tagMatureThe Long Weekend Ch. 29

The Long Weekend Ch. 29


Later Sunday Evening

Meanwhile back at Beth's, Jake had just finished cleaning the BBQ. He found it exhilarating to be naked, without worrying about being embarrassed by hiding a secret. His rampant cock had shrunk with the effort of the cleaning work and weight lifted off his conscience.

With a final wipe of the grille and the closing of the top he heard Mrs. Palmer call out. "I did not hear the answer to my earlier question. Shall I drive you back now or later? Possibly in the morning?"

As he entered the house with his soft cock hanging down below his six pack abs, he saw his naked host. Her absinthe colored scarf looped around her stately but aged neck. The scarf's tails hung down over each breast like unconnected suspenders. Standing on four inch matching stiletto heels, she turned to a three-quarter pose in an attempt to coyly entice him to stay longer. The scarf billowed out and exposed the side of her soft sagging breasts. Beth Palmer was very comfortable with her eighty-two year old body but knew this was perhaps one of her last chances to have sex with a very young man.

Her first boy friend was holder than Jake's nineteen years, and she had married her husband when she was just twenty-four. Gosh, she thought, I have grown up grand-children older than he is. She looked beseechingly at him hoping he would stay. She watched as his penis twitched and began to firm up. She had her answer.

"Shall we have a glass of wine and enjoy the fire?" Mrs. Palmer offered, indicating a bottle of white and two glasses she had purposely set up on the counter.

"Yes, can I give you hand to carry them out?" Jake replied as he moved forward conscious that his cock was rising.

"Yes, that would be nice and can I take your arm. I just put these shoes on to entice you to stay. Did they work?" Beth said beguilingly. "I'm not sure how steady I am on them and I don't want to fall over and embarrass myself."

"The shoes make you even sexier. It would be my pleasure to escort a beautiful lady." Jake caressed her ego with his voice.

As they sat on the cushioned bench in front of the fire place the light and shadows played over their naked bodies. The heat radiated out from the fire and from their own bodies to each other. Jake had never felt so marvelous. It was what he always wanted -- just to sit around naked with no apologies, no guilt.

"You seem to like this Jake. Nudism is really about freedom and openness. It allows people to be seen for who they really are without the accoutrements or adornment. It is being comfortable with who you are. Its not always about sex, it's about being free." Beth explained as she leaned back and took a sip of her wine.

"I want you to feel totally comfortable about being naked and about being yourself" Mrs. Palmer continued as she slid her left hand onto the top of his hard naked leg. "You are a very handsome young man and if you are like your father, a nice person."

"I'm a lot like my father." Jake offered to reassure her about his intentions, as he nudged closer to her and put his long arm around her shoulder.

"I'm perfect here in front of the fire. Are you warm enough?" he asked the older lady.

"Jake, this is wonderful for me. My shoulders away from the fire are a little cool, but your arm is wonderfully warm." Mrs. Palmer said as she snuggled into his body. "You have an amazing body. But I guess everyone tells you that." she said into his ear as she continued to rub his leg with her small soft wrinkled hand.

"Many people do, and I guess that why I always wanted to be naked, to show it off. I enjoy that." Jake replied before continuing, "I love it when people look at me. I want them to. I want to show them my body especially my cock. I want them to want me."

"I do Jake. I told you earlier nudism is not about sex, but I hope tonight IS about sex. I want to enjoy you. I want you to enjoy me. Do what you want with me, but remember I am old, so you can be rough but don't hurt me." Beth offered openly before asking, "Why not stand up so I can see more of your luscious body."

With the offer that he had waited his whole life to hear, Jake removed his arm from her shoulder, extracted himself from their close position and stood up in front of her. Beth leaned back against the cushion and gazed at this god of a young man in front of her. She was almost overcome with joy and anticipation as she stared up at his youthful countenance.

"You move so gracefully. I must be wonderful to be young?" Beth encouraged.

"It's all the swimming and exercise that we do at the college. I'm a bit stiff from the last couple of days of work, so I am not as limber as I usually am." Jake explained as he walked and posed like an aspiring male model in front of room of photographers.

His ego fed his cock and the two began to grow simultaneously. He turned in circles to allow Mrs. Palmer to see his firm buttocks, his long hard thighs and his swelling cock. He put his hand on his hips and thrust his pelvis out like a Chippendale's salsa dancer.

