The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 46


The guard blinked at her, "The Baron is dead, my lady. He was discovered yesterday morning. The court wizard claims to have caught the Baron's nephew sneaking away from the scene of the murder with a bloody knife. He ordered Lord Thelon burned at the stake. We have been restricting admittance into the village."

"Does that mean we can't enter?" Shiloh asked.

"Since you are nobility, I will let you in. Entrance to the castle is blocked, but there is an inn you can stay at. It's called the Ice Princess, about a block or so from the gates." He motioned to his fellow guard, who opened the gate.

"Thank you, my good sir. Tell me, is there a smithy I can visit? Or perhaps some place to buy explosives? The rest of my entourage became trapped by a rock slide up in the Mountains of Frost. They're in a cave and can't get out. I need something to free them."

"You might talk to Westiano at Treasure Hunter's Paradise," the guard rubbed his chin. "He might be able to help, but if they're trapped, there may not last very long. You could return with help only to find them dead. All manner of critters make the mountains their home. Crag cats, winter wolves, orcs, even dragons are said to roam the powdered peaks."

"It's a risk that I have to take, my good sir. Thank you for your information." Shiloh and Pia made their way through the gates, setting off in the direction of the shop called Treasure Hunter's Paradise. Upon reaching the shop, Shiloh opened the door, pleased by the influx of heat rushing at her. She quickly sought the heat radiating from the fireplace, warming her hands above it, "Blessed heat."

Pia huddled beside her, basking in the warmth the fireplace provided. "How do people live in such climes? I thought the weather in Betancuria was bad, but this is worse."

"Well, I'd certainly take rain over snow any day," Shiloh wryly replied. "I think I can feel my fingers again. Let's see what this merchant has to offer."

Moving away from fireplace, Shiloh began to browse the merchant's stock, finding everything from warm woolen cloaks to mining supplies. She grabbed two red woolen cloaks and two pairs of fur lined leather boots then made her way to the counter where the merchant stood watching them. "I'd like to purchase these, my good man," Shiloh spoke up, setting the wares down before him. "I also have a question for you, if you'd be so inclined to answer."

"Ask me the question then," he smiled, looking the two girls up and down curiously. He knew he'd never seen them before. He was sure they weren't Dandy's girls.

"My entourage and I were travelling through the mountains. Sadly a rock slide occurred, trapping them in a cavern. Is there any way that you know of to rescue them? Explosives, perhaps?"

The merchant shook his head, "Not that I know of, miss. Explosives would only make it worse. There are some treasure hunters staying over at the Ice Princess who could possibly help you." He quickly tallied up her total. "That'll be 20 gold, miss."

Shiloh dug into her belt pouch, extracted the correct amount of coin and paid the man. Then she changed into the warmer boots and cloak. "Thank you, my good sir." Pia did the same, layering the woolen cloak over the one she already wore. "Shall we? Perhaps we should speak to those treasure hunters."

"I don't know, Shiloh. Treasure hunters? Doesn't that sound dubious to you?"

"I'll be careful while dealing with them," Shiloh replied confidently. "There hasn't ever been a man that has proven to be a match for me."

Pia cocked an eyebrow, "If you say so."

They headed towards the Ice Princess, noting the sign hanging outside the establishment. Pia's brow furrowed. She spoke up as they stepped inside. "You do realize what this place is, don't you?"

"Yes, I figured that out from the name, Pia. So what if it's a damn brothel. It's the only inn in town. We need somewhere to sleep and as long as we make it clear that we aren't part of the merchandise no one should bother us."

"I hope you're right, Shiloh. Besides I would love a bowl of hot soup."

Shiloh headed into the common room, noting just how full it was of patrons. Stopping by the bar, she smiled at the man cleaning glasses behind it. "My good man, are you the proprietor of this fine establishment?"

"Yes, fair lady, Dandy is my name and entertainment is my game," he purred with a deep silky voice. "My, my, it isn't very often that some beautiful morsels present themselves to me. Seeing that you are new in town, would it be so fortuitous for me to assume that you are looking for work, my beauties?"

Shiloh grinned, "Not per se. I'm Princess Aurelius of Betancuria and this is Pia, my bard. We are looking for lodging. I've been told that the castle is off-limits."

"Yes, tragic what befell our good Baron," Dandy sighed. "Tis even more so that he had no heir. His court wizard had assumed rule of the barony until a suitable heir can be located."

"Baron's court wizard is ruling in His Grace's stead," Shiloh frowned. "That is impossible. A wizard ruling. There is no precedent for that. Were my Lord Father alive, he could surely appoint someone better suited than a wizard to govern these lands, but alas, that is not to be. Might my bard and I acquire a room for a few days?"

