tagBDSMThe Long Weekend Ch. 30b

The Long Weekend Ch. 30b


Late Sunday Evening

Jake also had all night.

He had escorted his naked hostess into her house. Walking through family room to the hallway that led to the bedroom, Jake glanced in the full length mirror. He saw himself unabashedly naked with an old, similarly bare naked, lady on his arm. It not only seemed natural, it felt good.

They were just to people wanting sex, being open with each other and not apologizing for their ages or their excited states. Beth's high heels accentuated her walk, causing her hips to sway outrageously. Her large sagging breasts, like tennis balls in a tube sock, swung with each step as she held his arm tightly.

As they got close to the master suite, Jake heard a soft, "Give me five minutes to get ready for you, will you Jake?"

"Of course Mrs. Palmer." Jake replied as he felt her release his arm and watched her totter into the room, before he wandered around the rest of the house. It was a typical widow's house, very neat, lots of family pictures that he stopped to looked at. He found pictures of her and her late husband, obviously pictures with their children and her grand children. Jake spied one color photo and realized it was Beth with his mom and dad. She had a real collection of memories to fill her shelves and her days. With that realization, he decided that he would leave her with some memories of the evening with him.

As he walked back to where he left his jeans and he took out his camera phone and formulated ideas, he heard softly, "Jake, I'm ready."

He strolled confidently down the hall and stopped at the entrance to the well lit room. Nothing shy about her, he thought as he looked to see her naked and uncovered, spread out on the crisp white sheets. From each corner of the four-poster bed hung long colored scarves not unlike the absinthe colored one she had been wearing earlier. She was spread eagle on the bed holding the top two scarves in her hands. She looked up at him in anticipation and watched as he took in the sight.

"I've never had a young man in here and I don't want to miss anything. Do you mind the lights on? My old wrinkled body doesn't put you off?" Beth asked as she looked at him standing there looking at the offering she was making to him.

"No, Mrs. Palmer, I'm a horny teenager and you are a sexy lady. No problems in that department." Jake confessed. Although only minutes before he had ejaculated into her mouth, the lewd sight in front of him caused the stirrings in his cock to flow to the satiny mushroom knob at the end of his fat shaft. The flared head began to pulsate with renewed interest and he dropped his hand to lightly caress its growing length. Mrs. Palmer watched as he squeezed its length and stretched it out. He circled the flared head with his fingers as he began the slow enticing walk toward her.

Beth's eyes were agog with the handsome teenager walking toward her. She gripped the long scarves tighter to quell her arousal. She clamped her legs together to force the lips of her vulva together, staunching the flow of her leaking juices. She was quiet as a mouse as he stood next the bed and displayed is rampant cock and swollen balls to her.

Jake had thought about squeezing her sagging tits earlier in the evening. She liked that and he took her gripping the scarves to be a message. He lay the camera phone down on the bed with one hand and released his cock with the other. He stood next the bed and let her stare at him. He swelled with pride that he could mesmerize his hostess with his hard body.

"Can I help you with those?" Jake asked as he put one knee on the bed and reached for the closest scarf. He looped the ends around her wrist and gently but firmly tied her arm above her head. Her eyes closed with nervous excitement as he stretched further over the double bed to tie the other arm the same way. Bound securely to the bed post she looked longingly at the cock that was lewdly stretched out before her face.

She tried to raise her head to reach his cock but found that it was just inches too far away. Jake, lowered his pelvis slowly. She watched, it was as if by magic, his perfect cock was being lowered to within her range of motion. She felt it across her lips and then begin to slide back and forth over her mouth. She opened her mouth and tried to catch the fat end as it slid by. She was disappointed at not being able to fully capture it but soon realized Jake had turned around and was now kneeling over her face, allowing his hairless balls to land on her lips. He stretched himself down the length of her body and placed his mouth near her crotch. He smelled the scent of rose water and lavender powder that she had patted on her sex. He breathed in deeply as he lowered his mouth and began to blow softly across her swollen labia. His long tongue bathed her from her clit to her anus as she rolled her pelvis up to meet the lingual onslaught.

Sitting back up on his haunches he rested his quivering nutsacks on her mouth, enabling her to continue to worship them.

"I'm ready, do you think you are ready?" Jake asked as he rocked his nether regions on her face.

All he heard was a muffled "Um um." Taking that to mean yes, he swung his legs back to the edge of the bed to stand up in a rather bent over fashion. He looked down at her yearning eyes as he let his own eyes travel down the length of her old body.

