tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Long Weekend Ch. 18

The Long Weekend Ch. 18


Sunday Lunch

Rousing herself from the patio table, Annie realizing that all the men are down at the dock, decided not to put her clothes back on. Remembering the outdoor shower by the hot tub, she walked bare assed naked over to it and ran the water until it is warm. Stepping under the rain faucet was like a summer rain in the tropics. She had felt that softness in Hawaii but she had never been naked like she was now. More correctly, she had never been naked, outside in a shower, and covered in cum like she was now. With the freedom of Sr.'s direction to expose herself to Jake, and the warm water caressing her, she grabbed the liquid soap and poured it into her hands. The cool lotion warmed quickly as she spread it across her shoulders and chest.

Although Jake had given her a delicious orgasm, the fact that Brice and Jr. had both used her with no reciprocal attention, had left her wanting. She slipped her hands over her hanging breasts to squeeze and knead them. She supported them from underneath as she rubbed her nipples. She slid her hands down in big circles over her taut torso and rounding tummy. She pushed the hot sudsy liquid between her legs and stroked her labia with the soft palm of her hand. She slid her other hand over her hip and down the furrow of her ass.

She bent over deliciously and soaped her thighs, calves and her feet. Oh yes, her dainty feet with the red nail polish.

Brice wanted to find out what was keeping Jr. returned via the back yard rather than through the house. He came to a screeching halt as he heard the shower running and saw Mrs. Sullivan – Annie –Jr.'s mother, soaping up herself under the cascade of water. Staying hidden, he peeked around the corner, to watch as she continued to slide her hands over her magnificent body. He watched as she stood up to let the soft streams fall directly onto her nipples. She saw her raise one nipple up to her lips to catch the splashing drops.

Jake, having done a quick tidy up, returned to the door to say good-bye, when he also saw his mother under the shower. From the side he could see her desirable body, the tan lines outlining her form as the shadows cast by the sun melted and flowed around her curves. A moment later, a movement to her right caught his eye.

"What the F?' he said to himself as he saw Mr. Lumley, furtively watching his mother clean herself. He watched mouth agape as Mr. Lumley, undid the front of pants and took out the biggest thickest cock he had ever seen. Randy was huge but Mr. Lumley was even bigger. "Now I know why he really got his nickname." Jr. declared.

Brice felt badly about sneaking up on Annie, and felt worse about cumming on her back earlier in the morning. Not bad enough mind you to stop. His horse cock again had got the better of him, and he began to stroke in time with Annie's movements. He thrust his hips forward as she leaned back against the wall and splayed her legs. The water ran down her front as she brought her slippery soapy hand down to crotch and began to work her fingers into her vagina. She held it open with one hand as she slipped one, two then three fingers in and initiated the climb to climax.

Like Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France, a slow and steady rhythm up the hill was a winning strategy to reach the top.

Far enough back in the dark house not to be seen, Jr. could not believe his eyes. Here was his mother masturbating naked under an outdoor shower, while the obscenely hung father of his friend jerked off watching her. It was too much, Jr. took his own cock out and although he had come three times with Ms. Double D, the taxi driver and once again a few minutes ago with his mom, he was still horny and being driven crazy by the scene in front of him.

His eyes flicked back and forth between his mother and Mr. Lumley and the tugging of his cock by his hand was synchronized with both them.

As her arousal continued to grow, his mother turned to face the wall, and braced herself with one hand, as she spread her legs. Brice, behind her, could plainly see her ass and her fingers flashing short strokes over her red vagina. Jr., with a side view, saw her tits swaying and flopping as she thrust her hand back and forth between her legs.

She tilted her hips, raised up on her toes. The men knew her climax was near and then as she slammed her heels down and slumped to the ground under the shower, they released their seed simultaneously. Bull's coursed through his long thick cock and went all over the bushes and Jake's pulsed through his shaft all over the kitchen floor.

Brice, embarrassed, sheepishly, did up his pants and quietly crept away. Jr., more excited than he had ever been, got the roll of paper towels and began to clean up his mess.

Returning to the dock, Jr. called out, "Sorry to be so long, I had to clean up a mess that I made."

Jake sounding peeved offered, "Am I on the only one working today?"

Brice, looking slightly flushed, offered only, "No, sorry, you're right, we gotta get going if we hope to be in a position to finish."

Annie continued to relax under the wonderful flow of water and finally raised herself up and turned off the taps. Grabbing a nearby towel, she dried herself off and oblivious to everything that had transpired went naked into the kitchen. She put away the balance of the tea service. She put a cup of tea for herself into the microwave and forty-five seconds later drew it out and went back outside.

Gathering her things she made her way upstairs to pamper herself with some lotion. She had about an hour before Brice would drive her to the club so she took her time, put on the sundress she was going to wear. She'd likely be naked at the club so she did not bother with a bra or panties. She packed a bag with sun cream, a sheer cover up top, hat, sunglasses, wallet, and towel. Just in case, she thought, she slipped a clean thong into the bag.