"That'll be fifty gold per night, but I'd be willing not to charge if your bard put on a performance for my customers. It would be a welcome treat for us. I'll increase the pay-out to one hundred if you are willing to perform topless."

Pia frowned then glanced at Shiloh. She cocked an eyebrow, silently asking Shiloh's opinion. Shiloh leaned in close to Pia, "I'd do it if I were you, not topless though."

Pia turned to Dandy, "I accept. Fifty gold a night, paid nightly up front, and you have a deal. I'll need some time to warm up my voice, though."

Dandy handed them a key, "I'll require you to wear this outfit then. Here's a key to the room you can use to warm voice up. Once you are ready to take the stage, I will pay you then. The room is upstairs, first door on your right. I hope you have some bawdy songs in your repertoire."

"I do." Pia looked over the light silvery blue garment he'd handed her, "Cute."

"Thank you, my good man," Shiloh beamed. "Any chance we can get a couple bowls of soup sent up to our room?"

"I can see to that, my lady. We have chicken and dumplings, a hearty vegetable beef and corn chowder." He replied. "If you are interested in something heartier, we have roast mutton and potatoes as well as chicken and vegetable kabobs over a savory bed of rice."

"Give us the kabobs and rice with a bowl of the corn chowder each," Shiloh ordered, placing a few gold coins before him. "Thank you again, good sir. Have that delivered to our room."

Shiloh and Pia flounced off, heading up the stairs to the assigned room. They goggled at the erotic paintings lining the walls, giggling merrily. Inside the room, a large bed rested atop a raised platform, covered in luxurious red satin. A stone basin sat opposite over which a voluptuous nude sculpture presided. "Wow, the furnishings in here are like the ones at the Wildcat back home. Perhaps brothel furnishings are universal, eh?"

Pia cocked an eyebrow, "How do you know what the inside of the rooms of a place like The Wildcat looks like?"

"I hid within it after it was already closed," Shiloh shrugged her shoulders and plopped down on the bed. Her body sank into feather bedding. "Oh, this is heaven."

Pia quickly dressed into the clothing he'd given her, pulling on the bandeau top, barely there skirt, thigh-high stockings and shoes. "I guess they don't believe in anything underneath. I'll have to be careful not to spread my legs too far."

"Mmmm, you look good enough to eat."

"Maybe you'll have your chance later, provided some ice prince doesn't sweep you off your feet." Pia winked at her before she began to warm up for voice. She ran through the note scales, strumming the small lute so pulled from her pack for accompaniment.

Soon a knock came upon the door and Shiloh dashed over to it. Opening it, she accepted the tray of food, giving the young waitress a gold piece tip. The girl curtseyed her thanks then took her leave. "And we have food. It smells delicious."

"Shall we?"


After enjoying the succulent repast, the two girls made their plans. Pia would perform while Shiloh would work the room, talking to patrons in hopes to find the treasure hunters that the shopkeeper Westiano had told them about. She also hoped to find out more information about what fate had befallen the Baron.

Shiloh glanced down at her armor, concentrated for a moment then made it resemble the skimpy outfit Pia currently wore. Pia smiled at her, "That is an amazing trick. You'll have to tell me where you found such interesting armor."

Shiloh laughed, "I acquired it in the temple of Hyath on one of the Summer Islands. I accompanied a paladin and his lady to reclaim a chalice that had been stolen from the monastery he served. My half-sister Shanna went with me. To make a long story short, we ended up getting separated. I wondered around the lower levels of the temple with the paladin's lady, a high priestess. Our armor ended up being destroyed by undead and luck would have it, I found this suit. We did find the chalice, but the paladin perished in the battle against the undead guarding it and the priestess was unable to reanimate him. She returned to Sargoza and Shanna went with her."

"Sounds like quite the adventure," Pia smiled. "Well shall we?"


Pia spent the next few hours singing for a near packed house while Shiloh worked her way around the room, joyfully sitting on the laps of the men, coaxing them to buy more ale, and gathering information about the Barony and surrounding environs.

She sauntered over to a table where two men and a dwarf sat drinking and enjoying Pia's performance. She had found out from other patrons that they were indeed the treasure hunters Westiano had told her about. She eyed the three men appraisingly, watching as they played a game of five card stud, immediately discounting the dwarf. She wasn't about to go there. Next to the dwarf at the center of the three men sat a dark haired blue eyed handsome man decked out in dark armor and a steel grey-ish cloak.