He touched the hip furrow of her left leg and felt her tense up. "Relax, Mrs. Palmer." Jake said in a soothing voice as he traced his hand down her thigh over her knee to her foot. He took the scarf tied to the lower bed post and brought it up to her ankle before securing it. He took a pillow from the head of the bead and gently urged her hips up and slid it under her bum. Walking to the other side of the bed, he guided he right leg out toward the bottom corner of the bed before securing it with the last loose scarf.

With her hips thrust upward, she was spread eagle with her vagina a yawing craving cavern waiting to be explored. As she looked up with excitement and trepidation, she saw that her pendulous breasts had fallen to the sides and she had a clear view down her body. She watched as Jake, climbed on the bed and placed his knees gently under her thighs. She was splayed open like on a sow on a spit but when she felt this hot soft skin contact hers she inhaled sharply with what she had hoped would be exquisite joy to come. He reached over and picked up his camera phone.

"You don't mind do you?" he asked.

"Mind what?" Mrs. Palmer asked, not knowing the reason for the question.

"If a take a few pictures for your album. I noticed you have lots of pictures outside and thought it would super sexy to take a few of you tonight." Jake explained.

"Oh, Jake! Take as many as you want. I'm too old too worry." the tied up woman agreed. "Just hurry. I've waited so long."

Jake went into camera mode and began to take full length and close up pictures of his aging lover. He included pictures of his cock pressed against her nether lips. He spread her cunt with his fingers and captured the pink inside flesh. He put the camera down and Mrs. Palmer felt him lay his member along the inside of her labia like a hot dog in a bun. She looked down to see the large pink head rising up above her sparse but trim landing strip. She felt its heat as it pressed against her. She had felt his father's monster cock earlier in the day and was disappointed that as usual it would not fit. Now she had the son ready to penetrate her and she held her breath.

Jake picked up the camera phone and with a 3mp lens, got some hot photos of his cock laid along the red gash.

'Now, Jake.....please.....now." Mrs. Palmer almost cried, urging the young man to mount her.

She saw Jake dip his hips. She watched the red enflamed head disappear below her mons before she felt the wide flared shaft nudge at her entrance, an entrance that for years had been absent of male visitors. Jake pushed slowly but urgently trying to gain entrance. He saw her, wince as he strove to find the hole.

"Jake, I've got some lube in the drawer." Mrs. Palmer suggested as the difficulty of the assault began to strain her hips.

With the request, Jake dismounted and went to the bedside table. Under a box of tissues he found and opened a drawer and lying along side a romance novel was the lube. Taking the small bottle, he dribbled it liberally on his cock. Placing the bottle down, he leaned over the bed and laid his oily cock into her palm.

"Can you get me ready, Mrs. Palmer?" Jake asked as he began to piston his rod in and out of her hand. Mrs. Palmer turned her head to the side to watch her fist smear the oily substance over his meaty cock and palm it onto the purple red flaring head. She readily stroked it up and down, ensuring it was completely lubed.

Jake returned to the foot of the bed and on his knees, like a rampant stallion, approached her raised pelvis. She lay in agonizing wait for his wild raging cock to approach her sex. His cock became larger and larger as he got closer. Her desperation was palpable as her hips began to tremble with excitement. Jake reached down and traced a finger over her labia, and felt her vagina try to clamp over his finger. He slid it in slowly as his tied-up hostess squirmed under this touch. He withdrew and slid two fingers, then three, then all four fingers into the yearning vagina. With his hand fully inserted he rubbed her exposed pearl of a clit with his thumb.

He felt her wetness cover his fingers and deemed she was ready.

"Here we go." Jake called out as he withdrew his fingers and maneuvered his cockhead to the entrance to her vagina.

Mrs. Palmer strained her head only to see the tip of his slippery glistening shaft, only moments before hidden by her mons, nudge her lips apart. With a deft flick of his hips, he aligned his shaft with her fleshy tunnel, slid the surging head past her spasming entrance and in one firm thrust of his hips, he buried the length of this cock into her.

"Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, Jake, Jake Jake, Oh my. Don't move. Don't move." Mrs. Palmer moaned as she let her head fall back on the pillow to ease the pressure on her tied arms straining at the scarves holding them tight. The pillow under her bum, had tilted her pelvis to the ultimate angle to accept his sex. She had never felt this full. Jake's dad was too big and had never been able to penetrate her. Her long since husband had not been as large as Jake, while her current friend Jim was never firm. She used what little strength she had left to squeeze her little used inner muscles around his cock in a desperate attempt to keep him there for ever. Her toes curled under with pleasure at the fullness she felt. His cock fit her perfectly.

