tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Long Weekend Ch. 34

The Long Weekend Ch. 34


"I expect that's' the delivery the boys have been waiting for. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go down to the meet them." Annie said as she slipped on the yellow micro-kini bottoms that were lying on the floor. With Claire still wearing the top, she slipped on the short thin top of a robe she had on earlier before heading to the balcony to wave to the men.

Leaning over the balcony she waved at the same two men from the day before. They had been looking up in anticipation of seeing her and were not disappointed. She looked as sexy as yesterday and they hoped they would be treated to the same fine close-up view.

By the time they got to the end of the drive, they were perplexed as to what to do. The drive was blocked by two trucks and one car. By the time Annie reached the lower level and exited the door, they were out of their truck surveying the scene. They watched as she approached them with the tales of the robe waving behind her and her bosom heaving. Annie realized too late that in her haste to meet them, she had forgotten to put on a bra and felt her tits flopping around wildly and knowing the men were getting an eyeful. She also realized that in her haste she still had on her five inch yellow stiletto heels. No wonder it took so long to get down the stairs to greet them she concluded. Oh well she thought, too late now to change and not good to apologize. Just make the best of an embarrassing situation.

"Can't get in the driveway Mrs., too many cars." said the elder drive as he tried hard to keep his eyes focused on her face.

"Oh dear, you're right. I think I can fix that." Annie said as she turned to walk back up the stairs. The men watched her very cute short legs balance on the tall shoes and noticed how it made her calves and thighs more sensuous. Every now and then, as the back of the robe was blown open by the breeze, they caught a glimpse of her most perfect ass. Yesterday her cheeks were framed with a tight aqua colored suit. Today, it seemed, she had on a yellow thong and the strip at the back was buried between her cheeks. As she stood up on the top outside step, they swore over beers later, they could see the yellow gusset between her legs splitting her vulva.

"Claire, Claire. Can you come to the railing please." Annie yelled out while looking up to the third floor. Hoping to amplify her call, Annie raised to hands to form a mini-megaphone around her mouth her robe at the back rose up to her hips. The deliverymen saw that she was virtually naked under the robe with only a small string around her waist and down the back between the cheeks of her bum. They looked at each other and with a nod, agreed this was the best delivery they had.

Claire came to the rail clutching her clothes to shield her nakedness and peered over the edge.

"Can you move your car, so the delivery men can get in?" Annie asked, still keeping her hands to her face. Claire looked at Annie, then her car, then the men looking at Annie.

"Sure, sure. I'll be right down." Claire called out and quickly backed up to the bedroom's sliding door so they would not see that she had no clothes on.

Walking back to the men, Annie asked, "If we move the one car is that enough or should I move the big truck also?" Not getting an answer, Annie asked again.

This time, with some embarrassment about their lapse of manners, the response was that the big truck should be moved as well. "Okay, then. My friend will be down in a minute to move her car. I'll move the big truck if one of you goes down to the lake to let them know you are here." Annie advised as she turned again to go back in and get her keys.

"Take your time, we're paid by the hour and things are real pretty up here." said the heavily tattooed younger one who headed down to the lake. The elder one, the driver, headed back to the truck shaking his head. Unbelievable he said to himself.

The tall Claire and much shorter Annie exited the house at the same time. Claire, back in her mousy conservative outfit, made straight for her car, while Annie climbed up into the cab of the closer truck. The big steps into the high rise cab meant that Annie had to stretch herself to reach up. As she did she felt the crotch gusset of her bottoms split her labia. The clit pouch stayed in place but everything else was captured by her sensitive lips. Sitting on the leather seat, she felt the smooth coolness on her buttocks and wondered if she could drive in the high heels and found the thick platform soles helped her reach the clutch and brake pedals easier. Backing out, she drove out the long drive, and down the road aways before stopping. As Claire approached, Annie put the ignition key under the truck's floor mat and flagged her down and got out of the truck to speak with her.

"Do you have to go?" Annie said as she put her hand above open driver's side door window and leaned forward allowing her unsupported breast to rest on Claire's arm. Claire could feel Annie, nipple pressing into her forearm and the heat from the intimate intentional contact.

"Yes. I am still shaking from this morning. I've never experienced anything like that ever in my life. You've opened up a whole new world for me that I was afraid to explore." Claire said as she responded by pushing the back of her hand against the underside of Annie's breast. "I just left everything on the bed when you called out. I am a bit confused right now. Thank you for all you did for me and to me. It feels much better down there, if you know what I mean. I got to go shopping and then go back to check on Beth. I have congregational rounds this afternoon and won't home till after six, when I have to make dinner for Steve. Will I see you again before you go? If not will you be up here again? We never get down to the city, but if we do, how can I get in touch with you." Claire said not stopping for a breath.

Hearing the insistent beeping of the delivery truck in reverse rushed the two women.

"My email is luv2flaunt@gmail.com, email me and I'll send you the pictures and we can communicate that way." Annie said quickly as Claire wrote it down on the back of her shopping list. "I've got to go, these guys are liable to run into something, unless keep an eye on them. You area special girl, be proud of who you are. I am sure we'll meet again."