"More, More!" urged Beth in an ebullient cry.

Jake began to gyrate his hips and looked down to see his cock, swing side to side in a widening arc. With his back to the fire pit, he stepped in closer to his host. He put his hands on his hips swung his hips aggressively from side to side causing his swelling cock to grow in length as it slapped against his thighs. Beth, gasped at its length and fatness. Brice had been much too big for her and her friend Jim at the club, while the right size, had trouble getting firm. She sat forward on the bench, putting her face close to his sex organ she looked at it lovingly. As it swung by on its graceful path she leaned in further so that it grazed her lips. Like a tennis match with her lips as the net, he skimmed his cock back and forth along her slippery red lipstick. She opened her mouth and held her tongue to wet his swinging member as it passed.

"May I?" Beth asked, looking up the tall lanky body in front of her to meet Jake's downward gaze.

"I was hoping you would ask." Jake replied, holding his position, if not thrusting his hips more wantonly toward her.

She slowly brought her hands up, gripped his slim hips as he stopped his gyrating. She brought her face closer as if mesmerized by allure of the strength of his manliness in front of her. She beheld the young man's hardness and knew she wanted to savor its beauty and its strength.

Beth was in a dream. She leaned in and pressed her face against his member. She rubbed herself onto his sex. and eagerly sucked the sides of his fat shaft and covered all of it with big wet slurpy kisses. His father's cock was too big for her, likely too big for anybody, but this cock was her cock, it was perfect. She worshipped it as the only thing in the world she wanted at that moment. She opened her mouth and raked it along the sides from scrotum to flaring head. Her lips and tongue never stopped nibbling and caressing the red lance that she hoped would soon be inside her. She felt her vagina spring to life as the sensations of his fat veined cock flowed down the nerves from her tongue to her sex. Her mouth was stretched perfectly as she felt the twinge of a small orgasm emanate from her swelling nether lips.

"Can you cum again so soon?" Beth asked willing the answer to be yes.

"With a lovely lady like you, I can cum all night long." Jake replied, with the answer she had been hoping for. "Is this what they mean by a boy toy?" she thought to herself. If so it's exactly what I have always wanted she told herself before wondering if the toy would last for the summer

"Then tell me how you want to cum. Because once I start I am not going to quit until you cum. Do you want to cum in my mouth, or on my tits?" Beth asked.

"In your mouth!" Jake gasped as she felt the familiar roiling in his scrotum indicating that the semen was rising in his balls getting ready to shoot out.

"Oh yes." Beth replied as her moved both her lips to encircle the end of his fat head. Her tongue tickled the pee slit at the end of this. Her tongue slid down the underside and let the length. Jake's cock fit sublimely into her mouth. She loved the feel, the shape, the taste, and the texture. She loved that it and he were hers for at least tonight.

She worked her hands along the shaft jacking this firm gift, into her mouth. Jake put his hands on the shoulders and nape of the neck of this old woman sucking so expertly on his cock. He began to slowly thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her lips and mouth were stretched exquisitely wide to accept him so fully. She felt him tense and the thrusts became quicker and shorter she knew he was on the edge.

She urged him on by circling her tongue over the sensitive head of his cock. She felt him push her hands away from his stiff member and replace them with his right hand. He began to lewdly beat off his cock. He knew exactly what he needed. He needed to show her how he comes. He needed her to watch him jerk off.

Beth felt the first explosive wad of sperm laden cream coat the inside of her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could. She gagged and she gasped at the second heavy rope of cum. The copious amount this young man produced was unimaginable to her. She shuddered, and she felt him withdraw to so he could stimulate the end of his cock and again aim his load into her mouth. He pulled his foreskin back and tight before putting just the fat bulbous head back into her mouth. She couldn't hold any more the creamy liquid ran out past her lips calling the length of his cock to fall in fine droplets over her tits. He held her head gently with his left hand and indicated he wanted her to stay on the end of this cock. He wanted her to stay there forever.

As he became soft, she continued to hold it in her mouth before loosening her lips and working her mouth up and down the length, cleaning the residual cum that had coated his fat shaft. She licked and she swallowed. She held his softening cock up to clean his soft hairless balls now emptied of their precious contents.

Her aching leaking vagina was a sign to her that he was right for her. She hoped she could convince him to believe the same thing.

