tagMatureThe Long Weekend Ch. 37

The Long Weekend Ch. 37


So here we are, Monday lunch of the long weekend. Danny and Jr. are anticipating a picnic lunch with Kathy at Jake's parent's house. Jake has gone to retrieve his mobile phone from Beth's house while Annie has left to have lunch with Nancy, her sister and their father.

The way things have gone so far, it would seem that each will get its own chapter and then be reconciled in the chapter after that. The ratings are in and the following order has been established.

After Claire had hurriedly departed that morning, Jake realized he did not have Beth's phone number or he would have asked her for it. "Dumbass" he thought to himself. It left him with the hope that she would be there, but in truth he had no idea. Feeling stupid he thought, "Well I will at least get some lunch while I am out."

As he drove to Beth's he continued to ponder about the three different colored used thongs hanging from the rear view mirror. He thought they might be some of his young girl friends, but had he known they were Mrs. Sullivan's he would have been shocked that in such a short period of time, Danny had gotten three pair from her while he had none. He drove quickly fearing that maybe after lunch Beth might go out shopping and although he made one wrong turn, he got there without any problem.

Parking the truck behind her car, he strode up the drive to the front door and rang the bell.

He saw someone peeking out of the security hole and smoothed down his hair which was unkempt from the morning's hard work in addition to getting blown around on the drive over because the windows were open.

Prior to his arrival, Beth had risen mid-morning, well after everyone had gone. She realized that she had overslept but she needed it. She thought, her old body was not nearly as young at it once was and it took a long time to bounce back. She was distressed about not fulfilling her obligation to Jake, but felt better about it when she read Jake's kind note. She was so energized after her tryst with Jake the night before that she positively floated through the house. Returning to her room, she smelled the odor of sex and remembered what she had done, what THEY had done. She folded down the sheet and cover to let the bed air, thinking that rather than changing the sheets she would sleep in them a few more days so as to prolong her memories.

She showered and put on her make-up and since it was a stay at home day, decided to dress up and maintain the illusion of youth. She went to her closet and searched for the perfect outfit.

"It's here somewhere." Beth muttered to herself as she searched and searched. "There it is." she called out to herself. The short pleated plaid school skirt hanging under a starched white translucent blouse. "Perfect."

She had on a lacy bra and some white cotton panties and soon found some white knee high socks. They were pressure socks to help the veins in her legs but they looked like the real thing. She put on some black buckle up shoes and when she looked in the mirror she convinced herself she didn't look a day over eighteen. Whether the mirror was foggy from the shower steam, her eyesight was failing or both, the image in her mind was real.

She bounced and skipped around the house. "No coffee for you this morning." she dictated to herself, feeling that her heart rate was already way up. Instead she chose a decaf herbal to have with her cottage cheese and fruit. She was starved and in the midst of wolfing down the late breakfast when she was surprised by the chime of the door bell rang.

She jumped up and after checking to see who it was, opened the door to find Claire standing there.

"Oh my!" Claire exclaimed seeing Annie in such an outfit. "What's all this about?" she asked.

"Oh, just feeling like a young school girl today." Beth said, without really elaborating.

"I just made tea, would you like some?"

"I would thank you. I was here earlier, as you know and just came back to check on you." Claire advised as to the reason for her visit. "It's also been a strange morning, and I need someone to talk to about it. And that person can not be my husband."

"Claire, you're wonderful neighbor and a good friend. You have been very considerate of me and if I can help you, it'll be my pleasure. Tell me what's on your mind." Beth said sympathetically as they walked to the separate formal dining room.

"Beth I hoped you would say that. But first, tell me about this outfit and yourself. You seem revitalized, transformed." Claire asked as she poured herself a cup of tea and searched for the milk jug.

Beth, before she burst from excitement, was dying to tell someone, anyone. Her frail hands were trembling at the illicit nature of the events and the lasciviousness acts that had transpired. Before she started speaking she took a deep breath and put her tea cup down.

