tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Lost Boy Ch. 14

The Lost Boy Ch. 14


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


A.N. Next chapter roll out!

Still more to come even after this! And I think many of you will be pleased with this chapter :) It's been anticipated for a little while.

The Following Contains: Dom dickgirls fucking everybodies favorite half breed Ian up the butt. Good stuff!

As always, I hope you enjoy!


"I missed a lot didn't I?"

Peter blinked, freeing himself from the 'zoned out' state of mind he was in and looked over towards his friend and classmate. "Hmm?" The two of them were walking up the campus heading to the High School wing of Shelter University. Both boys had already been dropped off by their parents and had a small hike to make it the rest of the way.

Ronnie shrugged, "Well I'm absent for just a few weeks and when I come back all Hell's breaking loose." He laughed.

"I guess that's what happens these days, can't blink without missing something important." He replied somberly, then looked up again trying to catch the gaze of Ronnie's brown eyes. "Where were you anyway? That was the longest you've ever been absent all year."

The two teens were close to the same height, but it was hard to beat Peter's 5'1 skinny frame. Ronnie though was about 5'4 and while still thin, was more athletic and a little more meaty in comparison to his blonde friend.

He tried to avoid eye contact, "You know me, went hiking."

Peter gave him a disbelieving look, "For over two weeks?"

"Well...sort of." Still he tried to not meet eyes with Peter. "I kind of got sick while I was out there cuz of, well you know wilderness and shit, and I...needed to spend some time at the clinic." He shrugged up his book bag more securely over his shoulder. "And turns out that while I was there, the doctor found out that I never had a physical before enrolling in Shelter, so I couldn't go back until I had one."

The blonde raised an eyebrow, "You needed a physical to go to school here?"

"New students do." He added, "Since I only recently transferred for Dad's job, I needed one." Ronnie told him, most of it being the truth, but he cleverly left out the other parts as to why he was kept from school for so long.

"Oh baby...I'll need to see you again tomorrow first thing for another checkup..." Doctor Gabrielle's words echoed in his mind.

He shook his head, waving his slightly long brunette hair, it reached about shoulder length on him, same as Feles's. "But anyway!" He quickly tried to change the subject, Peter didn't miss his obvious quickness to avoid further questioning on the subject. "Back to what I said before. You've noticed it too right? That big ass biker chick gang that just rolled into town?"

Peter rolled his eyes, "Oh yes I very much noticed it."

"They've been annoying the entire continent with the constant riding and engine blaring!" He gesticulated with his arms. "I mean, one of the reasons my family moved here was because we heard it was quiet. Now all of the sudden this gang has gotten so active, plus all the fights that have broken out because of them. I mean geez, it feels like we're living in Mad Max."

The smaller one nodded in agreement, the town had become more hectic ever since the Den Mothers had arrived. Or as his new 'Alpha' called them, Urul.

His fingers tightened their grip at the thought of her, Catalina. The night she broke into his home and raped him was still very fresh in his mind. And she had taken him several times since then.

Several times a day in fact.

Catalina held Peter by the waist, his legs wrapped around her lower back and crossed at the ankle. His upper torso bent far backwards and his arms braced on the floor as she fucked him half way upside down. The floor of the school restroom was surprisingly clean he noticed as he watched his own reflections face twisted in an expression of reluctant ecstasy from the feeling of her plump balls clapping onto his tiny cheeks.

In the alley behind The Den, she held him up again, seeming to enjoy how little he weighed. Her arms hooked under the back of his knees and fingers interlocked behind his head. She bounced him up and down on her hips in a full nelson, Peter's eyes rolled back and his tongue lolled out of his face. The large girth of her cock stretching his rectum uncomfortably so. But after so many rough poundings he was getting use to it. And liking it more and more.

Even in his room late at night, she sat on the edge of his bed, legs splayed wide apart as she had him suck her off. Naked and on his knees before her, he blew all of her inches to the best of his ability. Sucking her with all the skill and grace of a nervous virgin still. But apparently, that was good enough for her to still shoot her thick white load all over his face.

