tagErotic CouplingsThe Long Trip Home

The Long Trip Home


There was a time, a few years back, when I traveled often on business. I did not care for the life and the memories that remain are of airports, hotels and motels, dinners and nights alone. I often fantasized at the beginning of each trip that I would meet a woman for an evening of dinner, dance and sex.

The opportunities to fulfill that dream were few and far between. I was just not very adept at making the initial meeting payoff. Basically I needed some social contact with them first, and on the few occasions when I was successful it had been with a lady that I had met through my business activities. I guess maybe I grew on some of them a bit after they knew me.

I suppose that is the reason that I now look back on a few of those rare occasions when I did get lucky, with a nice warm feeling. One lady in particular springs to my mind every time I allow myself to drift back in time, as she was really the only one that fulfilled most of the fantasy.

It all occurred late in the year a few weeks before Christmas, the time of year when weather impacts on any sort of travel. I was returning home to the west coast and my plane was held up on the tarmac while it was being de-iced. We were on the plane for over an hour before we were airborne.

The airline provided a round of free drinks during which I struck up a conversation with the pleasant looking lady sitting at the window seat. Audrey looked to be in her mid-forties, about my age at the time. We had several common interests and chatted easily. After the plane achieved cruising altitude I ordered wine for two and moved to the empty seat that separated us.

Darkness had settled in by the time we took off, and after dinner had been served, most people settled down, reading or watching the movie. There were a lot of empty seats so the flight attendants were not terribly busy. There was only the drone of the engines and the flickering of a movie on the big screen.

We were feeling quite relaxed and gradually moved closer until our hips and thighs were touching. Audrey had lifted the armrest between us so I was beginning to get the feeling that I was in for a pleasant flight.

Audrey was a 'quiet' looking woman. I don't know how else to describe her type any other way. She appeared to be soft and unruffled, confidently feminine and I suppose motherly are words that come to mind. She was of generous build, with lovely soft hanging breasts that moved independently of each other. She was wearing a cardigan over a blouse, a flared skirt and sheer black stockings. Thoughts of what might be raced through my mind.

Our chat covered a wide range of subjects, but our eyes and body language suggested something much more intimate. I was soon aching to touch her, to hold a breast, run my hand up under her skirt and kiss her. Her eyes told me that I should make a move.

She moved her soft hand up and down my arm in that way women have of conveying feelings, and her hip and leg were glued to mine. Her legs were spread slightly as if inviting me to explore. All this on an airplane with a few hundred people around us. There is no justice.

At one point she excused herself to go to the bathroom, and I stood up to allow her out. I was quite hard but had my cock jammed down my pant leg so as not to appear conspicuous. She deliberately rubbed her butt on it as she slipped into the aisle. I groaned something like 'Ah sweet hell' and she turned to look at me with a quizzical smile, her hip still pressing against me and said, "Something wrong Jim?"

Shortly after she returned, the cabin lights were turned off and people began to drop off to sleep. The flight attendants settled down for a break and Audrey snuggled up beside me pulling a blanket over our laps. I soon discovered that sleep was not on her mind.

Her eyes were hooded as she turned her face up to mine for a soft kiss. She whispered, "I have never done anything like this."

I was tempted to ask her if there was to be more of 'this', but wisely kept my mouth shut. My heart was beating wildly as I moved my hand under the blanket and ran it up between her thighs. She shifted so that her skirt could ride up under her ass and she parted her lips for my probing tongue.

I exclaimed "Oh God," as I discovered that her legs and pussy were bare.

She murmured in my ear, "I took my panties off in the washroom, I hope you don't mind." This last said with a little giggle. She rubbed my cock with the palm of her hand and said, "Hmm, guess you don't mind at all. Oh God, what am I doing?"

The edge of my forefinger rubbed along the length of her slit as I used my thumb to rub her prominent mound. She struggled to open her legs wider, cramped as she was between the wall of the plane and the seat in front of her.

I did not even think or care that someone might wonder what we were doing under the blanket. I did know that we would not be able to end this in the manner we both wanted. I was just enjoying the interlude. Our hands stayed busy as we stopped kissing and pulled back enough that we could watch each other's eyes. It was so erotic to be pleased as you were pleasing another.