"I want to tell you, but I need you to be discrete. You likely guessed a little bit of what happened. Let's just say I had a night of the best sex of my entire life last night. It was something I thought would never happen but it did and it was better than anything I could have ever imagined. I feel like the young girl I used to be and that why I dressed up like this. I know it likely looks inappropriate or foolish on someone my age, but its how I feel." Beth said all at once, taking only two small breaths.

"I guessed it was something like that, since I met a most handsome young naked man in your house this morning when I came over." Claire confided with a conspiratorial smile.

"Yes, that was Jake. He came with his dad for dinner last night and Jake stayed to keep me company. I promised to drive him home this morning, but I was too exhausted to wake up. I wanted to thank you for taking him. I feel really bad about that." Beth apologized.

"It turned out to be my pleasure in more ways than one, and I should be thanking you. That is part of the reason I am here." Claire responded. "When I first came in, he was making coffee and he was completely naked. I have never seen naked men before and he made no apologies or attempt to cover up. He said you said it was fine to be naked in your house and he was going to stay that way.

'Claire, I'm so sorry you had to see that. I did tell him that and he loved the idea. You see, he found out that his mom and dad are members at the clothing optional club that I belong to and he wanted to try it out. I said that I was often naked at home and if it makes it easier, I would be naked with him. One thing led to another to another and another. Now you know." Claire elaborated.

"You mean you were all naked at dinner?" Claire asked in a surprise voice.

"No, sorry I did not make myself clear. His dad -- Brice, was the club today and when I talked to him, he said he was heading back into town. I said come for dinner. It was over dinner that it came out Brice and his wife Barbara, Jake's mother, have been long time members. Jake was more intrigued by the idea and after Brice left I suggested that he might want to try it, just like I have often suggested to you." Beth explained carefully trying to clarify the picture.

"So, you've seen the whole family naked then?" Claire asked.

"Oh, yes. Often. For instance, as I said, Brice was at the club yesterday. He was naked and on Saturday night he brought some woman with him. I think she is a friend of the family and her son is helping fix the house they just bought".

'I met the friend today. Her name is Annie Sullivan and her son Jr. goes to school with Jake. Was she naked as well? I thought you said yesterday was Ladies Day. What was he doing there?"

"When she was there with Brice on Saturday night, Mrs. Sullivan was topless. She spent time with two other women Kathy and Nancy who were both completely naked as were their husbands. Kathy's nephew/son wore his toga. And to tell you the truth about today, Brice was the door prize." Beth said hoping the conversation would die there.

"You mean Danny was there with all the naked people on Saturday night? I met him this morning at the Lumley house and what do you mean the door prize?" Claire asked with incredulity.

"Yes, Danny was there. He and Kathy danced a lot and spent some time in the playroom. Brice was the door prize because he is a good fundraiser."

"Why is he so good?" Claire persisted

"Well........... let's just say that he is very well endowed and ladies bid on spending an hour with him. Today we raised over $800 with raffle tickets and the auction. Not bad for a small group. I run the raffle and today was one of our better days. It really helps the club and the ladies enjoy it." Beth boasted. She continued, "Claire, you can see that I am fine. What was that you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Beth. I am confused and what you told me adds to my confusion. I need advice and I can't turn to my husband." Claire reiterated. "So many things have happened and I don't really know where to begin."

'Begin at the beginning. More tea?"

"I think if I have tea or coffee I'll be in the bathroom all day. No, its probably better that I don't. Let me just start then. You know that I saw Jake naked this morning and when he made no attempt to cover up, I accepted the fact and tried to deal with it. You know that is my way. However, I found myself becoming comfortable and frankly, enjoying it. He served me coffee and very casually stood there with his penis very close. He didn't try anything it seemed rather natural but unsettling. When I drove him over, we chatted and seemed to get on fine, but I did see that he kept his hand on his thing as we drove and seemed to be playing with it. When we got there, he showed me around and then introduced me to everyone. That's where I met Annie, her son Jr. and the other boy Danny you mentioned. Annie just had her bathing suit on with a cover up over it. I stayed for coffee and when the boys went out to work, we continued to talk. I had never seen such a small suit. As you can see my wardrobe is very conservative due to my, how shall I say this, my embarrassment over my height. I try not to draw attention to myself. I guess Annie noticed this and suggested that I try on one of her suits to see how it feels. I found I liked the feeling. One thing led to another and when I tried on a really small suit, I saw that I didn't fit into the top very well and also that I have a lot of hair down there. When Annie saw it, she said she would trim it for me and while trimming it she saw my private parts. I have always kept them hidden because they are big and stick out but Annie said they were beautiful. Before I knew it, I was lying on the bed and she was kissing me down there. She made me feel like I never felt before. When I left, she told me I should be more confident, that I was beautiful and gave me her email address to keep in touch. The rest of the morning I was at sixes and sevens and after shopping, I came here. I am so mixed up." Claire admitted, making eye contact for the first time since starting her confession.

