tagBDSMThe Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings


Mistress was angry at me. She didn't need to say a word, she never did. With her indifference and disappointment showing clearly, it was awful to think that I was failing her.

"Mistress," I said from my knees. "Please. I am doing my best."

She didn't look up. For a moment I wasn't sure she had heard me. "Maybe you are, maybe you aren't," she said finally. She went back to reading her book in bed.

Mistress' long red hair was flowing down, just covering her full breasts. Her body was curvy, pale white and delicious. I felt a stirring in my cock but quickly remembered her displeasure and I lost all feelings of lust. Still, Mistress' beauty was a sight to behold.

I remained on my knees and turned around to present my naked ass to my Mistress.

"I know I deserve to be punished, Mistress," I said quietly.

Silence. Then a cold laugh. "I'm not stupid, dear. I know what kind of punishment you like and what kind you don't." I could hear a page being turned in her book. "Don't bother me again, I'm reading."

Crestfallen, I went upstairs to find my computer. I knew why Mistress was angry, and I knew I must do something about it.

In my file cabinet there is a large, old and battered file full of papers. It is labeled "Divorce."

I left my wife over three years ago and met my Mistress about a year later. In that time, my ex has dragged her feet about the formal divorce. Some of her reasons made sense for a time, like health insurance issues and some tax issues, but now I think she's just going slowly because she knows I want it and she doesn't feel like doing me any favors. I prefer to do our divorce as a no fault one because that's a lot cheaper and, well, it was neither of our faults and both of our faults anyway. Does that make sense?

For those reasons, I've tried to be gentle about it with my ex, but Mistress is angry because I haven't gotten it officially finalized.

So, I'm reading the file again, trying to think of a delicate way to prod my ex when Mistress calls from downstairs.

"Get your ass down here now, I don't care about the rest of you," she is laughing angrily again. Despite my fear, my cock gets hard again hearing her voice. Her power over me is nearly complete. If she ordered me to do the divorce tomorrow and lose a lot of money, I'd do it, but that kind of direct order about something "outside" the bdsm world isn't her style. She is waiting for me to do it only because I want and need to please her.

As I approached her I allowed myself a quick glance up at her stern, beautiful face. I noticed she had changed into more of a preppy outfit with a nice jacket that was open to reveal her large breasts hanging down like delectable fruit. I would suck on them in bliss for hours when she was in the mood.

"I have something for you," she said with mock sweetness. When she was like this, anything could happen. My cock twitched again but I also felt a sense of foreboding.

"Thank You Mistress," I said quietly. I turned around again to present my ass to her.

"No sub, that's what you want," she laughed. "It isn't what I want. Stand up and face me." I turned and stood up.

"You know you've been a bad boy, don't you?"

I nodded, "Yes Mistress." My hopes began to rise. This was often how she would start a spanking session with me that usually ended with her fucking my ass and my eating her until she came.

"Bad boys get punished," she said. "Really punished."

I tensed up, waiting for the spank or the sudden thrust of a dildo in my ass. I craved this. This is what I waited for.

"I found this in your sock drawer," she held out my old wedding ring. I'd misplaced it and had now and then thought about where it was so I could throw it away.

"Mistress, I am sorry, I..."

"Did I ask you to speak?" She raised her hand and I tightened my ass to feel her sting. "Put this on," she said, holding out the wedding ring.

"But Mistress..."

"If you speak again without permission I won't be your Mistress anymore," she said coldly.

The ring remained in front of my face. Without a word, I took it and placed it on the finger it had been on years ago. It felt odd and made me feel sad and defeated.

"That's the beginning of your punishment," Mistress laughed. "Not what you had in mind, is it?" She held up her hand, indicating I did not have permission yet to speak. "You will wear this until you get your divorce." From behind her back she produced her tiniest whip.

"Signed," a quick thwack across my face, "Sealed," another stinging slap on the other cheek, "and Delivered," two hard slaps on each ass cheek that brought tears to my eyes. I felt pain but wanted more. I needed her punishment.

