tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Long Weekend Ch. 43

The Long Weekend Ch. 43


"Easy now, take it gently in your hand and ease it forward." Ted directed as he placed his hand over Annie's.

Heading for the close by dock, Ted watched as his wife slid her panties back on, adjusted her skirt and wrestles her big tits back into the small white blouse. Bumping against the dock, Tom jumped out to tie off while Annie stepped out.

"We'll be up a few minutes and get the bikes ready for the ride."

Arriving at the back of the house Fern and Annie find Darryl sitting on one of the patio chairs watching them make their way up the well worn path.

"Hey Fern, I brought your money for this afternoon." he said as he held two crisp one-hundred dollars bills. "Plus ....." Darryl says, stopping dead mid-sentence when he sees Annie

"Ted said you may know Annie Sullivan" Fern stated as she saw the look of surprise on Darryl's face.

"Maybe I do. Someone who looks a lot like her gave me a blow job this morning, but she would have to take her clothes off for me to be sure." he opined.

"Did you suck my big cock this morning?" he directly asked with a big smile of Annie as he looked in her eyes.

"If I did, I think I'd remember it and if I were to have sucked a big cock, I would have surely remembered it and frankly I don't." Annie countered with a grin.

"I don't know. Fern, do I have a big cock?' he asked of the woman in the too small school girl outfit.

Fern looked embarrassed at the question and hesitated to answer.

"Its okay Fern, she knows that in order to work for me there are three criteria, show me you body, suck my cock and then let me fuck you. You completed the first two and if you want you next assignment which could be in a half-hour, I will need to fuck you right now. My peter meter needs to try the goods. I am a stickler for sending only good product." Darryl offered as a matter of fact.

"Ted doesn't know okay. You agreed not to tell. Yes, he's got a big cock. I sucked it last week when my daughter Ivy suggested that I might work for him like she does."

"Fern, you are going to have to let me fuck you sooner or later, but if you want this next gig, you will have to let me test your pussy now."

"What's the next gig?"

"Right now your daughter is riding around in the limo with the mayor and the Japanese. They want you to join them for dinner. That's about four hours at a hundred an hour. You'll likely have to do some girl-girl stuff that usually fifty. You will probably have to suck off or give a hand job to the two underlings that's one hundred a pop and then fuck the major domo for another couple of hundred. That's eight hundred and fifty dollars. You need to tip the limo driver fifty as he works for me and will take care of you if any problems arise. So with the two hundred I have in my hand that's one thousand dollars for today. One last thing, the mayor is the host, so out of courtesy he won't join in tonight but you will have to go to his office tomorrow and fuck him for free. He's making the arrangements and paying the bills so we or, more specifically you, have to be nice to him. If you say yes, I'll need to fuck you now then call the limo to swing by here to pick you up in a half hour. If not someone else will make the eight hundred."

Fern was confused. She had just let some other man fuck her for the first time outside of her marriage. Now if she wanted the next assignment she would have to let Darryl do the same thing. She knew they needed the money and her daughter Ivy had said that this would happen but she was so terribly unsure.

"You won't tell Ted will you? He mustn't know. Promise? He and Tom are down at the dock with boat and will be up later. We could really use the money. We'd have to be quick? Is that okay?"

"Fast or slow as long as I get balls deep and get off, it doesn't matter to me. I've had a vasectomy. I'm STD clear. I used to be able to do two or three auditions in the morning and the same again in the afternoon but at my age I am down to one full on audition a day. So if you want to do it, let's do it, but your friend won't be able to audition for me today." he said looking slowly and separately at the two women.

"Can we go inside?" Fern beseeched with worried and anxious look then continued, "Annie, if Ted and Tom come up can you make sure they go to the garage? When I finish with Darryl, I'll join you there."

"Why not stay out here. That way we can see them coming. If you're good you should be able to get me off before they get it here. That way you sexy new friend here can watch and decide if she wants to audition later? Lie back on the picnic table and get me hard." Darryl said directly in a very business like tone.

"Sell me on the idea you want me to fuck you, just like as if I were a client."

Fern looked worried but felt she had no choice. If she wanted the job and more importantly the money, she would have to do this. Her daughter Ivy had done it and had been making good money for over two years. How bad could it be, she thought -- she had just fucked their friend Tom. Fern moved to the end of the large wooden picnic table and faced Darryl. She watched as he blatantly stroked the increasingly large front bulge on the font of his pants.