"Well Claire, I guess you now know how I felt most of last night and this morning. It was truly like a revelation or as you might say an epiphany. Regardless, a breakthrough. We make up these stories about ourselves and begin to believe them. But, if we leave ourselves open to receive what comes along they can be life changing. I never thought I would get over the death of my husband. But I did. I never thought to have a real life again. But I do. I never thought I would have real sex again. But I did. Life is about change." Beth said in passive voice.

"Without intellectualizing, how did you feel about what happened? Beth asked empathetically.

"I liked it. I could see how people could be attracted or seduced by it, but it flies in the face of what I have been told and the life I live." Claire responded feeling a little better about revealing her secret.

"Isn't that good?" Beth assuaged her guilt with a calm voice.

"I guess so but, what happens now.....?" Claire started to ask but was interrupted by the door bell.

Beth who had few visitors, especially on a Monday, was startled but got up quickly and went to the door. She peeked out and saw it was Jake. She threw open the door to greet him with a big smile. Jake stared at her outfit. She had fit her large pendulous breasts into a bra that held them up in their normal position. In doing so they jutted out so that the lace of the low cut top could be seen through the thin white fabric of her crisp white blouse.

Feeling a bit awkward about leaving only a note Jake was not sure how to proceed. "Er...I think I left my phone here. I've come to get it if I may."

"Certainly, certainly. I am just having tea and a chat with someone you know. Do you want a spot of lunch?" Claire asked almost dragging him inside and giving him a peck on the cheek as he nodded yes.

"I heard you liked being naked, do you want to take you clothes off again?

"Oh yes please."

"Good, leave them in the living room and join us in the dining room." Claire said with a beguiling smile followed by a slight genuflect before turning and skipping out of the rom.

"We have a surprise. It goes to the heart of what we were just talking about." Beth offered to the inquisitive look of her friend. The two ladies sat expectantly facing each other and turned at the sound of someone entering the room. Beth let out a big smile and Claire covered her open mouth with her hand to mask her surprise. Jake was equally surprised as he stood bare assed naked in front of two fully clothed women.

"Jake, you know Mrs. Greene." Beth said rhetorically.

"Yes, yes I do." Jake said warming up to the situation.

"We were just talking about how your unconditional acceptance of being nude came so suddenly. One minute dressed. One minute not." Beth continued. "I was certainly the beneficiary last night of your transformation. Don't just stand there, come on over Jake."

He walked over and gave Beth a small kiss on each cheek like he had seen his parents do and since he was not on familiar terms with Mrs. Greene, he stepped forward and extended his hand. In reaching for his hand, Claire could not help but stare at his male member. Returning to Beth, he stood behind and let his member hang close to her shoulder.

"Yes, I really can't believe it myself. I think I always wanted to but forbid myself the opportunity. Then when my dad left and Mrs. Palmer suggested we try being naked I jumped at the chance. I loved it. I think part of the reason I came back was not only to get my phone but to see her again and maybe get naked. Here I am." He said as he opened his arms wide to display his body.

"Yes you are. I was thinking about we said in the car. What I said about not doing what you want or need and holding everything in and you saying how freeing being naked is. I was talking with Beth about it and the more I do, the more I think I want to try." Claire said pleading with her eyes.

