tagGroup SexThe Lord of the Manor Ch. 04

The Lord of the Manor Ch. 04


The next morning, she entered his rooms, waking him as usual.

She smiled as he called her to the side of his bed. He quickly tugged at her laces, causing her dress to pool at her feet. Pulling her down to the mattress, his mouth found hers as his hand slid up the inside of her thigh. She responded eagerly, and sighed against his lips as his fingers delved into her. His lips made their way to her breasts where he hungrily suckled her. She writhed on the bed as he tantalized her senses. "On your hands and knees, my dear," he whispered.

She obeyed and as he slid his hard cock through her wet pussy, he pushed her head down into the pillows. She sighed with delight as she felt him stroking himself between her ass cheeks before pressing against her anal opening. His first thrust caused her to cry out sharply, but the initial bit of pain quickly turned to pleasure as he plunged in and out of her tight ass with long, deep strokes. Soon she was crying out with passion and desire, her body trembling from the orgasms that his attentions generated.

He also cried out loudly as his climax shook his body. With a final hard and deep thrust, his cum shot deep into her ass causing her to tremble with one last climax of her own. He collapsed to the bed by her side and as their breathing slowed he murmured, "You have the sweetest ass. I could stay here and fuck it all day long."

"Mmmmm...too bad you have all those annoying obligations that your station demands of you," she teased.

"And what annoying obligations do I have today?" he asked, his hand gently stroking her ass.

"You have most of the morning free. At eleven o'clock Marcus is coming by to fetch you for polo, which will keep you occupied until late afternoon," she replied.

Something in her voice caused him to sit up and look at her.

Blushing and looking away, she asked, "What is it, m'lord?"

With a smile curling his lips, he said, "You like Marcus, don't you?"

"Well, I think, under the circumstances, after what happened a few days ago, I guess, yes, I do like him," she stammered, still blushing.

His eyes narrowing, he said playfully, "And what if it was Lord Edward who was coming to fetch me for polo?"

"I like Lord Edward, as well," she replied stiffly.

He threw his head back and laughed.

"What?" she demanded, indignantly.

"Oh, my sweet Suzanna. You are so transparent. It is quite clear that you are smitten with Marcus," he said, chuckling, gently turning her over.

The blush returning to her cheeks, she said, "Oh, don't be ridiculous. I am not..." she glanced at his dancing hazel eyes and with a smile teasing her lips, she admitted, "Yes, I am smitten with him." Her eyes widening, she asked, "I hope it doesn't bother you, m'lord."

"No, I find it rather exciting. I may have to invite him over more often." Gently stroking her pink nipple, he said, "I know that a few days ago I said that I had no intention of sharing you with my friends, however, if you wish...I wouldn't be opposed to you enjoying Marcus' attentions. As long as I get to watch," he said in a low voice as his tongue flicked at the hardening nub at the tip of her breast.

Her breath caught in her throat as she recalled his beautiful face and lusciously full lips.

"What is it you desire him to do to you?" Lord whispered in her ear, his hands gently squeezing her breasts.

"Lick my pussy," she replied, her eyes closing.

"And why do you want that?" he asked. His fingers tangled in her hair as he gently pulled her down to his hardening cock.

"He has the most luscious lips," she sighed before she eagerly lapped at his throbbing dick. With a devilish smile, she asked, "What is it you want, m'lord?"

Surprised at her question, he looked down at her. He saw the playful look in her eyes and replied with a sly smile, "I want you to suck my cock."

She lazily twirled her tongue around the head, before looking up at him and saying "Well, If you really want something you have to ask for it...nicely."

Her lips brushed up against him as she spoke and, his breath quickening, he pleaded, "Please, Suzanna, please suck my cock."

"My, how prettily you beg," she murmured before taking the full length of him in her mouth.

His breath burst through his lips with a groan as she sucked and licked him until he could take it no more, and gripping her hair in his fist he came into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed every drop from him and then fell to his side.

They heard the clock strike ten o'clock as Lord asked, "When is Marcus supposed to arrive?"

"Around eleven," she replied sleepily.

He didn't reply and several minutes later he noticed she was asleep. He rose and picked up her dress, moving it into the sitting room. He returned to the bedroom and watched her sleeping for a few moments. Her nearly naked body was sprawled across the bed, her auburn hair spread out about her. Leaving her on his bed, he went into the next room to wash and shave. He quietly moved about his rooms not wanting to wake her. At eleven o'clock a butler appeared to announce that Marcus had arrived.

"Please bring him up here," he told the butler.

When Marcus entered, he greeted Lord but his eyes were scanning the rooms.

"She's here," Lord told him, a smile teasing his lips. "And she wants to see you."