"Now leave me alone, I've got real work to do," and she turned to go into her own office. She's a professional photographer and she was editing images she'd just done for some fancy food magazine.

Still feeling the pain of the slaps, but feeling a stronger ache at the absence of new punishment from My Mistress, I slowly trudged back upstairs.

"Oh, another thing," she called out to me. "Don't cum until I tell you too, and I won't be touching you or allowing you to touch Me until your divorce is final."


The next several weeks were agony on many different levels. I had to battle it out with my ex on stupid details (a tiny monthly allowance for my kids that my ex was against because she wanted to control them, how to split the 401K, crap like that) and all the time she was dragging her feet as if she knew how much I wanted this divorce after years of letting it slide. But I was making progress. It was getting closer to resolution.

For weeks My Mistress ignored me physically. She made me sleep on the floor at the foot of our large bed. Each night, I heard her pleasure herself, moaning and sighing, while I was forced to remain on the floor curled up like a dog.

Maybe that's what gave her her next idea.

One night I got up in the middle of the night to take a piss.

"You woke me," she said as I tiptoed to the bathroom. "Apologize."

"I'm so sorry Mistress, please let me..."

"You've already woken me, I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses," she said, still a little groggy but waking up. She sat up in bed. Naked and inviting but completely off-limits to me. Her creamy white skin, her flowing red hair, it took all of my control not to crawl over and begin sucking and touching her. I closed my eyes and imagined her taking me with the dildo until I was about to explode, then allowing me to turn around so she could fuck my sub cock. She sometimes liked me to come inside of her if I was being very good.

"Can't hold it in, huh?" she laughed again. "Go get the cat's collar and leash."

Confused, I did as she said even though my bladder felt like it would burst. In an odd way, though, even this pain felt good because she was inflicting it.

I returned with the cat collar and leash.

"Put it on," she said. "And you'll pee in this during the night because I don't want to be woken up," she pointed to the fresh kitty litter tray on the nearby wall. "Wear the collar and leash all night, pee in there, and I may take you out in the morning."

She turned and went back to sleep.

Humiliated, I put the cat leash on. Even at the largest setting it was still a little tight. The leash dragged behind me as I went to the kitty litter box. I pissed into it, hearing the litter spray around the metal tray. I tried to be quiet about it so as not to wake my Mistress again.

I was ashamed as I crawled back to my spot on the floor. I was ashamed because I'd just been degraded to piss in a kitty litter container. Ashamed because I had on a leash and collar that mocked the collar I truly wanted to earn. And ashamed because, despite myself, my cock was hard again.


The next morning Mistress was up early. Her sense of elation was in stark contrast to the weakness and shame I felt.

"Stiff neck?" she laughed as she got dressed in the bathroom. I knew this was another punishment; usually she would dress in front of me. Sometimes letting me touch her and help. I would be mesmerized watching her pendulous breasts gently rise and fall as she applied makeup. She sometimes let me suckle them while she masturbated me. But that was when she was pleased with me. It seemed like a very long time ago now.

She tossed me a t-shirt and some skimpy shorts she liked me to sometimes wear around the house.

"Put those on. Come on, let's take you outside," she grabbed the leash and pulled hard when I didn't immediately respond. I stumbled putting on the shorts but finally got them on. I was beginning to sweat.

Christ, was she going to take me outside with this cat leash on? I knew I couldn't say no, but

I was dreading it as she "walked" me up the stairs.

"You're getting the hang of it. Maybe this is the only leash and collar you'll ever deserve," with that, she opened the front door. "You can stand when we are outside, follow me at a distance and don't make me yank this thing."

I kept my head down and followed Mistress. She was wearing tight jeans and a loose fitting sweatshirt. She had put on her glasses, which made me crazy again with desire. She looked so powerful and intelligent when she wore them. As if she could see straight through me and read my thoughts as she passed.

"It's your lucky day," she laughed. "There's no one out here." Then she yanked the leash hard and I stopped. "But you'd like to be seen like this, wouldn't you?"

I kept my head down. My eyes were welling up with tears.

"Wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress," I said, a tear running down my cheek. Why did I allow Mistress to do this to me? Why did I let her humiliate me like this? I was a successful handsome man who had always been popular with women. But the women who were attracted to me were usually cheerleader types with (to me) conventional prettiness and no spice. Until I met Her. I was Hers to do with was She wanted. I knew it. I fought it. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

She continued to stare at me through her dark black, haunting glasses. "I didn't quite hear you."

I took in a deep breath and prayed no one would come around the corner. "I would like to be seen in public, Mistress, humiliated and subservient to You for everyone to see."

"You know," she said, with a softer edge in her voice, "If you get this divorce thing settled, you may be in for a nice reward."

We finished our walk. I was terrified, but also enjoying a comforting feeling of bliss. I was being controlled by a powerful, beautiful woman and I knew how lucky I was to have Her and this feeling, too.

We finished our walk and back inside I resolved to get my divorce finalized. It was so close now and I needed it to be finished so I could move on with my life.


It took three more days before her attorney and mine agreed on the final paperwork. Probably they dragged it out for more billable hours, but by this point I didn't really give a crap. I had been sleeping on the floor for weeks and peeing in a catbox for three nights and my balls ached for my Mistress.

It was late at night, and I was expecting the final papers to be sent to me the next morning. I smiled to myself from the floor, thinking how good it would feel to please my Mistress. We had gone to bed hours ago and I assumed she was asleep as I lay with my cat collar affixed to my neck and the leash curled around me like vines.

"You have been working hard at this, haven't you sub?" she suddenly asked. I felt hope swell up. She hadn't called me "sub" in many weeks.

"I have Mistress, I expect it tomorrow, in fact."

She got out of bed. "Crawl to me," she said. "I think you deserve a mini-reward."

"Thank You Mistress, thank You," I stopped at my knees in front of her.

"But it is a reward also designed to remind you that your work isn't finished. I'm not pleased yet, but my mood is improving," she smiled and cupped her breast. "You may suckle."

Eagerly I advanced to her huge breasts and her big, rich red nipples. I put my lips to them and sucked greedily. I moaned loudly because it felt like heaven and I knew my Mistress liked it when I showed my appreciation.

"But there's another thing," she said, stepping back after I suckled for a minute. She handed me some lube. "Put this on your wedding finger hand."

I gulped, knowing and dreading where this was going. But I did as she said.

"Now shove that wedding ring finger up your ass and apologize to Me for taking so long." Her breasts were just an inch from my face but I knew I was not allowed to suckle them anymore. Seeing them but not being able to suck or touch them was excruciating.

But not as painful as what came next.

Trying not to wince, I plunged the wedding ring finger deep into my ass. "Mistress I am sorry I disappointed You and was so slow to resolve this."

She nodded. "How many years were you married again, Sub?"

"19 Mistress."

"Then you know what I want," she hissed. "Do it!"

And I shoved that wedding ring finger in and out of my lubed ass another 18 times for a total of 19. My cock grew hard again even though my asshole burned.

"Such a good Sub," Mistress said, patting me on the head. "Now go back to sleep. Let's see what tomorrow brings, shall we?"

She got back into bed and was asleep almost instantly.

I laid on my side because my ass was sore, but I felt excited and encouraged for the first time in weeks.


I was under the breakfast table where Mistress had allowed me to kiss her feet and suck her toes when there was a knock at the door.

Mistress stood, put on her robe, and went to the front door. I kept my face down on the ground in the way I knew she liked me to be when I was waiting for her. I could hear her footsteps approach.

"Looks like special delivery for you Sub," she dropped the envelope on the ground. "You may sit up and open it." She then went back to her breakfast but I could tell she was interested in what I'd received.

I looked at the return address, and it was from my law firm. My heart began to pound and I ripped the envelope open in a mad rush.

After I got through the legalese and verbiage, I found the words I had been waiting to read, "You are herby legally divorced."

"Mistress, may I show You something?" I said.

She reached down under the table and held out her hand. I handed her the document opened to the special page. There was silence as she read it, then I heard her tapping lightly on the table as if she was mulling something over.

