tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Long Road To Ruin Ch. 50

The Long Road To Ruin Ch. 50


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story contains explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Ni'as, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

Take it and take it and take it and take it and take it all
Take it and take it and take it until you take us all
Smash it and crash it and thrash it and trash it /You're only toys
Try it you'll like it don't hide it don't fight it, just let it out
Steal and shoot it and kill it or take another route
Take it and take it and take it /You know they're only toys
~~~~ "Devour" - Shinedown

The Great Escape

Shiloh glanced over at Simon, "What's in your head now?" She peered down into the darkness once more. "It could be a possible route of escape, though it's certainly too small for us."

He rubbed his jaw before extending the torch he held into the pit, illuminating the black hole. Shiloh moved closer to him, peering down as well. "There seems to be a hole at the bottom."

"I think you're right, but what good does a hole only big enough to fit an arm through do us?" She tapped her foot on the stone floor. "And what does it have to do with the idea you said you had?"

"Patience, woman," he groused before digging into his pack. After a few moments, he produced a scroll. "I procured this in case Alen needed it. He could cast certain spells from scrolls as well." He handed it to her.

She perused it for a few minutes. "It's written in the divine language, Simon. I'll need some time to decipher it, but I'm sure I can cast it. From what I can make out, it seems to be some sort of polymorphing spell."

She sat down on the ground and from her portable hole pulled a small deciphering kit as well as some vellum and inks. Working quickly as possible she deciphered the divinum into their arcane counterparts, inscribing it onto the vellum. "We can use this. It's a Polymorph Self spell. Once I cast it, I can turn us into something small enough to crawl through that hole." Shiloh pursed her lips then let out a sudden laugh, smacking her forehead, "A rat. I can turn us into rats or mice, whichever."

Simon chuckled, "I'm ready when you are."

"Shall I?" She leveled a brilliant smile upon him.

He frowned as he gazed at the door, "Quit wasting time, Shiloh. I doubt it will be very much longer before Benthur finds someone who knows the password."

With a nod, she began to chant the arcanum she'd scribed into the vellum, feeling the spell's energy weave around them, changing them into two rats. She'd never been in a form different from her own. It felt odd to see the world from a vantage so small. With a squeak, she scaled down the side of the shaft and made for the hole at the bottom. It was a tight squeeze, even for creatures so tiny.

The tunnel seemed to go on for quite a ways, twisting and turning. At the end of the tunnel was another hole, which led them into another tunnel of sorts made of natural stone. It was bigger, rough hewn as it dug out by some manner of creature with the ability to tunnel through stone. Shiloh wasn't sure where they were headed now. She only hoped they didn't end up in the lair of something that might think they were meals.

She knew they had to find an exit. The spell's energy wouldn't hold out for very much longer. That much she was sure. Luck would have it that an intersecting burrow hole brought them out into a large natural cavern. She was sure this was beneath the castle, even lower than the lowest dungeon. She could recall some of the servants speaking of the caverns and how ice was stored within them during the warm dry season.

She stretched as the spell wore off. What a relief to be back in her own skin, "Much better. It felt odd and cramped in a rat's body. I'm glad I found a way out of that tunnel. I thought we'd be eaten by something for sure."

A chill settled on her bare skin. She shivered, turning to Simon. The sight of him stretching and flexing took her breath away. He seemed utterly unabashed about his nudity. She licked her lips, feeling her throat parch almost immediately. What a gorgeous man, she mused, feeling a warmth settle deep within her. He moved with an inherent grace she'd only seen in other rogues, but it was apparent he had the physique of a battle-hardened warrior. His shoulders were broad. His arms looked strong with corded muscles flowing down his biceps. His chest bore more than a few scars across his pecs. His belly was flat, his abs tight. He had lean hips and sculptured thighs.

A soft moan slipped from her lips as her eyes zeroed in on his groin. She was no stranger by any means to the male form, but Simon left her breathless and wanting. While his cock lacked the length of someone like Rhys, he made up for it in girth. Shiloh quivered, watching him grow thicker and longer under her gaze. She closed the distance between them, her hands extending as if they had a mind of their own, and settled on his waist. "I see you are happy to see me," she quipped.

