tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Long Way Home

The Long Way Home


Hampton College had just won the district championship and everyone milled about the players congratulating them before the long ride back to the college. The six cheerleaders climbed on their mini bus and their leader, Mrs. Oakes turned onto the interstate, with a six hour drive ahead of her. The girls all chatted about the game and of course, their favorite players until some napped as a few still talked.

Mrs. Oakes saw a sign for a Dairy Queen and decided to pull off so she could fill up with gas and get a treat at the same time, she didn't notice that there was no reentry to the interstate at this exit until she was off. She filled the small bus with gas and then they all went in to Dairy Queen and ordered their treat and sat down to enjoy it.

As Mrs. Oakes finished her ice cream, she asked the guy behind the counter how she could get back onto the interstate south bound and he explained the route to her, as she made notes. She thanked him and gathered up the girls and they headed for the bus as the sun set and she headed out. She made two turns and she was lost, aimlessly driving down the road as it got more deserted. Most of the girls were asleep and she didn't want to alarm them, so she tried to figure out where she went wrong.

She pulled off at an old roadside vegetable stand that was closed, and looked like it had been for years, and looked for a map to try to figure out where they were. She saw headlights coming down the road, and flagged them down to find out where to go. An old pickup truck pulled over and she could see there were three men in it. They got out, noticing the Hampton College name on the bus as they walked up, "Help you ma'am?"

The man said, "Oh yes, I seem to be lost. I'm looking to get on the interstate southbound," she said with a smile. She saw the other two guys looking in the windows of the bus at the girls asleep, and the man nearest her said, "Interstate's a long ways from here lady," and she began to feel uncomfortable at how he was looking at her. She began to regret ever getting off the interstate, and tried to smooth it over by telling him that she remembered where she went wrong and thanked him for stopping.

She turned to head back to the bus and felt something hit her head and she went down, seeing that the other two had rifles as the lights went out. The two men picked her up and put her in the pickup and then headed for the bus, the girls were all asleep, so they hadn't noticed anything as one got behind the wheel and the other sat down facing them with his rifle. The bus followed the truck down the highway and they turned onto a dirt road and traveled a couple of miles before entering an old military barracks, long abandoned.

The bus was pulled into a garage, and one man stayed with the girls while the other two carried Mrs. Oakes into the barracks, and then came back and all three had rifles now. Penny woke up to something punching her in the ribs, "Hey!! What's your fucking problem???" she said as she opened her eyes to see the rifle and began to wake the other girls up.

Shock was putting it mildly as they woke to see the three men and the rifles staring at them, "What's going on? Where's Mrs. Oakes?"

Penny asked, "We'll take you to her. Let's move!" and they motioned towards the barracks house and the girls started moving. They got inside to find Mrs. Oakes tied to a chair, slumped over, "Oh My GOD!!" Penny screamed as she ran over to her, trying to rouse her. Penny bent over to tend to Mrs. Oakes and didn't realize that her short cheerleader's skirt was giving the men a view of her tight ass.

Ned told the other two to watch the girls and he walked over and planted a hand on Penny's tight ass and she jumped straight up and slapped him, and he backhanded her and she fell to the floor. He raised his rifle and ordered her into another room and closed the door, "Take your fucking clothes off bitch!! And don't even think about refusing, I'd just love to make you!" he barked at her.

Penny was trembling as she rubbed her cheek where he had hit her and started to take her top off, pulling it over her head and putting it on the old desk nearby and she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, shrugging it off her shoulders and laying it with her top, trying to cover her medium tits with her hands. "All of them cunt!!" he ordered and she unzipped her skirt and let it drop and then pulled her panties over her hips and down her legs.

She stood there, trying to cover her crotch with one hand and her tits with her other arm as he moved closer and pulled her arm down covering her tits and stroked them and she pulled back and he slapped her again. He grabbed her and bent her over the desk and pinned her there as he opened his pants and she felt his cock against her naked ass and she started to cry.

He pushed her flat on the desk and held her there with one hand as he guided his cock between her legs with his other, using his knee to pry her legs open. She felt his cock rub against her anus and fear swept over her as he soon directed it lower and rubbed it over her pussy lips before pushing the head inside. She winced as he pushed the rest of his cock in her and she could feel her pussy trying to lubricate itself as he pulled out and shoved it back in.

