The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 46


Shiloh relaxed her throat in anticipation, jacking her hand wildly up and down his cock shaft as she coaxed his hot load into her mouth, pulsing as jet after jet of hot cream battered her throat. She swallowed reflexively to keep from choking, easing his length out of her throat and mouth. Pulling back, she licked him clean.

Donan groaned as his cock fell limply against his balls, "Fuck! Damn, sweetness, I ain't never had a slut suck me off quite like that. You wouldn't consider staying here with me, would you? I'll get us a house. I'll join the castle guard. Anything you want I'll make sure you have."

Shiloh chuckled, cuddling up to him. "I'd be more inclined to drag you back to Betancuria with me, if I thought you were really sincere. It would have to be just you."

"I'll think about it," he nodded his head, wrapping around her. "Give me a minute or two then I'll be ready to go."

"I can hardly wait, sugar," she winked as she straddled him, slipping down his body until her pussy lips cradled his reawakened cock. "Do with me what you will." She lifted her hips, coating his shaft with her juices, until the ridge of his cockhead teased her clit.

Donan groaned, a long drawn out rumble starting in the base of his stomach and moving up his chest, "Fuck," he grasped while all thought abandoned him.

Shiloh grinned predatorily, "Oh, yes."

Donan flipped Shiloh onto her back, his mouth sucking hard on her neck, her breasts, her nipples. He ravished her body, touching her with hungry hands. He turned feral, so rough, so strong. She savored his intensity, going out of her head with need.

"Fuck me, Donan." She spread her legs, her pussy open and waiting. "Fuck me, hard."

Donan dug callused fingers into the taut cheeks of her ass as he raised her hips. With one savage thrust, he buried himself up to his balls, her pussy gratifyingly stretched and raw with his assault.

This was what Shiloh had craved for a while now. "Harder," she clawed at his shoulders, raking extended nails in furrows down his back, desperate for more. He withdrew and surged into her again, harder. She shuddered, her pussy vibrating with pleasure around his cock. "Harder."

Like a man possessed, Donan dominated her forcefully, riding her without mercy, entering her with such strength that she thought she might split in two. She hadn't felt this way since the last time Bastian had fucked her. She panted, he grunted, their animalistic noises reverberating off the walls of the room.

"FUCK!" she screamed as she came, clenching his shaft within her pink walls, squeezing and convulsing. He filled her one, two, three times more before shouting his own release, his booming voice echoing beyond the room.

He collapsed beside her, groaning in pain as his torn up back met the fabric of the sheets, "Fuck me," he panted, staring down at his limp cock. "You drained me, cunt. What in fuck's name did you do to me? I've never had a fuck like that."

Shiloh grinned before bodily rolling him onto his stomach. She traced her fingers through the blood clotting the deep scratches, "I opened myself up to Bastian, patron Lord of Lust, Hedonism and Vengeance. His presence rocketed our passion to new heights, my sexy man." She licked his blood from her fingers. She collected more of his blood, using it to draw identical symbols on his back as well as on her thigh.

"His Grace will siphon our lust, drinking it in as an offering. He is most pleased," she smiled, feeling her Most Revered Lord's presence bolstering her. "Within a few minutes, we will fuck again."

A grimace crossed his face, "You've drained me, slut. I think junior is down for the count."

She pouted ever so petulantly, "You'll see I'm correct. We've only just begun."


Pia returned the room a few hours later, finding a thoroughly drained Donan sleeping off an overdose of sex whereas Shiloh proudly looked like the cat that ate the canary. Pia frowned, her brow furrowing deeply. "What have you done to him? The patrons downstairs, including Dandy, could hear his screams loud and clearly."

Shiloh glanced over at the listless man on the bed. He certainly looked worse for wear with rent flesh, ragged furrows scoring his skin and a supremely shriveled set of cock and balls. "He'll be fine when he wakes, Pia. When he wakes is anyone's guess, though."

Horror and disgust clouded Pia's usual serene features, "Shiloh, how could you? This is beyond madness."

"Bastian made me do it," she grinned. "I'm going to get some sleep. Shall we, my sweet?"

"I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you and your depravities, Shiloh. I thought you better than this." Contempt riddled Pia's features. She quickly removed the skimpy outfit she'd performed in, made use of the bathing basin and sought her rest upon one of the velveteen chaises. "I don't understand why you aren't showing any remorse for your trespasses against this man."

