tagIllustratedThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 43

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 43


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story contains explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Ni'as, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

Academic Life

Shiloh ignored the knock at the door, unwilling to pull her gaze from the bound tiefling.

The intensity of the second knock increased, still Shiloh did not relent. Her eyes remained locked with Narev's.

Following the second knock, came the sound of a key scraping into the lock. Then the inevitable sound of it turning within the keyhole. The door burst open, at that moment Shiloh turned to see who was invading her home.

She took her eyes off Narev for only a moment, noticing it was Chella coming up the stairs. She looked back to the tiefling; he was gone, he had disappeared without a trace, "Son of a bitch!" Shiloh cursed, turning back to Chella with a glare.

"Watch your language!" She observed the carnage before her, noticing the blood stain on the rug. "Oh, MY… What happened, dear child? Who did this? I'll have to tell Master Nathan right away!" Chella exclaimed as she rushed to set the food down. "Have you been hurt?"

"No, I'm not hurt," Shiloh shook her head, glancing around at the wreckage of her home. "There was an intruder, but he got away."

"What did he want? He's wrecked your apartment. We'll have to replace almost everything from your bed to your sofa. Master Nathan won't be happy about this development."

"I know I locked the door when I left. He must have picked the lock. I have no idea what he was after, but from now on I'm going to be extra careful." Shiloh replied, knowing she'd have to keep her guard up at all times. Narev would strike again, that she was sure of. Shiloh knew she'd have to be ready for his next attack.

"Yes, you will have to be careful. Maybe you should come back to the Bear Pit, sleep in your old room. You'll be protected with me to watch over you."

Shiloh groaned at the thought. She didn't like her every move being scrutinized, "That won't be necessary, Chella. I have a job to do. Anyway, I'll most likely stay at the hideout."

Chella cocked an eyebrow at her, "Shiloh dear, I worry about your safety. Too much has happened to you. I don't want you getting hurt again, or worse yet, killed. I must insist you stay at the Bear Pit where I can keep an eye on you, where there are guards to further protect you."

Shiloh sighed loudly, "No, Chella. That would be even worse invasion of my privacy. I like having my own apartment. This is my retreat. All that happened here was a random break-in, searching for valuables, but I keep those on me at all times."

"I wouldn't broadcast that if I were you either, missy," Chella frowned. "I'm still telling Nathan."

"I plan on telling him as well. It'll be better if he hears it from me first. He'll know what to do," Shiloh replied, attempting to persuade Chella to let her handle it.

The motherly woman's frown deepened, "Then I expect you to march your butt over to see him after you've eaten and we've cleaned up this mess. I need to make a list of everything we'll need to replace, starting with the bed and sofa cushions."

Shiloh threw up her arms in exasperation, "Look, Chella, I appreciate everything you're trying to do for me, but we're all playing this dangerous game. Things happen as a result. Therefore I have to learn how to take care of the aftermath. I need to be the one who cleans up the mess. I need to be the one who purchases the mattress and cushions. I need to be the one who replaces my belongings. I need to be the one who puts everything right."

With misty eyes, Chella reached for Shiloh, pulling her young charge to her large bosom, "You've grown so much." The plump woman said, squeezed Shiloh tightly.

Shiloh gasped, struggling to pull away, "You're breaking my ribs!"

"Oh, sorry, dear," Chella replied, dabbing her eyes.

Shiloh produced a handkerchief, handing it to her second mother, "Chella, I know how much you want to take care of me, but there are some things I have to do for myself. This is one of those things. I swear I'll tell Nathan."

Chella sighed, "I'm proud of you for being so independent, but the mother in me longs to fix it for you. I know I've said it before, but I've lost one daughter. I can't bear to lose a second."

Shiloh closed her eyes, yet she could still see the poignant expression on Chella's face. When she opened them, she embraced Chella fondly. "I couldn't bear to lose another mother either," Since I never really knew my mother. Mom and Dad were too busy with affairs of state. My governess, Chloe, and my nanny took care of my everyday needs. They raised me. Shiloh took a deep breath, "I'll be careful."

"I'd better get back to the kitchen. Bring me the tray when you're finished, dear," Chella hugged Shiloh one last time before she took her leave.