He snapped himself out of it again. It was difficult for him to avoid her, not that he could even if he wanted to. After learning what she and her gang actually were, along with many of the other residents of Shelter, Peter was more than happy to just call himself her bitch as long as he was under her protection. Like she told him, monsters were real. And if being subservient to her was what kept him alive and not eaten by all the other creatures he had only recently come to find out existed, he would do it. He would bend over for her and take her cock wherever and whenever she wanted.

But, that wasn't the only thing she wanted from him it seemed. Catalina was after more than just his tight ass.

"I know I was out of the loop for a while but can you fill me in?" Ronnie suddenly asked, "Do you know what's going on? What's up with these Biker chicks, and what's all the fighting about? Are they just general assholes?"

Peter raised and lowered a shoulder, "I've heard some things." From Catalina, "I think it has something to do with the Mayor of Shelter." He told Ronnie everything he was allowed to, "A woman named Agrat. She has something they want or something like that I'm not sure."

The taller teen chuckled at the odd name, "Agrat? What is she from ancient Greece?" The two of them shared a laugh at that. Though Peter wasn't sure about whether the joke held any actual merit or not.

"But hey..." The blonde began again, remembering the orders Catalina gave him. While he sucked her dry just a few nights ago, she gave him a job in addition to the one he was already doing. "There actually might be a way to help get them out of town faster, or at least quiet things down a bit around here." Ronnie turned to him interested, "You see, there is kind of a group effort going on, to search for this woman who may or may not be the actual Mayor of the town. And some of the girls from the gang have been going around looking to recruit people to join the hun-...search." He quickly corrected. "If you want you can join up when they come knocking, and maybe finally get some sleep at night."

Ronnie laughed again at that, "Really? Ha, well from the looks I've gotten at some of these smoking hot biker ladies, if one shows up at my door, Hell yes I'd be on board. They can come by anytime.

Again he laughed and Peter smirked, silently feeling pleased that he had successfully just procured fresh meat as he promised...

Adams Residence

White knuckled fists clutched the sheets of Ian's bed. The young half breeds eyes were closed, but the lids fluttered spastically. His sleeping nude form was drenched in sweat, even causing a dark stain to pool around his body from the sheer quantity.

Fuzzy images flashed through his mind at a speed too quick for him to be able to accurately decipher them. He could make out rough silhouettes, blurred almost like they were censored from his view. Only in small fragments did they come in clearly, however they remained disjointed, and harshly fast.

"Ughhh..." He groaned, his grip on the sheets tightening further.

"Oh? You're new to town?" His neighbor...The Red head...Valerie... "Well welcome to Shelter Ian. Sorry you arrruuuvvvvsff-" She faded out, her voice became muffled, as if he was hearing her through ear muffs for a few moments before he felt a cold hard metal plate against his face. He was being held against a...door? "Nnnffuck..." Her voice came through clear again. "You've got me so hot Ian..."

He fell forward, the door fading from existence and he was left floating again in this black void that shrouded the world around him.

Ian had never spoken with Valerie before in his life. Not that he could...


He couldn't remember anything before his accident.

"What was my accident?" Ian thought. "A...car accident...That's right...but...that's not right..."

The void pulled back, he sat in an office for a brief moment before it was quickly snuffed out. He fell back again, landing on a soft surface that crinkled as his body touched it. A bed? No...some type of...patient bed...for a doctor's office, covered in paper.

He felt two pairs of hands on his nude body. They delicately traced along him, running feminine fingers over his faded scars.

"My...my scars..." They were from a different accident, when Ian was...no...lie...that's a lie...

The void tried to grip him again, trying to take him away from this thought. This...memory.

"My memory."

'I believe this boy needs some trrrrurrrtment. To help along his transition.' Another woman's voice emerged from the darkness, again distorted, but clear enough for him to understand.

"Please treat me doctor..." Ian said aloud.