Jake heard Mrs. Palmer's request and with the root of his cock rubbing on her clit, he was deep into her as he could be. He dug his knees into the starchy sheet which allowed him to apply more pressure deep inside on her uterus.

He watched as her face became streaked with tears. Fearing he had hurt her, he began to withdraw.

"No Jake, stay still." Mrs. Palmer blubbered. Her contorted face was one of ultimate pleasure as she held onto the moment.

"It's all too marvelous. Okay Jake, slowly now. FUCK ME please." the urgent voice of his trussed companion called out.

Jake began gentle rhythmic thrusts of short duration, before almost withdrawing then plunging back in. They soon developed a rhythm that allowed his cockhead to tease her labia before sinking in deep to knead her uterus. Tied up, she was powerless to respond beyond trying to rock her pelvis in time with his. Jake reached forward and grabbed her hips. He held her fast as he continued to drive home his cock.

The lubrication had done the trick and once his member was inside, her vaginal walls stimulated it in a manner neither of them had never experienced. It was if her cunt was a perfect match for his cock. His whole being was stimulated as he continued to pound relentlessly into her.

He felt his own release building up and with a groan, he slammed hard into her and held himself deep.

"Oh Jake, that's it, cum for me, cum in me." Mrs. Palmer cried out with abandon as she felt this boy planting his seed further inside her than any man had ever done. She continued to try and thrust her hips against him but his strength glued them together at their sex, while he erupted deep within her.

He bucked and thrust his final jets of semen deep into her cervix. He gasped for air as he experienced a tremendous orgasm. He looked down at this old lady lover and with a sated smile asked, "Did you come too?"

"No Jake, I didn't. I came earlier outside when you licked me. I might be able to come again if you get my vibrator out of the other bedside drawer."

Jake withdrew and with a glistening softening erection he walked around the bed and took a tissue to wipe himself off. He looked in the drawer and found a purple 6" vibrating dildo in a cloth case. He turned around and sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the machine. He lay down next to his splayed volunteer captive and putting a leg over hers, pressed his flaccid member onto her thigh. He ran the vibrator down from the nape of her neck over her flushed breasts and distended nipples before continuing down her abdomen to her crotch.

He gently guided the purple sex toy over her clit and watched as she struggled to raise her hips to meet it. He ran it slowly over her lips, on either side of her vulva and paid special attention to the gaping the entrance to inner fleshy canal.

He laid it along the length of her vulva, sending pulsations racing through her body as he slid it back and forth. He slid it further down and held the vibrating tip against the smooth bare skin between her labia and her ass. He let it slip a little further and Mrs. Palmer felt the smooth oval end push against her constricting rosebud. He bent down and took one of her resplendent nipples in his mouth and began to suck while he teased her. To her dismay he let go of her aching nipple. She felt him move his head lower and felt his long tongue seek her clit. He aligned the toy and slipped the smooth curved head of the dildo into her. He began gentle pulsations, inserting deeper and deeper into her ass. He watched her eyes close, her lips quiver and her head begin to roll from side to side.

"yes, Yes, YES......" she loudly cried out. "Oh my god, Oh My God, OH MY GOD....." she yelled as her body began to shake uncontrollably.

Jake used the toy like a master and urged her higher and higher.

With a banshee like wail, she collapsed. Satisfied, sated and overwhelmed with emotion, she tried to curl up in a little ball but was held tight by the scarves.

Jake withdrew the vibrator and laid it on the bed. He picked up the camera phone and took some more pictures of her obscene pose. He knelt between her legs to digitally capture his semen leaking out of her abased pussy. He took a few tissues and cleaned up the cream pie between her legs. He took the top sheet and blanket and gently covered her.

"Don't leave me Jake. Don't leave me like this." she said in a barely audible whisper.

"I'll be back in a minute. Don't worry." Jake consoled her as he left the room for the kitchen.

When he arrived there, he noticed the tray with the white wine and the two glasses. The wine was warm so he selected a number of ice cubes from the freezer and placed them in a bowl. This should cool it down he thought as he carried the tray back into the bedroom and placed it on the bedside table.