Returning to the patio with some magazines to read, she lay back in low chaise.

Shortly, Brice called out, "Annie" as he rounded the corner.

She looked up at him with a stern look on her face. "You know what you did was wrong?" she said

Feeling embarrassed and thinking she had seen him spying on her, he confessed. "I know but seeing your drove me to it."

"Brice, stop sniveling. I know you needed to cum, I wanted you to cum. It's ok that you came on my back but you hurt my tits when you squeezed so hard, you never apologized. You came and I didn't. You were bad, very bad and you owe me. Where are the boys?" Annie demanded.

"Down at the dock." he replied with a surprised look on his face. She didn't mean about him jerking off as he watched her under the outdoor shower, he thought, what a relief.

"Then you get down here." she directed as she slid down the chaise so her bottom was at the bottom edge. In sliding down, the bottom of her dress stayed put and her naked legs extended out hiding her sex but exposing freshly creamed thighs hiding an aromatic vagina.

Brice, immediately dropped to his knees and began apologizing, "I'm sorry I hurt you, I didn't mean to, I just get so angry sometimes."

"Brice, be quiet and get on the job!" Annie ordered. "You know what to do, start with my toes and work your way up."

To get to her toes he had to prostrate himself on the ground and lick the red nail polish. His nose scraped on the patio pavers before touching the arch of her delicate feet. He licked and tongued her feet, before she relented and let her legs fall apart, sending him a sign it was time to move up her silky legs.

By the time he had reached her knees, she had raised her knees up skyward to permit him more direct access to her sex. He dove in, tongue first. He licked and lapped, he tongued and bit gently. He swept his tongue around her labia and inside her juicy vulva. His tongue did not have the length that his son's had, but Barbara had trained him well. Almost as good as a woman, he read her needs and responded in anticipation of her rising desires.

She grabbed behind her knees and pulled them up to her chest. This presented her wrinkled brown rose bud to him. He wasted no time in moving down to welcome the offering with a deep kiss. He rimmed her with his strong firm tongue and gently probed its opening.

She started to leak copiously and her juices flowed down to find his tongue circling around. His lips drank in her nectar. Her gift continued to flood and he lapped it up like a kitten at a milk bowl. He stopped only when he felt her heels dig into the back of his neck and draw his face up to her cunt. His strong wide mouth covered her opening completely and he chewed and gnawed at her soft red flesh. His teeth raked her clit and the swollen nub was a morsel, like the smoked oysters, that he loved so much.

This was not right, he shouldn't be on top. That's no way to teach a lesson Annie thought. With that she put her feet on his shoulders, she pushed him away from her gaping demanding hole and pulsating vagina. "On your back!" she commanded as she stood up to let him lay on the chaise.

Brice, with a huge erection that would not go away, lay down hoping beyond hope that he might finally get ridden like a thoroughbred. He got his wish but not how he thought.

Annie sat on his face and covered his head with the hem of her dress. She needed to be in control. He needed her to be in charge. She needed to ride. He found her clit in the darkness and wrapped his tongue around it and flicked quickly up and down its length.

Annie leaned back, slid forward and pushed her ass onto his face. She reached under and spread her cheeks apart so he was almost smothered. He licked and ate silently as she squirmed and wiggled herself onto him. Flipping back the hem of the dress the sunlight shone in and he could feel its heat and the heat of her hand as it began to stroke her labia furiously as she jilled herself off.

Annie dug her heels in like a jockey into a thoroughbred. He knew that was what she wanted. She was on a drive to the finish line and he his tongue run wild. She rode to the finish line and with a groan and a moan sprayed her juices over the patio.

The excess flowed down her crotch to cover his face as her hips rocked to a canter cadence to cool off. With one last thrust Annie, threw her head back, moaned silently and pushed her pelvis into his face. She was spent, the race had been won.

Perhaps rather than a horse, a dog was a better analogy she thought. He had been bad. She did not need to come, but needed to teach him a lesson. A bad dog needs his nose rubbed in it and she did rub it in.

When she got up, she looked down to find him chaste and expecting.

"I'll clean up now, and then I expect we can go to the club. I think you might want to wash your face." she said as walked into the bathroom to wash off her cum and soothe her sore nether region.

On the drive over Brice was a perfect gentleman and the conversation was pleasant. No reference was made to his punishment and no relief was offered. "Make sure you go in on the white elephant raffle. It was originally Barbara's idea and its very successful." advised Brice as they approached the club.

Brice dropped Annie off at about 11:30am. He let her off at the main gate and said, "Call me when you are ready to come home. My cell phone number is (country and area code hidden) 244-2855 or if you can not remember the number, it spells big bull." offered Brice. With a wry schoolboy smile, he continued, "It was Barbara's idea."

