lips found hers, and then ravished her in a violent kiss. His hands then dropped down to fondle her waist before snaking around to knead her buttocks. His hips ground against hers, his hardness prodding the curve of her belly.

Shiloh pulled her lips from his momentarily, "Easy, darling," she purred then reached between them to stroke him. The heat of his sex scorched her palm. His member felt harder than rock. He quivered beneath her touch, his body shuddering with want. His hands left her ass, trailing up her back then around to her front, skimming over her breasts until he reached her shoulders. He pushed her to her knees, eye level with the angry purple tip of his cock. His hands left her shoulders and delved into the heavy thickness of her hair.

Shiloh knew what he wanted and was happy to oblige. She gently gave the shaft a squeeze before guiding the tip to her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and heard his hissing intake of breath. The wet heat of her mouth engulfed him. She tasted the slightly pungent flavor of his skin. Her tongue teased and swirled, exploring every inch of his shaft as she slid her fist slowly up and down. She massaged his balls as she moved her mouth up and down, humming and slurping. He moaned low in his throat, rocking his hips as his hands fisted deeper into her hair. She breathed his musky scent through her nose while his hips jacked to and fro, sinking into her throat. Drawing hard, with a flick of tongue in just the right places, it wasn't long before Lord Tendenberry gasped a warning. He began to spurt into Shiloh's mouth, and she eagerly swallowed his release.

Lord Tendenberry opened his eyes and looked into the mirror before him and then down at Shiloh as she released his cock. She licked her lips, savoring his taste. A groan rent from his throat. He staggered to the bed and sat down on the edge while he fought to get his ragged breath under control.

"Give me a few minutes, my pretty one and I'll be ready to go again." He lay back, closing his eyes. Shiloh moved onto the bed beside him and watched him closely. Soon she could tell by his shallow breathing that he was asleep.

This was her chance. She dug his key out of the pocket he'd stowed it in, grabbed the portable hole from her shoe and headed for the door. She let herself out, locking it behind her. The hallway was dark as was the ballroom beyond it. She sneaked through the large room, keeping close to the walls and using the darkness to her advantage. When she came to the lighted hallway that led to the upstairs, she encountered a solitary guard. She smiled at him as he stopped her. "Hold it, wench! The upper floor is off-limits!" He menacingly brandished his sword at her.

She grinned at him, playing her charms as she preened before him. "The Mayor sent for me. He wants me upstairs."

His eyes feasted upon the glorious expanse of her nude flesh, admiring her beauty. "He did, huh, when?"

Shiloh leaned in towards him, "Some time ago... I was quite busy and couldn't come up earlier."

The guard chuckled, "I bet you were busy, honey," his leering grin sent a chill down her spine. "If you weren't needed upstairs, I'd see that you were busy again."

She watched as he cupped the bulge in his pants.

"I'd bend you over that chair and ream you good with my mean bone. I bet you'd enjoy that over being groped by these soft skinned nobles," he sneered and reached out to fondle her breasts.

A shiver coursed through her as his coarse words slipped from his lips, but she knew she couldn't show it. She grinned at him, "I'll keep that in mind if the Mayor doesn't satisfy me." She winked and eased passed him until she reached the dark stairway. A sigh of relief slipped from her lips. At least he bought her lie, but knew if she was caught while upstairs the line wouldn't work.

She hugged the wall and crept through the darkness, passing several guards that sat around a table playing dice. Shiloh was happy the upper floor was dark. It made her task easier. She quickly explored the upper floor, hiding in a dark closet or corner from the guards that were patrolling at regular intervals.

Shiloh found the Mayor and a brown haired female dancer, in the library, engaged in a sexy game upon the carpeted floor. She crept towards the copulating couple, and crouched behind a potted plant while she visually searched through the belongings that lay scattered around them. She noted pieces of the dancer's dress, the Mayor's majestic purple and yellow suit, and a small golden keyring that held several keys. Crawling over, she swiped the keyring and exited the room as silently as she had entered.

She glanced both ways as she crept across the corridor to a pair of doors at each end of a curving hallway. She headed to the door to the right and found it unlocked. Quickly she cracked it open and slipped inside, being very careful to close it behind her as quietly as possible. When she looked up at the room before her, she noted the she was in a rather opulent bedroom with a large bed. A chest of drawers, armoire, a low night stand, and a trunk were the other features.

Stopping to think, she figured the statue had to nearby, though it puzzled her why the mayor would keep a statue near the bedroom. It must be some kind of special statue Shiloh surmised and began to search the dresser drawers. When she didn't find it there, she moved to the armoire and opened the doors. She pushed aside the fine clothing and searched for any kind of false bottom. A coarse curse slipped from her lips as she accidentally shut the door too hard and moved to the nearby trunk.

She froze in place as she heard heavy footfall outside the door. She scrambled to the far side of the bed and squeezed beneath it. Just then the bedroom door flew open and a guard rushed in. He searched about for a moment before he walked over to the open window. Lint and other accumulated dust tickled her nostrils. Shiloh held very still, pinching her nose in hopes she wouldn't sneeze and give herself away. She couldn't afford to be caught this time. It was far too risky.

Shiloh heard a second guard enter the room, "Shouldn't you be on patrol?"

"I heard something in here," the first replied. "Sounded like a door shutting. These rooms are off-limits tonight."

The second guard shrugged. "He was probably fetching something. I hear another girl is going to join him. I just might watch that... two hot girls getting it on. There's nothing sweeter than that." A wicked grin crossed his face before he exited the room.

The first guard grinned, bent slightly to take a token peak under the bed and left the room. Shiloh squirmed backwards as quietly as she could before she heard his footsteps grow quieter. A soft sigh of relief slipped forth and she wiggled back out. She dusted herself off and returned to the trunk, which opened with a slight squeak. She searched through the contents, frowning at the fact that the statue wasn't in the trunk either.

Shiloh sneaked out of the room and headed to the other door. It was locked. She quickly tried a few keys on the keyring before she found the correct one and slipped inside. She closed it quietly behind her and locked it before she began to search the contents of that room as well. When the statue wasn't found in any of the obvious places, she surmised he had to have it locked up somewhere.

She looked around carefully and noticed something odd about the wall to her right. Walking over, she felt around and found the hidden trigger for a concealed door. She'd seen enough hidden doors in her life, living in a large castle with secret rooms and corridors. Activating the trigger, she opened the nearly seamless panel door and slipped inside a small circular room. Weapons racks lined the walls while an iron gate separated this room from what looked to be a cell. She moved to the gate then searched the key ring and found the key that opened it.

The gate lowered rather noisily, but still Shiloh hoped no one heard it. Many human skeletal remains littered the floor; she figured they had to belong to Lord Aubrey and his family. She lowered her eyes and wondered if Lord Aleksander's bones rested here as well. She shook off the small pain that pierced her soul concerning the legions of Betancurian nobility that had died just because of who they were.

She carefully stepped through the bones and approached the back of the cell where a golden statue sat upon a pedestal. This had to be the piece that Mando wanted. She quickly opened the black scrap of cloth and spread it out. She pitched the statue in before closing it and folding it back up. She then exited the room, being cautious to lock things up the way they were.

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