Audrey had loosened my belt and worked her hand inside my shorts. I love the feel of a woman's soft hands around my cock, so gentle yet firm, her fingertip circling my knob. Her lips formed a perfect 'O' as I slipped two fingers up her pussy, one each side of her clit, hooked them up inside and pressed down on her mound with the heel of my hand.

A scene from the movie "Emmanuelle" ran through my mind. Emmanuelle had been asleep during a long distance flight when first one guy had taken her from behind in her seat, and then another had followed her to the washroom, lifted her ass onto the sink and fucked her while standing between her legs.

I whispered, "What can we do? I want you, I want in you."

She closed her eyes, "I want you too, but this is all we get I think."

She was right of course, dream as one may about joining the 'Mile High Club', the reality is that it would be very difficult and probably not that pleasurable. We could hear the flight attendants starting to move again, so we kissed and straightened our clothes.

I looked around before cupping a breast and said, "I was dying to take those out and make love to them."

"Oh God Jim, don't say that, I will only regret it more," she groaned, pressing her hand on top of mine.

We laughed a little now as we settled back in our seats, agreeing that we had probably got more out of this flight than we had ever imagined and were both very pleased with the adventure.

We were scheduled to catch the same connecting flight to the interior after landing. While we lived in different towns, we were flying to the same airport. We discovered however that our flight had been cancelled due to heavy fog at our destination.

The airline gave us two options. The first of which was to be put up at a hotel at their expense, or, if enough were interested, to arrange for a bus to drive us to our home airport, normally about a 5-hour drive. I chose the latter as there was a high chance that they would not be flying the next day and I wanted to get home for business reasons. Audrey chose the same option.

It was quite late in the evening when the bus finally got underway. It was about half filled so we worked our way to the back of the bus to be alone. I was not quite sure what could be accomplished on a bus with a lady, but both of us seem to be prepared to find out.

Once we had settled in we got busy right away. Audrey said, "This is so exciting, I never dreamed that I would have such a night as this, let's do everything we can."

We soon picked up from where we had left off on the plane. We pulled a blanket over our laps and began to kiss and touch. She loosened her bra and I was finally able to feel and fondle her great tits. We just wallowed in each other's bodies, kissing and touching and rubbing everything we could.

It was snowing quite heavily and any noises we might make would be covered by the sounds of the bus on a slushy highway. I was not sure of what the driver might be able to see of our actions, but he was too busy with what lay in front of him to worry about what was happening behind.

I whispered, "Roll over Audrey." She turned away from me and moved her bare ass into my lap. We struggled to get my cock in between her legs and then worked together to get it pressing against her pussy. It was not very comfortable but we were determined to get some satisfaction, and this version of doggie style seemed to be the best answer.

I eased my hands up under her arms to find her tits and fingered and rolled her nipples as my cock began to work its way into her pussy.

It took some time to bury my cock totally and she had to adjust her ass and hips to allow some slow stroking. Once I got a few into her she placed her arm against the side of the bus to protect her head from banging against it. I began to fuck her with little short strokes, trying not to be too active or noisy so as not to attract attention.

Luckily for us, most of the passengers were watching the road ahead. We were climbing a mountain pass and the snow was getting deeper on the highway and there were very few tire tracks in front of us. It was getting treacherous and everyone except Audrey and I were on the edge of their seats.

I raised her upper leg to allow better penetration. It could not have been very satisfying for her but I was certainly into it. I could sense her just starting to let loose when I went off. My shrinking cock was forced out before she could get close to coming. But she was kind about it and we had a silent laugh as I pressed against her butt.

"Not the best," she giggled, "but getting close to it."

By the time we straightened ourselves, the driver had pulled the bus into a roadside gas station and motel for a coffee stop. He asked us to wait a few minutes, as it did not appear that the restaurant was open.

When he returned he informed us that we would be parked there for some time, that they had blocked the highway somewhere ahead of us until such time as the snowplows could clear some slide areas. It would be morning before they would reopen the highway to traffic. He would keep the bus running and heated but if any wished to take a room for a good night's sleep, the motel owner would make some rooms available.