She rounded the table, slipping onto his lap, "Hello, handsome." She winked, sliding an arm around his shoulders.

The dwarf bared his yellow rotting teeth, leveling a toothy grin upon her, "Ah, now that's a nice sight!" His beady eyes raked over her succulent breasts.

The man whose lap she occupied spoke up as he wrapped his arms around her, "Don't get your hopes up, Lef. I doubt she'll spread her legs for you."

Shiloh grimaced, the mere thought leaving a bad taste in her mouth, "There's not enough gold in the world for that."

The dwarf named Lefur chuckled, "Ha! A girl who hasn't been mounted dwarven style doesn't know what she's missing!"

The blonde to the left the man Shiloh had chose to sit upon spoke up, "I'd say she'd know exactly that, my small friend. By the way, I'm Lorico." He shot a jaunty wink at her.

Lefur glared at his companion, "Do you want to insult me, you pitiful excuse of a porridge-eating pussy!?"

Lorico shook his head, laughing mirthfully, "Far from it, Lef. I only want to save you the girl's pitiful glances. She looks a little too high class for the likes of you anyhow."

Lefur flipped a stiff middle finger at his companions, "Ha! I'll wager she'll look quite differently when I put my big mean dong into her! What say you, honey?"

Shiloh gave him a skeptical look, "Like I said, dwarf, there's not enough gold in the world for that. I'd sooner slit your throat." She cuddled into the man whose lap she occupied, wiggling her bottom against the swelling in his pants. "So, sugar, are you gonna tell me your name or are you just going to be the handsome stranger?"

"Donan's the name," he replied. "You'll have to forgive the uncouthness of my companions. Lefur lost two toes to the cold last week, and he's been in a bad mood ever since."

Shiloh rolled her eyes at the dwarf, "From the sounds of his belly aching, I'd have thought he lost his cock!"

"Considering the way he fusses over his toes, that might be true. I understand dwarven cocks and toes are of the same size, but still..." Lorico smirked, raising the tankard of ale sitting before him to his lips for a sip.

"Come over here and say that to me face, you witless lice-ridden hedgeborn whoreson! Bloody stinking mucus-oozing puke-for-brains, yours isn't any larger!" Lefur growled, throwing his empty tankard at Lorico.

"Calm down, Lef, before Ol' Dandy throws us out again," Donan snapped then turned his attention back to the beauty grinding her bottom into his crotch. "So what do I owe the pleasure of your lovely presence? If you'd like to continue to dance on my cock, sweet thing, we can take this upstairs."

Shiloh grinned, "I'll keep that in mind, handsome. Actually, I heard a rumor that you three might just know your way around the mountains here or perhaps you might know of a way to extract something from a sealed cavern."

Donan cleared his throat, trying to concentrate on her words as all the blood in his body raced towards his cock. "Well now, depends in the manner of thing you wish to extract from the cavern," he replied, adjusting slightly to bring the crack of her ass directly onto his engorged member.

Shiloh turned around, directly straddling his lap, bringing her pussy in direct contact with the leather of his pants. She jerked her hips, mimicking riding him. Donan groaned, burying his face into her cleavage. He rocked against her, feeling her heat, inhaling her musky scent. "You see, handsome," she nipped at his ear, "I was traveling through the mountains with an entourage of people. We fell victim to a rock slide and only myself and my bard escaped. The rest are all trapped." Shiloh pursed her lips into a petulant moue, cocking her head in the direction of Pia singing upon the stage.

"Explosives should do it," Lorico spoke up. "I think Westiano sells some."

"Nah, that'll never do. That'll only bury her entourage under more rock. What you need are implosion bottles," Lefur replied.

"Do you have any I could buy from you?"

"No, they are very expensive and from what I hear, you need a writ from the Baron to even purchase them. That may be hard to obtain considering that the Baron got himself killed." Lefur replied.

"If you manage to get ahold an implosion bottle, we would be more than happy to be your guides back to the cave-in, for a small fee of course. We know these mountains very well." Donan offered as he fondled her bottom. Then he slipped a finger beneath her skirt, teasing her wet folds. He parted her nether lips, flicking over her clit before seeking out her dripping slit.

"Sounds good, handsome," Shiloh purred, lapping up the attention he bestowed upon her snatch. "Shall we venture forth to my room?"

Donan's jaw clenched as she ground against him ever harder. He was near his exploding point. "There's nothing more I'd like, sweet thing, but I'm out of coin and Dandy won't give me any credit."

Shiloh winked, "I'm not one of Dandy's girl so don't worry about it, handsome. I don't charge."