"He enjoyed every last bit of it, Pia. It was just rough sex. I'm not without wounds myself." Shiloh shook her head. "I'll heal him as soon as he wakes and he'll be as good as new."

"It's wrong," Pia turned her back to Shiloh, hoping to find the peace of sleep soon. Shiloh sneered, rolling her eyes at the back of her companion. Bastian was pleased and that's all that counted.


Hey/You're crazy bitch
But you fuck so good, I'm on top of it
When I dream, I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on
~*~ Crazy Bitch—Buck Cherry

Two full days passed before Donan woke from his sex overdose coma. He crawled out of the bed, grasping the pitcher of water one of the room's red and black lacquered tables. He guzzled it, letting it run down his face, wetting his chest. He groaned, slumping down onto the chaise Pia had been sleeping upon. He stretched, groaning through the ache rippling through his skin. Surely the hells weren't as brutal as she'd been, but oh gods, the highs she'd taken him to, the orgasms he'd experienced... surely any ache was worth the cost. Reaching down, he stroked the appendage hanging limply between his legs, unsurprised that it didn't flare to life. Surely that had to be for the best for the moment. He'd gorged himself, became a sexual glutton, and was now paying the price with his addiction.

Shiloh waltzed into the room, "I see you've finally come back to us." She dug into a small pouch, pulling a few potion vials. "Here drink these. One will heal any remaining wounds. This one will rejuvenate your endurance and this one will bring junior back to life."

Horror flashed over his handsome face, "Not again, slut. I can't."

Shiloh snickered, "Don't worry, handsome. I'm quite sated. You are safe. Drink those please then get dressed. Lorico is impatiently waiting to see if you still live. The poor man has been beside himself. I told him I'd turned you into my slave and you were tied to my bed, but he's been raising a huge stink so you should head down to the common room."

He dressed then quaffed the potions. A rush of relief washed over him. His body felt less tortured, "You are one hell of a woman, sweet thing, but I think I'll pass on further dalliances."

"Understandable, Donan," she smiled. "I enjoyed being with you . You are quite delicious. The sexual energy you give off is intoxicating."

"Shall we?" He motioned to the door then led to her down to the common room. He noticed Pia was once again on the stage, singing and playing her lute. He bounced over to his friends, taking a seat at the table. Shiloh joined him, pulling up an opposite chair. "What'd I miss?"

"DONAN!" Lorico and Lefur exclaimed in unison. "You're alive and in one piece!"

Donan grinned, winking at Shiloh. "Was there ever any doubt?"

"Actually, yes, there was a lot of doubt. We thought that harpy had murdered you."

Donan rolled his eyes at his compatriots and partners in crime, "Nah, though at one point I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Her pussy is phenomenal, my friends."

Lefur's jaw dropped, allowing drool to roll down his bearded chin. Lorico sighed, reaching over to close his gaping maw. "Shut the fly trap, Lef, before you pollute the room."

Lorico's taunt brought a glare to Lefur's ruddy face. The dwarf sputtered a moment, "Take that back, you yeasty dankish swag-bellied codpiece."

Donan shook his head, calling for a round of Dandy's best brew. Eyeing his friend skeptically, Lorico leaned close, "You don't have that kind of coin, friend. Do you really want the ol' cockburn to toss us out on our proverbial asses."

"Never fear, boys," Donan grinned. "My sweetness here has hired us as guides to take her and her bard friend back into the mountains. She's even paid me up front."

"I have some provisioning to see to so we'll talk later, Donan," Shiloh winked, noticing that Pia had taken a break. She pulled the bard off into a quiet corner. "I have a plan. Remember how Dandy said that wizard was now ruling the barony. I've found out where the Baron's remains are interred. We should be able to reanimate him with the rod of resurrection I possess. Once he's back amongst the land of the living, we tell him what we know. He then can gather what men are loyal to him to oust Terek from power. Once the Baron has reclaimed rule of Ravenstower Barony, we can ask for the writ for the implosion bottles. Then we return to the dragon's cave."

Pia pursed her lips, her brow furrowing, "Sounds risky, but it's better than anything I've got, Shiloh." The bard sighed, "Look, I'm sorry for being so hard on you about him over there. I have no claim on you and seeing as how he looks to be all fine and well, I apologize for what I said to you."

"Pia, sweetie, I understand. There is nothing to forgive. There are just things about me you don't know and I'm sure it was appalling to see it upfront," Shiloh covered Pia's hand with her own. "I'm not as big as a deviant as you might think. What happened with Donan is something that will never happen again. I allowed Bastian to possess me, as it were. He used me as a vessel. It's hard to explain, but it's one of the tenets of his faith. Blood and semen are precious to him."