After the door closed, Shiloh glanced at the wreckage strewn about her home. She reached for the torn sofa cushions then gathered up the destroyed feather mattress. She sneezed as a loose feather tickled her nose. Piling up the damaged furniture, she made a short list of the pieces she needed to replace. Then she grabbed a broom then swept the floor. She knew her first stop, after talking to Nathan, would be to the local furniture crafter. Then she would have to shop for some new dresses. She added her torn clothing to the growing pile. Surely once she spoke to Nathan, he'd be able to tell her where to dispose of the wrecked furniture.

Shiloh removed the folded scrap of black cloth from inside the breastplate of her armor then tossed it to the floor. The portable hole opened, revealing the horde of treasure within. Shiloh pulled everything out on the floor, causing a loud clattering sound as gold and metal impacted the wooden floor. She sorted through it, fuming as she found the Golden Chalice.

"How in the hell did this get in her?" She cursed aloud, thinking back to their time on the ship. Myra had to have slipped this in here when she wasn't looking. "Damn her!" No wonder Narev had come after her. She knew it would do no good to complain to Bastian. He wouldn't do anything.

After shoving the Golden Chalice along with the rest of her loot back into the portable hole, she folded it back into a square, stowing it in her breastplate. Then she grabbed the tray then left her apartment, dutifully locking the door behind her. On her way up to Nathan's office, she dropped the tray off to Chella.

She winked at Warent as she sailed through the door. Stopping before Nathan's desk, she curtseyed. "Hello, Nathan," Shiloh beamed merrily.

Nathan cocked an eyebrow at her, "Yes, Shiloh?"

She glanced around the office, "Where's Jacia and Mando?"

"Occupied at the moment, but that's not your business," he replied dryly. "What can I do for you? Aren't you supposed to be working a job for Alfons?"

"Yes, I have been working on it, but when I returned to my apartment, I caught a nasty little burglar inside. He had wrecked the entire place. He shredded my bed, the sofa cushions, ripped the books off the shelves and shredded several of my dresses. There was a short scuffle, but he got away. I don't know what he was after, but he made one hell of a mess."

"He wasn't a member of 'The Family,'" Nathan replied. "Make sure your door is always locked. I'll make sure there's someone watching your place at all times. It'll be someone who's out of sight, not even you will know who it is. Now is there anything else, Shiloh?"

"No," she shook her head, "Have a good day!"

Then she exited Nathan's office. She made her way down the stairs to the kitchen level. She stopped near Nelina, who glared at her. "Hey, Nelina, I heard through the grapevine that you weren't happy with me being frisky with Warent. I didn't know you were a couple," Shiloh confessed.

Nelina cocked an eyebrow, "Shiloh, not every man is going to want you. Furthermore, you can't have every man wrapped around your finger. I was more than unhappy. Keep your claws off Warent then I won't have a problem with you."

Shiloh's brow furrowed, "I said I didn't know. Warent and I had been together in the past. I was lonely. He was there. He told me 'no.' Yes, I had a tantrum over that, but I let it go. Just mind who you're talking to from now on and there won't be a problem. Are we understood?" Shiloh pushed past Nelina on her way down the stairs, ignoring Nelina's hiss.

Shiloh crossed the marketplace, stopping at a furniture crafters shop. She placed her order for a new sofa and bed, plus a new table and chairs. After paying in advance then giving her address for delivery, she left the shop, heading for Gaston's. Upon entering the tailor's shop, she walked over to the rack of ready made dresses, choosing a dark blue velvet gown then one made of burgundy satin.

She slipped behind a lacquered screen, taking her time to try both dresses on. The dark blue velvet reminded her too much of her favorite dress. The burgundy satin did little for her as well. She hung both of them back on the rack then continued shopping. The black sequined gown she'd looked at before still hung on the rack, but she knew it would stand out to much. The yellow chiffon was much too delicate to be worn in the rain.

"May I help you, my lady?" Gaston spoke up as he approached.

"I need a few new gowns. Several of mine were destroyed by a burglar, but I'm not seeing anything here that works for me," Shiloh sighed.

"Dear lady, how tragic," Gaston exclaimed. "I shall show you my special stock. Perhaps something will catch your eye."

Gaston led her to a large oaken wardrobe, opening it with a key. He drew a curtain, blocking the view to the rest of the store.

"Thank you, my good sir," Shiloh smiled then examined the dresses within. She selected a form fitting black dress, a deep purple dress with a plunging neckline and a slit up both legs then picked out a red dress with matching boots. She tried all three of them on. Pleased with her selections, she paid Gaston then left his shop behind. She headed back to her apartment, unlocked her door then let herself in. She breathed a sigh of relief after checking the rooms. She was glad Narev hadn't returned.