He felt absolutely marvelous at being unabashedly naked. His climax had left him momentarily satisfied and his cock hung proudly. Mrs. Palmer noticed all of this as she recuperated from the pounding she had just take from the young man beside her bed. She turned her head to the left, and looked up at Jake. She saw him take an ice cube from the bowl and bring it close to her lips. With a small smile, he traced the icy cube across her lips. She felt the cold tantalizing slipperiness titillate her lips. She parted her lips and pressed her tongue against it. Jake watched as she received what he had to offer. She held his gaze as she sucked on the cool blue cube. Jake lifted away from her mouth, and placed it on her neck just below her ear. Mrs. Palmer winced as she felt the coldness in such a vulnerable spot. He drew it down her body over her chest and between her breasts. He brought it back up to her chest and ran it down the length of one of her tits, before drawing circles around the outer edge of her areola. He pressed the ice in harder and felt the heat of her flesh lightly begin to melt it. He turned it flat against her nipple went around, and around, and around until Mrs. Palmer felt it growing numb. Her pelvis was quivering with feelings she was having. He watched her face, as he drew the ice slowly up her one breast, and slid down the other one. He repeated the same procedure but this time, he squeezed her nipple tight against the icy block. Just like the ice cream in the kitchen, Mrs. Palmer loved the feeling. Jake knew this and wanted to tantalize her more. While he iced one nipple he grasped the other one in his fingers to pull and stretch it until it was long, red and firm.

He watched her squirm as the concentrated feeling was becoming overwhelming. When he was satisfied that she was on the edge, he let the ice cube slide down her body and drew it closer and closer to her groin. He watched as her hips rose up to meet him. She thrust her pelvis upward, to try and entice his fingers closer and closer. He knew what she wanted and he would give it to her later rather than sooner. He picked up the ice and walked around to the foot of the bed. He looked down the length of her body and saw her red swollen abused sex. He looked past her mons and saw the dark discolored nipples at the end of long soft breasts hanging down beside her waist. He looked up past her breasts and saw a contorted face with quivering lips waiting in anticipation and eyes staring at the hand with the ice cube.

Jake brought the ice cube up to her ankle, before sliding it up to the back of her knee. He held it there as she lay helplessly, against the cold invasion in this most sensitive spot. He watched her legs tremble as he smeared the wet water coating the ice on her in her side thigh as he slid the ice cube closer and closer to her swollen dark red abused labia. He ran it up one side of the outer lips and down the other side. He ran it up and down again and the next time, when he got to the top, he held it there. She sighed loudly as the overwhelming sensation pierced her loins. She was helpless, she was a little afraid, but she hoped, he was like his dad and wouldn't hurt her.

Jake, felt the trembling body, and watched the icy water trickled down to red opening, soothing the heat and the soreness from his aggressive penetration. He uses other hand to pull her lips apart, exposing the pearl white clit that for years had been hidden from a man. He wiped the icy coolness across the clit and watched it accept its presence. It retreated before swelling and becoming more prominent. He brought the ice cube between her lips at the entrance of her vagina and held it there as he watched her throat contort, her mouth become tight and her eyes open in shock as she felt the invader and its intrusion into her most secret place. He kept sliding the ice cube down until it reached her anus. He spread her cheeks apart to allow full contact with the tightly constricted dark brown ring. While he held it there with his left hand, he used his right thumb to tweak and caress her clit. He used long strokes with his thumb down the full length of her sex before coming back up to rub the demanding nub.

"I think you're ready for another orgasm." Jake offered as he began to stimulate her vagina more fully. While still holding the ice on her rosebud, he slid three fingers into her vagina as deeply as he could. He worked his fingers back and forth reaching her most intimate spots, stroking the inside of her, curving his fingers up to try and grasp and manipulate her G-spot. He kept his thumb on her clit as he worked his fingers incessantly deep inside her. Soon, all he had to do was hold his hand steady as she did all the work. Mrs. Palmer thrust and drove herself on his impaling fingers. Her body was trying to roll from side to side, and her breasts were flopping wildly, as she fought against her restraints to further experience the sensations Jake was giving her. Jake withdrew the ice cube, and focused his attention on his hands. The ice cube melted on the bed and the cold wet water ran under her as he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his left thumb. He then took his right thumb and applied it directly on her clit. He ran it rapidly up and down while simultaneously thrusting his thumb deeply into her. He watched her fight against the frustrations of her restraints. He knew she was getting closer. She knew she was getting closer. She wanted to be there. It was only moments away, as she allowed his blatant unbridled exploration of her sexuality. She had offered herself to him, now he was taking her up on her offer

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