The blackness took him once more. And his head hurt, like a migraine hit him with the intensity of a thousand suns out of nowhere. On instinct he reached up to clutch his head, what was happening? Every time he felt something coming back to him, it was ripped away before Ian could read further into it.

And that time, he thought he heard a voice, right before it was pulled away again. Something was blocking him. Something was forcing its will over his own and trying to hold him back from seeing his memories. His past.

This wasn't a dream, Ian was aware of where he was. He was in his own head, trying to wake up.


Gloria, he could see her again.

Ian fought through the void, this time deliberately trying to push through the blockage it created. And he saw the dark skinned bane of his life recently. He could see her reclined in bed, and a pale skinned boy with black hair kneeling between her legs. Servicing her as he himself had before.

But it didn't take long for him to put two and two together, now it was beginning to make sense. Everything she said the night he was lured into her trailer. He knew her before, he had sex with her. He had sex with...

"Ian stop..."

The voice returned, once again trying to force the darkness over his eyes again.

In the waking world, Ian's grip continued to tighten almost painfully now. His claws beginning to poke through the sheets and cut the fabric along with his hand.

And on the other side of town, another body lay tossing and turning in her bed.

On the second floor of Melodies Miscellanea, the black haired librarian herself was aggressively grabbing and yanking at the blankets of her bed.

Her body pouring sweat from every inch of flesh as she gritted her teeth tightly. "Ss-stop...Ian..." She mumbled, followed by a weak cry of pain. Her head was searing with agony, like her brain was swelling and pressing tightly against the inside of her skull. The incense and herbs were unable to help contain it anymore and her power was waning.

She bucked and writhed in her bed, desperately fighting to hold the block in place. Almost two months ago Agrat tried to take Ian, and that's how long Melody's spell had maintained its hold on the young boy.

But something recently had cracked the void which held his memories at bay, and the single crack had spiderwebbed into a massive fracture that threatened to shatter at any moment. And Ian was fighting to break through it, she knew he was experiencing mental anguish, as the spell is designed to hold back memories, when they try to return it's an unpleasant experience supposed to force them back. Only now, as Melody fought to keep the block together, she was linked to Ian's mind, and experiencing it far worse than him.

It was taxing enough to hold a spell like this one from a distance for this long, but now with Ian fighting her, and with his own natural abilities she learned about through her studies. She knew what it was doing to her.

"The mark...returns...to those who invoke its wrath...seven-fold..."

Her nerves shot lightning bolts of pain, twisting and arcing all over her body. She squealed and cried, tears streaking down her face, desperate and trying to fight against Ian's sleeping power.

But it was so strong...he was so strong...

"Don't..." She whimpered.

The pain she felt not in her body, but in her heart was what kept her struggling. Melody cared about Ian, he had been through a terrible saw mill of a life and she saw the happiness he gained ever since he awoke to his new home and family.

It was beautiful, free from being prey to the Succubus, away from the fate at the hands of an abusive father, and free from being whored out by his idiot of a mother.

No more rape, no more sadness for him. He was happy.

She wanted him to stay this way, safe, secure and happy for another year and a half, according to her original plan. But now that something had chiseled a crack in her spell and Ian was breaking through, she was giving everything she had to hold the spell.

But in doing so, she suffered. Terribly.

'We care about you, a lot. And we want you to be safe, and happy with us while you're here. Because you're special to us.'

He could feel the memories, seeping through the cracks just barely. The fuzziness was fading, the harder he pressed the clearer they came through. He could taste chocolate on his lips.


"Mom?" Ian said, he heard her voice and felt her touch against his lips. Wiping the remains of a chocolate chip cookie away.

'My baby...oh you're home...my little baby...my Shakar'i...'

"Ian please..."

He ignored the voice, pressing harder. He wanted to know. He wanted to know what he had forgotten. He wanted his memory back! He wanted answers!

"That's why I came here..." It came to him, "I came here to Shelter...for...answers...about...my father..."