"That sounds so dodgy, Shiloh," Pia grimaced once more.

"It's a conduit of his power. I'm fortunate to share in it. Bastian did nothing to me or Donan that a little rest couldn't heal. Plus it was the best sex of that man's life." Shiloh explained. "I don't expect you to understand, Pia. You are precious to me. I cherish your friendship."

Tears welled up into Pia's eyes, "Oh Shiloh, my sweet. I do cherish you as well. I'll try to be more open-minded from now on. Just don't ever allow him to possess you while you're with me, that's all I ask."

"I promise." She beamed, hugging Pia tightly. "So shall we get this dog and pony show on the road."


On the outer edge of the village sat the Ravenstower Family Mausoleum amongst a small immaculate cemetery. Shiloh and Pia crept through it, ever wary of spirits that lingered her. Shiloh had no wish to disturb them. She knew how Bastian felt about undead and this time she had no Myra to vanquish them. Making their way to the heavy doors sealing the mausoleum, Shiloh paid special attention to the guard lounging against the stone wall. Though he remained vigilant and alert in his duty, Shiloh knew he could not match her skills of stealth and deception.

Double iron doors bearing the Ravenstower crest were sealed with any enchantment Shiloh couldn't penetrate by any non-magical means. She dug into her portable hole, gathering up the scroll cases. Pulling the scrolls from each she'd purchased at the Academy, she examined them carefully. She knew she had something that would help them out. Whispering to Pia, she smoothed out the scroll in question. "Will this get us through that door?"

"Hmmm, let me see," Pia perused the magical text. "It's a Break Enchantment spell. This should do it, provided it doesn't take someone of Ravenstower blood to access the mausoleum."

"Then no one could get in. The Baron had no heirs, remember?" Shiloh hissed.

"Yes, poor Lucius," she rolled her eyes. Noticing the guard had moved away from the wall and had a very puzzled expression on his face, she held her finger up to his lips while buffeting her head at him.

The wind picked up around them, swirling snow in a wispy funnel before dissipating completely. The guard rubbed his eyes, picked his ears and muttered something about haunted cemeteries. He glanced about warily before taking his place back beside the door. This job was surely for the spooks.

"I can cast this," Pia whispered as she moved near the door. She recited the arcane mumbo jumbo, feeling a magical charge fill the air as the spell took effect. The enchantment dissipated as swiftly as the snow funnel had, giving them access to the sacred area.

Shiloh whispered a silent prayer to Bastian before she cracked the double doors, slipping inside. Pia followed, closing the door behind her. Outside the guard cursed loudly about evil spirits, throwing down his halberd before stalking away for a drink at the Ice Princess.

Shiloh entered the underground complex, swiftly checking each of the tombs for Lucius's. Once she found it, she drew forth the rod, removed the cover on his ornate sarcophagus and chanted, "Resurgo!"

A moment or two passed before his eyes fluttered open, the swift suction of air refilling his lungs and the realization that he was in a cold stone tomb. Baron Ravenstower turned his head from side to side, glancing about wildly. Shiloh couldn't be sure if he recognized her, or knew where he was at all.

Shiloh waited patiently to get his bearings. Pia edged closer to Shiloh, "Careful, please. I'm not sure how he'll react when he understands who we are." Pia's usually pretty face now held a wary expression.

He shook his head once more, rubbing his face and eyes. "You... I know you! You... ," He keenly studied both females, though Shiloh could tell he seemed to have trouble trying to bring his vision into focus. "What happened? Why am I in the mausoleum? The last thing I remember is my nephew, Thelon, coming to see me. He said he had something important to tell me. I had sent Terek to bring both of you girls to my room." He blinked again, finally clearing the cobwebs from his eyes and the fog of uncertainty from his mind. "I know you. You're the bard's friend, that little city whore!"

Shiloh slapped him for his impertinence, "Know your place, old man. Be careful what you call me. I am Princess Shiloh Cheval Aurelius, daughter of King Rolan Aurelius III and heir to the Betancurian throne. You will keep a civil respectful tongue in my presence or I will put you back into your comfy lil' stone crypt."

"Where am I? What happened?! Terek told you when he went to bring you both up from your room that you weren't there."