A smirk crossed his handsome face as he let his eyes wander over her naked body, "You are a beautiful woman and you know how you affect men, my lady." His voice dropped to a low purr. "And I am definitely of a mind to take advantage of our fortuitous situation."

"Then what are we waiting for, my lord?" Shiloh ran her hands up his chest, skimming her thumbs over his nipples just to tease him before wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He sucked in a hasty breath at the contact before pulling her against him. Mutual gasps slipped from their throats as the heat of his cock seared the soft flesh of her belly. He dipped his head, capturing her mouth in a breathtaking kiss. His lips were hard and insistent as his tongue pushed in to mingle with hers. He wasted no time running his hands up her back, before skimming them across her ribs to fondle the tender weights of her breasts. His thumbs stroked the nipples to taut peaks. He pinched so hard, Shiloh's body bowed against him as she whimpered in delight.

"I've wanted this ever since I watched you with my double," he whispered against her lips. "The carriage was only an appetizer."

A moan of excitement slipped from Shiloh's throat. He wasn't the only one who'd wanted this. Desire buried deep within her like a dormant seed in the cold, frozen earth surged forth and blossomed, taking control of her every thought... her every need. It took on a life of its own and she was powerless to stop it. It drove her. He would be hers. Her little mind worked furiously. She wanted more than just a fuck. She wanted him, body and soul, forever... for keeps.

"How about another taste before we get to the main course?" Hungry blue eyes gazed up, meeting his, devouring him, and reflecting her need.

Simon reciprocated with a growl of approval, his hips jerking against her, rubbing into her succulent heat. "By all means, my sweet," his voice dropped an octave, the sensuous purr sending ripples through her, increasing her hunger.

Her lips brushed across his cheek to linger near his ear. She nibbled Simon's earlobe before dropping lower, working her way down his neck to his pecs. She found one of his pebbled nipples, sucking it between her lips, "I was thinking that after I've sampled these sweet buds, I'm going to suck something else into my mouth."

Simon groaned, pressing into her sucking mouth. He was all for her greedy lips devouring his cock. He longed to quench this insatiable desire that she had stoked inside him. She was a fire in his blood. It had been too long since he'd seen to his own needs. Come hell or high water, not even the possibility of being captured would deter him.

Shiloh kept her eyes trained on his as she switched sides, rolling the first nipple between her thumb and forefinger while she sucked on the second one. She felt his cock swelling against her softness, thickening further. It desired her attention and she would not neglect it further. Dropping to her knees, ignoring the chill of the cold stone beneath her, she focused on the feast directly before her eyes.

The cock before her was jutting out deliciously, a tiny drop of pre-come oozing from its tip. "Delectable," she blew a warm breath across the glans, watching as his length twitched. "What a scrumptious morsel."

She winked up at him before she drew his cock into her mouth. She alternated between long, languorous licks and deep, sultry sucking. Simon bucked his hips, squirming. He'd never felt anything like this before. He counted numerous lovers in his past, but none had taken him to such heights so quickly. He teetered on the precipice, listening to her suck and slurp, sensuous hums vibrating through him. When Shiloh moved one hand to fondle his heavy sacs, Simon moaned louder, thoroughly uncaring about the noise bouncing off the cavern walls, his eruption dangerously close.

"Tastes as good as it looks," Shiloh murmured, kissing around the shaft. She placed little teasing licks here and there, feeling the velvety heat quiver beneath her tongue.

Simon hissed, his fingers caressing the back of her head, delving into the thick strands of her hair, "Don't stop! Oh, Gods, don't stop!"

"What are you waiting for, my lord? You want this," Massaging his ball sac, Shiloh sucked the throbbing cock with all her strength, relaxing her throat to take him deep. She felt it swell, balls drawing up.

Simon growled the word out, "Nnnnghhhh! Fuck!" Thick streams of creamy cum shot down Shiloh's greedy throat. She lapped and sucked, unwilling to miss savoring even the tiniest morsel of it. She moved both hands to the Simon's tight ass, clutching the taut cheeks firmly while she swallowed the offering she'd been craving. Strong sucks kept the flow coming, until Simon nearly collapsed to the stone floor.