"Sub, stand up," Mistress said. Her voice was so neutral I couldn't tell how she was taking the news.

"You have done well my sweet little Sub," she said gently. "Get on all fours and present yourself to me, you have earned this."

I dropped to my knees and tried to keep the smile off my face. In the window reflection I could see Mistress remove her robe and put on her harness and dildo. She took some lube out of her robe pocket and rubbed it all over the large black dildo.

She blindfolded me next. "This is going to hurt," she said. "And it is also going to feel indescribably good. You are welcome."

"Thank You Mistress."

"Do you know how lucky you are to have me as a Mistress?" She inched up closer to me and I could feel the tip of the dildo brushing against my asshole. I tried to relax because I knew being tight and fighting it only made it hurt more.

"I am a very very lucky sub Mistress, You are so strong and beautiful and talented and I am incredibly blessed to serve You," I was now breathing more deeply. This was what I wanted. This is what I needed. Allowing myself to be controlled this way was freeing.

Then it began.

Mistress' hard dildo slammed into my asshole. The pain was at first almost excruciating, but I knew when I broke through that wall of pain there was amazing bliss waiting on the other side.

The dildo pounded my asshole. Mistress' thrusts got stronger and more forceful.

"You have been through a lot haven't you My Sub?" She asked as she continued to fuck my ass.

"Yes Mistress but I deserved it for disappointing You." I winced but could feel the pain subsiding and the pleasure beginning to build.

Mistress reached around and began to pinch my balls and rub my hard cock. It was heaven. Each thrust of the dildo was matched with a stroke on my cock from her soft but firm hands.

"Don't you dare cum," she said. "I want My Sub's cock, My cock, inside me now." She tossed the harness to the floor. "Lay flat on the floor Sub."

I flipped on my back and Mistress mounted my hard cock. I felt the welcoming warmth and it was an honor to know that my Mistress had let me inside of her. Her pussy contracted against my cock. She then began to slap my face. She knew what I needed.

"Thank Me Sub," she said with each slap.

"Thank You Mistress," I panted. She was fucking and I was arching my back to penetrate her more deeply. I could hear her breathing heavily and beginning to moan with pleasure, too. It felt so good to make her feel good.

"Stop," she said.

Disappointed and surprised, I pulled out. I felt like I'd just fallen off a mountain peak.

"Put this on your cock, Sub," she handed me her favorite cock ring that also pleasured her clit as we fucked.

Cock ring on, she sat back down on me. "Don't cum before Your Mistress does, Sub."

She began to moan and pinch my nipples. I grabbed her back and pulled her closer to me as my cock pounded hard into her. She bit down on my shoulder and let out a scream, "I'm close Sub, tell Me how much You need me."

"Mistress I am lost without You, You are a visionary with energy and drive and wisdom and are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen," we kept fucking hard as I choked those words out.

"Ahhhhh, fuck yes, yes, yes!" Mistress screamed and I knew she had cum. "That's it, Sub." She began to slap my face again and squeeze my balls. "And now You may come."

I felt that release that cannot be put into words. Time stopped, I was in a subspace that only one who has also been there can even begin to understand. I came inside my Mistress and felt whole.

"Thank You Mistress," I said. "You are incredible."

She smiled and stood up, offering me her hand so I could also stand.

"Kiss me Sub," she pulled me close to her and we French kissed for a moment before she gently pushed me back. "Let's save something for later," she laughed. "Now put these breakfast dishes away, I'm going to take a shower."

I started toward the dishes and noticed a package next to Her coffee cup.

She peeked back around the corner. "Open it," she smiled.

I opened the box. Inside was a beautiful black leather collar. "Oh Mistress," I said, I felt weak in the knees and elated.

Mistress walked toward me. "I've had it for months, Sub. I knew you would earn it, and you have." She patted the top of my head. "Kneel down and let me put it on you." The leather and her fingers around my neck carried a tactile warmth that reached deep inside me. "And now we can begin the rest of our lives, Sub." She patted me on the head.

In that moment, I exchanged a wedding ring for Mistress' collar. And I've never been happier.

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