She stowed her new dresses in her armoire, then stripped out of her armor. Shiloh quickly bathed, dressing in her new red dress and boots. Then she left her apartment again. River Road was her destination. She needed to talk to this Dan, find out what he knew about getting into the teacher's area of the Academy. She was sure those rooms were on the upper level above the student dorms.

Dan lived in the same building that she had met Joanna Winter when she visited the older lady for lesson four, though Dan's apartment was on the first floor. She climbed the stairwell then checked the numbers on the doors before she knocked on the Dan's.

From inside a female voice called, "Yes? What do you want? We're not buying anything!"

Shiloh's brow furrowed, wondering if salespeople stopped by that often. She sighed, "I'm looking for Dan Addams."

An older grey haired lady wearing a bright purple dress opened the door then peered out, looking Shiloh over intently, "What do you want with my Dan?"

Suspicious woman, Shiloh scoffed inwardly. She plastered her best smile on her face, "I know him from the academy. I had a question about something we studied. I was hoping he could answer it."

The woman looked her up then down, her lips twitching.

"Hara, who's at the door?" An older gentleman bellowed from his easy chair by the fire.

"A friend of Dan's," she replied.

"Invite her in then bring me a pint," he called back then resumed reading from a large book.

Hara turned back to Shiloh, "Dan's in his room. It's over there." Then the older lady closed the door behind Shiloh, heading for the kitchen.

Shiloh knocked on the closed door loudly then waited for Dan to open it. A handsome brown haired man that Shiloh judged to be about her age, clad in the typical robes of a scholar, curiously looked her up then down after he opened the door. Shiloh flashed her best smile, leaning against the doorjamb. "Hello, handsome," she purred.

He grinned widely as he studied Shiloh closely, "Hey there! Wow..."

"May I come in?" Shiloh asked as she peered past Dan into his room.

"Uh…sure," he stammered, opening the door to let her slip past him. Dan shut the door then turned to peruse Shiloh's curvaceous form again. He liked the way her red dress hugged her body, accentuating her ass and breasts.

Shiloh grinned again, "You're Dan Addams, a student from the academy, correct?" Her eyes flicked up then down, taking stock of the scholarly young man.

"Yeah, that's me! And who are you?"

"Shiloh," she smiled, winking at him. "It's nice to meet you, Dan."

"We haven't met before, have we? I'm sure I'd have remembered you!" Dan leered at her breasts. He admired the way the dress lifted her breasts, exposing her bountiful cleavage.

"No, we haven't, handsome, but I did tell your mother I knew you from the academy," Shiloh smirked as she leaned against his desk, pushing out her voluptuous chest.

Dan fixed his eyes on her cleavage then licked his lips. "What can I do for you? The guys didn't send you, did they?"

"No, I'm here on my own. I need a little bit of information from you, I'm willing to do anything you want to get it," Shiloh purred seductively.

For a moment longer he stared at Shiloh's breasts then he quickly averted his gaze. He cleared his throat, blushing slightly. "Oh?"

"Let's assume somebody wanted to visit the teachers' rooms at the academy. How would they get there, now that the Academy's closed?" Shiloh asked as she gave her breasts a little shake.

Dan shrugged, still eyeing her breasts, "Uh... No idea? Walk up the stairs?"

"I can't do that, Dan. The door up is closed and locked, plus there's a big sign telling people to stay out," Shiloh pouted.

He shrugged a second time, shifting uncomfortably. Dan couldn't believe that such a beautiful girl was in his room, asking him for a favor. None of the guys would ever believe this.

"There's another way up, right?" Shiloh smirked, bending slightly forward, exposing her breasts a little further.

"Uh, no idea... Could be," Dan replied as he licked his lips then glanced away.

Shiloh beamed her best smile at him, "I'd be very grateful for your help, handsome."

"There are things in the teacher's rooms that are rather dangerous," he replied, shifting again.

Shiloh smiled, flashing a coy look."Worried about me?"

"Well," he returned a shy smile.

"Please," Shiloh placed her hands on the desk, squeezing her jutting breasts with her arms, making them pop even more, "Do this for me?"

"You might mess something up or break something. Some of the teachers' stuff is very expensive," he warned.

