tagIllustratedThe Long Weekend Ch. 11

The Long Weekend Ch. 11


Dear Readers

I had wanted to put one image in each chapter, but that imposes a lot of extra work on the wonderful staff at Literotica. So instead, I have decided to, every now and then, introduce you to the characters thereby limiting their effort. Plus I also hope that it provides a synopsis of what has occurred to date.

It has proven difficult as the files are large. I have therefore done 11a, 11b and then a low resolution 12. After that it is back to no pictures for a while.

Chapter 1 - She had been on the secluded patio less than hour trying kick-start her summer tan. Her aqua colored two piece suit stretched over her large tits barely covering the large coke-can sized areolas. The perspiration caused by the unusually hot spring sun mixed with the coconut and baby oils gave her body a glistening sheen. As she sat up, the sheen gathered in small riverlets as it ran over her large breasts, pooling in the cups of her top, before dripping onto the magazine she was holding.

"OK Mom," Junior called out as he closed off his mobile and stepped through the patio door.

Jr. slid his chair closer and slipped down in it even more, opened his legs and let the hem of the shorts fall away so that his cock could expand more freely. His cockhead was searching for the sun light, the fresh air and did not have far to go. He saw his mother's eyes probing beyond her outstretch hand and finding the reddish-purple head of his cock, being offered to her. Staring at the outline of his mother's cunt being offered to him, Jr's voice became more adamant as he declared, 'We can do that anytime, I want to go and besides you'll have dad here and do those things with him." Lowering his voice and stroking higher toward to the dampening V of motherhood, he said, 'Touch it for me!'

His mother looked at him and her eyes were wide, questioning. Did he mean that wonderful cock of his or her throbbing wet pussy? She knew that he loved both.....she loved both. What did he want her to do? The thought of touching the velvet hardness of his cock and stoking until he cums all over her was the first thought. Her own pleasure of a exposing herself, fingering herself to orgasm for his pleasure was the second. I NEED BOTH AND I NEED THEM NOW she thought. She was desperate for relief, the slow wind up that Jr. had been tormenting her with, was blissful agony.

Chapter 2 - With a final tug downward on each nipple, she reached for more oil. Annie continued with the luxuriously rich potion down over the slight bulge of her stomach and smoothed it over the now hairless pubic area. Reaching behind her, she slid greasy fingers over the cheeks of her ass and worked the oil along her crevasse and over her sweet pulsing rosebud. Returning to face the wall mirror she turned her knees out and squatted a little more so the red gash of her wet cunt slit could be seen clearly in the mirror. Using two hands she stroked down her inner thighs and back up to her engorged nether lips. She took the index and forefinger of her right hand and made a V, which she slid over each side of her vagina. She did not penetrate, just pushed rapidly back and forth over the cleft. This heated action forced the swollen lips between the fingers and stimulated her clitoris. Simulating herself to the very brink of an orgasm, she forced herself to stop and slumped on the ottoman to catch her breath. There, she finished rubbing the oil in on her legs and shapely feet.

Chapter 3 - Over dinner, Annie and Jr. talked about his day. With their laps covered with large serviettes, his eyes continually strayed to the large obviously unbound breasts moving about inside her dress. Every time she raised her wineglass or her fork, her arms caused her breasts it to express themselves above her bodice and then fall as she set her glass down. It was like watching a tennis match, back and forth, up and down both mesmerizing. "Maybe you could wear that dress on the weekend. Jake has never seen you in it and I know that he would get hard watching you undo the buttons for him. Lets see what happens if you undo the top three or four? Jr. requested, his eye never leaving hers.

The scooped bodice held its shape until the fourth button was undone. At which point it fell to the sides exposing her massive breasts and deep cleavage. Annie's eyes watched as her breasts broke out in goose bumps, delighted with the cooling breeze. The gaping bodice revealed the tan lines close to her nipples but stopped short of exposing anything beyond that. "I'm sure Jake will want to see more, but Jake's dad Bill will like this look." Jr. opined. All this talk and exposure with Jake and his dad was making Annie flush but, wanting to go and get her wardrobe together, gave her courage and focus.

Turning around, Annie sat on the edge of seat and swung her left leg into the cab. Darrell was in awe as he saw her juicy shaved pussy only inches away, being presented to him.

'Mom, give him this for tip, so we can get going.' Jr. urged while handing her a dollar. Taking the dollar from Jr., Annie offered it to Darrell by putting it on the seat between her legs. Her quivering labia, shimmering with sparkles from the lip gloss, beckoned him, while the dried trails of cum showed him the way. Stunned, Darrell smiled and very very slowly took the dollar. Annie closed her legs and he closed the door. Rolling down her window, she called out "Say hello to your Aunt Maggie for us.' as Darrell looked at the sparkles on his fingers.

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