"Holy Empire," he panted breathlessly, watching as Shiloh slurped up the last of the juice, licking him clean. She released him as he slid bonelessly to his knees before her.

She chuckled throatily, giving him the time to recover. Wordlessly she watched him, taking in the desire brewing in his half-open eyes. Now he would fuck her. She didn't care how and where, only that it was going to happen now. She didn't even care if he pounded her into the stone floor, only that he gave her what she'd been craving ever since she'd first kissed him.

Shiloh's voice was husky with need. "Kiss me."

A heartbeat later, his mouth mashed her, kissing her with fervor. His hands were all over her, feeling her every lush curve. Nothing was left unexplored. His tongue plied her mouth open, plunged into it and swept over her palate as if he had been yearning for it for a long time. Strong hands moved to her breasts and toyed with her nipples, his nails raking them gently to torment her. As their kissing grew more heated, his hand strayed down her belly to the moist triangle between her legs. She groaned, which made him bolder. His fingers curled over her mound, dripping in to find her wet, warm folds. Her moan of wanting shook her entire body.

"Someone's very wet," he murmured against her lips, his fingers teasing the swollen nub he found nestled between her nether lips.

"Gods, Simon," she shuddered.

She groaned as he delved deeper, two fingers now thrust deep within her channel, finding that spot just within. She allowed her head to loll back, opening herself to him completely, allowing him full access. His cock swelled against her thighs, hard as steel.

"AH!" she cried, arching her back as he slid down her body to the juncture of her shapely thighs. His tongue swept between her folds and found that little button of pleasure which would turn her into a writhing mass. Her fingers reached down and entwined in the dark blond silk of his hair. His mouth soared to the same temperature as his cock, hot. He burned into her, her wetness all that seemed to keep her from catching fire. His tongue lapped at her in long, languorous strokes, circling each time as it ended at her clit. His fingers twisted within her, she thought the number was now three. He stretched her tightness gently, preparing her for his imminent invasion.

She spread her legs wider, groaning with abandon, as this gorgeous man devoured her. His mouth latched onto her, sending her head spinning as the climax approached. His teeth captured her bud and his tongue relentlessly flicked it as his fingers drove into her harder. Relentless, he did not let up. He released her clit and abandoned her pussy with his fingers, only to replace fingers with tongue. Cupping her buttocks with his palms, he actually lifted her hips up to his mouth, drinking from it as he would a bowl. She shuddered, moaning as another climax chased the first.

Again, and again, Simon brought her effortlessly to climax. When she thought she couldn't take any more, he proved to her that she could, heating the liquid fire that coursed through her veins to a fever pitch as she continuously cried out in release after release. It took her long moments to realize he'd stopped. He was braced above her, staring down with a gorgeous smile as her body continued to convulse even without his touch.

He had ravaged her with his lips and tongue. He had taken her to heights she hadn't ever known existed. And he did it with a gentleness she has scarcely thought possible. At last she calmed enough to look up at him, to meet the steady gaze of those smoldering blue eyes. He waited until her body was still, so long that she wondered if something was wrong.

Then he pounced. That thick, hard, gorgeous cock slammed into her. Her body, still reeling from countless climaxes, proved up to the challenge. She took him inside, her inner walls clenching. At last he groaned as he sank to the hilt, his slim hips thudding into hers. Her arms threw about his torso, her hands splaying over the small of his back and his firm buttocks.

His hips moved. Jabbing. Rotating. Slamming. She groaned, experiencing one, long, rolling orgasm which beat in tune to his thrusts, grew more intense with each slide of his rod within her walls. She clawed at him, glorying the moment, demanding release, milking him for his own peak. Simon's cock swelled in her depths, so furiously thick, burgeoning, but very welcome. She creamed from the assault, her pussy clasped desperately on his hungry shaft. He pulled back slowly, almost to his cockhead. Shiloh swooned. The pleasure made her toes curl.

Shiloh lost her breath, tightening the walls of her cunt. Simon swore. He lost his restraint from the impact and lunged into her, pummeling, thrusting, and slamming animalistically like a beast who just answered his primal instinct. She moaned in his ear, feeling the ecstasy become so wicked it drove her even higher. Shiloh grabbed his shoulders, bracing against the forceful impact of his hammering thrusts.