Fern raised her bum to rest on the edge of the table and leaned back. She lay back on her elbows and cupped her large breasts in her hands. She played and fondled herself through the white blouse as she slowly opened her legs, inviting his eyes to follow her thick thighs to her panty clad sex. As she watched his increasing interest she raised her feet to the table and rested the heels of her black shoes on the table and let her legs fall completely apart. The gusset of the panties followed the contours of her vulva and warm pink crevasse began to leak wetness onto the fabric.

"Take off my panties." Fern said meekly as she raised her eyes and encouraged him with a sultry look. As a further signal she raised her bum off the table so that he could reach under the waistband of her panties and slid them down. She was surprised that he did not move.

"Do you want to help us?" Darryl said as he turned to Annie. "I think she'd like your help, wouldn't you Fern?"

Annie looked at Fern and read in her eyes embarrassment and need. Annie struggled with her own feelings as she realized she did want to help but knew it was up to Fern. Annie gave a little smile to reassure Fern it was okay and recognized a reluctant but positive response.

"Ever had another woman, Fern?" Darryl asked, knowing by her reluctance the answer was likely no.

"No, never" came a timid response from the woman wantonly displaying herself.

"Do you want her to help us?" Darryl persisted.

"Yes, I guess so." came the unsure reply from Fern.

"You got to ask her." Darryl directed and waited as Fern screwed up enough courage.

"Annie would your please take off my panties and help Darryl fuck me." Fern almost whispered.

"We can't hear you. Can we Annie?" Darryl spoke out.

Annie realized it was not an attempt to humiliate Fern but to draw out of her the courage and conviction she needed to do her job. Annie stepped in closer and laid her hand on Fern's solid calf and gave it a encouraging squeeze

"Annie, take off my panties, touch me, get me wet and help Darryl put his big cock into my cunt." Fern said quickly but assertively.

"That's better, that's what we want. Isn't it Annie?

"Yes" replied Annie as she stepped between Fern's legs and placed her hands on the inside of Fern's knees and began to slide her hands up toward Ferns' raised bum. She felt the goose-bumps rise on Fern's legs as she scratched her nails slowly along the fleshy thighs and under her large ass. She took told of the waist band and pulled it down over Fern's bum and wiggled out between her fleshy thighs. She pulled it lower over her knees until she had to press Fern's legs together to slide if off past her ankles.

Annie and Darryl were left looking at one of the pudgiest porkiest pussies they had ever seen. The narrow pink slit was almost hidden by the swollen labia of the bald vulva further enhanced its appearance. The residual cream pie from Tom had soaked the panties, but her sex had a red sheen to it that suggested recent use. Annie placed the white panties on the table next to Fern, as she brought her hands to either side of her nether entrance and began to caress the inflamed wound with her fingers. She took her index finger and traced the length of the tender looking furrow looking for any signs of Tom before parting the top of it and allowing Fern's clit to see the sunlight. Fern accepted the ministrations and sighed an encouraging moan as she began to relinquish her fears and submit to the tantalizing sensations. She looked down to see Annie trace and flick at the red pearly nub. As Annie did so, Fern began to unbutton her white blouse to release her heavy orbs. The distended nipples ached for attention and were soon happy being pulled and squeezed.

While Annie had been tending to Fern, Darryl had opened his pants and massaged his fat veined member into an eight inch python.

"Annie, can you help me now?" Darryl asked as he stepped into the breach. "Juice me up and guide me into her cunt."

Annie coated her fingers with some of Fern's and Tom's discharge and then swirled them around the rampant mushroom head waiting at the entrance. She ran her hand over the heavily textured cock making sure to lubricate its entire fat girth. Then pushing down on the head, Annie guided it to the yawning entrance to the very wet vagina.

No knowing he was getting sloppy seconds, Darryl thrust confidently forward, through Annie's guiding fingers until he was immediately balls deep in the waiting chasm.

"Squeeze my cock Fern, make me shoot." he commanded as he began to piston his huge tool in and out of the throbbing and constricting tunnel. Annie meanwhile had walked around to the other side of the table so she could watch Darryl's performance. She leaned over the table and began to suckle on the longest most erect nipple on one of Fern's massive jugs. Taking the red meaty tube between her teeth she pulled up on and looked up at Darryl. The heavy tit hung like a pendulous sack and swayed back and forth with each energetic penetration. Darryl took a firm grip on Fern's wide hips as he lustily pounded away.