Audrey and I did not hesitate and I booked a room. Despite all of the action we had enjoyed so far, the thought of getting naked in a bed together blocked out all other considerations.

I pinned her against the wall as soon as the room door was shut. We stood and kissed and rubbed and felt each other as we moved to the bed, then took turns undressing the other.

Audrey said, "We have lots of time and I do not need any sleep. This is the dream of a lifetime and I want to enjoy every minute of it. Let's have a shower first, I seem to be a little sticky."

I will remember that time in the shower with Audrey for the rest of my life. It is a blur of lips, hands and naked legs and tits and cocks and pussies slipping and sliding against each other in the warm soapy water.

We toweled each other off in front of the mirror. She looked gorgeous with her great tits swinging around as I dried her back and ass cheeks. I could see her in the mirror as I did my work, a beautiful white belly and wide hips framing a reddish triangular bush pointing at her pussy. She was the perfect picture of an aroused woman.

Her face was alive with desire; there is nothing more attractive than the look of a woman who wants you. I sat her up on the counter top and knelt between her legs and licked her slit from bottom to top, then sucked on her full clit until she was vibrating.

I was at full erection as she dried me off and I watched in the mirror as she bent and took my cock in her mouth and lashed it with tongue and lips.

We climbed into bed, pulled a sheet over top of us and rolled around naked like two snakes intertwined, kissing feeling and sucking anything we could get our lips on. She wanted to be on top and murmured, "Let me have the first one, I have to get off my way, you owe me one for the bus."

There was no argument from me. I just lay there with my cock straight up and ready to receive. She straddled me, rubbing her wet pussy on my belly with my cock stuck up between her cheeks behind. She dropped her swollen nipples one by one into my mouth and I inhaled each one deep, sucking them hard. "Ah God" she said, "that feeling goes right to my pussy."

I slipped my hands and arms between her legs, grabbed her ass and pulled myself under her pussy, my tongue out as she lowered herself down on me. I licked and lapped away as she moved it to receive maximum pleasure. Her clit was swollen and protruding and I clamped my lips on it and sucked. She almost lost it right there and quickly lifted off of me and moved down my body.

"You buggar, you almost got me, but I want that big cock of yours in me right now. I want it, I want it," Audrey groaned as her open slit snuggled around my knob and she sank down consuming the entire cock. The 'quiet' look had left her, replaced by a wild almost angry appearance.

I managed to control my ejaculation; I wanted her to get off first knowing full that I could follow and finish. Her body stiffened and thrashed as she began to come, her pussy clamping hard around my buried cock. I held her ass cheeks in my hand and felt them clench and quiver as she got off.

As she collapsed on me, I rolled her to her back and lifted her legs over my shoulders. I raised myself up over top of her on my knees, driving my cock straight down into her steaming sweet folds. Her eyes were closed tightly, her tits thrashed as I pounded her and her knees tightened around my neck and head as she felt the first belt of steaming cum sear her depths.

We lay side by side, totally spent. Adrenalin had kept us going for almost ten hours. We both drifted off to sleep in the cum-filled bed.

I awakened some time before dawn. Audrey was awake and laying on her side facing me with one leg up over my hip. Her tits were rubbing against my chest and one hand was caressing my balls and stiffening cock.

I said, "Jesus Audrey, we have to shower and get dressed, haven't you had enough yet?" As I said that, I reached down and around behind her and found a lovely soft ass cheek to touch and hold. Soon I was kneading it and spreading her legs with my knee. My knob rose up to brush against her hot slit. Her hips began to move in attempt to capture my cock.

"There will be other buses later today," she moaned. Her lips slipped over my knob and squeezed once, twice and a third time.

With that I ran my cock easily up her pussy, rolled her to her back and began stroking her. Our lips and tongues re-engaged, our bodies glued together and she drove her hips up at me each time I jammed my cock back into her.

We kissed our final goodbye before we left the motel room. It had been a great experience but there was no question it would all end there, except for the memory that will last forever, for me at least.

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