"No worries, Dan. I only bump into things that bump back," Shiloh grinned lasciviously. "I'm pretty good at avoiding the rest."

He cleared his throat, "That's what you say."

Hara walked over to her son's room, smiling at Dan, "You haven't introduced your new friend to your father and me yet. She says you know each other from school?"

"Uh," Dan replied, remembering what Shiloh had told him, "Yes, we had some classes together."

Hara looked Shiloh up then down again. "Dearie, you don't look like someone who'd study at a wizard's school, but my Dan tells me appearances can be deceiving. I'm so glad that Dan's finally being visited by a girl."

"I'm here because I want something from Dan," Shiloh grinned, winking at Dan.

Dan cleared his throat, coughing slightly.

"Oh," Hara cocked an eyebrow.

"She just came over because she had a question about one of our exercises, Mom."

"Oh. Well, it's a good thing you asked Dan for help, dearie. My Dan's such a smart young man," she smiled proudly.

"I'm sure he'll be able to help me," Shiloh grinned insolently.

Dan studied the floor, looking very embarrassed. Hara gently squeezed Shiloh's hand, "Well, I'll leave you two to your studies. It was very nice to meet you, dearie. Stay as long as you'd like. We'll have supper on the table shortly."

"It's very nice to meet you, too, Mrs. Addams."

Hara smiled then nodded, leaving the room. "Parents," Dan groaned, shaking his head.

"Be glad that you still have your parents, Dan." Shiloh replied wistfully. In her mind, she recalled her beautiful mother. Shiloh looked away for a moment, gathering her wits about her.

"Huh? But, I don't know why Mom made such a fuss over you. I've had lots of girl-friends at the academy." He flashed a challenging look.

"Speaking of... I believe we were just talking about that other way up to the teachers' rooms," Shiloh smiled once more then stepped closer to him, toying with the front of his robe.

"Yeah," Dan took a deep breath, "The girls at the academy were all so arrogant and uptight. Robby and I tried to start a party every now and then, but it wasn't a lot of fun. I once tried to kiss one of the girls but she immediately went running and screaming down the hall." He rolled his eyes.

"Perhaps it's about time you meet some different girls," she grinned brazenly.

Dan leered at Shiloh's breasts a moment longer, "Yeah. Besides, most of the girls were ugly, nowhere near as pretty as you are. And flat like a pancake, too…"

"You like big breasts, hm?" Shiloh squeezed hers together once again.

He blushed deeply, "It's just... Sorry." He looked away.

"Don't worry. I like big breasts, too," Shiloh winked at him. She could tell he really liked her breasts. He couldn't take his eyes from them.

Shiloh beamed a sexy smile at him, "Well, if you want to touch, all you have to do is ask."

"What?' Dan blinked, disbelieving her bold statement.

Shiloh moved closer still, "Isn't that what you want to do, Dan?"

He stared at her breasts again then backed up. "Tell you what... I'll tell you how to get into Lecturer K.T's room. But, I want something in exchange."

"I've already said I'd do anything you wanted me to, as I long as I get what I want," she winked at him, advancing another step.

Dan blushed, glanced at the floor then drew in a deep breath. "I want you."

"Sure," Shiloh smiled.

Dan blinked, startled at her willingness, "Really? You'd let me...?"

"Absolutely," she smirked widely.

Dan cleared his throat then carefully reached for Shiloh, cupping her full breasts with his hands.

"Yes, touch me," Shiloh let her head drop back as she let a soft moan slip from her lips.

He studied her chest then massaged her large globes as he slid his hands inside her top, "That feels nice," he groaned.

Shiloh sighed with pleasure, urging him on.

He quickly withdrew his fingers, "Oh! My parents! If they walk in on us..."

"I wouldn't mind, but that wouldn't be good for you," Shiloh replied, thinking how it might look to Dan's parents.

Dan nodded, "Yeah. Let me think."

"Maybe we could lock the door? I promise to be quiet as a mouse," Shiloh batted her lashes at him.

Dan shook his head, " No, really... I... Not here, okay?"

"We could go somewhere else," Shiloh suggested.

Dan picked up on Shiloh's suggestion, "We could rent a room. The Thousand Steps Inn is just around the corner."

Shiloh nodded, "Sounds good to me. It's been a while since I've been to the Thousand Steps."

"I'll get us a room. Just meet me there. That way, no one will see us together," Dan added.

Shiloh pouted, "You don't wish to be seen with me?"

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