Ian whirled around as the scream rang out behind him.

There she stood. The only thing holding his past back, Melody.

The barrier was about to fall, Ian was pressing too deep into his mind and Melody had no way to hold him back anymore. Her only option was to ask him not to and hope she could convince him to stay.

So she projected herself there with him, as a pure last resort option, she stood on the edge of Ian's memories with him.

Both of them stood in silence for a few moments, just staring at each other a few feet apart. An atmosphere of unease was thick between them, each one waiting for the other to make a move first.

It was a while before Melody finally broke the silence, "Ian please listen to me. Don't do this." She said, wanting more than anything to move towards him, but the limitations of both the mental block and projection spells made it so she had to hold her ground. "Please, turn away. These revelations won't bring you happiness, and they won't give you closure. Only more questions wait pass the void. Please, please! Don't look." She begged him adamantly.

Ian tilted his head, "You took my memories away."

Melody raised her hands defensively, "I did this only to protect you. I wanted you to have a normal life. The life you've always deserved to have Ian, you deserve to be happy."

"How can anyone be happy living in a lie?" He said starting to take steps forward towards her.

Her back went rigid, "Please Ian, you can have a good life again you don't have to be afraid anymore. You're so good, and I don't want you to experience pain again."

This time Ian shook his head, "You clearly don't know what's happened to me recently." He said, and Melody looked confused, but that didn't stop his advance. "I'm not going to live like this. There's so much that I've forgotten about who I am. I want to know! I want my life to be mine, and no one has the right to take that away from me."

Sternly he marched forward, ready to push beyond her and reclaim his memory.

Melody started to panic, "Wait! Wait Ian please!" Quickly she reached out and grabbed Ian's hand as he crossed the line she drew in the floor. And the second her skin touched his, the symbol on his forehead illuminated as it had only once before. The sharp pulse of torturous pain burst into Melody's body as she tried to hold Ian back from crossing the threshold. She grit her teeth and tears started to streak down from her eyes. "Aaaagh...Pleeeeease...Ian...stay...I'll keep you safe...guuuh...Please..."

Ian felt a pang in his heart at the sound of her weeping, she was suffering trying to hold him there. He felt horrible for doing this to a woman that he didn't even remember, but he knew that there was only one way to end it. To stop both her pain and to remember her as well.

"I'm sorry, I want my life back." He stepped forward, his hand slipping from hers.

The projection of Melody instantly faded into just the smallest of echoes, and the darkness around him shattered.

"AAAH!" Melody screamed as she awoke from the projection. Every sharp pain her body was put through finally seemed to cease, but a horrible sense of dread immediately filled the spot in its wake. She could feel her spell finally breaking and knew that Ian pierced the veil, everything was going to return to him now. His innocence and care free, somewhat normal life would be taken from him. She sat up on her bed, the sheets sticking to her sweaty back for a second before letting go. Her hair was tussled and matted to her face, and she could feel fresh tears spilling from her eyes. "Oh Ian...I'm sorry..."

The barrage of images bombarded Ian's mind with unrelenting force. He could see everything again, the blackness dissipated, and it all returned to him.

Liline's face. He could see her above him, his mom...no...she's not. She was his...lover.

They were in bed together, his legs wrapped around her back. Locking her in place as she...came...inside him.

Their lips met, her soft kissable lips, her silky curtain of raven hair, her glorious pair of breasts wiggling in his face. Her huge...delicious...filling...cock...

Sin's face. She was above him. His true mother. The only one. But also, his...lover.

Her face twisted and contorting in bliss as she fucked him. His body bent at a ninety-degree angle in bed while she pounded away. Her cock, even bigger, going so deep...

Their eyes...glowing...



Ian was harshly awakened with a loud thump onto the floor as he managed to roll himself entirely out of his twin sized bed. Blankets, and bedsheets tangled up around him, his wings and tail, exposed and also wrapped up in the messy chaos that his bedding had gotten wrangled up in.

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