With that Annie leant in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and tapped on the door to signal goodbye. As Claire drove off, Annie turned to walk back down the road to the house. Sure enough the large delivery truck was backing into the driveway but the driver had his eyes glued on the vision walking toward him. Her large breasts were swaying back and forth and the breeze was blowing the bottom of the robe wide open and he saw that she had only what appeared to be only a small g-string.

She suddenly saw the truck coming toward and stop when it was next to her.

"Can I give you a lift ma'am. My girls can't walk in platform stilettos on gravel roads. It ruins the shoes and you could turn an ankle. Hop in." the driver said.

Annie didn't know what to say. She was having trouble walking and it would be easier.

"Come on, jump in. I won't bite."

Annie stepped up and opened the door and put slid her naked left leg in before managing to slip the other leg in and close the door.

"Thanks. But what do you mean your girls?" Annie asked as she sat close to the door in the dusty cab.

"I run a couple of girls of out of the bar in town. We do stag parties, weekend things, you know. They always wear shoes like that. The customers like it." the elderly driver said as he eyed her up and down.

"I think you and your tall girl friend there would fit into my stable very nicely." he volunteered after confirming that her assets were genuine.

Annie was surprised and bemused by the suggestion that his old man would be making such an assessment of her and more boldly making her such an offer.

"What's in it for us?" Annie asked playing along to find out more.

"With a body like yours and your willingness to show it off, I guess about eight hundred dollars a night. I little less for your tall friend unless you add some girl on girl stuff and for cash on the side at the parties you can get all the cock you two would want. Plus, you get regular access to one of the best cocks this side of the Rockies." the driver said as he stroked the significant bulge forming down the inseam of his pants.

"What would I have to do to get the job?" Annie asked naively as she stared at his hand running long this fattening cock.

"Well that depends. Here and now, you would have to undo your robe and show me what you got. Then give me a bareback blow job to prove you are not a cock tease. If you wanted to audition later, I'd have to fuck you to see if you take a big cock." the driver said as a matter of fact. It was pitch he had given many a time.

"You show me yours and, if I thinks it's as good as you believe it is, I'll show you mine." Claire offered just as confidently as she toyed with a button on her robe. With that statement she saw the driver undo his belt buckle, unzip his pants and open the fly wide. He reached into the opening and down his leg to draw out a truly beautiful specimen of a cock. He may have been old, but he had the goods. Large well proportioned, with heavy veining and a fat pink helmet of a head. It extended out the past his palm and the girth was sizeable. Annie had to admit it was a keeper.

"Whooow. You were right. You got a good one there. Fairs fair." Annie said as she slowly undid the buttons on the robe she peeled it back and let it fall away from her breasts. Watching him show off, her areola had begun to wrinkle up as her nipples extended themselves on top of her large tanned chest. She pulled the robe away from her crotch so he could see the tiny pouch concealing her clit and the string running through her swelling labia. She heard him inhale deeply as he saw the opportunity of a lifetime in front of him.

"Swing your leg around and open up so I can see you better darling." the driver said as he slowly stroked his lengthening member. Annie watched him masturbate himself as she did what he asked. Her left leg swung over the edge to the gap between the seats. She let her right leg fall away displaying herself to this stranger. The driver saw the string of the small elastic waist band, the small yellow pouch covering her clit and the narrow string running between the lips of her bald vulva. The tan lines were being erased by the fully nude days in the sun and soft yet taut skin shone.

The driver had asked hundreds of women to join his posse. He had seen a ton of tits and lots of pussy. If you don't ask you never know the answer was his motto. As he worked his thumb down the length of his cock he thought of the frequent hand jobs, the many blow jobs and the wonderful fucks he had received. None of them, and I mean none of them compared to what was in front of him today. Here was what he had been looking for all the years - a beautiful, classy, experienced woman with a body to die for and a willingness to listen to his patter. His mind raced trying to figure out how to close the deal.

The sexual tension was palpable in the cab as he stared at her crotch. He brought his handsome cock up to vertical and extended the length of his slow strokes. "Show me all of you." he stated more than asked as the pink cock head began to turn a darker shade of red.

Annie reached down along her hip and quietly placed her fingers along the tight waistband and slid one of them under the elastic. She pushed her hand forward toward her crotch and let her finger lift away the band along the way until she reached her clit. She let her finger slide into the pouch and drew little circles over her aching little bud before slowing pulling the fabric away. She continued to peel the yellow fabric away which drew the wedged gusset string out from between her leaking labia. The cab began to fill with the aroma of sex as the wet fabric became visible and shared what it had soaked up.

"So far you are passing the test, just one step to go. Time for that blow job." the driver said as nonchalantly as if interviewing a new delivery helper. He held his erect cock at the base and tipping it toward her, suggested that she get on the job. "I promise you though, once you taste this delicious meat, you'll crave it regularly."