'I hear you Claire." Beth said as beckoned Jake to bend over so she can whisper in his ear. Sotto voce Beth suggested Jake go to the bedroom to get his phone and also the lube. Beth and Claire watched his good looking naked bum as he goes down the hall. Looking at each they smiled and laughed.

"He is cute isn't he?" Beth asked a rhetorical question of Claire as they watched him return with his member dangling and swinging. Jake handed the small bottle to Mrs. Palmer.

"'I'll be back in sec, just want to put my phone with my clothes." Jake offered while the two ladies sat in silence and watched his tight white bum carry him into the other room.

"Why not join us Claire. This is your chance to try it out to join us. It's only the three of us. We are inside and the font door is locked and I can close the curtains." Beth urged as Claire, mesmerized by the swollen cock of the teenager in front of her, simply nodded.

Jake stood in front of Claire and when she doesn't respond, he began to unbutton her blouse. No one has ever done this so sensually to her before and she sat stiffly with anxiety. She let him undo the last button and slide his hand under her collar and effortlessly push it away from her neck toward her shoulder. The front hung open revealing her full padded bra. She felt him thumb the hollows at the nape of her neck and trace the lines of the bra's shoulder straps. His fingers eased the taut white straps off he shoulders and down he upper arms. He stroked the marks left in her skin soothing the sore flesh and causing an ache to course through her body. As Jake continued to push, the blouse also fell away tracking the descent of the straps.

Her trembling arms were clasped tight to her sides so she is left with bare shoulders, a half exposed chest and her blouse getting wrinkled as it is trapped behind her back. Jake felt her nervous quivering as he returned his hands up along her arms to caress her neck. He slipped his hands down her back and when just above her shoulder blade, urged her to lean forward. His gentle subtle direction was like a good dancer leading his partner. He leaned in further and when Claire complied, he reached behind to undo the clasp and felt her stiffen even more.

"Its okay, I was scared when I got naked yesterday, but it's wonderful." Jake said softly close to her ear.

"I wanted to I see you naked all morning, but this is better." he continued as he stepped closer and began to lightly caress his swelling cock that was glistening from the slippery coating of lube.

Beth stood up to watch her boy toy begin to undress Claire. She moved close in behind Jake and reached around to play with his small masculine nipple. She felt him wince at the unexpected caress. Claire had pressed her arms to the side of her body but had begun to loosen their tight bond to her torso permitting the straps and blouse to fall down and the plain white cups of her bra to fall off the end of her shaking breasts. Covering the whole end of her medium sized breasts, her deep red areola and her long thick teats were exposed. Claire held her breath at the wantonness and for a moment, she was waiting for his aversion, his revulsion to her body. Nothing.

Beth had stopped her nipple play on Jake as she watched how Claire would react. She did not start again until she saw Jake's finger move Claire's nipple around like the gear shift in Danny's truck. She watched his finger begin to push and prod the large protuberances. He moved his fingers to trace large circles of the bumpy areolas before squeezing her nipples between his fingers in a manner to milking a cow.

"Oh Claire, you have beautiful breasts. Your nipples are so sexy like that." Beth offered as she watched her lover touch the other woman. "May I touch them too?"

Claire was so lost in the moment, she could only nod.

Beth stepped forward and although she had never thought of making love to another woman, took the firm white breast of Claire in her frail hand. She palmed the nipple and then like Jake, squeezed and pulled on it. "So beautiful." she meowed." as she began to undo her own blouse. When she had all the buttons undone, she turned to Jake with the request, "Jake would you help me off with this."

Jake slipped the blouse off as Mrs. Palmer wiggled her arms. "Now the bra, you darling boy." Beth directed and felt Jakes fingers fussing with the catch. He soon released it, and letting go of one end, the bra fell free and Beth's long sagging breast were overcome by gravity and hung like plastic milk sacs pinned to a line. Beth squeezed both of them to massage the cramps that had begun to set in due to their lacy confinement. .

"I think we should move into either the living room or the bedroom don't you." Beth suggested hoping not to break the spell.

"I'd be okay with either. What about you Mrs. Greene?" Jake said in an accommodating tone.

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