"Annie, undo your top and let Fern suck on your tits" Darryl said confidently as if it were a normal thing to ask of someone.

Annie raised herself up and undoing a few buttons on her bodice loosed her large tanned mounds. She had not put them back into the bra from them slipping out on the boat and they immediately fell out and down slapping Fern in the face. Seeing the girl on girl action stimulated Darryl and he felt his balls tighten as his cum began to accumulate into a large wad. The internal pressure was building and with a dramatic thrust he fully impaled her sex onto his cock. His fat cockhead was pressed against her cervix as he flooded her insides with his semen. He held her tight as he emptied his load.

Stepping back he said "That's it girl, now show me my creampie."

"Creampie?" Fern questioned.

"Hold your cunt lips apart and expel his seed." Annie directed as she let Fern's nipple drop from her mouth. "It shows you both that he really came inside you."

Darryl stepped back and carefully put his softening cock into his pants. He looked at Fern and watched as she did what Annie said and saw the river of spunk run out and spill on the ground. Annie watched the satisfied look on both their faces as she pushed her own aching tits back into her bra and did up the buttons on the bodice.

"Did I pass?" Fern asked as if it were a real test.

"You sure did. That fat pussy of yours will be a real money maker for you. I'll make that call now. But I need to you to do three things. Can you be ready in half an hour?"

Fern looked up, satisfied at her performance but unfulfilled sexually. "I guess so. What are the three things?"

"First I want you to take a dry nail brush and scrub the front of your blouse. I want it nice and soft and thin where your tits are. You have great tits and I want them be noticeable and enticing. Then iron your blouse.

Second, I want you wear your skirt lower I want to see your hip bones and I want the top of the skirt to be at least one and one-half times the width of your palm, if not more, below you belly button.

Third, I want you to put on new white panties and during the night get them real wet with pussy juice. Then when you are leaving I want you to make a show of taking them off, folding them neatly and giving them to the head Japanese guy.

Can you do that?" Darryl concluded before continuing.

"It's important, he and I are going to go into business set up a little bar sort of a Kubukicho type. The mayor is going to be a silent partner and get us with the permits, the Japanese guy will get us the clients and I'll organize it. I was thinking that you and your daughter would be our first hostesses or even manage it. I think we could make a bundle. I thought we might call it Home Room, Student Lounge, Teachers Lounge or After Class, you know something to suggest school times. Just think, you and Ivy in school girl uniforms' serving drinks, flirting with the men to get them to drink and spend more."

"Yes, I can do all that. The club idea sounds great." Fern said as she sat up looked for her panties to put on.

"I'll put these in the wash and get a new pair. Annie would you be a doll, can you wait for Tom and Ted while I go get ready. Send Ted up to the house so I can break the news to him." Fern said as she excitement about the both the short and long term opportunities seemed to have replaced her anxiety.

"Good. I'll make the call. Half and hour the limo will be out front." said Darryl as he looked at Fern hurrying away toward the house.

Breaking the heavy silence, a voice rang out.

"Darryl, what's up? Everything okay?" Ted asked in a concerned way, as he indicated that Tom should continue to the garage and get the bikes ready.

"Yeah sure Ted. Everything is better than fine. I just gave your wife two hundred bucks and she is off to join Ivy. She asked me to tell you she wanted to see you up at the house right away." Darryl replied in a matter of fact tone.

'Great, that's great. She told me she really enjoyed this morning. Did you get any feedback?"

"Yeah she did great and they must have liked her because they want to see her again." Darryl responded. "Better get up and see her, she has to be ready in half and hour."

"Ted, with Beth going out I think I will pass on the bike ride and if I am up again another time, maybe I can join you and Beth at that time. I'll just head back next door." Annie chimed in.

"Understood, it was pleasure to meet you. Till next time then. Sorry about the boat." Ted called out. As he had already turned and began to walk quickly toward the house and he failed to see that that Annie gave a nod to show she understood and was okay with what happened.

"I'll walk you down the drive. You can meet my wife." Darryl offered. "Not sure I could get it up, but if you want I could try to audition you now so that I had a gig that would suit you, you would be already approved.

"Darryl, if I let you fuck me now, you would need a defibulator. You are not ready for me this afternoon." Annie replied as she strode confidently along.

"By the way, has anyone ever failed an audition?" Annie asked.

"As a matter of fact none come to mind." he replied, 'But sometimes it takes two or three tries."

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