"Your Grace," Shiloh spoke up. "When Terek came to our room, we struck a deal with him. He seemed quite glad to get rid of us. I gave him some gold and jewels salvaged from the vaults beneath my Father's castle. He was supposed to open a portal that would transport us to Betancuria, instead we found ourselves in a cave up in the mountains."

Baron Ravenstower pursed his lips tightly and furrowed his brows, "How did I end up here?"

"That's what we've been trying to find out, Your Grace. It seems Terek framed your nephew, Lord Thelon for your murder and had him immediately executed. Now Terek is ruling the Barony. I can guess that's why he wanted us out of the way. With his knowledge of Betancuria, I believe he knew who I was. So best to get rid of Pia and me."

"That's preposterous. Terek has served me for many years. The only time he wasn't in my service, he was teaching out the Betancurian Academy. Take me to Terek and we'll see who's telling the truth and who's not!" Baron Ravenstower demanded.

"So you still think your wizard is just an innocent servant, do you? You'd be surprised how many rulers have found themselves deposed by their advisors. Hells, my Lord Father, King Rolan, found himself dead at the hands of his most trusted ally, Emperor Dhorn," Shiloh clucked her tongue before turning to the door before her. "I suppose we should ready ourselves for a fight. I don't Terek will be willing to give up his newly gotten power that easily. Any guards still loyal to you will help our cause. Pia, take these scrolls and use whatever is useful against him. Anything that will dampen his magical ability will benefit us."

Shiloh led the Baron and Pia out of the mausoleum. The guard staggered out of seeing the risen Lord. Baron nodded at the guard. "You'll come with me," he simply stated.

They made their way back into the village, gathering every single man on duty, before making their way up to the castle. The Baron ordered the barricades removed, allowing the growing entourage to approach the castle gates.

One guard on the wall shouted, ordering the gate opened to admit the Baron, Shiloh, Pia and over a dozen guards. Baron Ravenstower ordered the castle drawbridge lowered and entered, steaming into the main hall, now bereft of the usual mass of castle residents. Terek sat upon Baron Ravenstower's' throne, surrounded by host of well trained soldiers and knights. The captain of the guard stepped forth, "What is the meaning of this?"

"Bennett, you old fool, you will obey me and stand aside. I am your liege, not this usurper who committed murder upon my person and framed my dear nephew Thelon for it," Baron Ravenstower stepped forward. Then he turned his attention to Terek. "For your crimes, I sentence you to have your hands removed before you hang from the neck until dead. You will not get away with such treachery against me and my heirs."

Terek grinned wickedly, concentrating on Bennett, "The real murders are with our dear Baron Ravenstower. The Betancurian Princess and her bard companion are the ones who sought to usurp rule of this Barony. Dhorn now rules her traitorous father's lands. Now she seeks to place an imposter on the throne. Attack! They must not be allowed to carry out their nefarious plot."

Chaos erupted. A crush of bodies filled the halls, battling for supremacy, jockeying for liege and lord. Each spell that Terek managed to fire off was one easily countered by Pia. Shiloh dove right into the fray, dancing madly about, slashing and stabbing with Bloodlust and Darksbane. She fought her way through the opposing sides of guards, soldiers and knights until she reached Terek. "Swift death," she cried, calling to her all the power that Bastian could grant her. Darksbane took on a deeper red hue, humming and vibrating as power skittered along its adamantine length. She feinted to the right, avoiding the sweep of Terek's staff, slamming Bloodlust into his chest while she brought up Darksbane, cleaning decapitating the traitorous wretch.

As soon as Terek fell, the men who have sided with him surrendered, begging Baron Ravenstower for mercy. Shiloh picked her way through the throng of fallen men, arranging them in a circle with Terek in the very middle. She began to chant in the abyssal tongue, calling Bastian to accept the offering of souls. She had more than supplied the quota of ten souls he demanded she provide for her failure to slay the blackguard.

Breathing deeply, Shiloh turned to Pia, once again seeing that look in the bard's eyes. Shiloh flashed a sorrowful expression before turning her attention back to Baron Lucius Ravenstower. "Your Grace, seeing as how we've brought you back from the dead and restored your barony to you, I was wondering if you could grant us a writ to purchase implosion bottles."

"Why do you need such a thing?"

"Well, there's something we discovered in a cave that's trapped so we need an implosion bottle to clear the tons of rock. I swear on my honor as crown princess that I won't use these against you, the village or the castle," she held up her right hand as she made her pledge. "Just give us the writ and we'll be out of your hair."

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