"Well now, that certainly changes things," he grinned. "Be back later, boys."

Shiloh hopped off his lap, extending her hand to him. She watched as he adjusted the bulge in his pants then accepted her much smaller hand within his. With a blown kiss, she led him upstairs to the room Dandy had given her and Pia. "Let's make this easy, handsome. I want you out of all that leather now. Then you can get your ass onto the bed. I'm in the mood to fuck!"

Donan didn't waste any time scrambling out of his leather armor. He tossed it, his gauntlets and boots onto a red velveteen chaise before making himself comfortable on the soft feather mattress. He watched her every move, her body swaying seductively as she removed her glamered outfit. He watched as Shiloh shamelessly licked her lips while eyeing his erect cock.

Donan's eyes feast upon her body like a starving man, flicking up and down between her large breasts and her near bald cunt. He skimmed his hands down his chest, across his torso to capture the turgid length throbbing between his legs. He jacked it a time or two, feeling the ooze of pre-cum pebble at the tip.

Crawling onto the bed, Shiloh straddled Donan's thighs, snaking her pink tongue out to lick her lips once more, "Tell me what you want, handsome."

"I want your cunt. Bring it to me, sweet thing," he purred as he grasped her upper arms, jerking her body upwards until he had her positioned over his face. "Mmmm, naked cunt smells like heaven."

His tongue probed her nether lips, parting her folds only to dig the tip into her clitoris. His mouth engulfed her, devouring greedily, sucking as he licked, bringing mewling sounds from her throat. He dipped his tongue into the scalding wet heat of her slit, lapping away at her succulent channel. Donan groaned, grinding his mouth into her as she grew hot enough to burst into flames. Surely her heat would blister his tongue, if not for her creamy juices.

Shiloh sank down tighter, gripping his head with her strong thighs, groaning deep in her throat as she flexed her wet walls around the sweeping invasion of his tongue. "Holy fuckin' Bastian," she cried as her walls twitched, releasing a torrent of female juices to soak his face.

Donan sucked her pussy lips clean, licking her from clit to anus and back again, savoring every drop of her release. Lifting her from his face, he gripped the raging cock between his legs, stroking it gingerly. "Perhaps you'll return the favor, sweetness," he purred while fondling her breasts.

Shiloh flashed her cat grin, licking her lips suggestively, "It'll be my pleasure, big boy." Sliding down the length of his body, she pushed his hand away, replacing it with her own. Her thumb stroked the plump cap, teasing his sensitive underside just so. Donan let loose a throaty moan, his hips jerking reflexively.

"Do it, slut," he groaned. "Suck it."

Shiloh took hold of his length, wrapping both hands around it as a lusty moan slipped past her lips. Stroking the veiny shaft, she gave a few quick licks to the angry red tip. Donan gasped, letting out a groan of satisfaction as his cock throbbed, jerking within her grasp. His heavy sacs tight, shrinking up tight beneath his shaft. Teasing the head further, she lashed her tongue across it while listening to the garbled expletives and groans spilling from him. She had him exactly where she wanted him. It was too easy.

A clear pebble of pre-cum oozed forth. Shiloh dug the point of her tongue into his slit, tasting the salty offering before dribbling her saliva over the entire tip. She slurped, engulfing him, drawing his length into the wet cavern of her mouth. Her tongue worked swiftly and eagerly, swirling around his swollen cockhead, rolling it around, savoring the taste before swallowing, flicking over the veined shaft, licking and gulping until she'd taken his cock deep into her throat.

Donan twisted his fingers into the silken mass of her blonde hair, thrusting into her throat, fucking her mouth. She relaxed her gag relax, taking him down to the base, her nose buffeting his wiry curls. Looking up at him with glassy eyes, she winked, slurping her way back up the shaft before allowing his cock to slide all the way back into her hot, slippery mouth. Moving her hands, she caressed his thighs, rolling his balls, cupping the sensitive sacs before digging her claws into the meat of his naked ass. She squeezed firmly, feeling his thrusts intensify, fucking her mouth harder.

Shiloh moaned around the scrumptious pole filling her mouth. She writhed against his legs, flexing her ass, bunching it tightly, squeezing her thighs together in attempt to satisfy the itch building within her snatch. Her pussy lips plumped, swelling with desire. Her clit bulged in a hard, throbbing knot from beneath its hood. Soft, whimpering sounds slipped from deep in her throat, changing to a low hum that vibrated along his length. Donan jerked, slamming as deep as he could. His hips lurched up off the bed, his seed churning fiercely within his sacs.

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