At his friend's surprised expression, he continued, "I found out that she's rather taken with you." He led Marcus to his bedroom and pushed open the door, revealing Suzanna still asleep on the bed. Marcus' breath caught in his throat as his gaze caressed her naked body.

"She's rather tired from the fucking I gave her this morning," Lord whispered. "She said she wants you to lick her pussy. Something about you having luscious lips." Beckoning him into the room, Lord approached Suzanna and gently spread her thighs. "You didn't really want to play polo, did you?" he asked with a wicked smile.

His friend returned his smile and shook his head.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to watch," he said quietly, gesturing to his friend to go ahead.

"Are you sure?" he asked, approaching the bed. He stared down at her pink lips, spread wide, and without waiting for an answer he shed his jacket, vest and shirt. Gently kneeling on the bed between her legs, he bent his head and gently licked at her, sliding his tongue between her folds.

She sighed and a soft moan slipped through her lips as he grew bolder and suckled her clit. She awoke, and sleepily ran her fingers through his hair, her breath coming faster. As he continued to lick and suck on her, her brow furrowed and opening her eyes, she looked down. She was shocked to see a blond head between her thighs and quickly scurried back. Her head turned as she heard laughter coming from the side of the room. Uncomprehending, she stared at Lord and then slowly looked to see who was in the bed with her. Here eyes opened wide to find Marcus staring at her uncertainly.

Slowly a shy smile curled her lips and she slid back down the bed to him. "Sorry," she apologized. "You surprised me," she whispered as she gently pushed his head back down. She reclined back on the bed and began to enjoy the pleasures he was giving her.

Lord watched as Suzanna writhed on the bed, her back arching, crying out every now and again. He became so aroused, he had to open his trousers, freeing his erection. He was lazily stroking himself as she turned her head and looked at him. Her green eyes, glazed with passion, met his, before closing as another cry erupted from her throat.

Marcus was delighting in the way he was pleasing her. Even though she had said he was beautiful, he was still quite surprised to find that this lovely girl had taken a liking to him. He suckled her clit and thrust his tongue deeply into her. He could feel her muscles clenching and knew she was about to come. He pushed two fingers deeply into her as she cried out at her climax, causing her to pull on his hair.

Suddenly she sat up and pushed him down onto the bed. He stared at her surprised as she tore open his trousers and pulled out his large erect cock. She immediately slid the full length of him into her mouth as he relaxed against the bed with a groan. She sucked him hard and fast, her own excitement driving her.

She felt the mattress shift behind her and hands on her hips, pulling her ass into the air. She continued to suck Marcus as Worthington wetted his cock in her dripping pussy. Excitement bubbled within her as he pressed against her ass. Her cry at his entrance was muffled and she nearly wept from the exquisite pleasure coursing through her body.

Lord plunged deeply into her, pulling out and pushing hard back in. He held her hips tightly in his hands, holding her still, as he pumped in and out. He watched her head bobbing up and down above Marcus' body, the other man's face awash with pleasure.

Marcus opened his eyes and saw Lord behind Suzanna driving into her. His fingers tightened in her silky hair as he recalled how incredibly hot and tight her ass felt. His cock twitched in her mouth as his orgasm roared through him, spewing his cum into her mouth. She sucked him dry as her climax and Worthington's came at the same time. Lord rubbed her clit as he drove deeply into her, filling her ass for the second time that day.

Exhausted, she collapsed between the two men, sleep washing over her again. When she awoke, she was alone. Cigar smoke wafted through on the air and she could hear the two men talking in another room. She scanned the floor for her dress but couldn't find it. Rising from the bed, she searched the room to no avail. She looked through the dressing room, but it wasn't there either. She peered around the corner into the adjacent room outside the bedroom and the two men looked up at her.

"I seem to have lost my dress," she said, blushing.

Smiling at her, Lord answered, "It's in the sitting room."

"Why is it there?" she asked, still hiding her body around the corner.

"Because I thought it would be nice to see you walking around naked, looking for it," he answered with a sly smile.

Giving him a playfully tolerant smile, she boldly walked through the room to the next to locate her clothes. Both men turned their heads in unison to watch her. Marcus sighed, "She is lovely."

"Yes, she most certainly is," Lord murmured in response.

Hours later after Marcus had left and Suzanna had retired to her own room for the night, Lord lay in his bed pondering her. It seemed his every waking hour was devoted to her. When he was out with his friends, when he was chatting with his Mother, even when out on a business errand, she was always there in the back of his mind.

And it wasn't just the hours they spent in his bed. He found that she was someone he could talk to about anything. He valued her opinion on choices he had to make and found that he was increasingly relying on her advice in important matters. Normally any woman who had shared his bed would not casually discuss who he should marry, but she had. She was level headed enough to know that she was not a choice he could make.