Entering into the lobby, she again met Jim at reception. "Hi'ya" said Jim as he recognized her from last night. Glad you decided to come. The day fee is $15 and premium for ladies day is $10, and the white elephant raffle is $10 so if you want in on the raffle, that's a total of $35."

Seeing she had her large beach bag, he asked if she wanted an additional towel as he handed her a locker key. "The guest lockers are at the back of the pool area near. I'm not allowed in there today. I'll get Beth to show you where."

Beth arrived and her naked body did nothing to disguise her old age. She carried herself with confidence however and her overt petting with Jim last night showed she was still interested in sex. Walking through the grounds to the locker cabana, Beth pointed out the various activities in session for ladies day.

She showed Annie how to work the lock and wished her a good day. Now on her own, Annie was a bit nervous, but she willed herself to take off the sun dress and put on the sheer cover up. She felt sufficiently uneasy that she put on her clean thong under the cover up. She stowed her belongings and walked toward the pool where she was waved over by Nancy and young slim woman who had multiple piercings in her body. Nancy, who as you know, from an earlier chapter is middle aged and married, was seated on a chaise pointed to a very tall and gaunt young woman who was standing. Unlike last night when Nancy was completely naked today she wore a silver star over each areola which let an erect nipple show thru. "This is Stella, a young friend of mine."

"Oh hi Stella, didn't I meet you on Friday at your mother's store?" Annie offered in a very friendly manner, while extending her hand. She was struck at the similarities not in age but in body type. Both had delicate frames with small breasts. One major difference was that Nancy had a thick bush of unkept brown pubic hair and Stella was freakishly bald, as if she had never grown hair on her genitals.

"Sure, I remember you and the boy you were with." replied Stella nonchalantly as she was busy trying to make eye contact with Yoko the young thin Asian woman who, last night, had the interest in Brice. Her silver tongue stud, glistened in the sunlight as she spoke.

"Sit down, Annie. Make yourself at home. First time eh?" Nancy said with her Canadian accent coming through unexpectedly. Annie nodded her consent.

Sitting on the vacant chaise next to Nancy, put Annie at eye with tall Stella's privates. They were hardly private she thought as the naked girl's small puffy nubs could hardly be called breasts and along with her piercings she was exposed wantonly for everybody to see.

Wow a clit ring, two labia rings and the nipples pierced as well, observed Annie. "Do they hurt, can I touch them?" asked Annie curiously.

"They only hurt at the beginning, now I don't even notice them" Stella said casually. "Yeah, you can touch them if you like." she continued as she stepped closer to Annie. She looked down at Annie whose face was a display of wonder. She watched as Annie's index finger touched her small nipples and stroked the nipple bar that held in place the silver web of an areola shield. The tingle it sent through her body did not go unnoticed by Annie or Nancy.

The gold rings intrigued Annie as she felt their smoothness and felt their weight as they pulled down on her labia.

"Usually I have them hooked up to a belt to keep my lips open and myself aroused, but I thought everybody would freak if I wore that here." Stella said in matter of fact tone of voice. "I've also lent those nipple star clamps to Nancy who agreed to wear today so I would not be the only one accessorized.

Annie was taken aback more by her choice of words than by the idea. In fact the idea sounded very interesting she thought and made a mental note to look into it further. Speaking of looking in, she watched as Stella grabbed the rings and folded back her swelling labia to expose the soft pink inner lips.

Annie was enthralled as the young woman's genitals were smooth as a baby skin. Up close, she had no hair and it would appear no hair follicles, just tight ultra smooth skin stretched over narrow hips to two long exposed swollen pink lips.

"Like this, you see." Stella offered, seeing Annie move her face closer to her cunt. Since she was over six feet tall, Annie was looking up inside her cunt and marveled at the extent of Stella's display. Annie tentatively reached up to run her finger around the clit ring and in doing so caressed Stella's sex. Stella, opened her long slinky thighs a smidge and, bending her knees a little, settled herself down on Annie's finger. In doing, the long sleek finger slipped into Stella's cunt and her thumb raked her clit, before getting caught in the ring.

Annie pushed a little harder on both and Stella began to subtly gyrate her hips to increase the depth and intensity of the invasion to her privates. Annie could feel the weight of Stella bearing down on her hand and with the lips folded back could see the moistness begin to build up. Bringing her face and her nose closer she could smell the scent of sun cream, lavender soap and cunt. Delicious she thought to herself. I'll bet it's tasty too.

She was roused out of her lust when Yoko came closer and touched Stella on the arm to get her attention.

"Sorry Stella, I got carried away." Annie apologized looking up young girl's torso to meet her half closed eyes.

"Not at all, it was delightful, thanks. Perhaps later?" Stella offered before walking away to talk to Yoko.

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