"I just went down on my girlfriend and have pussy juice all over my face. Are you sure you want that on your big cock. Her cum was real fine and it got smeared around a lot. I smeared some on my nipples like this." Annie said and demonstrated by taking the finger that was touching her clit and rubbing it over her nipple. "After I ate her out for the longest time, I sucked her clit until she came big time, just like I'm going to do with your cock." She continued as she replaced her hand on to her sex and began to use two fingers on work on her labia. "Do you like that? Do you like me to finger myself like this? Show me if you do, jerk yourself for me." Annie continued ratcheting up the heat.

"Girl, your cream ain't nearly as sweet as mine. You're going to want seconds after I feed you my cum. You're going to lick it all up and ask for more. They always do." the driver told her as he increased the fisting of his cock. "Put your face down here and work me."

Annie began to lean forward and put her right hand on the bulging biceps of the arm the driver. The arm that held the hand that was jerking his cock. She traced his muscular arm down until she felt this wrist. She let her hand continue over his powerful wrist down to his fingers.

"Move your hand big boy, time for a professional." Annie cooed in his ear as she took over working his rod. You have a load to deliver, can you come quick?"

"Let's finish this load first then we'll see about the other." the driver said as he grit his teeth to hold back his release. Her hand felt so cool and soft compared to his. He closed his eyes and fantasized what her pussy would feel like, when he got the chance to fuck her.

Annie lowered her head until her lips made contact with the tip of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the bulbous mushroom head and tasted the sweat. The driver had let his right hand drop and as Annie bent over, he reached up to grab her nipple. He then withdrew his hand and put it on her neck. Instead of pushing her head down, he slid it under the collar of her robe and worked the robe further off her shoulders and down her arms. Annie knew what he wanted and twisted her arms out of the cotton covering until she was topless in the cab. He swept his hand up and down her back as he encouraged her efforts to bring him off. Annie was sweeping her thumb up and down the heavily veined top of his cock while the palm of her hand was squeezing the prominent ridge that ran the length of the underside.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the textural difference between this cock and those of her son and her husband who both had nice smooth ones. She felt it was as sweet as he said it was as she tongued the glans and worked her tongue under the foreskin. She felt his rough hands on her lower back push her forward more onto his cock and used her left hand to brace herself against the edge of this driver's seat. She used her right hand to grab and pull at his hairy balls while she held his cock only with her mouth. She felt him begin to grind his hips and knew that her cock sucking skills were working.

They both heard it at the same time. BANG BANG BANG, something or someone pounding on the driver's door. The cab tilted to the left and at the open window was the tattooed driver's helper who had stepped onto the running board about to demand what was taking so long.

"Don't stop baby girl. Keep you mouth on it. I'm close. Don't get distracted." the driver urged Annie as he shifted his strong hand to the back of head.

Annie looked up to see the young man staring at her mouth around the old man's cock. She felt the driver pull her hair back so his helper could see the masterful job she was doing. The driver had told the young man about his ability to get women but the younger always thought it was BS. Today, he learned a lesson -- listen to your elders.

The young aide watched Annie suck at the end of his boss's hose of a cock and looked up to see that he had also gotten her naked in his truck. "Damn, how did he do that." he thought.

"Look at him. Show him what a cock hound you are. Are you a cum slut too? Let him see me cum in your mouth. Make me cum now." the driver said desperately. "Look at him. Look in his eyes as you suck me. That's it."

As Annie stared at the speechless face of the helper, her tongue felt the first spasm of the hot sperm rising up the old man's pipe. She took her mouth of the end of his cock head but left the furrow of her tongue working the underside of the glans. She pulled back to allow them both to see his hot spunk explode out with such force that it hit the back of her throat. She swallowed and almost gagged but kept her mouth open as a receptacle for his semen. As his ejaculations waned, she brought her lips tight around the erupting end of his cock to catch all of his juice.

She held her mouth steady and worked her cum covered tongue over softening cock until he became too sensitive and urged her to pull away. Annie sat up, looked at the speechless young helper before turning to face the driver. She put her hands on his face and went to kiss him. When he responded she spit his own cum into his mouth. She pulled her face back, stuck out her tongue for both of them to see.

"All gone." she said which was rhetorical as they both saw her mouth was empty.

"You are a dirty one, aren't you." said the driver as he swallowed the surprise gift.

"Yes, I am. I'm up from the city and have more than my hands full with the three guys at the house. I don't get up this way much, if ever, so I don't think I need the job." Annie said with smile.

"Let me give you my card anyway just in case. You are special and we could make a lot of money, a whole lot of money if your girl friend is just as good." he implored tying to close the deal while Annie sat back and adjusted the bottom of her suit.

"Can I help you with that?" the young helper asked hoping to get some of what the old man got.

"No, I'm fine thanks." Annie cut him off by finding her robe but taunted him by taking her time to put it on. The young man's tattoos twitched as he watched her close the fine cotton fabric over a set of tits he would likely never see again.

Taking the card, she realized she did not have any pockets. Thinking quickly, she slid it into the pouch that protected her clit. With half of it sticking up out of her suit, she offered, "The ink won't run if it gets too wet will it?"

"Shall we take care of the other load now? Let's back her up."

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