The hard desk hurt her nipples, as she felt the debris on it pushing into her soft flesh and he kept her pinned against it and fucked faster now. All she could think of was getting this over and she began to fuck him back, hoping he would cum and be done with her. This excited him and before long she felt his hot cum pumping inside of her pussy as he flopped over on her back when he finished. She could hear his heavy breathing on her neck as he lay there and then he got up and his cock slid out of her and he turned her around, and pushed her to her knees and offered his cock to her to suck.

'Oh no,' Penny thought as he rubbed it over her lips and he grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair and she screamed and he shoved his cock in while her mouth was open. He moved her head, pulling her hair to make her suck him, "Don't even think about biting it bitch," as he grabbed her hair causing her to cry from the pain, and she sucked him, feeling his cock grow again in her mouth. He slammed it in and out of her mouth, causing her to gag a couple of times as he hit the top of her throat and he seemed to like that, so he did it more.

She sucked his cock and then felt a stream of cum shoot into her mouth and she struggled to expel it but he tightened his grasp on her hair and she swallowed it. He pulled his cock out and a rope of cum, still holding on, caught on her lip and hung off of her chin, as she tried to brush it off. He pulled her to her feet and grabbed her hands and held them behind her back as he bent his head and sucked on her nipple. Penny felt like she would throw up, having this freak cum in her pussy and her mouth and now sucking on her nipple, but all she could do was cry.

He sucked on her nipples until they felt raw and then told her to get back in the other room, she stopped to pick up her clothes and he slapped her ass, "You won't be needing those," and pushed her to the door. The other girls were sitting on the floor when they walked in and they all stared at Penny's naked body and the dried cum on her chin as she walked towards them and sat down. The man went over and whispered to his buddies and they laughed and then another one came over to Marsha and told her to get up, and she just sat there and he grabbed her by her auburn curls and pulled her to her feet and led her to the room and closed the door.

"Things will go a whole lot easier if y'all cooperate," the head man said. The man shoved Marsha against the desk, "Get them duds off," he said and she slowly pulled her top over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, she never thought her small tits needed one, and she unzipped her skirt and let it drop and rolled her panties down and stepped out of them. He grabbed her hair again and she cried out, "Do what I tell you and what I want and you won't get hurt," he told her and she nodded her head.

He leaned his rifle against the wall and ran his hands over her small tits and as he kneaded them she winced with pain, "Get on your knees," he said and she slowly complied and he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out, "Suck it! And make it good," he barked at her and she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it. She brought her hands up and stroked him with one hand and massaged his balls with the other as she sucked his cock in her mouth.

Suddenly, he grabbed the back of her head and slammed his cock into her throat and it exploded with a torrent of cum that she though would make her choke as she tried to swallow it all. He pulled his cock out of her mouth as cum ran from her lips and he jerked her to her feet and spun her around, pushing her down face first on the desk and a thumbtack speared her small tit and she let out a scream. He jerked her arms behind her and tied them together with a piece of rope and moved between her legs, she could feel his hard cock stabbing her thigh as he tied her hands.

Marsha started to cry, fearing for her life as he maliciously jerked on her arms and pushed her legs apart with his knee. She felt his cock, still slimy from his blow job, rubbing against her ass crack and then she felt him spit on her ass, and felt it run between her cheeks and her eyes flew wide open as his cock hit her anus and she started to scream and he jerked back on her tied hands and speared her. Marsha was flushed with pain as this man fucked her ass, over and over again and she cried uncontrollably. His cock felt like a massive pole as it ripped her anal ring and she felt her warm blood on her leg, but he never stopped fucking her poor ass.

He pulled hard on her hands as he squirted his load into her tortured ass. He pulled his cock from her ass and put it away and then jerked her upright and shoved her towards the door. All the girls saw her tears as she returned and when she sat back down, they could see the blood seeping from her ass. Jacqueline went to untie her and the third man grabbed her up and pushed her towards the room, she began to cry before she even reached the door.