"Mrs. Palmer, that was one of the best blow jobs ever you, are fantastic." Jake said breathlessly as he tried to regain his composure. He looked down to her hugging his hips with his wilted cock out of her mouth and across her cheek.

She returned his look and smiled. "Thank you Jake, please sit next to me." she said. "I loved it. My long dead husband, used to say I was a slut when I wanted to do that to him. That's a terrible word, but I think I could be your slut. You have a perfect cock to go with a perfect body."

Wrapping his long arms around her shoulder he sat down and pulled her toward him and hugged her.

"Can I take care of you now?" Jake offered solicitously as he looked at her serene state could face.

"I'd love you use that tongue of yours on me, it's been a long time." Beth replied, "Will you do that for me Jake?"

"Lean back and I'll show you." Jake directed as he placed the cushion on the ground in front of her and knelt on it. Beth watched as she slid off the bench to kneel between her frail wrinkled legs which, with the strong young arms, he parted easily. She watched him leaned back on his haunches to take in the sight waiting in front of him. He saw her thin thighs leading up to small patch of white trimmed pubic hair. He saw the anticipation in her eyes.

He pressed forward and began to kiss and nibble on the inside of her knees. He showed her his long snake like tongue and began to lick from her knees along her thighs to her crotch. He could feel them begin to quiver as he neared her sex. He ran his hands along the tops of her legs and grasped the breasts sagging near to her waist. He pulled them to the sides so she could watch as his mouth hover over her vulva. With anticipation and fear she watched his tongue, that long delicious snake, the tongue that had overwhelmed her at dessert; begin to flick at her swelling labia. Tears of joy welled in her eyes, as she watched as the fire light and shadows dance over his shoulders and her chest to highlight the swirls and caresses of his tongue.

She felt her blood flow from her mind and from her heart to her sex. The elder labia had woken up and began to swell while the hood of her clit retreated, releasing the silky pearl of its treasure. Jake was abnormally careful with his foreplay. He had just met, he liked her. He knew, that as a friend of his parents, she was to be treated respectfully.

Mrs. Palmer held her breath and watched silently as the tip of his tongue grazed her sex. He planted butterfly wings on her clit. He traced the contours of her lips. He broached the soft pink interior of her vagina with the hard tip of his tongue. Releasing her breasts he brought his hands to the underside of her legs to lift and splay them further apart. She thought she knew what to expect, but gasped when she felt her buttocks so effortlessly lifted off the cushions and her legs extended wide. No one had ever opened her up like that before. She was wantonly on display, vulnerable and helpless. She gasped out loud at the audaciousness of the boy holding her up. This is what she had offered. This is what she wanted but his control over her scared her. Jake sensed the lewdness of his act and cooed a soothingly reply, "Relax Mrs. Palmer, you'll love it."

He opened his arms like doing the butterfly swim stroke to give her a sense of comfort and balance. With her tiny feet high in the air, he settled her legs over his broad biceps. He leaned forward and with wide eyes, she watched him lay the length of tongue along her aching red gash. He covered the length of it with his hot wet tongue. Her head rolled back as she felt a sensation unlike anything she had ever experienced. So total was the contact that she felt she must be ecstatic. She felt her toes curl under as she yielded to the devastating sensation. She reached and grabbed at the back of his head to pull his face in tighter. She used her atrophied vaginal muscles to grip and pull at his tongue to encourage penetration.

She came quickly and intensely. It was more that she could have imagined. Had she not been concerned about the neighbors, she would have shrieked to the starry sky. Instead she had an intense silent scream that echoed through her body, sent her abdomen into spasms and caused her to squeeze Jake's head with her trembling legs.

Jake settled her down with gentle kisses on her clitoris. He nuzzled in the wet public area and smeared her juices around with his face. Worried that he had gone too far to quick, he looked up to see her face streaked with tears of joy.

She couldn't speak, she was panting. Her face and chest were flushed as she lay back on the bench, suspended off his shoulders. She looked up at her young lover.

"Oh Jake. That was the most beautiful feeling I have ever had. No one has ever made me feel like that in my whole life. You are such a good lover. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

As she was thanking him, Jake carefully lowered her down and helped her get resettled on the bench cushions. When, to reseat himself, he stood up in front of her, she saw that his spent cock had resurrected itself and was becoming engorged with youthful blood.

"Can we go inside now?" Mrs. Palmer asked.

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