"Sweetness," Simon purred as he savaged her pussy, brutalizing her to the point that Shiloh could feel only fire, could see only stars, immaculate, white and pure. She soared to the sky. Free. Orgasm claimed her like a jealous mistress. Hard. Long. And mind-blowing. When she crashed back into the earth, she found Simon was staring at her with a wicked smile plastered on his face. His cock was still hard inside her, rigid and unspent.

"You didn't?" she asked him.

Simon grinned down at her, "You can't possibly finish me this fast. I love fucking. I could go on and on and on. Besides I want to take you to heights you've only dreamed of, darling."

"You already have," Shiloh purred, reveling in their lust. Simon chuckled at her audacity before he began the assault anew. With his head and shoulders thrown back, he gave all of himself to their wondrous tryst. It wasn't much longer before his beautiful face was screwed into a grimace of pleasure as his lower half pounded into her. Shiloh cried again, arching her own back, wrapping her legs about his waist. This time, he joined her in release, his cry echoing through the cavern as he burst within her. It was never ending. It was glorious. Shiloh rode the crest of pleasure even as her body wracked in convulsions, squeezing everything she could out of her oh so generous lover.

They collapsed in a tangle of limbs onto the cold cavern floor. Shiloh could feel it seeping into her back as Simon's weight pressed her down. It was uncomfortable, but so worth it to have him this close. Any discomfort was well worth it, she decided. She didn't want to let him go. They cuddled and kissed for several long minutes before Simon finally pulled away.

"We should probably find a way out of here, sweetness. You were everything I'd dreamed you'd be and so much more. I must be a lucky man." A radiant smile crossed his face as he reluctantly pulled away from her.

"I could say the same for you, Simon. It's been a long time since I've felt like that. Can I keep you?" Shiloh winked as she pulled herself to her feet. Her legs were shaky at first, but after a few moments, she stood firmly on her own two feet before him.

Simon grinned at her cheekiness, a low chuckle rumbling in his throat. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

She stretched, returning his grin. A soft glow still lingered on her skin and she had to the look of a thoroughly satisfied woman, "Very much so, my lord."

"The idea isn't without its merits, Shiloh. Of course, you'd have to come back to Dhorn with me. I think I could be persuaded to bring you along, if only for the benefits of pleasure. But that's a conversation for whenever we get out of here." He glanced around, looking for their packs. Curiously, the floor was as bare as they were. A rich laugh escaped his throat. "I believe our things didn't meld into the spell you cast. I bet they are still on the vault floor."

Shiloh shook her head, "Fuck. Me. Wouldn't you know it?"

"Come along, my lady. We'll find where this goes and see if we can find a way out of here. Perhaps we can double back and make our way to the vault without being caught. If not, I'll reimburse you for everything lost," Simon smiled at her. "You wouldn't happen to know where we are under the castle or where it leads to."

Shiloh rubbed her jaw as she looked around. "This may be where the servants stored ice or cold food items during warmer months. I know there was a larger cavern near a cold underground spring where they stored things as well, but I'm not sure how close we are to that. I think if we head west out of this cavern, we should come to the refuse shaft. I bet we could climb up it into the basements. From the basements, I know I can get us out."

"Lead the way then. I'll be right behind you." A smirk crossed his handsome face.

Shiloh gave a sultry laugh, "Enjoying the view the whole way, huh?"


Hours passed as they wandered through the caverns and basements of the castle, searching for the way out. Conversation was light as they crept by hordes of giant spiders, giant lizards, rats and more oozes. Then finally Shiloh directed them into an area that she knew very well. She gazed down a long corridor knowing it would take them to the kitchens.

As they entered the vast kitchens, now unused and still littered with decaying bodies, they found themselves confronted by two of Benthur's men. Simon eyed them speculatively. "So you are telling me that you mean to arrest me? Here I am, a man with not even a loincloth on, and you are arresting me. Do you really think for one moment that the Emperor would take Benthur's word over mine? Think carefully. If you arrest me, I will see you hanged, drawn and quartered. Your families will be disgraced and imprisoned."

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