Jacqueline was a big girl, her tits were 40c easy and her attacker saw this and groped them as they walked through the door and he slammed it. He grabbed the top of her shirt and jerked, ripping it off her shoulders as she let out a scream. He had to jerk it two more times before it came all the way off and she noticed the burning on her skin where it had resisted tearing, then he jerked at her bra, strangling her tits as he did, then he turned her around and she saw the knife and she thought he was going to kill her, but he cut her bra straps and then pulled on her midsection and cut the rest of it and it fell to the floor.

He pushed her over the desk and she felt the blade of the knife cut her as he cut her skirt off and then he scratched her hips with the blade as he cut her panties off. He put the knife under her chin and sucked her nipple into his mouth as her tears covered her cheek. He told her to lay on the desk and she awkwardly climbed on the desk and lay down on her back, and he grabbed her hair and pulled her head off the end of the desk. He dropped his pants and shorts and guided his cock to her mouth and she turned her head and he slapped her, "Open your mouth bitch and take it!" he yelled and she did as he slid it inside, feeling her soft tongue glide over it, he began to fuck her mouth.

He stabbed the knife into the desk and began to knead her big tits with both hands as he fucked her mouth, driving his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. His fingers pinched and twisted her hard nipples as he assaulted her mouth and her tears increased. She felt like her nipples were going to come off as he twisted them hard and then she felt his cum rush into her mouth.

He moaned and squeezed her nipples even harder as his cock drained into her mouth and then he withdrew and released her nipples. He grabbed the knife and ordered her to get down and turned her around and shoved her face onto the desk as his cock sought her pussy, ramming in all at once. Her huge tits scraped over the desk as he fucked her and the bits of garbage scratched her tits as they moved causing her even more pain. He picked up his pace and as he did, began to slap her ass cheeks as he fucked her, calling her a cunt as he rammed in her abused body. He grabbed two handfuls of her ass as he shot his load deep inside of her, then he spun her around and to her knees and made her clean him off. He pulled her up by her curls and shoved her towards the door as he pulled his pants up.

The other girls looked up as Jacqueline came in, seeing her sore, red tits all scratched up and the cut where he cut her skirt off. The first man now grabbed Marianne by her shirt and pulled her up and shoved her towards the room. As he closed the door, Mrs. Oakes began to come around, "What's going on here? Where am I?" and she looked to see the three abused naked cheerleaders on the floor in front of her and the other two, not yet used and the two men.

"Where's Marianne?" she asked, and she heard her let out a scream as the man slapped her in the next room, and it all came back to her as she saw the rifles. "Please, don't hurt these girls. They've done nothing to you, let us go," and she began to cry as Marianne screamed again.

"Billy must have sunk it in her," one said to the other and they laughed. Billy had sunk it in her ass to be exact, and she kept screaming as he assaulted her virgin ass. The one man came over to Mrs. Oakes and pulled out his knife and she drew back and he began to cut the buttons off her blouse, one at a time. He let out a sigh as her pink lacy bra came into view, covering her creamy white 36b tits.

He leaned down to kiss her and she pulled away and he grabbed her head and put the knife at her throat and she froze as he lowered his lips to hers and snaked his tongue in her mouth. He raised up and slid the blade between her tits and cut the material and brushed the cups to either side, and ran the knife over her nipples as they responded to the cool air and the blade and popped out. "Wonder if her panties match?" he said as he lowered the knife to her waist and cut the button holding her pants and unzipped the zipper. Her panties did match, it was her husband's favorite set, pink and lacy. He cut the legs of her pants until he could fold them flat at her sides, revealing her panties for all to see.

Meanwhile, Marianne was dealing with Billy's cock in her tight ass as her tears flowed, he reached around and twisted her nipples as he filled her deflowered ass. Marianne though she was going to die, the pain was unbearable as he speared her anus and twisted her nipples and soon he loaded her ass with cum as he almost ripped her nipple off. He pushed her on her back on the desk and speared her tight pussy now and she cried out as it accepted his size and began to thrust in and out. "You're a tight little bitch," he muttered as he filled her, "Pussy's almost as tight as your ass," and he bent forward and bit down on her nipple with his teeth, causing her to renew her screams.