Suddenly a thought struck him, causing him to sit up. The more he thought about it, the more he liked it. He lay back down and drifted into a happy and contented sleep.

The next day, as she entered his rooms to wake him, she was surprised to find him in the sitting room already up and dressed. "Good morning, my Lord," she greeted him.

He stood and approached her. Without any words he gently drew her to him and placed a deep kiss on her lips. She melted against him and kissed him back.

When he finally pulled away, he said softly, "Good morning." He gently caressed her cheek, watching the puzzled expression that appeared in her eyes. "I believe I'm breakfasting with my mother, is that correct?"

"Yes, it is," she replied staring up at him.

He led her to a small sofa and sat down with her. "I am to supply her with a list of girls that I think would be suitable for me to marry." He pulled a folded piece of paper from his coat pocket and handed it to her. "I would like you to see it first."

She took the sheet from him, staring into his eyes. She had never before seen him nervous. Did he really place such stock in her opinion? "Really, my Lord, I have no say in who you marry. I'm sure your choices are excellent," she protested.

"All the same, I would very much like you to take a look," he urged.

She looked at him for a moment, really quite surprised by his agitation. She slowly unfolded the sheet and felt the blood drain from her face. She blinked several times and her hands began to shake. There was only one name on the paper in front of her. Her own.

She looked up at him thoroughly confused. "My Lord, I think you must have given me the wrong list. This only has my name on it." As she gazed into his eyes, she realized that there was no mistake.

"I know," he whispered. "I've fallen in love with you Suzanna. I want you to be my wife."

Her eyes filled with tears as her heart began to pound in her chest. "But it can't be. I am only a common maid, not royalty. You must marry a Lady."

"No, I don't. I can marry whomever I choose. Mother wasn't a Lady when she married Father." He looked at her earnestly. "What I need to know is, Suzanna, do you want to marry me?" Quickly getting to one knee in front of her, he pulled a velvet covered box from his jacket pocket. He opened it, displaying a magnificent pink diamond ring. "Suzanna Brown, will you marry me?" he asked.

She could only stare at him in disbelief. The ring itself was stunningly beautiful but she could only gaze into his eyes as her own again filled with tears. "Yes, m'lord," she replied in a tremulous voice. "Yes."

With a smile, he lifted her left hand and placed the ring upon it. Resuming his seat on the sofa, he drew her into his arms and kissed her. Pulling away, he said, "I want you to know, that no matter what my Mother says, however much she may disapprove, I am not changing my mind. We will be married."

"Really, Worthington, you must be joking!" his mother exclaimed when he told her who the young woman on the list was. "I will not hear of this. If you cannot come up with a suitable choice on your own, then obviously I must intercede. You will marry Lady Olivia."

With a confidence he usually did not feel in the presence of his mother, he said, "No, Mother, I will not. I'm in love with Suzanna and she is who I am going to marry." Looking firmly into her startled eyes, he continued, "And you have no say in the matter."

Speechless, she stared at her son. "I have no say?" she finally managed. "Well, we'll see about that after I have your trust funds eliminated. See how you like having to work for a living," she threatened.

"That is not going to work, Mother. You said that you have been monitoring my behavior for quite some time, however, you obviously only saw what you wanted to see. Like Father, I am also very good with money. I have been very active in my own finances and have invested my money such that I no longer require my trust funds. I have my own money. Suzanna and I and our children will be very comfortable." He took great satisfaction in the stunned look on his mother's face. He rose from the table. "Now, if you'll excuse me, my fiancée is waiting." He walked back into the house with a smile hovering on his lips.

A month later the wedding was held with great fanfare. His mother had realized that she had no choice but to graciously endorse the union and after getting to know Suzanna, became quite fond of her and knew that she would, indeed, make a suitable wife for her son. The public loved the romantic tale of how the two fell in love and applications for maid positions at royal houses tripled as a result.

A lavish ball was held afterwards to celebrate the nuptials. During a waltz Worthington held Suzanna tightly and whispered in her ear, "After this party is over I'm going to take you back to the house and ravish you like never before."

She felt a delicious shiver slide through her as she replied softly, "And just what delicious torments do you have planned for me?"

"First, in the carriage I am going to..."

"In the carriage?" she exclaimed in an excited whisper, interrupting him.

"Oh yes my sweetness, I cannot possibly endure the entire coach ride without having you," he whispered, his lips brushing her ear. "My cock has bee denied your sweet pussy for far too long."

Several minutes later Worthington's mother searched in vain for her son and his new bride. They were nowhere to be found.

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