Mrs. Oakes felt the cold blade as the man cut the sides of her pretty pink panties and pulled them out from under her and rubbed her pussy. Her arms tied behind the chair caused her tits to be thrust forward and he pulled his cock out and rubbed it over the nipples, and she felt it twitch with excitement as he did. He offered his cock for her to suck and she turned her head and he began slapping her cheeks with it, it began to sting slightly and she looked at the girls, half of them already fucked silly and opened her mouth as he shoved his cock to the back of her throat and she gagged on it.

"This bitch knows how to suck cock," he said, "Not like them cheerleader cunts," as he rocked his cock in and out of her mouth. Billy was driving Marianne hard now and he could taste blood from her nipple as he bit it and he shot his load deep inside of her tight pussy. He got off of her and pulled her up by her hair and kissed her, letting her taste her own blood as his hands mauled her bleeding tit. The door opened and he threw her over with the other girls and noticed that the older one was giving Jim a blow job now, "Nice tits," he said as Jim fucked her mouth, "Got 2 more girls yet Jim,better save some for them," and he laughed. Jim pulled his cock out and then kissed her and as he pulled away slapped her tit and his handprint came up bright red on it's milkiness.

Beth was grabbed next as Jim shoved her towards the room and shut the door when they got inside. Beth didn't know what to really expect, but she didn't have to wait long to find out as Jim grabbed her red hair and turned her around and shoved her to her knees. He pulled out his cock and Beth remembered him fucking Mrs. Oakes mouth with it and she took it in without an argument.

She sucked on it and tried not to gag as he shoved it's whole length in her mouth, evidently Mrs. Oakes had got him ready because he came very quickly and she struggled to swallow it as it gushed out on her cheerleader's outfit. He pulled her up by her hair and spun her around and then began cutting her top off and as it fell to the floor, he started on her bra and it soon joined it. He snaked his hand around and squeezed her tit and she grimaced in pain, then he cut her skirt off and her panties too. She felt the blade of the knife over her ass cheeks and she strained not to move.

He pushed her over a chair and she thought she was going to hit the floor and stuck her hands out to catch herself and then she felt her legs being lifted and felt his cock at her pussy, pushing slowly inside of her. She struggled to keep from falling off the chair as he raised her legs high and drove deeper. He liked the position and pumped her hard as she rocked on the rickety chair and he unloaded in her, screaming as he did and then let go of her legs and they fell to the floor and his cock came out. He stood her back up and attacked her tits, sucking and biting them as she pleaded for him to stop, then he pushed her back down and stuck his cock back in her mouth and she was forced to suck it clean.

As they came back into the room, Billy was fucking Mrs. Oakes tits, hitting her chin on the upstroke and getting a finger in her twat at the same time. He stopped and Jim gave him the knife and he cut Mrs. Oakes restraints and she rubbed her limbs to get her blood circulating again. As she rubbed her arms he went over and got Marianne by the hair and drug her over and made her lay on her back and then ordered Mrs. Oakes to 69 her.

"No way!!" she said and he backhanded her.

"Eat her fucking pussy now bitch!!" and she slowly straddled Marianne's head and lowered her pussy to her mouth as she went down on Marianne's pussy. He grabbed a piece of wood and smacked her across the ass, "EAT I SAID!!" and they reluctantly began to eat each other. Marianne was surprised, Mrs. Oakes was her first pussy and she didn't taste too bad, but Mrs. Oakes had one of their cum to eat out of Marianne. All the girls watched as Jim walked over and positioned himself behind Mrs. Oakes and eased his cock towards her ass.

She sat up as she felt the head of his cock and he moved back and slapped her ass with the board again, "Did I fucking tell you to stop?" he yelled and she lowered her head and continued as he moved back in to her ass. She felt his spit hit her square on her anus and run between her legs as he pushed the head of his cock to her hole and she almost smothered poor Marianne as he popped through her anal ring and she flattened over Marianne's body. He hunkered down and as he filled her ass, his balls would rub across Marianne's nose. He fucked her tight ass and they ate each other as Mrs. Oakes tears flowed and he came in her ass and pulled out just before he was done and squirted over Marianne's nose and face. He sat in the chair and told them to keep eating as the last girl, Ginger, was led to the other room.

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